10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies

Our youngest recently turned 6 months. Though I still call her "my newborn baby," I do realize that she is a lovely person in her own right. Absolutely delightful to have around.

The following ten products are getting the most use around our house these days. Actually, we don't have many other baby gizmos and gadgets at all. Simplicity is our style.

Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry - Allow me to introduce you to teething bling - non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free jewelry. Beautiful to look at and safe for baby to chew, the company's pendants and bangles are a boon for new mothers. This is the only necklace I wear because it gives my (toothless) baby something clean to rub her gums on when we are out-and-about. At $18.99 each (+ free shipping on Amazon), the pendants also make a pretty and practical gift for any new mom.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 1

BabyBjorn Babysitter - We have very little in the way of actual "baby gear" in our home. No crib, no changing table, no rocking chair, no swing. That said, we do get good use out of our bouncer. Our 6-month-old sits there when we need to cook dinner, unload the dishwasher, or pop in the shower. The BabyBjorn branded one is beautiful in its simplicity, fitting into family life without cartoon characters and mechanical noises.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 2

ERGObaby Organic Carrier - Doing errands at home and in the city is made simpler with the use of a baby carrier. We've tried over 20 carriers and the ERGObaby stands out as the best bet for your money. Smartly designed for use with babies up through preschool, the carrier offers ergonomic support and great features like a sleeping hood and zippered pocket.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 3

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat - This seat has a steep price tag, but it's also designed to last from newborn to booster...and then can be passed on to younger siblings. The RXT has the slimmest profile of any car seat on the market and is ideal for small cars. We have a Toyota Camry with three car seats in the back so inches do matter.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 4

Inglesina Fast Table Chair - Save on space at the dining room table with this easy-to-set-up seat. Our baby is right at the table, interacting with the family...and there's no cumbersome base to clutter up your kitchen. Plus, there are no trays to detach and clean. You'll also appreciate the versatility; simply unlatch and bring with you when you go on vacation or to dinner at a friend's house. The only downside is that the seat may not fit on all table bases. Available for $49.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 5

DSLR - 6-month-old babies are unquestionably photogenic. Smiley and curious, you don't want to miss catching the magic of this season. Sell all your baby gear and get a camera if you have to. Baby decor is cute, but you won't treasure it in the same way as pictures.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 6

Kirkland Wipes - Even pampers wipes can't compete with the Costco brand. Packaged for ease of use, the wipes offer the perfect amount of moisture without heavy perfumes.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 7

Pants - Crawling babies need extra protection for their little knees. If you're a first time mom and planning ahead for your baby's wardrobe, skip dresses in the 6-12M size (they impede movement) and opt for adorable two pieces, onesies, and stretchy pants.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 8

Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover - I never leave the house without my cover. Although I fully support nursing in public with or without a cover, I feel more comfortable with the coverage of a beautiful piece of fabric. With a cover, I am able to feed my baby in restaurants, at the library, at church, or at the park - without stressing about showing too much skin.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 9

Bella Materna Anytime Nursing Gown - At the end of a long day, it's a lovely luxury to be able to slip into a flattering and soft nightgown. Bella Materna has perfected the nursing gown by making it equal parts beautiful, sexy, and super easy to nurse in. A worthwhile splurge because, if you like it as much as I do, you'll wear it most every day.

10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies 10

Do you have a 6-month-old baby? What are your top product picks?

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9 comments on “10 Best Products for 6-Month-Old Babies”

  1. So quick question: i'm looking for the baby seat for my six month old daughter. She's starting to sit up and lean forward. On Baby Bjorns website, it says you can use the babysitter until they learn to sit up, and then when they walk you can use the seat as a chair for them. I guess I'm looking for something for those in between times when she's sitting up and leaning forward but not yet walking. My daughter still spits up, and after she's eaten, sometimes it's nice for her to have a place to sit without bouncing around a lot or laying on her belly. Does the Baby Bjorn work like that for you guys?

  2. Hands down, baby bjorn & ergobaby carrier just rock. Definite must-haves for the little ones to give freedom. It almost seems like the ergobaby carrier is the new "Man Purse." I see so many dads sporting them and carrying their babies around. It's definitely the way to go. We went to a concert and one of the guitarists was even using one! His baby had headphones on to block out the sound, though. It was hilarious.

    1. I always love seeing dads carrying their babies around - with or without carriers. :)

      It's so important for fathers to be actively involved in the care of their young children and I am so grateful to be married to a man who acknowledges that truth.

  3. Agree on your babysitter and ergo. We used ours with our son and our daughter who is 7 months lives in them. I would add babylegs and Bravado nursing tanks. I live in the tanks and Matisse wears the legs almost everyday. Don't have to remove them like you do with pants during diaper changes. As far as teething goes I will add Chewbeads (expensive, but worth it), Sophie, and Vulli Vanilla flavored teethers (they smell like heaven and are the perfect size). For feeding, a good food processor, silicone ice cube tray, and some of the 'net feeders' (we use Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders) which are great for teething and kids can start holding them around 4-5 months. Great for snacking and teething!

    Your baby is a doll and love your blog as always!


    1. Thanks for the Chewbeads recommendation. I just bookmarked the site for future reference.

      I have a pair of BabyLegs, but have not been using them because I feel like they cut off circulation in my baby's legs. Maybe she just has extra-chunky thighs? ;)

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