Wordless Wednesday: vaccines


Yesterday and today, I spent a good deal of time wrestling over vaccine issues: researching, praying, and trying to find peace.

In the end, we ended up getting two [as evidenced above].

I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole thing.

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43 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: vaccines”

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  2. Science is an amazing thing..I don't always understand it, but I do respect it. While it is important for us as parents to ask the tough questions, we should be empowered by the information and feel comfortable with our decisions. When it comes to vaccines, it is easy to forget that these vaccines were created because the diseases resulted in significant hospitalizations and death. Fortunately, living in the US, we rarely see the sad stories of children dying from these diseases BECAUSE so many are vaccinated here and that prevents them from spreading - but they are out there. Consider the case of the boy who choose not to get vaccinated, traveled to Switzerland, and came back and exposed hundreds of people unknowingly. One of those exposed was an infant child in the waiting room of the dr's office who nearly died because their child hadn't had the chance to get the vaccine yet. As a mother myself I worry that could be my child. The reality is that these diseases are now, more than ever, just a plane ride away. Serious side effects (and I'm not talking fever or soreness) are rare. Personally, I would much rather protect my children from preventable diseases with an approved vaccine that has gone through years of testing, than to gamble and watch them suffer or even fight for their lives if they contract one of these diseases. For some compelling videos on the importance and safety of vaccines, check out this website I recently found called http://www.vaccinateyourbaby.org.

  3. By the way, there is an MMR + Varicella shot but even the FDA has recognized an increase in febrile seizures with kids who receive it so if you do get the MMR shot it is probably better to get it separate from Varicella (chicken pox).

  4. We have been conflicted with the vaccines too but one thing I recently learned is that there are pre-filled single dose syringes that are preservative free meaning they contain no thimerosal (mercury) or aluminum. Once I learned that I decided those are the only types of vaccines our son or my husband or myself will receive. The scary thing is that the H1N1 vaccine that our pediatrician has was the larger bottle from which multiple shots are given and it does contain Thimerosal and is approved for kids as young as 6 months. They said there are the preservative free pre-filled syringes for H1N1 coming soon and to just keep checking in. I know there is a huge debate over whether Thimerosal is bad but to me if multiple states are banning it for kids under 3 and for pregnant women why would I let it be injected into my family. Walgreens does offer preservative free flu shots but you have to call or look online to find the special locations. Anyway, thought you might find that information interesting. It really helped me to feel better and more educated about the types of vaccinations available, not just the organism against which they protect.

  5. Love you! Don't doubt yourself! She is YOUR (and Tim's) baby and you know best for her! Gabi has had the PCC vaccine fully and one round of DTaP which we special ordered a different brand. She is overdue for the next...We stopped with Bobby at 15 months and only did it partially before that. Still no MMR and planning to remain that way for a while! I like to evaluate every vaccine based on what happens if they get the illness, what are the risks associated with the shot, and is it in our opinion beneficial to them to receive it as opposed to just probably not harmful. Anyway, that is my 2 cents worth.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has some concerns when it comes to vaccines. Some Doctors make you feel like you are the ONLY parent who isn't comfortable with vaccines. I haven't given any of my kids shots until they are 1 and then I spread them out a bit more. After some research and talking to my doctor, I am going to give my kids the H1N1 vaccine.

  7. We're following the dr. sears schedule, more or less. I'm not opposed to vaccines, I just think it's crazy how we overwhelm our poor kids with them. And no one has been able to give me a good explanation of why hep b is given at birth. I don't think vaccines cause autism per se, but I think they can be a trigger in susceptible kids.

  8. Well, I guess this means it doesn't get easier the second go round. It is definitely a tough decision. Levi is not fully vaccinated and is not likely to ever be. I just take it one doctor's visit at a time, and pick and choose then. Some visit's he gets none of them, and some he gets one or two...no more than two. I'm lucky to have found a doctor who is supportive of this.

