The best is yet to be

The best is yet to be 1

We went hiking last night at dusk. We stomped in mud, splashed in the water, hopped over rocks, heard trains rumbling, and drank ice cold water from our CamelPak. We made it back to our car after sunset - happy, a little overheated, dreamy.

The best is yet to be 2 The best is yet to be 3

The best is yet to be 4 The best is yet to be 5

Our 1-year-old drifted off to sleep quickly after bath and kisses, a delighted exhaustion. Our 3-year-old hiked the entire way herself, her able legs guiding her (she's becoming quite the expert hiker) so we thought she'd go to sleep fast...but she stayed up until 10:00PM! P.S. We finished "Ramona the Pest" last week and then we finished "The Boxcar Children" in 3 nights shortly after that so we're up for a new chapter book (I'm still taking recommendations).

The best is yet to be 6After the girls were in bed, Tim and I had a glittery-eyed conversation that lasted from 10pm - 2am. After that, we both couldn't sleep from excitement and fear and joy.  It was one of those talks where we said, "Could we really do it? Yes, we could!"

We have some crazy, impossible dreams on our hearts - dreams that terrify us with their BIGness - dreams that are so close we can almost touch them. We're just about ready to jump out of our comfort zone and into the wild. Stay w/ us as our story unfolds.

What did you do this weekend? When was the last time that you did something that scared you to death?

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38 comments on “The best is yet to be”

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  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I was delighted to see that one of your followers recommended The Happy Hollisters. My grandfather was Andrew Svenson, who wrote the series under the pseudonym Jerry West. The Hollister children in the book were patterned after my father, aunts, and uncle. I know that my grandfather would be delighted to know that fans of the series are now introducing them to their own children, and that his wholesome family-oriented mysteries are still enjoying some popularity!
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  3. i love that your three year old hikes on her own power. ivy gets "tired" walking home from church, yet she can go to dance class for 2 hours without complaining. we need to work on the hiking :)

  4. We went hiking this weekend, too!

    I cannot WAIT to hear about your dreams & schemes. How exciting.
    I had a lot of the restless sleep with excitement & fear when we were deciding to go forward with adoption, even when we found out that I am pregnant. It is scary! But, it is exciting!

    1. I will try! We'll hopefully have a few big pieces come together in the next week or two...and then we'll be able to share something.

  5. This weekend my husband and I celebrated our anniversary. I love that you hike with such young littles. You inspire me to get outside and be more adventurous with our daughter.
    I'm on the edge of my seat to know more about what you and Tim are dreaming up. The way you described your conversation got me excited and I don't even know what we're talking about! Is that first photo of the cloud really one you took on your hike? It looks like something in an art show. Makes me think of God peeking out from behind those trees. Beautiful!

    1. Yes, we really did take that on our hike! We've seen so many strange and magnificent things in the skies lately!

  6. This weekend we spent time at the ocean and then went out to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday with our parents.

    I am so excited for you that you are having these great plans and cant wait to follow along in your new journey, whatever it may be.

    As for me, the scariest thing I did was to make a choice to go to law school after being diagnosed with systemic lupus and being advised by doctors not to do it....but I have never been one to listen to others when they want to squash my dreams, and I forged ahead. I entered law school when I was not really healthy but pushed on. It was the best thing I ever did for myself. (other than getting married & having a child!!!)

  7. Stephanie,

    I think it's so great how you spend so much time outdoors, hiking with your kiddos. So much fun! Mike and I used to do that with the kids a lot... we'd go on tons of walks, even if it was just to the park around the corner. I miss those times! Now, our weekends and nights are filled with swim team and soccer tournaments. Still so much fun, but just different. A little less leisurely. Enjoy those precious times!

    Hugs to you,

  8. ooohh...i love crazy exciting dreams! Andy and I are living ours currently!

    Wi-fi on the road...well...there is free wifi at we usually stop in for a pee break and check our email once every other day since Andy is waiting to hear back about jobs. He's looking for a Senior pastor position or an adult ministries position....still waiting to see what God has planned for us!

  9. Best Book Series for Kiddos - Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne. Have read them all to my older one and just picked up the first one for my younger today! We love Boxcar as well - on #6 there. Other fun ones are The Magic Attic Club, but geared for a little older.

  10. Messy = lots of fun! Looks like a great afternoon!

    I was just wondering if you already did the Petunia Pickle Bottom give away. I didn't think I saw it so was just wondering.

    Good luck with your new exciting plans!

