Wordless Wednesday: 1st Swim of the Season

Wordless Wednesday: 1st Swim of the Season 1Okay, so I realize this Wednesday hasn't been exactly "wordless"...but I wanted to share this special moment with you.

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21 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: 1st Swim of the Season”

  1. What a cutie, we just just the same little outfit for our little girl from sunprotectionzone.com and it is terrific.

  2. What a sweetie, you look great too! I'm going to a resort with my parents and the girls and am looking forward to spending time in the pool with Allison. (This is also part of my motivation to begin running!)

  3. What an adorable little girl you have! I'm definitely looking forward to our summer swim classes. So far all we've done is splash in the baby pool in the back yard... but we love that too :)

    Happy Summer!!

  4. Stephanie,
    Your daughter is so cute!! You both look happy. Pretty soon she will be swimming on her own. Which is kind of scary!!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. It is fun to see how much she has grown compared to the picture on your sidebar.

  6. Oh Stephanie!! She looks so CUTE in that photo!! Look at that blonde hair and blue eyes! So let me tell you... I've got 3 strapping boys that you can call on for your daughter when the time is right! :)
    Thanks for sharing this!! SO beautiful.

  7. Cute picture. You two look so comfortable.

    Let me fill you in on the e-mails that keep bouncing.

    YES, I love the Arms Reach. I recommend it, and think that you will LOVE the closeness and the convenience!!

    Um.. and I forgot the other one! But... YES on the Arms Reach :)

  8. very cute! I had to get a new suit for the mommy and me class at the YMCA, did it for one month and now Ryan is on his own...

    Totally ok without me!

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