15 Newborn Necessities

What if you could only have 15 items for those first few newborn months?

Here are my TOP 15. Give me these 15 and I'm "all set."

pampers-swadders1. Diapers - Cloth or Disposable, take your pick, but you'll need something to cover up that super sweet bottom. Unless, of course, you decide to go diaper-free.



kirkland-signature-baby-wipes-costco2. Wipes - Wipes are important for diaper changes, but they also have a multitude of other uses. The Kirkland Signature  Baby Wipes from Costco are our favorite - they're soft and unscented and excellently packaged.



convertible-car-seat3. Car Seat - This item is non-negotiable...unless you want to negotiate with the police, that is. I recommend a "convertible" car seat so that you baby can stay in the same seat from newborn all the way through to pre-K.



navy-onesie-rattled-clothing4. Onesies or Footsies, depending on the season - If it's hot, stock up on about 6 onesies per size. If it's cold, go with footsies. Opt for simple pieces in soft materials. Steer clear of lace, decorative buttons, fancy collars, and other frou-frou details that make the garments difficult to take on and off.


aden-anais-wraps5. Receiving Blankets - I suppose any brand will do, but we've found that aden + anais wraps just can't be beat. They're soft and breathable and big enough for use beyond the first few weeks.



bummas6. Washcloths - You'll use these for bath time...and for massaging out plugged tear ducts...and for wiping boogers on that you suck out with the nasal aspirator. Ah, the many magnificent tasks of parenthood. Bummas cloths are particularly soft and nicely shaped.



protect-a-bed-premium-mattress-protector7. Mattress Protector - If co-sleeping has crossed your mind, you won't want to go without a mattress protector. You wouldn't want to ruin your fancy mattress with throw-up, breast milk, blow-outs, and other liquids commonly associated with having babies. Neither would I...which is why we have 8. Changing Pad and Cover - You'll need somewhere to change the baby's diaper and you might as well make it a soft, cozy spot.



infant-to-toddler-rocker9. Somewhere to set the baby down - I know you won't want to ever put that baby down (and you don't have to...don't listen to those people that say you'll spoil the baby!), but having at least one place to set your baby down is a good idea for when you have to go to the bathroom or take a shower. Think: crib, bassinet, swing, baby rocker, or play pen. I recommend picking something portable and lightweight so you can carry it from room-to-room.


baby-fingernail-clippers10. Baby Fingernail Clippers - Newborn nails are razor-sharp, super thin, and hard to cut. Make it easier on yourself by investing in a pair of clippers that are specially designed for the tiniest of fingers.



15 Newborn Necessities 111. A Digital Camera - If you don't already have one, now is the time to invest in one. Buy the best one you can afford...preferably an SLR. $500+ may seem like a hefty sum to spend, but capturing memories and stories as your baby grows up is positively priceless.



johnsons-head-to-toe-body-wash12. Baby Soap - There are all kinds of baby washes and soaps out on the market - scented, unscented, organic, natural, chemical-free, creamy, gel-y, bubbly, etc. We prefer soaps that are as free of extra chemicals as possible, but I'm not brand loyal yet. (Are you?).



bayhawk-mei-tai13. Baby Carrier - You never realize how nice it is to be able to use both of your hands until you're a new mom. Carriers make that possible. You can choose between slings, mei tais, pouches, wraps, and more. Lately, I've been wearing the BabyHawk Mei Tai.



baby-jogger-jogging-stroller14. Jogging Stroller - For me, this was/is a necessity because running is how I stay in shape and retain my sanity. It's so nice to just be able to lace up my tennies and head for the pavement...no gym fees, babysitters, or driving time required!



video-monitor15. Baby Monitor - It's nice to be able to "check in" on your baby from another room. Audio monitors are okay. Video monitors are even better.



It's important to note that babies require very little - in terms of commercial rubbish, that is. As my husband so aptly put it, "babies require almost none of the items on traditional baby registry lists, but they require ALL of YOU." They need your love and attention, your warm arms, your one-of-a-kind smile, your sparkling eyes, your patience, and just a few "basics".

I could probably whittle this list down to ten and be perfectly fine.

YOUR TURN: What would be your "TOP 15" items? Did I miss anything that you just couldn't live without?

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22 comments on “15 Newborn Necessities”

  1. Thanks for the list – it’s given me some great ideas for presents for a baby shower I’m going to in a couple of weeks. I particularly love the swaddlers blanket – I have never heard of one before, but it looks great. I know usually people end up buying hundreds of new born baby clothes, which obviously look cute, but when your baby grows out of them so quickly, it seems almost silly investing so much money and time into shopping for them. I think it’s also important not to forget about things for the Mum, as well as the baby – such as the nipple cream. I also like the nursing tank top. And obviously wipes are a must – I use them all the time for everything, so handy to keep in your handbag, whether you have a child or not.

