1st Bday: Anytime Nursing Gown by Bella Materna

1st Bday: Anytime Nursing Gown by Bella Materna 1When my first daughter turned one [see left], I began to feel pressure...to stop breastfeeding.

It was mostly subtle. People would ask how much longer I planned to continue. They would say things like, "Oh! I can't imagine breastfeeding a baby with teeth! Doesn't it hurt?" and "Once a baby can walk/talk...it's weird."

But...it wasn't weird for us. Nor is it weird for parents across the globe. On the contrary, nursing a toddler is a beautiful thing - a gift of health, comfort, and closeness.

Now that my second baby is almost one, I don't feel that same pressure. Perhaps some of it was self-imposed. If people make comments like the ones listed above, I feel confident enough to humbly and truthfully share our experience...or to just smile and bypass the controversy. Every mother - every family - makes different decisions for different reasons. I choose to nurse my babies longer than the "American norm"...and I gently, assuredly stand by that choice.


1st Bday: Anytime Nursing Gown by Bella Materna 2One thing that makes nursing easier (no matter how long you choose to nurse) is being able to slip into pretty, soft, and feminine pajamas at the end of the day.

Bella Materna is a Seattle-based, mom-owned company that offers beautiful nursing and maternity bras, camisoles, sleepwear, loungewear, and lingerie. I particularly like the French Lace collection (so sophisticated).

1st Bday: Anytime Nursing Gown by Bella Materna 3I have the Anytime Nursing Gown [pictured left] and it is luxuriously soft and silky. The gown gives me enough support that I don't have to wear a bra (hallelujah!), but it's also refreshingly free of underwire (not a nursing mama's best friend). I'm not currently pregnant, but I can definitely see how it could expand gracefully over a burgeoning belly.

Up next for the company? I'm *hoping* for sleepwear in brighter and deeper colors and an above-the-knee robe for those first few postpartum days/weeks.

WIN IT! One winner will receive an Anytime Nursing Gown ($98) by Bella Materna. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 9th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #74  jennifer. Congratulations!

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108 comments on “1st Bday: Anytime Nursing Gown by Bella Materna”

  1. My baby is turning 8 months old and I am still pumping full time at work and nursing when I am home and my days off. I am too feeling pressure when I hear the comments about "when I plan to stop" and also about it "being weird when she can talk" -from my own husband, no less. I plan to nurse as long as its mutual - my baby loves it and so do I. There is no better way to bond after a long day apart. <3
    I love that gown that you commented on - but its so pricey! Any alternatives?

  2. This does indeed look very comfy, yet sexy....my concern is that I wouldn't feel covered enough or supported enough, but if you say it provides support without an underwire....I'm inclined to believe you! I have yet to see how much bigger I may get through the pregnancy and while breastfeeding..normally support isn't an issue for me.

  3. My daughter is feeling frumpish. Her darling daughter is 7 months, avidly nursing, but the pregnancy weight is not falling off. (Mine didn't either) This would be wonderful for her to feel fresh and feminine, but still be able to easily nurse.

  4. I am expecting #3 and would love a nursing gown, I did not nurse the first two do to medications, but this time I will have the chance with a new medication for my thyroid. So I am really excited.

  5. I would love to win this! Some nights it's so hard to nurse at night because I have to get up and pull my nightshirt up. This would simplify life!

  6. You are so right- every mom has to do what is right for her. We shouldn't judge... would love the chance to win this nightgown- looks so comfy.

  7. That's beautiful! I lived in my nightgown for several weeks after my daughter was born. This one is much prettier though.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  8. I've almost weaned my son who is 21 months. I rarely got odd looks or remarks and am pretty proud that I lasted as long as I did. He would be happy to keep nursing, but I just needed to end it.

  9. This outfit is so stylish. I love seing nursing clothes that don't look frumpy. Great to see they are in my hometown.

  10. I am a nursing mama and would love to have a comfy little outfit to wear around the house. I nursed my last child until he was 22 months and hope to do the same with this one.

  11. I would love to try this gown if/when we have baby #3. I have not been able to find a great night nursing gown. I tried a few whith those holes in them that don't stay closed so well, so they are not appropriate to wear in front of company. I really don't like those. The holes aren't quite in the right spot. My sister is pregnant and I would love to win this for her.

  12. I felt a lot of pressure from family member and friends to wean our oldest daughter, so she only nursed until she was 14 months old. With our second daughter (who's only four months) I plan on using more of a self-weaning approach, we'll stop whenever she is ready.

    Beautiful gown!

  13. I don't need a nursing gown being a guy but it would make a great baby shower gift at an upcoming baby shower I am attending.

