1st Bday: BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor

When we were pregnant with our first baby, we registered for and received an audio baby monitor. It served us well for the short time we had it, enabling us to hear our baby's squeaks and squirms and cries from the adjacent room (***we co-slept for the majority of the first year, but our baby still went to sleep before we did...).

1st Bday: BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor 1Then, with our second baby, we upgraded to a video monitor and kazaam! we loved it instantly.

We currently have a video monitor in each of our girls rooms. It's nice because if we hear a bump or a whimper in the night, we can peek in and know what the issue is right away. When we just had an audio monitor, we'd rush in at the slightest noise and, sometimes, we would end up waking up our daughter in the process! Now, we can see our girls from wherever we are in the house. It's comforting to be able to see if they are sitting or crawling or if they bumped their heads, etc.

1st Bday: BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor 2If you are currently registering for baby gear and are overwhelmed by the myriad of monitor choices, I have a recommendation for you: the BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor by Summer Infant.

Here are the features that make it stand out from the rest:

  • The video quality is much clearer than its competitors and the 2.5" LCD screen is large enough to ensure good visibility.
  • The system is reliable and rarely has any static.
  • The base swivels around the room so if your baby moves, you can remotely keep the camera on your baby instead of sneaking in to adjust the position of the base.
  • The camera also zooms in and out so you can ensure that your baby is the star of your show.

Summary: The BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor by Summer Infant is the 4th video monitor we have reviewed to date and it is the best - by far.

1st Bday: BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor (~$199.99) by Summer Infant. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, March 8th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #66 Christy. Congratulations!

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218 comments on “1st Bday: BestView Handheld Color Video Monitor”

  1. While we never needed a monitor with my son (he's loud and we have an echo-y house), my best friend is expecting her second and could really use this.

  2. I would love a video monitor, it would just give me a little extra piece of mind. Especailly as the baby gets older it would be great to be able to monitor what he is doing while in his room.

  3. We have not tried a video monitor. We have a very cheap sound only monitor. And we got what we paid for. So much static and not the greatest reception. I would love to try a nicer monitor.

  4. My niece just had her first baby and does have the audio monitor and finding it more a pain than it is worth. Over anxious new Mom? I just think the video one would be great, give her a piece of mind and let her get other things done knowing the baby is ok.

  5. With two under three and one on the way we could really use this. I have a simple monitior. I just drool over one like this. I love the idea of seeing them thanks for the chance to win

  6. I'm expecting baby number 2 in just weeks and would love to have a new and improved baby monitor especially one that I can keep an eye on her with a 5 year old running around.

  7. This would be such a great product to have! :) It would definitely be a fantastic thing to have in a nursery! :)
    Amanda Barnes

  8. I think these are great and everyone with children should have one. It would certainly give you peace of mind.

  9. I would love to have this awesome monitor, it would be so beneficial as I am pregnant with our second child!

  10. we're having our 2nd baby in may but he will be our first in the US.Having a monitor would be awesome for my nerves esp as I can still spend that time with my 4yr old and not have to keep running to check on the little one

  11. I have an audio baby monitor as well and I try not to go in my son's room when I hear him make noises, a video monitor would be so much better so I won't wake him up like I do right now!

  12. Wow this is one awesome monitor, I could really keep an eye on my kids when I am around the corner and I can't quite see them well enough :D

  13. This could be used for more than just monitoring a baby. An older person living along could keep an eye on who comes near their door.

  14. This would be great since my son is only 5 months old and we took the monitor from our daughter's room.

  15. This is wonderful! I have a 3 year old son, and expecting this winter.

    I would love this, Life is going to be so busy, especially with 2 little ones

  16. I would give this to a friend who is pregnant. When I had my baby all that was avilable was the sound monitor and these monitors that are sound and view are great.

  17. My best friend just had a baby boy, and this would be a great present for their family.

    Thank you for the review.

  18. I don't know how many times I dropped our end of the monitor, and it still worked pretty well. At the grandparents house I'll just use their phones on intercom mode and it does the trick. Having a color monitor would just be too much fun to watch I think...

  19. Our monitor is on the fritz- and we could really use a new one. I love the idea of a video monitor just so I don't wake my darlin' when I just have to sneak a peak at her ;)

  20. This would be perfect for our home, I could keep it downstairs to keep an eye on the girls while they are sleeping. Right now we just own the standard baby monitor.

  21. This looks like what my wife and I were looking for.
    Hearing what is going on in the kids room is great, but sometimes we find our selves asking... "what in the world was that sound?"

