Thankful on Thursday

Today, I'm thankful that...

  • I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Becoming pregnant and staying pregnant isn't easy for everyone so I'm grateful for this little miracle that is thriving inside of me (and moving around a lot to prove it!).
  • I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Which means I only have 7 weeks left.
  • I have an Utterly Yours Pregnancy Pillow. I'm still sleeping quite well, in part because of this little gem of a pillow.
  • My marvelous mother-in-law is able to come over to play with my Little Beauty while I work.
  • I work for such a family-friendly employer (I work from home - approximately 10 hours per week - doing PR work for the local school district).
  • There was a new episode of Fringe¬†on Tuesday and I was able to watch it with my husband last night at midnight. Anyone else a fan? [Warning: Fringe is a bit on the gruesome side and is definitely not a family-friendly show. That said, the character development is quite good and the plot is enticing...]
  • I have a little chef to cook me up eggs on her cardboard stove.


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9 comments on “Thankful on Thursday”

  1. How funny you posted this because I was thinking along the same lines of making a list of what I have been thankful for during this pregnancy. I haven't gotten to it yet though. I love Fringe also! It is a cool show.

    Not too much longer now for your baby to be here :)

  2. I didn't know you worked from home...aside from your blog. Cool!

    I love all the things you're thankful for!


  3. Only seven weeks left is so exciting. Not just because you'll be able to lie down on your stomach again should you be so inclined but because you'll get to meet that little miracle face to face! And I know that at 33 weeks you're probably *feeling* bigger than you'd like to, but you look awesome!

    And I have to just say that the stove is totally trend-setting. Next thing you know do-it-yourself cardboard stove kits will be popping up at Target!

  4. My hubby and I just watched Fringe the other night too, on The one with the liquefied brains, right? I almost couldn't watch, I thought for sure the little girl was going to die. Ever since I had kids I can't watch stuff where they die. Like the Dune books, House Atreides, umm..never again.

    We also like the show Bones.

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