Wordless Wednesday: Mornin' Mama


It's pretty much impossible for me to wake up on the wrong side of the bed these days...because, every morning, I am greeted by this.

{7 months old}

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19 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Mornin' Mama”

  1. Baby is looking so pretty here. Please just care of her and never leave her alone. I always can't keep excitement of watching my baby's smile in morning sometime and wake up her.

  2. You just made me think of a picture I need to take... my 4 month old in the mornings, helping me to find a smile even when he kept me up most of the night :)


  3. I know! It's kinda frustrating... even after a rough night, the kid is so cute that you just want to sit and snuggle some more. I think it's God way of protecting them!!! :)

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