    This would solve that issue.

  22. I have a 8, 7, and 4 year old and now expecting my 4th child...over the years I have passed on a lot of my baby gear to my sisters to use with their children and now I find myself having to purchase new items all over again! This would be nice to cross off my list!!

  23. I had my first baby 14 years ago, now I'm on my 4th and last baby. I would like to throw out my junky sound monitor that hardly works (I hear other people's voices on it sometimes!). Then I will pass it on to my sister, who is going to be finally starting a family!

  24. I have a special needs daughter and so there is always an overload of anxiety when I can't be at her side whether it be to care for my other two daughters, doing laundry, dishes, so on and so forth. Sometimes I feel as though I am not living up to other's expectations in caring for my special needs daughter. The outfit you have in this giveaway is such a wonderful modern piece of equipment.

  25. this would be so great.. my best friend in the whole world is due in oct 2010 and already has a lil one that 1yr.. and walking and this would really help her out with a lil free time.

  26. To have this would be unbelievable! It would certainly give me piece of mind being able to watch the little ones!

  27. This would be a great present for my niece, so that my brother can watch her cute little angel at all times, kind of like a guardian angel. Thanks Mama.

  28. I've always wanted one of these. It would be great for when my son wants to play upstairs by himself or for when he's sleeping.

  29. This would be great for my sister. Her daughter is getting to the age where she likes to get in some mischief with this my sister can keep an eye on her.

  30. How utterly awesome would this be? My son is basically always in my arms or within sight right now, but soon enough he'll be sleeping in his own room, playing by himslef, and just mobile in general. I'd love to be able to keep an eye on him without having to actually hover and watch him all the time. There are so many things that I could be doing... thanks!

  31. My sister in law is pregnant again and she has talked about wanting one of these. with a little one starting to walk this would help her out alot.

  32. What an interesting product! A friend of mine is pregnant and would really be able to use yhis.


  33. I like that you have actual experience with other monitors to give a good comparison. I can really trust your review that way. Also, what a cute picture!

  34. I would love this as our kids rooms are on the other side of our house from our room and I would love this so we wouldn't have to trek back and forth every time we want to check on the kids.

  35. My granddaughter is 1 1/2 this would be perfect to monitor her playing in her room.. Thanks so much for the offer.

  36. We have a baby on the way, and he/she will be sharing a roomm with his overly-helpful 5 year old sister. I'd love to be able to see if she's "helping" baby wake up!

  37. I wished I had a video monitor with my first and then swore I would get it with my second. However, I didn't and we are now always running to the room to check on her. This would be great to have and since we are planning a third a video monitor would make life easier...

  38. A video monitor would be so helpful. I often need to do a few dishes or fold towels and am afraid to take my eye off the kids. This would be great to have in our home:)


  39. This monitor would come in so handy. It's hard to check on baby when you have so many tasks at hand at once.. peace of mind

  40. This would be so helpful for us right now. One of our children's bedrooms is on a different level than the rest and I would feel so much better having one of these instead of running up and down the stairs constantly.

  41. I have really wanted one of these since before little man was born, but could not spend the money. I would love to get it as he has already gotten out of bed once and I worry about this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. How cool is this baby monitor? There have been a ton of advancements in technology since I was a baby (I think my mom had to actually *listen* for me to start crying -- how old school!)

    The extra set of eyes on my baby (even if it's just the eye of the camera) can really help me sleep better at night.

  43. This would be ideal... we have one girl who will be turning two years old this September and a sister who should be joining her sometime in June - and we could use the extra 'eyes' and piece of mind!

  44. I have been really hesitant to move my baby to her own room. The problem... she's not even a baby anymore! At almost 13 months I *know* that I've just got to do it. Being able to see her would really help me put aside my fears.

  45. Video monitors are so convenient & can offer security & this one sounds like it could be just about perfect. Plus, who wouldnt want to watch their little one every chance they can? I would love to have it for when we have our baby.

  46. Video will be very reassuring when our baby comes! I'm a worrier by nature, and without a video monitor, I can see myself checking on the baby frequently at every little noise, or lack thereof!

  47. I just bought a video monitor like this and I love it- it works so much better than the audio ones. I'd love to win this to give to my sister- a new mom to twins!

  48. Wow, I didn't even know there were video monitors! This sounds like a great improvement over the audio ones so I could actually see how my daughter is sleeping.

