Wordless Wednesday: doctor

Wordless Wednesday: doctor 1

She's never been much into dolls (or princesses or ballerinas or pink).

She likes running and biking and fighting sharks and jumping on the bed. She likes doing crafts and making peanut butter ballsĀ and playing "hide and sneak."

That said, every once in awhile, she'll line up her dolls on the bed and play doctor with her stethoscope and blood pressure monitor and thermometer. Yesterday she said, "When I get as big as you, I am going to be a doctor."

I think this picture was taken after they all had their check-ups.

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15 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: doctor”

  1. My girls love playing doctor and vet. But also mommy and baby, princess and ballerina, Star Wars complete with light sabers, etc. It's fun to have variety in our play!

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