18 months

18 months 1Hello there blue-eyes!

Today, you are one and a half. I want you to know - without a doubt or a question, for now and for always - that you are a dream come true.

You are sweet, smiley, serene, sensational. You are also a sensitive soul. You pick up on emotions in the room with acute awareness.

You are peaceful, pretty, and petite (everyone is always saying how tiny you are). You are *also* mischievous. I know all about your little schemes - dumping out the contents of the bathroom cupboards, excavating the pantry, etc.

Although you enjoy newness, it's takes awhile for you to warm up. You are most content perched in my arms, your signature two fingers in your mouth (and one hand down my shirt - still working on that).

For the record...

  • 18 months 2Favorite Things: wearing pretty dresses, carrying around baby dolls, reading books, spinning in circles, playing with your big sister
  • Favorite Foods: apples, tomatoes, noodles, licorice
  • Bedtime: Approximately 8:00 (But - you still wake in the night to nurse)
  • Wake-up: Approximately 8:00
  • Skills: walking, running, pointing at things, playing duck-duck-goose, coloring, comprehending most everything we say, sitting on the potty (and going sometimes), saying "hi' and "duck" and "dad" and "dog" and "mama"
  • Strengths: laidback, affectionate, a good listener

I love you, lovely. It's going to be a joy to watch you grow up.

P.S. Please start talking more soon. I want to know what's going on in that amazing little head of yours.

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26 comments on “18 months”

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  2. I can't wait to hear the things that she starts saying once her 'word explosion' happens. I noticed with Jameson (my #2) that he was a bit slower in the talking department, but just in the past month, he won't stop and he is saying full sentences and carrying on and on and on. She is absolutely delightful and I am so pleased that she has a mom like you to love on her, teach her, train her, enjoy her and adore her!

  3. Oh my goodness! I laughed outloud when you talked about the two fingers and hand down the shirt. My oldest did the exact thing. I kicked the under my shirt thing by cutting a piece of my under garment for her. So she now uses a small square "silky" for comfort instead of putting her hand under my shirt.

    Kids are great!

  4. This such a fun and wonderful age! She is adorable!. They grow so fast and are learning new things by the very second at the toddler stage. Enjoy it why it lasts. My youngest is 10 and I sure miss this age!


  5. Adorable! I love that she sometimes goes on the potty! We put Lucy on there before bath every night but she just sits there with this gigantic grin and does nothing. It's pretty funny though. I also love the mischievous part. I wonder if this is second-born thing? Lucy is the same way but every single time she does something "naughty" I just laugh my pants off. Hmmm...that could catch up with me in a few years.

    Our Lucy is talking a ton but she literally had a language explosion overnight. I bet that's in store for you little lady any minute now!

  6. She is beautiful, of course. That hair is getting so long. Love the impish grin. I think I might have a "tiny" mischief maker too ;)We should all be so lucky, right?

  7. So sweet! You inspired me to write letters to my little ones. Thanks!
    With the hand in the shirt - I hate it. I always just gently remove it & offer to hold hands instead.

  8. She is so precious!! Love her little grin sitting in the chair. My son will be 3 in October & we still have the hand down the shirt issue. It really seems to be a totally subconscious thing for him and always when he wants to be comforted or is in a new situation.

  9. My SIL had the hand/shirt dilemma. When she finally cut off "contact," the little one's two older brothers (5 and 8) volunteered. Now you can find Little Guy with his hand down the other boy's shirts. Aren't siblings great!

  10. Awwww.....she is absolutely adorable. I love that she still nurse at night, you are a great mom. That is definitely something I wish I was able to do. My daughter turned 18months two weeks ago and I cannot wait for her to start talking...this talking process is taking forever. She says a few words but nothing coherent at this point.

    Oh well, sneaking around your blog at work......can't help myself. Love your contents!

  11. Wow, I feel like she just turned 1! She is looking more and more like a toddler and less of a baby, especially in the first picture. Her hair is really getting long! As far as talking, I have heard that the younger siblings sometimes take longer to talk because their older siblings speak for them. I'll bet once she starts talking, she'll be a little miss motormouth!

  12. SO sweet!
    I wish my son (20 mo) would start talking more too! I *hate* when I catch myself wishing they were older or bigger or anything, but the communication thing is tough! He gets so frustrated when he can't communicate what he wants!

  13. Wow! 18 months already! It seems like you just welcomed her into your family! When our son was younger we always wanted him to talk more, just so we could hear what his sweet little voice would sound like:) I grew up with all sisters, so every new stage with our son has been an exciting adventure!

    I know that you are working on "getting her hand out", but honestly, I think it's sweet! My husband always corrected our son when he would do that at 18 months old too! In all fairness I was still nursing him and that was his comfort! Enjoy it why you can, it won't last forever and then you will miss it (as silly as that may sound)

    1. It definitely bothers Tim more than it bothers me. That said, I do have to be careful when we are in public b/c I don't want to...ahem...show too much to strangers. ;)

  14. I was just complaining to my husband tonight that my 20 month old's favorite place is perched on my hip, with my breast as a comfortable hand-rest. Maybe I should be glad that it's on the outside of my shirt?

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