  49. I've been wanting a video monitor for a very long time. It's important to always keep track of your baby and even children around the house 24/7. I think any parent with a baby or a small child should have something like this.

  50. I know what you mean about rushing in when you hear a noise from your audio monitor and waking your baby up, I've totally done that! :)

  51. We don't have a baby monitor right now, but I check in on my twins about 10 times a night! I have been looking for a great monitor, and never thought about the video monitor- this looks amazing!

  52. With my first baby, we had a monitor would sound only, but withmy second, we're looking at monitors that include cameras. it's nice to have that extra comfort of being able to see them. Thanks for the review!

  53. We have a different summer infant video monitor and LOVE it. I recommend it to all my friends as the indulgent gift you must treat yourself to for baby. I love that I can see when he's actually awake and needing something, vs. just stirring or may put himself back to sleep. We'll need another for baby #2, so fingers crossed!!

  54. Well we just foud out that we will be adding another little one to the family, and since our daughter is only a year, we are in desperate need on another monitor. This one looks great - I love that you can see the baby on the video feature.

  55. This product looks amazing! I think the idea of being able to not only hear your baby but to see them is AWESOME! I would love to own this!! Thank you!

  56. That's such a neat product! Growing up we had the old Fisher Price ones with the brown antennas. I could see this making new parents a lot more at ease.

  57. I think it would be really nice to have a video monitor so you could actually see what is going on instead of the regular monitor we have. It might be good to know if my older boy is actually going to sleep too.

  58. That looks very cool! We got one that was a huge screen that illuminated our room, and was so noisy even with the volume on the lowest that we couldn't use it. I would love to watch my baby sleep wherever I go! Thanks and congrats on the first year :-)

  59. i'm a mom that leans down to make sure baby girl is still breathing and alive when i don't hear sounds from her! this would definitely give me peace of mind.

  60. Having a video monitor would be so much better than an audio only monitor. And this one is in color how neat!

  61. We currently have one of those video cameras with the huge black and white screens and it's on it's last leg. This looks like an interesting option for keeping tabs all my wiggly little ones.

  62. I think this would be more useful in our home as a way to spy on the kids to make sure they aren't being naughty! Or, if we have another baby any time soon, I'm sure it would help to hear/see the little one waking up amidst all of the other noise happening in our home!

  63. We're raising our grandaughters & this would be great for the 8mo old. I'm always worried that something will happen. this would help ease those feelings.

  64. We've struggled with monitors and I'd love to have a video monitor for our preschooler's room (which is on a different floor of the house) so we know when he really needs us.

  65. We have one of the older Summer video monitors but the picture has faded away and now it makes this annoying clicking sound... but once you use a video monitor, you can never go back! It would be fantastic to replace it with one like this.

  66. This would be so helpful for us, We currently have the old fashioned sound only monitor and we often have to let our baby CIO to get him to sleep. I would like to be able to watch him to make sure that he is okay while he is up there fussing away. I am always afraid he nay flip himself over and not be able to get back onto his back.

  67. I have a new baby on the way in May. I have a five year old stepson but this will be my first experience with an infant. I asked one of the women at work if she had any recommendations (her daughter has a one year old) and the first thing she said was "get a video monitor." Peace of mind would totally be worth the extra expense.

  68. A video monitor is the ONE thing I would recommend all parents must have. It has made us much calmer relaxed parents when we can see the baby is ok and not run up and wake them over every little sound. I would love to win this for my brother and SIL!

  69. With #3 on the way, this would come in handy. We never had a monitor before, but I can see how it would be useful

  70. I think the color monitor would be so much easier to look at than the black and white one. I would love to have this!

  71. Ugh - monitors are so important when you live in a townhouse with so many floors! The one we had for our son was horrible!

  72. this looks like a great quality monitor, with new daughter on the way in june, i would really get use out of it

  73. This video monitor would be fantastic to give some indication for why our baby (expected in July) is crying and the position they are sleeping in.

  74. WOW! This would be a dream come true. I have always wanted this. I go into Connor nursery several times a night to make sure he is breathing and not on his stomach. Some times i wake him up because the door squeeks. I would love to have this so I can relax and see that he is safe without opening his door 20 times a night.
    Melanie Calcut

  75. This would be awesome! It's so true that you can wake up your child unnecessarily when you hear a noise and rush in. I also find that I just naturally don't sleep as well when my baby isn't in the room or bed with me. KNOWING that you can view your child at any moment would help a lot of moms sleep better, I think!