  14. Here comes baby #4, so I guess I'm gonna be in need of some new nursing clothes! Yay! :-) I'd love to have this!

  15. I am due in a few short weeks with my first and have been scouring the internet for nursing bra/gown reviews - Bella Materna gets some of the best feedback and I can't wait to try their bras out - would love to try a gown as well!

  16. I love their French Lace Maternity Collection. Its all so delicate & feminine, but at the same time it looks so comfortable.

  17. I've been looking for a nice nursing gown to take to the hospital, when I give birth next month, and this certainly fits the bill! I would love to win this!

  18. I did not have one of these with #1 and it would be wonderful to have for #2. THanks for the chance.

  19. My youngest just turned one and I know exactly how all those comments can be. Yay for toddler nurslings!!
    That is a beautiful gown. It looks incredibly comfortable.

  20. This brand is my fav! I love that the fabrics wash so well because of how good they are made. Definitely worth the money! But I dont have the nursing gown yet and I would loove to win it!

  21. I think it is interesting how society always puts so much contradicting pressure on mothers- make sure you breast feed, oh, now you are breast feeding your child too long. Let ME decide what is best for me and my family. Anyway, the bella materna products look really great and high quality, i'd love to try them out.

  22. I LOVE bella materna. They make my favorite nursing bras so I'm sure the gown wouldn't dissapoint. :)

  23. I feel as if I have either been pregnant or breast feeding the last 6 years of my life, so I am always happy to find great companies like this that make quality and great looking nursing clothes!

  24. We're expecting number two in a few months and this sounds perfect of nursing. It really helps to have clothes designed for nursing as it helps to do it a bit easier!

  25. wow that is beautiful!
    i nursed my two oldest until a year but that was something i decided i needed to do. but i am thinking this next one we might go a little longer and savor that time with him/her.

  26. Yay for seattle based companies and yay for comfy nursing sleepwear! New mamas should be able to feel comfortable and pretty as often as possible!

  27. This looks nice and comfy! I aim for breastfeeding my kids to two years, so this would get lots of use. :) I have a little 8 week old in my arms right now.

  28. Love the site. Thanks for sharing. Having nice, comfortable, nursing wear is great! Definitely going to bookmark this one so that I can be ready when I have a baby.

  29. I only have a couple of nursing shirts and they are wonderful. I would love to have something like a dress to wear out, not that we go out all that often now ;) I also have a nightgown and that was really nice.

  30. i don't have any nursing gowns. i sleep in my nursing bra and the hooks/clips get a bit frustrating when feeding during the night. do you wear nursing pads with this gown? i went braless once during the night and woke up to two big wet spots on my shirt!

  31. Don't enter me, as I don't need this one, but bravo for nursing as long as you see fit! I feel the same way you do on the issue - each family is entitled to make the nursing/weaning decision according to its own needs. We got the looks, comments, etc. all the time, but I LOVED nursing and did so as long as I felt I wanted to, should, and could! My first made it 17 months until it was too tender for me as I was pregnant with number two. It just plain hurt and was no longer enjoyable. The little one seemed pretty indifferent. However, baby #2 was EXTREMELY attached to nursing (more for comfort at bedtime than anything), but I was fine with that as it was incredibly soothing for us both. She was over 2 before she stopped. I did try to wean her one time earlier, but she was NOT happy, and I couldn't do it to her that way. When we did stop, she was okay with it, I struggled, but we worked through it and all turned out fine! Again - BRAVO to you!

  32. That looks so soft and comfortable that I want it for myself, even though I'm not nursing or even pregnant yet. But if I won it would definitely go to my lovely sister-in-law who is expecting her second soon. I think she deserves some wonderful nursing wear.

  33. I have always wanted to nurse my babies until they are at least a year old. Unfortunately, my boys had different plans for me. My daughter will be 1 in a couple of weeks and is still going strong with her nursing and it would be really nice to have something comfortable and lovely to nurse in together.

  34. The longer I nurse my son, the more people come out of the woodwork 'admitting' that they nursed their babies for extended time. It's a shame that our culture makes people believe it's strange to nurse past one year!

    I still haven't bought any nighttime nursing wear. I keep prioritizing other items. I'm not very good at treating myself!

    This nightgown looks lovely! Thanks for the suggestion.

  35. I definitely learned from my nursing experience with my first baby, and plan to make changes with the second time, by seeking to dress comfortably, but femininely. This gown would be the perfect addition to my nursing wardrobe.

  36. I love this brand, their breastfeeding bras are so comfortable and stylish. I could definitely use a gown for nighttime feedings, instead of a bra!

