Wordless Wednesday: Can You Tell I'm Pregnant Yet? :)


Belly at 31 weeks

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29 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Can You Tell I'm Pregnant Yet? :)”

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  2. Hi Stephanie - what a wonderful picture - I think last time we spoke you were just a two months in- amazing how time flies!

  3. I hate to sound like an echo, but I agree with everyone else that your photo is so beautiful! You'll probably give birth to a perfectly petite little girl so very similar to the little beauty you already have!

  4. Yikes, with my medical issues...my belly looks like that too right now! When I am having contractions I rub my belly and talk to my baby fibroids (just a guess they are doing an ultrasound this next week to find out what is going on)...LOL! I am betting your new baby is much cuter than my current "babies"!!! I am so excited for you. How beautiful the belly of a pregnant mother.

  5. I love beautiful belly pics! I one have 3 days to go...it goes so fast the second or third time when you're busy chasing another one (or two).

  6. What a pretty picture! I love the light shining in! I loved being pregnant and especially have beautiful, big belly like you have!!

  7. You look AWESOME! Truly no one knew I was pregnant until two weeks before I had my daughter. With my son though- HUGE! ;)

    You look really great!!

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