This is the way we pack (and clean) our clothes

Tim is a master at packing. I lay everything out on the bed that we need to take and he carefully organizes each person's clothing into packing cubes (Never heard of them? If you like to travel, you want them). You can even color-coordinate them for each member of the family.

This is the way we pack (and clean) our clothes 1

Our San Diego packing list looked something like this:

  • socks and underwear
  • swimwear
  • running clothes + shoes
  • 4-5 outfits for each person (more for the kids)
  • extra shoes - dress-up, boots, heels, etc.
  • pajamas
  • camera and charger
  • laptops and chargers
  • phones and chargers
  • portable DVD player and an assortment of DVDs
  • bag of snacks - including fruit leathers, applesauce pouches, trail mix, and dried apricots
  • a book (which I didn't end up reading until after we got home)
  • toiletries - baby wash, contact lens solution, lotion, toothbrushes, organic sunscreen, lipstick, deodorant
  • baby carrier
  • umbrella stroller
  • First Aid Kit
  • empty plastic bags and trash bags

This is the way we pack (and clean) our clothes 2After four nights and five days in San Diego (with outfit changes and swimwear), we arrived home and did only TWO loads of laundry. Thanks to our Bravos XL 4.6 cu. ft. washer and 7.3 cu. ft. dryer. The high-capacity pair works hard so we don't have to. We can do fewer loads of laundry with optimal performance.

The Cold Wash Cycle is especially cool (pun intended) because it provides the cleaning performance of a warm water wash cycle with the energy savings of cold water. Supposedly, the set uses 76% less water and 78% less energy than traditional washer/dryer duos (which ultimately means more money in our wallets).

We're gearing up for another road trip soon and I need your HELP. What are your favorite road trip snacks? What movies do you recommend for small children (ages 3-6)? What brand of deodorant do you prefer?

* I wrote this post participating in a Maytag Moms Dependable Laundry Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag washer and dryer set to facilitate my post.

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8 comments on “This is the way we pack (and clean) our clothes”

  1. Organic Apples- whole, bananas, home made granola, Nugo Dark Chocolate trail mix bars, Gluten free Cafe chocolate sesame bars and Mineral water are our go-to car trip food. We are a Kipper, Fireman Sam and Thomas watching family here, my son also recently watched The Secret Garden and loved it! We also borrowed one of the Wind in the Willows DVDs from the library which he also loved, but it was pretty violent for a 3 yr old, maybe just the one we watched?

  2. I like to snack on beef jerky in the car--gives me something to do without consuming a whole bunch of empty carbs. Those Valdosta pecans would also be good, but I could totally mindlessly eat a whole bag!
    For the car, I love movies with a great soundtrack for those of us that can't see the movie. Spirit is always a favorite as well as Beauty and the Beast.
    I prefer unscented deodorant as I would rather where a nice perfume.

    1. Beef jerky is always a great choice, though it is hard to find jerky without nitrates. What brand do you buy?

      I agree about those Valdosta pecans. Scrumptious (but also pricey).

      1. Perky Jerky that I find at Target is nitrate free and tender. I would hope the jerky at Trader Joe's would be nitrate free as well.
        I also thought of another video--The Walton's. My kids love to watch that show.

  3. Good timing, Stephanie! We are flying from Wisconsin to Florida on Friday. It's our baby's first plane ride so I hope her ears will be okay. Our 3 year old is pro though ;)

    I use the Tom's of Maine deodorant. There is an unscented version but I like the lavender. It's aluminum free so Dr. Oz approves! You can get it at Target.

    We like Granola Bars, Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks (they are super sweet), Archer Farms Organic Fruit Leathers, Clif bars, and Annie's Bunny Grahams. We also throw in bananas and cheerios.

    Question for you: What type of applesauce pouches do you use? Since apples are on the EPA's dirty dozen, we try to go organic for applesauce as well.

    1. I've tried Tom's of Maine, but wasn't a fan of the scent or the protection. Unfortunately, I tend to need something a little "stronger." (Maybe I should give it a second chance though?) ;)

      We bought GoGo squeeZ pouches from Costco. Not organic, but they have only 2 ingredients. I don't typically buy those pouches, but made an exception for our road trip. They actually weren't as big of a hit as I thought they would be. We ended up bringing most of the pouches home with us.

      Enjoy your trip!

  4. Some favorite movies for young kids... My Neighbor Totoro, by Hayao Miyazaki--beautiful & so imaginative (there are two English versions, I am attached to the older one, but both are good); The Red Balloon--so classic, I love it; The Little Travelers--cute and fun (5 DVDs to choose from); The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories--a collection of Eric Carle stories brought to life--I really like this one because it is understated and peaceful; and maybe some classic Winnie the Pooh. :)

    Have a great trip!

    1. Several people have recommended "My Neighbor Totoro." Surprisingly, my local library system doesn't carry the film. Perhaps it is available via Interlibrary Loan? I'll check.

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