You are (one)derful

You are (one)derful 1I have been known to say that one is the hardest age.

1-year-olds want to crawl, squirm, wriggle, kick, explore, and do everything that older kids do. But they don't quite have the balance, the communication skills, or the dexterity to do everything - which can make them mad-oh-mad. changing my mind about that.

Her sweetness. Her smiles. Her snuggles. Her positive, peaceful temperament.

She reminds me daily that One is (One)derful.

You are (one)derful 2 You are (one)derful 3

What age do YOU think is the hardest?

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30 comments on “You are (one)derful”

  1. A year old already?! Aw. She's beautiful, and clearly she's such a blessing to you. Happy belated birthday!

  2. My son will be 2 this month, but I think that the hardest so far was his first few months--though I think that was more because I was having difficulty adjusting to such a spirited, want-to-be-held constantly baby. But I'm really loving the 2s so far, even though they're sometimes terrible. It's so fun to interact with him and hear the funny things he says.

  3. I can't say yet which age is the hardest... as our son is just turning one next week. But the more I hear... I am starting to think jr high age would be the hardest... finding the balance between being a good parent, a parent your child can trust, a parent your child will talk to, yet also a parent that sets boundaries and rules... seems much more complicated than the simplicities of raising a toddler where its more worries about bumps and bruises than alcohol or smoking... and its more teaching them about manners and repect than peer pressure...

  4. I don't know which is the hardest. My first two and almost one, as well. They are more difficult than when they were first born in some ways, but I am more rested now. Every stage changes good things (I miss some of the tricks and discoveries) and not as good things (I don't miss the exhaustion), I think. Happy Birthday to your little one! She's so darling.

  5. I know they call it the "terrible 2s," but for us, year 3 has been the toughest. They are not just throwing tantrums - - they have vocabulary and can reason with you (or try)!

  6. For the young years, the newborn stage to about 6 months was the hardest for me. But overall, around age 16 or 17 has challanged me the most.

  7. My scope is really limited (Darah is 7 months), but so far, the hardest age was around 4 months. She was so awake and alert, but couldn't do anything on her own yet (even sit up). That was tough for everyone!

  8. I would say that it depends. Boys get easier. So, my son was hardest at 2. My daughter is 9 and it seems to be getting harder with her every year.

  9. I'm still on my first child, and he's only 2. There have been challenges all along, but SO FAR, I'd say that the first year (0-12 months) was the hardest. The colic, the nursing issues, the sleeping issues were really difficult.

    Your little one year old is such a cutie!

  10. I am on my first child (15 months) so I don't have a very large perspective, but I am LOVING the 1s! My hardest was the first 6 months (especially 0-3 months) with all the crying. I felt like I could never figure out why he was crying which made me feel really incompetent. Couple that with sleep deprivation and the constant nursing, and that is one wiped-out mommy! Once he turned one, my husband and I are able to interact with him and he is more independent at playing. My favorite thing to do is sit on the floor and watch him's amazing to see how his brain works and how he figures things out.

  11. 11 months was hard. Actually, so was 10, but once he hit a year, things got a bit easier. Not sure why, but I am certainly NOT complaining. :) Hopefully it keeps up. It has been helpful to have a few signs (more, milk, all done... just the basics) to give him the sense that he CAN communicate with us effectively. Goodness, I love this kid!

  12. I'd say the first weeks, definitely. One is a toughy, for the reasons you mentioned. I'm there with my youngest now... he wants to do SO much, but can't quite do it, and he gets frustrated. Still, he giggles and laughs and makes my heart happy.
    Don't wanna jinx it, but my 3YO is easy, and has been since about two when she started being able to communicate her needs and wants clearly (or, clearly enough for silly old mom to understand at least).

  13. So far the most challenging has been 3. I see that I'm not alone! Right now I'm so glad to have my 2 year old b/c she's tons of fun even when my 3 year old is trying my patience.

  14. With my kids 3 has been by far the hardest age. They are really starting to push the limits.(especially my boys, I don't remember my daughter being as hard at 3 but so far all three boys who have yet to hit the age of 3 have been very hard at 3)It is hard to use logic with them because their picture of the world is still so centered on themselves and how everything affects them.

  15. I think 3 has been the hardest yet... I hate wishing away the moments, but I'm ready for my son to turn 4!
    I thought one was just so much fun - and so is 18months now with my daughter. I forgot how funny the little ones can be :)

  16. At every stage it seems there are more challenges, but with them so many more rewards also. I would have to say that 3 was the hardest and potty training presented the biggest challenge in all my parenting years. I remember wondering if there was a place I could send my kids, especially my daughter, where they could be potty trained and then sent back home. IT was miserable. BUT, excited to say that she is out of diapers and free of accidents (for the most part) so we did prevail. Enjoy every day, children are such a blessing!!!

  17. In my experience as a mom of 3, it depends on the child. :-) My first was difficult from 12-15 mos. (Or was it 15-18?) At any rate, I remember 15 mos being a trial.

    But I don't recall the other 2 being so tough at that age.

    I have found 3 to be hard with all three kids.

  18. We're only up to age two so far...but I swear those first, early weeks are incomparable. The complete and utter sleep exhaustion, trying to figure out breastfeeding, feeling confused and worried and sometimes even at times borderline terrified because suddenly it's real. You're really a parent and your really responsible for this tiny person who's utterly dependant on you. That's scary stuff!

  19. like you mentioned before i think the age that they really come into their own is the hardest because as parents we need to adjust and adapt to the fact that they are thinking, changing human beings who will one day assert themselves.
    with my son this happened around 1, my daughter we are starting now at almost 3 and with my youngest at 14 months. oh the diversity!

  20. Every age has its challenges it seems (so far - I'm all the way up to 3 LOL). Three has been hard with Sabrina - the drama and attitude can be exhausting. But they are things I can work to manage. Tessa is about 19 months now and she is at the stage where she knows what she wants but can't always communicate. Her frustration leads to screaming or crying and hitting herself. I really hate that. I remember finding this age difficult with Sabrina for the same reason. Once they gain some language skills it gets a little easier. (Tessa hasn't picked up signs as easily as Sabrina did either.)

  21. 2 is pretty tough, but is also one of the most fun ages to have around - it's a time of extremes on both sides! But my mom swears that tween age of 11-13 is the hardest...we shall see!

  22. Happy 1st Birthday to your little girl! :)

    I think so far for me, the hardest age has been 2. All the rest has been a breeze, but two (especially right at 2) was tough. It is getting much easier now at almost 3.

  23. One requires a lot from mommy, but three requires the most patience from me. It is the age that all of mine realize they have a voice and an opinion. More things become a battle such as getting dressed and eating. But oh is it worth it :)

  24. Oh, I do think ONE IS FUN!

    The hardest for me so far has been 4, with Gray, but with my other boys, no age was difficult. I think it's just understanding their personalities. I hope they are all the best for you!


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