10 MORE Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Here are 10 MORE super fun stocking stuffer ideas for Him (your husband, dad, brother, son, etc.).

***Scroll down to add your own ideas so we can put together a comprehensive list.***

Rechargeable Batteries

rechargeable batteries

Clif Bars

clif bar chocolate brownie

Cinnamon Altoids (or another of his favorite mints)

cinnamon altoids

A "Mini" Leatherman

mini leatherman

A Coin Pouch to put in his pocket

coin pouch

Pilot g-2 pens

pilot g-2 pens

A Small Novel: Perhaps The Shack?

the shack

A Can of WD-40


Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky

world kitchens hot and spicy beef jerky

Gloves for cold weather

under armour gloves men

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite stocking stuffers for HIM?

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10 comments on “10 MORE Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him”

  1. good ideas... I put Starbucks Via packs, granola bars, beef jerky, Spry gum b/c it has no sugar, and "nice" everyday pens.
    I did not enjoy The Shack; I know so many people did but ... it just did not impress me overly much.

    1. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about "The Shack"...but then, after time, I decided it was profound and creative (and encouraging too).

      Beef jerky is a great stocking stuffer, although we've recently realized that you have to look at the ingredient label carefully. Many brands contain Sodium Nitrate (including the brand pictured). Scary!

  2. I was gifted "The Shack" when my little Lucy was in the hospital but I haven't started reading it yet. Have you or your husband read it? I've heard it's a real page-turner.

  3. I love NGS's idea of the tiny musical instrument - what a fun tradition!

    We always give my dad good quality Apricot Jam and dark-chocolate covered cranberries. Hubby always gets a pineapple and some jerky! Flashlights, ink pens, slippers, books of short-stories, fishing lures, little hunting gadgets or nifty pocket tools and car or hunting magazines normally end up in the guys stockings too.

  4. He'll be getting a granola bar (like the ones you brought me...yum), a $8 watch from Target (he needs one with a stopwatch for running), a little "something" to put in his coffee that morning, and some of his favorite chocolate treats from Trader Joes.

  5. I like to put a tiny musical instrument in there. Last year I got him a harmonica on a key chain (it was about $2) and this year I'm getting him a kazoo. I don't know how this joke started, but we do it every year!!

  6. Okay, those ones are more affordable. :) Not necessarily Chris things, but definitely closer to the right track. Thanks!

  7. In my husband's stocking:
    1. Reece's Pieces (his favorite)
    2. Dexter Season 3 Blu Ray
    3. Rockabye Guns N Roses (his favorite band)
    4. A Swiper (from Dora) beanie baby. An inside joke because he wants a pet fox and we love Swiper.

    ps. we are only filling each other's stockings this year...which is why some of the gifts are a little pricier.

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