1st Bday: babyGap

1st Bday: babyGap 1She's rockin' and rollin' and smilin' and fallin' and getting back up again.

She is in that crazy stage of fearless flying and trying. She stands. She climbs. She claps. She waves. She grins.

Inevitably, there are bumps and tumbles and frustrations as she tries so hard to be as big and as fast and as tall as her big sister.

But, despite the setbacks, she is brave and persistent and smart. And...she rests in the knowledge that we'll come and swoop her up in our arms if she gets hurt or discouraged as she learns to walk...all on her own.


1st Bday: babyGap 2Our 11-month-old is wearing new jeans ($20) by babyGap. They're part of the brand new 1969 denim collection, just released by babyGap. The collection includes classic, lightweight pieces that are both durable and adorable.

P.S. Are you following Gap (@GapOfficial) on Twitter? I am.

YOUR TURN: Do you shop at babyGap?

1st Bday: babyGap 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a 1969 babyGap Premium Denim Jean Jacket (size 18-24 months; $30). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 9th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #30 Becca. Congratulations!

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105 comments on “1st Bday: babyGap”

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  3. This jacket would be so cute on my little girl! i love putting her in anything denim and this size would give her plenty of room to grow!

  4. I don't shop there, but have received Gap hand-me-downs and look for it at thrift shops and consignment stores. Good quality!

  5. I'd love to see this on my nephew's daughter, and it sounds like they may have many more to enjoy such a cute jacket too!

  6. My little love would look adorable in this. his first denim jacket. I love GAP clothes for kids they wear so well.

  7. I'm such a sucker for those lil guys wearing denim jackets and those tiny construction worker boots. Especially when they are out "helping" dad.

  8. It is so nice to have some basic jeans in the dresser. When you go to pick out an outfit, they match any top! And they are durable, protect the knees. I love putting jeans on my kids.

  9. I don't shop at baby gap because I haven't had to buy ANY clothes for my daughter since she's been born (she's 12 months old now)! Yes, she's the 1st grandchild, so she gets spoiled by others buying her clothes. They do get her some items from gap, and I love that jacket!

  10. Your 11-month old is adorable! My 15-month old is getting on so much trouble jumping on furniture, trying to climb the stairs...he'd look so handsome in that GAP jacket!

  11. Gap, we LOVE baby gap! This jacket would fit my kiddo perfectly and then we due with our 3rd little one Sept. 1st so it would be the cutest little hand me down ever! hehe...
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. We don't shop at Baby Gap, but have recieved some of their clothing as gifts from grandparents and aunts. They are quality pieces that last washing after washing! Like a few of the other comments though, I cannot justify spending so much on one piece of clothing when they grow so fast.

  13. This is an adorable little denim jacket and would look so cute on my niece. It is also the perfect size for her right now and would be great for springtime. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. We have a couple things from babyGap, mostly gifts. They grow out of things so fast at this age, sometimes it's hard to justify the expense. This jacket would look so cute on my little guy (and I'm sure on everyone else's too).

  15. I would love to have this jacket for my newest grandson...reminds me of the one his/her mother wore many years ago.

  16. I'm so hoping to win this adorable BabyGap jacket for my very first great-grandbaby who is due to make his arrival in May. All my grandkids love Gap clothes. :)

  17. Denim and BabyGap is perfect for children! This jacket is the exact size for our granddaughter. She would look so cute in this.

  18. I would love this jacket for my daughter! As the youngest of four, she could use something that is not a hand-me-down. And I heart Baby Gap.

  19. Baby Gap is my favorite! I love that so many of their pieces are timeless and they hold up forever. It makes handing down clothes so easy. I was just in Gap yesterday looking for new denim jackets for my kiddos, this would be perfect for my youngest!!

  20. Baby Gap has the cutest baby clothes and we love shopping there for gifts however for every day wear for our little one it can get a bit spendy so we have just a few quality pieces from there.

  21. I love Baby Gap, and have a few things from there for my daughter- this jacket is the perfect size for her and will go with everything, so clearly I need to check out Baby Gap more often!

  22. Happy birthday little sister! Baby Gap (and denim on babys in general) is too cute! Just wish they weren't so expensive, but I buy a lot on sale.

  23. Would be a perfect jacket for my grandson, who has walking down pat now and is working on running! We actually haven't done much shopping for him at all yet, since he received so many nice things first as a newborn, and then for his 1st birthday, but Baby Gap is definitely a shopping mecca.

    cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com

  24. They had a really cute boxed set for newborns that I sent out East to my stepdaughter. It was so beautiful, I wanted to show her that we wished we could be there for the birth of her baby. Baby Gap has some really nice things.