  9. This is a stuggled for us as well..Evangeline is scheduled to get her vaccines in two weeks. She has already had some. The thing that erks me the most is why we are now giving INFANTS Hepatitis shots when it's a blood transfused vaccine!! Why do we need to overload their little systems even more with unnecessary vaccines?
    When she does get shots, I breastfeed her while she's getting them and she only makes one little sound and then is just fine.
    Praying for peace for you!

  10. Yes, this is such a tough decision to make!!!

    The info for both sides is never ending,and really no matter what decision you come to, there is never total and complete peace!! If you don't do it, you worry about the disease, if you do, you worry about reactions.

    I made a decision to not do it 10 years ago, and I do still worry. Isn't that what moms are supposed to do about everything??!! All 3 of my kids are healthy overall, but they did get chicken pox last year. I must say,though it was uncomfortable for them, I am glad they got it naturally. My sister knows someone's child who got the vaccine and has had chicken pox 4 times. Weird, huh?

    Blessings as you travel this road. I think either decision you make will be based on love for your kids and that is what is important!!

  11. Oh Stephanie, what a subject! I'm sure you've done alot of research regarding vaccines, it is hard not to let fear motivate us to make choices regarding things like this. We've experienced both extream vaccine reactions and whooping cough in a 9 month old, both were horrible, but honistly, looking back, I would choose the whooping cough. I would encourage you to check this out what Dr. Mercola says regarding vaccines. Bless you Mama!

  12. Which shots did you choose? I would like to hear What and why you chose them
    I have debated the shot issues too!

  13. I'm so touched by your post and by all the comments here. So much care and concern for our kids by so many good moms who are researching, asking questions of their doctors and trying to make careful decisions. Warms my heart.

  14. We agreed to vaccines(originally), but once they were given I cried for hours. My heart told me it wasn't right. We have decided to wait for any more....I know he will have to start over and I am ok with that...I was not ok with our first experience. I still respect each parent's decision for their own child. We are at home and together and our risk is low in my opinion. I just felt that once it was injected into his body, we could never, ever, ever take it back. The permanence is frightening. Best wishes.

  15. You'd think by #3 I'd have it all figured out but I still don't know how to feel about it or just what to do. THankfully this time around we have a dr whose vax opinion I respect and feel like I can leave it in her hands (for the most part) to guide us.

  16. We struggle with this too!! We haven't done any yet because God has not given us peace for doing them. We also have family members who have had some very bad reactions to vaccines. Such a hard decision! I think the bottom line is to trust in God's protection, not in a vaccine or in not getting a vaccine, to protect them.

  17. You're doing a great job! You' a wise mama to seek council, research, pray, and trust the Lord with whatever decision you make. There's a risk whether you vax or not vax, and ultimately your children are in their Creators hands! ...We're right there with you!

  18. I understand your feelings. I have been getting our kids the regular vaccines but my husband and I have decided not to get them the H1N1 vaccine mostly because the FDA has not approved it for children under the age of 18 but yet all of the health officals are almost forcing the vaccine on children only and they are also saying not one vaccine but 2. I really don't want my child to be a guinea pig.

  19. I don't even want to think about the number of hours I have spent reading and re-reading information on vaxing/not vaxing and discussing the topic in forums and with local friends.

    Our first got everything according to schedule as we were living in Thailand at the time and I didn't yet have the knowledge or confidence as a young mother to look at my options. Our second was born after we moved to the States and I have done a delayed schedule with her though have struggled the entire time with each decision. Unfortunately, we have not had a particularly supportive pediatrician so I have gotten good practice in being a stubborn mama!

    Either way, I think I am going to request shiny band-aids at our next doctor visit - all we get is little tan circles!

  20. Ugh...vaccines are such an issue. It gives me so much anxiety just thinking about them. We followed the Dr. Sears vaccine schedule, but not sure what to do with all the flu stuff right now. I would love to see a post about what you have done and are doing. I know it is such a heated topic, but I love hearing other perspectives on the whole issue. About half of my friends don't at all and the other half either do it all or on a slow schedule. But there just never seems to be a cut and dry with this stuff.