  37. I am currently breastfeeding and usually just sleep in my nursing bra for easy access. I would love to actually wear a PJ again and this looks so soft.

  38. it looks sooo comfy

    I breastfed my first for 14 months and hopefully a 2nd on the way soon and I will breastfeed that one even longer

  39. Interesting- I have to wear a bra to bed so Im not sure if it would work- if not could always give to my sis.

  40. I nursed our daughter for a little over a year and I always had to wear t-shirts to bed because I never had nightgowns that would allow for easy access. This would be great to have with baby #2!

  41. I can never wear nightgowns to bed with a nursing baby, so this would be perfect! I like that it has some support w/o under wire- not a fan of the under wire.

  42. The gown looks comfortable and great for co sleeping. I know what you mean about people making comments. I nursed my first child to 19 months. He weaned himself after I was 4 months pregnant then started to nurse again when my second child was born. They both nursed for a while then my son stopped around 3 and my daughter stopped at 23 months. In a month,our third child will be born and I look forward to nursing him/her until at least 24 months.

  43. It is a beautiful gown, forgive my question, but could it be worn out? It says loungewear, but also sleepwear...is it suitable to be worn out of doors? Either way I'd love to own it! Thanks silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  44. My baby is 8 months and we're not planning on quitting nursing anytime soon. I think we'll likely go to at least a year, then see what happens from there, I'm not going to push to wean him, though. Shortly before he was born, my mom gave me a nursing nightgown and it has been the BEST, especially when he was smaller and I worried if I wore a t-shirt to bed and nursed him in it it could cover his face. Not much chance of that now, but I still do love wearing it, much nicer than a t-shirt and pajama pants. These Bella Materna gowns look even nicer than the one I have, so I'd love to win one.

  45. I feel a bit of that pressure that you described and I haven't even had my baby yet! As soon as people found out I was pg, they asked if I would breastfeed? Yes. How long? I don't know...do you know what you will be eating 18 months from now?!?! I found it rather weird, but knew that would be the questions I would soon face. Anyways, I'm glad that I have people in my cyber world that understand my reasons for wanting to BF for longer than one year. ;) The nursing gown is absolutely beautiful, and maybe it's the model, but it's pretty dang sexy too!

  46. I would love to bless my wife with this as she could really use a pretty nursing gown like this. Thanks!

  47. im execting my first anyday now, and have been searching for some great nighttime nursing wear..this looks amazing!!

  48. The gown looks beautiful. I am also a fan of nursing for a long time. If I hadn't gotten a bad case of thrush when my baby was a year old we could have gone a lot longer.

  49. It looks soooo comfortable I really cant express that that is probably one of the most important things.......

  50. This looks really comfy, I am currently pregnant and trying to source nursing stuff, this would be perfect!

  51. I'm a big fan of nursing as long as you like/can/want to. I've lived all over the world, and America seems to be the only place where nursing is still 'strange' at the older-baby stage. I don't even give baby food for the first year or so, as long as my baby is gaining weight and we are happy, there really isn't any need. I love nursing! (and I love the nursing gown, how chic!)

  52. I would love to try this. I just had babe #3 and am sitting here thinking about whether or not my nursing pjs can make it through another 2 years (they've already done 2 previous kids). Thanks for sharing!

  53. Good for you for nursing your toddlers! I must say I'm glad that you and many others have stood up for what you feel is best for your family. It has truly inspired me to nurse my next child longer than the norm.

  54. Thanks for all of the lovely comments ladies! I am nursing my 2 year old still! I agree with the setiment; and one comeback I use: The World Health Organization recommends at least until they are 2 years old!
    Just wait to see some of the new items we are launching in April!
    take care - Anne from Bella Materna

  55. Goodness, I'm not sure what I'm going to be sleeping in a few weeks. I don't think I've given that much thought. Um, I haven't even packed my hospital bag. I need to get on these things!

  56. We are pregnant with Baby #2. We adopted our first so this will be my first time nursing. I really have no idea what to buy as far as nursing wear, but I know I want it to be comfy and pretty!

  57. Oh! This is one thing left on my shopping list before baby #2 arrives in May! I'd love something comfy to have in the hospital and at home.

  58. I'm expecting baby #1 and I plan to breast feed. A lot of the stuff I've looked at in preparation for nursing has been on the unattractive side. I really like these nursing gowns because they look attractive in addition to comfortable.

  59. Gearing up for number 2, makes me want some lovely nursing clothes. The Anytime Nursing Gown definitely fits the bill.

