the "sameness" blues

the "sameness" blues 1Yesterday, I picked a book out of our library basket and read it to my 3-year-old.

It was Bats at the Library by Brian Lies. (Thanks for the recommendation, Donita...we love it!).

As I was reading it, a line from the book jumped out at me. I read it out loud twice. And then I wrote it down in my notebook (I carry notebooks with me everywhere).

"All this sameness leaves us blue and makes us ache for something new."

Newness is what I've been craving lately. New foods. New places. New faces. If somebody offered me a condo in a new city, I'd probably take it. I'd have to take my three favorite people though (they are PART of me).

My 3-year-old has the same "itch," I think. Today, she asked to make "a brand new craft - something we've never done before." When we went on a walk, she said, "Can we go a new way? - somewhere we've never gone before."

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I think tomorrow we'll make a NEW kind of cookies. I'll play a NEW song on the radio. I'll think up a brand NEW craft to do. Just because. Because it's spring. Because we can.

Do you like trying new things or do you prefer routines?

ALSO: please tell me your new favorite song or craft idea. I'm looking for inspiration...

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24 comments on “the "sameness" blues”

  1. Whenever I want a new song I turn on Pandora ( and choose a new "station" I love a variety of music, and I love the ability to say "I don't like this song" and know that it will never, ever play again on any of "my stations" on Pandora!


  2. I'm totally going to make Christine's coconut cookie recipe. Thanks for the new recipe. I love the line from the book too. So much truth packed into a little sentence. My kids are on the older end for many of the crafts featured on Make & Takes & Crafty Crow (already mentioned) but that doesn't stop me from looking:

  3. I'm totally a routine person. I do like some newness here and there but I feel safe and happy in routine.


  4. yesterday we cut out different shapes and made them into a train. then glued on bits of old ribbon. it is not hanging on my 2 year olds wall. We try to do a craft every day, she is always wanting to do an "art project".

  5. I've never been one for sticking to a set routine, even before becoming a mom. We tend to take each day as it comes. With that said, routines deffinately have a time & place and having a rough idea of what to expect each day does make for a smoother time. songs...I borrowed a Laurie Berkner CD from the library last week, and my song loves it! I've even been singing "Victor Vito" to myself over the past few days, and earlier this week I was on my way to a doctor's appt w/out my little guy, and it didn't click until I pulled into the parking lot that I'd been playing that CD -- and singing along -- the entire drive, even when I could have been listening to "grown-up" music. D'oh.

    As for a craft idea, this isn't really a craft that you'd hang on to, but when we have old, crumbling playdough, we bring it outside and play with it on the picnic table. Shane will happily stick twigs and leaves and little pebbles in it, and it's just a novel use for the same old playdough. Then once that's just about done, we toss it in the compost pile and make a new batch!

  6. By nature, I'm fairly spontaneous. Well, kind of "planned spontaneity" if that makes sense. Since having children, though, I tend to be a little more routined...
    I'm not much help with songs, but I have a few craft ideas. Nothing amazing or terribly unique, but maybe if you haven't tried them lately -
    If you have paper plates or paper/plastic cups, add crayons, cotton balls, glue, fabric pieces, etc, and just let them go to town.
    Oh and my 3yo LOVES to make necklaces and bracelets out of string and O-shaped cereal...

  7. I'm always looking for the "new" in the old routines. It's about perspective (my current buzz word). My coaching clients know what I'm talking about.
    Children always seem to find ways to bring new life to their toys; we should just follow them around awhile.

  8. I can totally relate. I just requested from the library like 10 new cookbooks. I've decided that in the month of May, I would cook at least 20 different and new meals.

  9. You have inspired me to do new things today too! We went on a new walk (at least one we haven't done in since Jameson entered our world). We baked a pie and now we are playing water games outside. I, too, can use some new craft ideas!! Looking forward to hearing what it is you created!!

