Themed Weekend: Whee! I'm Three!

“Autumn to winter, winter into spring,
Spring into summer, summer into fall—
So rolls the changing year, and so we change;
Motion so swift we know not that we move.”

- Dinah Mulock Craik

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This weekend is about three-year-olds because somebody's birthday is coming up in our family in just a few weeks. Somebody very special. I'll write about her more later.

For now, I'll just say that there will be product reviews, giveaways, and information galore. If you have a child in the 2-6 age range, this is the place to be. And, even if you don't: I welcome your participation.

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21 comments on “Themed Weekend: Whee! I'm Three!”

  1. How precious! The time does fly. And her bottom Sept 2009 picture my daughter has that same shirt and loves it. Asks for her butterfly shirt! So fun to watch yours grow and see how you as a mom do it! I appreciate all that you do and can't wait to hear and see all the festivities!

  2. So soon! 3. My second born is going to be 3 in October. They really do grow far too quickly don't they? Oh dear, she is just so beautiful! Just like her Mama.


  3. My niece is three (and so is our neighbour). Such a fun age! I can't wait to get there (except that I know I'm going to miss this age too... Can't I freeze time and rewind / fast forward at will?)

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