1/2 of a year

1/2 of a year 1Hi from Rapid City, SD.

(This is a really cool area, by the way). (More on that later).

Guess what? We've lived in an RV for 1/2 a year.

Here are the stats of our trek across the USA so far:

I've tried to write about our trip so many times - but then hit "delete." There's just so much to say and I can't get it exactly right.

Instead of trying to summarize our experience in one post, I'm going to take your questions instead and answer them straight-up in future posts.

Ask me anything about traveling/volunteering with small children, RVing, favorite experiences, our Give Every Day project, etc. 

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19 comments on “1/2 of a year”

  1. It has been half a year. YOu have done so much, it must seem like a decade to you.

    The numbers are incredible - 23 — states visited and 42 — organizations served . It will take me years and years accomlish

    Your kids are learning so much and experience so many new things, they miight not want to settle for a regular home life next year :)

  2. I've been thinking about this for a few days and couldn't think of how to frame the question that is floating around in my head then Lindsey van Niekerk nailed it for me! How do you think your perspective on life, our country, the world has changed because of this journey? How do you think it is shaping the way your girls view their world?

    Oh and there are lots of other awesome questions up there too!

  3. Wow! There are a lot of great questions above, and I am really curious to your answers to ALL of them.

    Here is one question that I will had to the mix.

    How do you feel that your worldview has changed since living on the road?

    I know this is kind of broad and open and probably still evolving, but I am really interested on how this choice has impacted WHO you are becoming, HOW you are thinking, and WHERE you want to go with your lives.


  4. Wow, so excited to think of you back in the almost West! Can't wait to hear your thoughts of Wyoming ;-) I'm anxious to follow your responses to the questions above. Most of mine are already up there, but here are a few (Some may be repeats):

    Are you going to come back to Tucson for good?
    Besides family, what do you miss most about Tucson/Vail?
    What was your very favorite day of your trip so far? And least favorite?
    What was your favorite "gift" or thing that you have given? Which one was the most fun for your girls?
    What would your girls say is their favorite part of the trip so far? And least favorite?I love the perspectives of children - so honest!
    Which state to this point had the best food? And the worst?
    And my #1 question - How have you, your oldest, your youngest, and your husband each individually changed because of your experience? Why? What brought the changes?

    Stay safe!

  5. I can't believe you've been gone for half a year already! I remember when you first announced your venture and all the posts where you wrote about all the preparation for the journey.

    I think all the questions above are fantastic and I can't wait to read your answers!

    Here are my questions: Have your eating/meal planning habits changed much now that you are living on the road?
    How does that work logistically?
    Do you have to eat all the perishable food in your RV before you travel to the next place, or does your refrigerator work while you are driving?
    I know that's not as interesting as the above questions, but I've been curious!

    Also, I know that you only drove through Wisconsin, but do you have any thoughts on it? In your past posts where you wrote about your ideal cities, I think the midwest would really suit your family. That is, except for the winters!

  6. Six months?! We miss you!

    My questions:
    -What do you most miss about having a stationary house?
    -What has come as the biggest surprise?
    -Is there a prevalent "take away" that each region of the country has left you with?
    -Top five things you've learned

  7. Oh so many questions come to my mind:

    If one wanted to start traveling across country like this, how would you suggest one begins?
    What do your girls think of it?
    When do you do most of your driving? And how long do you drive for when you drive?
    Have you decided where you will go when you are all done?
    Is there a favorite spot of yours in the last 6 months?
    Have you found that different areas have more/less judgemental views on religion/politics?
    What are some of the greatest difficulties that you find while traveling on the road?
    What are some of the greatest benefits to traveling on the road?

    Ok, I think that is all! :)

  8. Do you think you will settle down again where your home is or will you move somewhere else? Do you ever think of traveling up to Alaska with the RV?

    I love your adventure!

  9. So whats been the biggest surprise to you? I'm thinking about things you find you don't miss all that much vs. the place or people or stuff that you are missing... And what about the vast difference between the desert of Tucson vs the tropical SE or the midwest plains and the lush green-ness of Pennslvania or Minn. (It's a really BIG country, right?) I'm curious what the girls say about all the different places, if they ever express an opinion about where they have really liked it and where they don't care for things. Do you see much difference in the way organizations and the general public respond to you across the country? Or how volunteering in general is approached? And David says,"Hows the truck running these days?" And then there is the question I won't ask, cause I hope you would let me know if ...........
    Lots of questions, I have been waiting for Tim to post more lately about his thoughts on your adventure....

  10. What are the issues/situations that trigger the emotional meltdowns you mentioned?

    What do you miss most about 'home', and do you feel like your RV is a home for you now?

    Had you to do this venture all over again, what would you do differently? Do you wish you could have spent longer in certain areas? Is being as transient as you have been an advantage or disadvantage? If you could have taken roots in any one place, would you have done so for 6 months to a year?

  11. Wow. I have so many questions. The whole idea is so unique, daunting, exhilarating, and inspiring!

    How do you structure your days, find things (the things that are really important to you) to do? How long do you average in one spot? How do you meet people? Are you finding this a rewarding experience? Is it more or less than what you imagined it to be?

    My list could go on and on . . . I suppose the first three questions are somewhat related and are the ones I'm most curious about. :)

  12. I grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota! :-) If you have time, be sure to check out gorgeous Spearfish Canyon. (PS - You chose a crazy time to be in the area! A few hundred thousand bikers descend on the area the first weeks of August...)

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