  21. I am so with you on this!! My daughter and son will be getting most of the shots only because we live on a college campus and my husband wants them to have them...otherwise I would really struggle trying to decide.

  22. I went through the same thing with my toddler.. now with my 6 month old. I asked the doctor and he has two small children that he gave the vaccinations to. I think I thought, if he did it, then it must be ok.

    I feel your pain though....

  23. After much thought our daughter isn't getting any vaccinations. It's such a touchy subject and a very hard decision (either way).

    That is one brave fashionable little girl.

  24. It always is hard to see your baby getting shots. No matter what they are for, or why we're doing it. I think that is just normal. :)


  25. Must say...love the band-aids. :) We question and struggle with vaccines, too, and end up spacing them out as well. Two at one visit, one or two at another, instead of 4 at one time. I'm not too keen on the newer vaccines, so we are holding off on those for now. Don't worry...you made a decision that was right for YOUR baby, and you are a great mama!!!

  26. Well we definitely haven't and won't vax...there's just no way I could do it for many reasons. Plus I think if you live a healthy lifestyle and do everything you can to strengthen your immune system, they're extremely unnecessary. Anyway, I could go on but you've already made your decision...

    I'm SOOO glad you actually researched it though (of course you did:) because so many people just do what doctors/the government tell them to do with no questions asked and that makes me very very sad.

    There are lots of things you can do to help get all of the nasties from the vaccine out of your baby's body though...do you have any naturopaths in your area? They would be able to help you by doing mud packs and whatnot...

    Hope your little one is doing ok!

  27. I don't know how I feel about vaccines either. It's been (and still is) one of the toughest decisions for us. I read and pray and struggle and never quite come to a conclusion that I'm 100 percent comfortable with or certain about. There are risks either way, and I guess we each just have to make the decisions that we feel are best for our children with the information we have at the time--and trust God with the rest. Easier said than done!
    Looks like your little one did just fine. :-) Hope she is doing well!

  28. Sigh....believe me...I have struggled with this since I got pregnant with my son. And he had a vaccine reaction. I'm so thankful that we have Dr. Bob. I trust him and his research and he knows which combo of vaccines are safe to give at one time. Have you read his book? He also told me that he doesn't think my little boy should get the flu or h1n1 vaccine so we are not going to get it. Believe me when I say I know the feelings you're going through.....
    Check out askdrsears.com

  29. that has been my struggle too. when it comes to these things I never feel like I can get enough info. i mean, it's a choice about the health of the people who mean the most in the world to me. plus my son has asthma, so i've been so nervous. we finally got the 2 shots. so far, so good. as a mom, you never quite feel like you've done enough, you know?

  30. silver colored band aids. Looks like a fashion statement. I don't mind shots myself, but it always pains me to see my kids get them. Did you know that girls when they are born have higher sensitivity to touch than boys? I just read that in parenting magazine this morning. So they are more sensitive to pain, but they are also more easily soothed because hugging and kissing works better. Getting shots reminded me of that little tid bit :-)

  31. Which vaccines did you do? It's a hard choice to make but in the end, I got my son the flumist and we'll have to wait until our area gets h1n1 in all offices. My obgyn gave me a really good explanation of the h1n1 vaccine, and how h1n1 is really affecting pregnant women, so I got that one (they were out of the flu, but I'm getting that too).

  32. That's one reason I'm so thankful for my pediatrician - she doesn't push vaccines - she explains them and then lets us take them on our own schedule.

  33. Our pediatrician hasn't even had them available for us to wrestle with the choice. But I suspect we'd go ahead and do it. She looks so brave!

  34. Hugs its an issue I struggle with now every day. I don't let the doc give my baby any more than 2 shots in a day . IF the shot has a 3 in 1 then he only get the one. (nothing new)
    HUGS to you mama. Whats right for someone else just may not be right for you. but we do what we can for our children right.

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