:: this is the life ::

7 more days until Christmas.

But I don't feel frenzied or frantic.

I just feel happy. Unbelievably happy.

To be married to this talented, tender-hearted, tough guy:


And to get to spend every single day with two smart, sweet, stunning girls:




And it is wonderful.

Beyond wonderful, actually.

Words simply can't describe the fullness that is in my heart, in my life.

*** photos taken by Bob Hitchcock of Design Photography.

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20 comments on “:: this is the life ::”

  1. I thought I commented on this already. I love the facial expressions in these pictures. Your girls are blessed to have parents like you and you are blessed to have them! I have been finding myself thanking God for giving me the two He has entrusted me with. They bring such joy!

  2. Your pictures are so pretty. I love leaves, it makes me think of Fall back in Michigan! You are so blessed with a wonderful family.

  3. That is exactly how I feel..It's wonderful isn't it?! A life so good that words can't do it justice...What an Awesome God we have! Love your pictures!

  4. Love, LOVE the last picture of you all in the leaves. It just overflows with your love of life & your love for each other - it typifies so many of the wonderful characteristics I see in your family. Beautiful :)

  5. So cute! It makes me want to go take some family pictures in nature, too. Lance took some of us the other day, and I can't wait for them to come back so we can see them. :)

  6. You have a such a beautiful family. And such a positive way of life. I truly admire you. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and your family with us.

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