  11. I'm on the edge of my seat! Can't wait to hear what is going on!

    And by the way, we took the leap. We are moving the Chattanooga in 5 short weeks! :-)

  12. I can't wait to hear what your big plans are. I love to think about the what-ifs.

    This weekend we went to a fun street fair in a city close by. Lots of ethnic food eating, a parade and hula hoops!

  13. Your weekend sounds so fun and I can't wait to see what will happen with your family! I hope you are ready to divulge soon! I'd have to say that having our son was the most terrifying yet awe-inspiring experience we've done as individuals and as a couple. It was 100% worth it though. Now I just have to convince my hubby we can do it again! :)

    We had a great weekend - we went to our County Fair and our 20 month old loved getting up close to the animals. He even oinked bag at the pigs. We also went to a Brewers baseball game. He is also going to bed much later than his regular bedtime, just like your 3 year old. I think they're both just having so much fun they don't want to waste time sleeping!

  14. Hiking sounds wonderful - my husband and I are planning a trip soon to the Royal (in Sydney) where I will carry our 5 month old in our Ergo (beloved ergo!). I'm really looking forward to it!
    We had a Christmas in July picnic on Sunday here - although it was winter, so it was more like a Northern Christmas than we're used to!
    Last thing that scared me was abseiling training for work - walking backwards over a cliff is NOT at all enjoyable! Becoming a mummy is pretty intimidating...what a huge responsibility!

    Oh and Enid Blyton books for children (Famous Five, Secret Seven, Naughtiest Girl in School, Faraway Tree etc etc) were some of my favourite books growing up!
    All the best with your plans - one thing's for sure, God already knows what's ahead for you guys! What a comfort, hey?

    1. Our ERGO is definitely "beloved." It's our favorite carrier, by far - and absolutely perfect for traveling!

      Enjoy your trip to Sydney!

  15. Sounds like a great evening!
    Decisions that scared me to death? Becoming a mom, for sure. Moving to Ca. Moving back again. Job interviews.

  16. That's quite a cliff hanger to end the blog post with! Exciting though. Doing things that scare you to death are good for you, I've decided, not that I've ever been good at doing that in my life. However, the scariest thing I've ever done was deciding to try and have another baby after losing my second daughter when I was 36 weeks pregnant. Every single day of that pregnancy scared me to death- but now my third little daughter is 3 1/2 months old. Worth every frightening, terrifying moment!

    1. You are brave + inspiring, Kara! I am so sorry for your loss and also happy for the safe arrival of your newest baby girl.

  17. Excited to see your dreams unfold! One of our very favorite chapter book reads with my little ones has been the wonderfully, wildly whimsical book, "My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Stiles Gannett. It's enchanting and ridiculous and fabulous!

  18. Seems as though you had a much more magnificent weekend than I! with your late night talk and dreams with their bigness. love it!


  19. Getting pregnant was the last thing that scared me to death!

    Chapter book recommendations: Little House in the Big Woods, All of a Kind Family, Five Little Peppers, any Happy Hollisters mysteries.

    1. Pregnancy IS scary (and hard too)...but also 100% worth it.

      Thank you for the book recommendations. I just added "All of a Kind Family" to our library list.

      1. Oh, I loved "All of a Kind Family" when I was little! I think I changed my name to Ella for awhile after reading those books.

  20. Dreams do come through honey! You and Tim seem to have thesame upbeat attitude like we do. Teaming up for success and having the can-do attitude. The girls seem like they had fun. I am so looking forward to hiking when I move to the Mountaineer state next week!

    [email protected]

  21. The weather in the evening has been lovely, hasn't it? We've been taking the opportunity to go for family bike rides after dinner...

    Your teasers for this big dream are leaving me very curious. In a good way. Looking forward to hearing your plans!

  22. Well, having kids was a big step of faith for me! I didn't think I could "do the whole motherhood thing." I'm so glad I did!

    Also, making the career jump from chemical engineering to full-time Christian ministry was also a huge, scary, but wonderful thing for our family!

  23. Before this house we are in now was ready, we lived in a tiny apartment up near Sabino Canyon. I used to take Grace hiking almost every night there just to tire her out. She was only 18mos to 2years old then. I was in heaven.

    1. I love Sabino Canyon - Such a beautiful place! Have you been to 7Falls? It's one of my all-time favorite hikes.

  24. What a fun evening you guys had! I am so eager to hear what you and Tim are dreaming and planning! Your girls are so blessed to have such amazing, involved, and inspiring parents! We had a good weekend up here too! Lots of park playing, pretending, and loving! I ran the Wharf to Wharf this morning and crossed the finish line to my cheering hubby and kiddos!

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