Wordless Wednesday: 2 Years Ago Today

Wordless Wednesday: 2 Years Ago Today 1

She was 17 months old when this photo was taken - our lively, beautiful, firstborn...the one who changed our lives forever.

And now she is 3 (THREE!). She is chewing gum, riding bikes, chasing dreams.

Yesterday, she said: "When I am fifteen, I am going to drive our car - and you and daddy are going to ride in the back."

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22 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: 2 Years Ago Today”

  1. Cute! My 3 year old is talking the same way. This week she told me that when she is older & drives, that she is going to race me & listen to music. Ha!
    And, she is also going to learn to drive a boat. And, I'll get to just sit in the seat & ride along. Sounds nice to me. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Does she really get to start driving at 15? Here it's 16 and an older driver has to sit next to you for the first 8 months or so. Such fun to look forward to! I certainly would love to have my own chauffeur though...

    My three-year-old niece is already practicing for when she gets to drive by calling out the speed limits and critizing whenever she thinks someone is going too fast. "Speeding's pretty dangerous" she says. "Did you come to a full stop?" It's funny but actually has improved the driving habits of some family members.

  3. wow. times flies.
    my kids have made comments about driving too. funny how they look forward to that....and at such a young age.

  4. I actually remember making my dad ride in the backseat when I was learning to drive. I think he was so laid back about it that he stretched out and "slept."
    It will be here before you know it. Makes me a little sad.
    Your daughters are seriously the most beautiful I have seen (but they have competition coming in May!)... have fun celebrating!

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