  2. Great items. I completely agree! When Bryce was born I purchased the Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper and it was a life saver!!!! : )

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  5. Oh yeah, the boppy was my best friend! Or should I say breast friend? :)
    Be wary of a convertible car seat if you are large people, my son outgrew his before he was 2...
    I love my Ergo too, but wish I could try one that had a way to get baby in the carrier and then put it on, I was always afraid of dropping him when he was little!
    Finally, camera, oh yeah! I don't know what I'm going to do with the thousands of pictures I have of my son... and he's not even 3 yet!

  6. Great list. Short and to the point to extra un-needed frills. I am sure each baby is different and each family will discover that little something extra that makes their baby happy. Better to start small and work your way up to more if needed.

  7. i agree with the other commenter's...camera!
    how about someone to help out as you adjust to the new baby.

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  9. Right there with you on most of the products. We purchased one of the baby monitors that warns you if a baby stops moving but never used it. JR nursed for 6 months and stayed in our room for awhile after so it wasn't really necessary.

    Wish we had done the jogging stroller. Ours was great but didn't work well over any type of uneven ground or anything faster than a brisk walk.

    The nail clippers are a must but easily overlooked.

    I would add a digital camera to the list and perhaps a class on how to use it to take great baby pictures. It is much harder than it sounds and I cherish the photos I have that I'll never have a chance to re-take.

  10. I use our bassinet stroller all the time, since our son doesnt seem to like any of the carriers I got (gr!). He does love being held, just not in a carrier. Maybe he'll like the bjorn, once I can turn him to face out.

    I am about to look up blocked tear ducts - never even knew that was a possibility!

    I never got a bathtub, and our pediatrician has repeatedly told me not to use soap on our son, just water for his bath. But he has sensitive skin, so that's probably why. When his skin gets dry, she recommended a couple drops of almond oil - in the bath.

    I LOVE our itzbeen timer. It would make my top 15 list.

  11. For me, a trash can near the changing area is a must.
    And as a corollary, a fancy diaper-genie is totally unnecessary. A little trash can with a grocery bag liner is fine and can easily be taken-out every couple days.

  12. I've never used a baby monitor until my kids are older, a matress protector or a baby bathtub!

    I always say as long as you have some nice clothes for the baby, a blanket, a boob and yourself your good! LOL =)

  13. I think you pretty much hit everything on the list!

    I did love having my boppy - but I had to have a c-section, and the pillow was just nice. Although I picked it up used at a garage sale - don't think I would have bought one otherwise!

    Definitely would add the digital camera into the list.

  14. Ditto the above poster about the camera. We really didn't use much the first couple months, but one thing I will add (which kind of ties in with last weekends theme) is a good nursing bra and comfy tops. When we were first learning, the easier the better!

  15. Hmmm, wondering how you can stand jogging in the Arizona heat? And how soon do you feel comfortable strapping a baby into one of those? We got a double Baby Jogger and tried it out when our daughter was about 6 months old, but she hated the angle of the seat or something and just cried. Now, my kids are too big for the jogger and I have to sneak runs in the morning when Dear Husband is still home!

  16. I need to get a Mattress Protector. Luckily in almost 4 months we haven't had any disaster on my bed. Of course now that I type that we will. :)
    I love, love, love my Aden & Anais wraps, they are great. I have a miracle blanket and use it at night because my girl is a wiggler.
    I now have 4 carriers and my girl only slightly likes any of them. I so wish she like my Kozy carrier, its a mei tai and it would be so nice to have my hands free sometimes.
    A digi camera is a must and a bouncy seat/swing. She won't put up with them longer then a potty break but that is fine.
    I wish we would have gotten a convertible car seat, but we live in Montana and Lily was born at the height of winter. We appreciated having the seat to carry her and protect her from the cold. Now we take her out at each stop unless she's asleep.

  17. I was surprised by how little we needed/used the first few months. I agree with above poster about a camera. And we had a bassinet that she slept in next to our bed and I wheeled it into the living room or kitchen as appropriate through out the day. Otherwise, diapers, baby carrier, car seat, etc.

  18. I've said it before - I couldn't of lived with out our Miracle Blanket. I really think it was the reason our daughter started sleeping a lot longer!

  19. I like to keep Tylenol around in case of fevers and diaper rash cream. Bouncy seats make a great bed for babies who are congested or spit up a lot because their head is raised.

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