  10. I've been listening to alot of NeedtoBreathe and Tenth Avenue North lately. My fav NeedToBreathe song is "Something Beautiful" and I have a few Tenth Ave. songs..."By Your Side", "Hold My Heart", "Love is Here" and "Times". Those are songs of healing and speak volumes to me.

  11. New things are fun, but scary. While I do them, I have to take them in small doses as I thrive on consistency! I was once labeled with a "resistant to change" personality. While I don't think I am "resistant," I don't exactly seek it out! My home is a routine home with scheduled naps, scheduled story time, and scheduled bath and clean up times. However, we can be flexible when needed.

  12. OOh, I get that way too! I need "new" occasionally.
    These cookies aren't new in our house, they are an old favorite, but most people haven't tried them before:
    Chewy Coconut Cookies
    1 1/4 c flour
    1/2 tsp baking soda
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/2 c butter
    1/2 c brown sugar
    1/2 c sugar
    1 egg
    1 1/3 c flake coconut
    1/2 tsp vanilla

    In medium bowl combine flour, baking soda and salt, set aside

    Cream butter, add sugar gradually (beating thoroughly). Beat in egg. Add flour mixture gradually. Mix until just blended, then mix in coconut and vanilla.

    Drop onto ungreased cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 9-10 minutes or until cookies begin to brown slightly.

  13. I love new, but routine is so easy, isn't it?

    Lately we have been listening to Dan Zanes, he is awesome! Both kids (toddler and school age) love it!

    We are working on a big craft at home... a California Mission replica for Jeremiah's 4th grade project. Wish us luck, it's due tomorrow!

  14. I'm painfully Un-crafty... especially so considering my four girls LOVE to do crafts. We like to make playdough and then play with it for hours.

    I don't have a favorite song, but thought I'd suggest that you play any children's music... cd or radio station, and stand nearby the on/off switch. Have everyone dance to the music and then freeze when it stops. My girls really enjoy playing freeze dance!

  15. Songs: love the Hayes Greenfield CD "Music for a Green Planet" -- if you use Pandora, you can usually find him on the kids stations there.

    And if you have not yet discovered the amazing blog, you need to check it out. You will find more fun, wild crafts and projects on there than you can imagine!

  16. I, too, sometimes am bored by the safety of a routine. I do think that some routines do have a place (like a bedroom routine) but it is a lot of fun to try something new. We recently walked our normal walking route but in the reverse direction and it's amazing how such a simple change can bring a whole new perspective.

    One of my favorite things about motherhood is how even little things seem new when seen through the eyes of a child. Just watching my 17 mo old play and all the discoveries he makes is wonderful.

    I don't mean to wish away the years, but I am looking forward to when my son and I can bake and craft together. Right now he doesn't have the attention span for it!

  17. Well, today we make place mats out of felt. They picked a design and we went to town with glue, markers, colored sand. Also, you can download and listen to books for free at and they have the entire Beatrix Potter series on there. :) Oh, and we ordered a praying mantis egg from insect lore for my big girls last birthday and they hatched yesterday, that was fun too!

  18. Love this, Stephanie. Yes, we love trying new things and making an adventure out of it. I have never been much for routines and keeping things the same, although routines are sometimes somewhat necessary. But even with a routine you can mix it up a little with some creativity.

    New favorite song . . . hmm, I just wrote the lyrics out on my blog two nights ago. As far as kids songs, we've been listening to a CD by Tom Chapin in the car and my little boy loves it. He sings along, even if he has to fake the words sometimes. He asks us to play "puppy in the pound" (the first song on the CD) all the time.

    Craft idea: I'm afraid this isn't overly creative, but we just love fingerpainting lately. We make huge paintings and then cut them into smaller pieces to use as cards. Also, at the library craft center a few weeks ago, they had old record players set up with paper spinning on top. Young children can hold markers and make spiral designs as the paper spins. My two-year-old loved it, and I loved the end result. Made wonderful "grandma" gifts. :-)

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