  25. I was in Baby Gap the other day, looking for gifts for my sister-in-law, and there were so many cute things. I was disappointed that there weren't more gender neutral options, however, although that jacket looks like it fits the bill!

  26. I love Baby Gap stuff, but sometimes find they can be a bit pricey. I don't think there's one here in Tucson yet, but I used to shop at a Baby Gap outlet store and get incredible deals. Their clothes are cute and last forever. I have a pair of overalls that have now gone through all 3 of my kids plus a friend's baby and they are in great shape.

  27. Oooh, this jacket would be absolutely perfect for my little one as the weather warms up a little bit and we can stop wearing our winter coats. I love BabyGap but really only buy things there when they're especially on sale, otherwise I know my girls will just outgrow them too fast. I've found some adorable BabyGap things at garage sales though, so my daughters can still end up looking stylish!

  28. We bought a few shirts right before we had professional pictures taken at Baby Gap. I peek at their sales from time to time. Unfortunately, outside of sales and special occassions they are a little out of my prefered price range.

  29. I usually shop at another store (cheaper) but I never regret my BabyGap purchases. They're well made, adorable and fit great. Baby Girl has a handmedown Gap denim jacket that she'll outgrow soon and this would be the perfect replacement!

  30. I can't help but go into Baby Gap and take a look around every time I pass it in the mall. They have some some adorable things.

  31. i wanna go shopping at baby gap now!! so cute i was just at carters the other day at our local outlet mall. i should of ran into the baby gap store.
    thats a cute jean jacket.

  32. Wow, that jean jacket is SO cute and would probably fit my little Lucy just in time for Fall.

    We do shop at the Gap for clothes occasionally. Sometimes I find their prices are a little steep for the quality but when they have sales I snatch up a lot of the basics.

  33. We're in the midst of farm country, and I know this would be a hit with any baby around. (Not to mention their parents.)

  34. Nope, don't shop at Baby Gap, but I do like their clothes. Its a bit of a drive for me to get to one too.

  35. I love Baby Gap, but haven't shopped there in a while. That jacket would be perfect for my little one. It looks durable and could work for a boy or a girl, which would be perfect to pass down to baby #2.

  36. Most of my daughter's clothes are from BabyGap, they are chic and trendy and inexpensive. Would love this too!!!

  37. The only time I've ever gotten to shop at Baby Gap was to spend a gift card we got for our first. It was fun. Good quality too since all 3 kids will be able to wear what I got then. Oh wait, no this one will not be wearing the tights! Well, maybe if it's cold they would work under pants ;).

  38. I really like Baby Gap. They have the cutest things. I would be thrilled to win this cute jacket. Thanks for the chance.

  39. I love Baby Gap!! I have a 9 month old grandson and he looks so cute in jeans and I know this jacket will look so cute on him.

  40. I love shopping at Baby Gap for my grandson, this jacket would go great with his Baby Gap Jeans!

  41. Just adorable!! I love the Gap. Don't shop there a lot because it's expensive to me, but I love their clothes.

  42. The jeans are adorable, as is the model! We love, love babyGap, we just wish that their little boys section was as big as their little girls!

  43. I love buying clothes at babygap for my daughter! Unfortunately, not as often as I would like. This denim jacket would look great with her new babygap jeans and tennis that I got her. She'd be one styling chic! :)

  44. Those jeans and the jean jacket look good. Gap is a winning brand in our house, although we usually end up buying Old Navy because the prices are much cheaper.

  45. My 10 month old bargain fashionista & I like to "window shop" at Babygap and sometimes try to catch a good sale. Because while we just absolutely LOVE LOVE the clothes at BabyGap they tend to be out of our price range.

  46. I do shop at babygap when they have sales or if I'm looking for a special outfit. Some of their baby girl summer dresses are just too cute to pass up!

  47. My addiction to Baby Gap is legendary. And I don't have any kids!! I go in there and drop figures that add up to the three digits without really blinking an eye. The clothes are just so cute! And that little teddy bear that is sewn into their clothes is toooooo adorable for me!

  48. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Thanks for modeling those cute jeans! I would love to try them on my granddaughter. Thanks for the offer!

  49. This makes me excited to have a little girl! :) Most really girly clothes I shy away from, but this is super cute.

  50. My bro & sis-in-law bought a pair of baby gap jeans for my son last year at his birthday. They were a size 18-24 months, and they have fit him for almost a year already! The quality is great, and they should last for my second son, too.

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