    Also, congrats to you for going a year and more nursing. I nursed Autumn till she was 2. One of the best things I've ever done.

  60. What a beautiful nursing gown! I am looking forward to investing in a few pieces like this for this go-around. I only made it to 8 months would my little one and I am aiming for at least 12 months with this one. Having nice nursing clothes would likely help that goal!

  61. I was getting comments like that leading up to my son's first birthday...from family, friends, and strangers alike. I finally had to sit my mother dowm and ask her to stop, and tell her that we were following his cues, and doing what was right for us as a family. He turned two a few weeks ago, and the topic was brought up again the other day. It's painfull when your own family loudly and adamentaly disagrees with your descision to continue nursing longer than society deems "long enough."

    That nightgown looks so comfortable...and much prettier than my nightly PJ pants & nursing tank combo!

  62. i'm due with my first in july and i'm hoping to breastfeed. this would be a great addition to my closet!

  63. This seems like it will be very useful about 8 weeks from now! I was just thinking this weekend that I needed to start acquiring some nursing bras/tops.

  64. that night gown is beautiful.

    I applaud you for sticking to what you know is right for your children and ignoring the American norm. I'm still breastfeeding my 14 month old a number of times a day and see no end in sight. We love it.

  65. My younger son nursed till he weaned himself - around 20 months old, in December. I got a lot of "you're still doing "THAT"?" and "but he's walking/talking and drinking from a cup, why are you still nursing?". But I knew that what we were doing was right for us, and I cried once he actually stopped asking to nurse, as I knew he would be weaning soon.

    I never had a real nursing night gown - just wore my nursing camisole to bed - and would love to try one (I'm trying to convince my husband we are ready for number 3 - I certainly am!) Or I could give it to my SIL who is planning to nurse her daughter when she is born in late July.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. This gown looks so soft. I'm expecting my first this summer and this would be perfect to use. We live in the very warm South so the no sleeves is appealing for those beginning nursing months. I love that you always have such wonderful reviews of all sorts of products. It really helps this expectant new mom find useful products. Thanks!

  67. this would be great for the summer time (too darn cold right now in PA). Our newest little one just arrived, so I'll definitely still be nursing in the summer.

  68. I always thought I would stop nursing my son when he turned one in a few weeks... but a few months ago I started thinking... WHY? He loves to nurse and I love nursing him... so we will continue to nurse for as long as we both mutually enjoy it. I have a feeling he will wean himself pretty easily when he is ready, as he has made all transitions on his own very easily, like giving up the pacifier and switching to a cup, etc. This nursing gown looks so comfy... and no bra needed... AWESOME!!!

  69. Oh Stephanie! This is great. I really want to have some pretty nursing things this time around. It's hard, especially those first few weeks/months, and I am on the lookout to find something attractive (and practical... They don't have to be mutually exclusive!).

  70. They have some lovely items. I particularly like their Transition Wrap and Transition Pant set which looks so very comfortable for pregnancy, hospital and home.

  71. I would love to give this nursing gown a try- it is super-cute and the support factor sounds divine. Much to my suprise, I nursed #1 until around 18 mo and loved every second of it. I was on the receiving end of many of those comments as well. Thankfully they did not deter us and I hope to continue as long with little #2. I am so incredibly thankful for that special time with my girls and am tearing up just thinking about the "big girl" sleeping in her bed. We learned what new motherhood was about together... got to go kiss her and her baby sis...

  72. Oh please sign me up for this! I have one nursing gown and when I pulled it out of the box the whole front is yellow. Ew. I need another one, but don't have a lot of spare change at the moment what with just buying a house and moving!

  73. I hate those comments. We're down to once or twice a day but I'm still nursing my almost 18 month old and really don't have any plans to stop unless he decides to self wean.

  74. This looks so very cosy. I have never had a nursing night gown. I think it's high time I tried one.

  75. That gown looks comfy and is very cute. I still nurse my two-year-old and am hoping very soon for baby #2. I am all for child-led weaning.

  76. I nursed my son until he was 2 and plan on going as long as this next one wants to as well - I got so tired of all the "bad" comments that people threw my way about my son being too old, but it never made me feel bad, I love nursing!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  77. I am expecting #2 and will nurse again. I did not have nursing pajama's with #1 and I can really see how it could make a positive difference. It was such a pain in the dark wee hours of the night to have to strip off my pajama top and freeze to nurse.

  78. This definitely was the best shower gift I have ever given. It makes my heart proud when I see my SIL wearing her nursing gown and slippers almost a year after her babies were born. I don't have a shower in my immediate future, but if I won this, I'd put it in my present closet for the next one I'm invited to!

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