1st Bday: Agoo

1st Bday: Agoo 1I know you're going to want a pair of ruffled bottom pants for your little girl after reading this.

Especially when you hear that they are antibacterial, stain-resistant, and have UV protection. Oh, and they are silky soft too.

They're from Agoo and - goodness me! - they're cute.

My daughter is wearing the Criss-Cross Onezie - Mallard/Pink ($30) and the Princess Pant - Mallard/Pink ($34.80).

1st Bday: Agoo 2And. Seriously.

I almost can't stand the cuteness.

P.S. You can keep up with all of the latest Agoo News on Twitter. Follow: @KidsActivewear.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Agoo. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, March 8th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #33 Heather M. Congratulations!

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102 comments on “1st Bday: Agoo”

  1. Super cute, I love dressing my daughter up thanks Also I loved the selection of leg warmers especially
    Leg Huggers - Flower Dots

  2. The playful pants look so comfy and stylish. I would get a pair for my son and one for my daughter.

  3. Yep, she looks adorable! I've never seen ruffled pants before, only ruffled diaper covers. This would be so cute on my niece...I don't think my son would wear one =p

  4. My butt would not look that cute in ruffled pants, but on a baby...can't be cuter. I have a niece on the way that I'm sure will be a show stopper in those pants :)

  5. First, your daughter is adorable. I think she and my daughter could have a lot of fun (aka get into a lot of trouble) together. Isn't this age the best?!
    Second, these clothes are so cute- and, more importantly, comfy. Love the comfiness about them.

  6. Those ruffles are fabulous! Clothing with UV protection is such a great thing to have in our area - especially with summer just around the corner.

  7. I really like Twozie Hoodie - Coco/Mallard that they have. Their clothes are so cute! Thanks for the chance!

  8. What baby doesn't look adorable in ruffles. These clothes are just too cute.


  9. Wishing I had a little girl to dress in those, but I've got 3 boys. Luckily, they're 3 super cute boys. So, I was checking out their boy stuff and they do look so soft and they've got something called a "twosie", like a onesie with a hoodies, really cute.

  10. I have a pair of their leg huggers and would love to try some of thier clothing... so cute the way it all matches.

  11. Holy ruffles those are stinking adorable!! And stain resistant?! That would be great to not have to worry about sending my kids out to play in cute clothes.

  12. Those pants sound like super-pants! I've never heard of clothes for kids that are not only stain resistnt, but antibacterial and have UV protection AND are still very cute!

  13. Those are the cutest kids pants I've seen! The ruffles are just adorable... I would love a pair for my daughter! Thanks.

  14. There is NOTHING cuter than a little baby girl in ruffle butts! Makes me want a girl for baby #2 just to put her in some. :)

  15. I would like some ruffle bottom pants, but I don't think my husband would appreciate them on my son, lol. So I checked out their site and they have some cute boy clothes too.

  16. My niece would look adorable in these pants. I love that they have all of those added benefits, too. How fun! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  17. My 9 month old little princess would look so cute in these adorable ruffle leggings. I'm a fan of ruffle bum tights too, and these are even sweeter!

  18. These are SUPER cute!!! I love ruffles on the tushies so much!!! They are a bit pricey though, but might be worth it for the right outfit.

  19. Agoo clothes look super comfortable and hip, no bulky sweats for our kids! I love the leg huggers they offer as well, they make such great baby gifts!

  20. Ooh, those are really adorable. What is it about kids' clothing that things that would NOT look pretty on adults (ruffles on my backside? I don't think so!) look so darn cute on children? Agoo has such great things!

  21. Okay sorry, you can delete my other comment. I really love these! My toddler cousin likes "fries with her shake"! She would be too cute in these!!

  22. How adorable is your little girl! She looks amazing with the ruffles!! Happy Early Birthday! Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazingly cute outfit!! Going to check out the website now!! I feel some shopping coming on!!!

  23. wow! I can't believe that these are antibacterial, stain-resistant, and have UV protection thats incredible! Anything that is stain resident is great by me, and I am sure by every other mum!

  24. Happy birthday to your little one! I have to admit that I think ruffle bum pants are insanely cute; I have such a weakness for them!

  25. Don't enter me as I don't need this one, but have to admit that the few pairs of ruffle bum pants we had were my FAVORITE for my little ones. They are adorable!

  26. I have never heard of antibacterial clothes but I love the idea of stain-resistant. I wonder how that stands up to spaghetti! What cute clothes, I love the pinks and browns on their website.

  27. Oh my goodness, Agoo has such adorable stuff! I especially love the Maroon Sports Dress for baby girls!

  28. How cute, I would love to win this for little Lydia. Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway.

  29. Those pants are adorable. I love shopping for my nieces or friends kids. Boy clothes are cute but seriously lacking when it comes to ruffles.

  30. Seriously - I just asked my husband the other day why they didn't have baby clothes made of wick-away material. My baby gets so hot in his car seat! This line of clothing is awesome! We could also really use the sunscreen in the material since we live in a tropical location in Africa where the sun seems very close!

  31. Those pants are adorable! How do they make them antibacterial though? I have a son, so no ruffly pants this time around, but their boy clothes are super cute too!

  32. Oh my goodness, they have the cutest things. I have a friend about to have a baby and I would love to get her an outfit from there.

  33. My baby will be one in just a couple months. Her little buns need to be in that outfit. So unbelievably adorable!! I love Agoo.

  34. I love their ruffled pants and they have lots of other sweet things too. Another of my favorite items is the Wave T-Shirt.

  35. Very cute pants! I love this jacket - Hyda Hoodie - Orchid/Coco. My daughter has a mild 'exercise clothes' obsession - have you seen the little yoga pants at Target?!

  36. Yikes... too cute! Although there are some awfully cute boy clothes, I just love the idea of dressign a little girl... maybe one day??? For now, I would go with the Twozie Hoodie in Sky/Coco for my little guy.

  37. I love the agoo products, especially the baby legs they sell. I did not realize they were UV resistant clothes, how cool! Especially for my fair skinned little ones!

  38. Oh, these pants are adorable! I would love to win these for baby #2 and to use as a photography prop. I know several little ones that would be soooo cute in these ruffle bottoms. :)

  39. Sometimes I wish I had a little girl just because this stuff is so cute! Oh, well. There's always a chance for #3!

  40. I have to add......I just went to the website and saw they have older kids clothes too! I LOVE the stain resistant feature!! My daughter might win the prize for messiest kid (she's 4) and I am constantly getting stains out of her clothes!! What a great idea!

  41. That outfit is absolutely adorable!! And your little one is too cute in it!! :) My niece would look amazing in those clothes. I would love to give her a set. :)

  42. They are cute plus it sounds like nothing will penetrate that bum! I know just the little girl who would look so cute in it too. I'd love to try the boy items as well.

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