  76. We only have a sound monitor, but have been talking about a video one, this one sounds really nice!!

  77. I could really use this monitor. My youngest is out of his crib (he climbed/fell out) and so now he can tool around his room. Id' be nice to be able to see if he's being a little imp instead of napping like he shoudl be.

  78. I'm expecting Baby #4 in a few months and we've never had any kind of baby monitor. My friends think we're crazy, but we really haven't needed one. But now we're moving to a larger house and I think having a monitor--especially a video one--will be necessary.

  79. I don't have a monitor because I was told I wouldn't need it, but I think I do! It would be great to work in the garden during naps with this!

  80. wow this is awesome! I would love this for my little girls' bedroom, since they sleep upstairs and we are downstairs, it would really be helpful.

  81. I could not LIVE without our video monitor - so I'd love to win this for my sis, for her future child. :)

  82. wow, whenever we are out shopping and i see a video monitor for sale, i always want to buy it but it seems like a luxury. so right now all we have is a regular audio monitor but winning this video monitor would be amazing

  83. We used our first son's monitor until it literally gave out on us (when he was 3), so we had to buy a new one for our new little guy last November. The difference this time is that we run a fan on low in the hallway so the baby can nap during the day while his big brother is up running around and being LOUD, so we get a lot more static. Having a video monitor like this would be awesome!

  84. My sister has a video monitor, and while I thought that maybe it was a bit over the top when she first got it, I fell in love with it the first time I babysat my new little niece. To watch her little body sleep and breath and twitch was so precious. Whenever I babysit my now 2 nieces at my sisters house, I can hardly wait until naptime to watch them! Now, I'm pg with my own baby, and would love a video monitor!

  85. I've never been able to justify the cost of a video monitor but I can understand why it would be a "nice-to-have." Luckily both of my kids sleep sound enough that I can sneak in their rooms and check on them without disturbing their peaceful sleep.

  86. I really need this. i get so tired going up an down the stairs everytime I hear a noise from our audio only monitor. If I could see I wouldn't need to go unless it was necessary.

  87. This would be perfect for my sister-in-law. She has a six month old baby and she is the worlds biggest worrier. Being able to check on her sleeping baby would set her mind at ease!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  88. I have an earlier version of this video monitor and I would not be able to let my 4 month old daughter sleep in her own room without it! Mine does not have the remote zoom/adjustment functions which would be awesome since I have had to tip toe into her room many times to adjust the camera.

  89. I really wanted one of these when we were having our first child but we couldn't afford one. Now that we are trying for our second I would love to have to this!

  90. I am actually entering this contest for a friend of mine who is due in July. She is so worried that since the baby is coming, her workout area has to be moved into the garage. She is worried that she will not be able to workout because she does not want to leave the house with the baby sleeping, etc. I think this would be a nice gift for her so that she can work off those post-baby pounds and not have to worry about not being able to see or hear the baby. It would take away some of the paranoia with being a first time mommy!! Thanks for this giveaway.

  91. This would be great. I have a friend getting ready to have a baby. I would love to give this to her as a gift. I know she would love it.

  92. A video baby monitor can offer such peace of mind...now we moms can actually really relax once in a while!

  93. This would be wonderful to have - we're expecting our first and their nursery will be on the second floor vs our first floor bedroom.

  94. We have a toddler that currently co-sleeps with us but we will be transitioning her to her "big girl bed" soon. This monitor would be so helpful (and give me peace of mind) when the time comes!

  95. we looked into this monitor for our son but the price made us invest in another, it doesn't have the video and I really wish now I would have splurged for it.

  96. Thats awesome- Now that we're expecting our third and someone's sharing a room Id love to know whats going on in there=)

  97. We really need a video monitor. We co-sleep but like you our daughter goes to bed before us (most nights) and our audio monitor isn't the best.

  98. This would be great for keeping an eye on Liz,8, and Tristan,4. Especially those times when they get too quiet and when asked what they're doing, always answer, "Nothing." With this monitor I'd know whether they were doing "nothing" or "something".

  99. We just registered for the regular kind of monitor, but now I'm wondering if we should've done a video one, since you're the 3rd person in a week to mention how much you liked having one. Maybe I'll go update my registry right now...

  100. oh how i want a video monitor. my husband thinks i'm a little crazy for needing video, so we haven't gotten one yet. but winning one means i wouldn't have to convince him :)

  101. The video option would be great to have. I currently only have one with audio and I would love to be able to look in every now and then without worrying about making too much noise.

  102. With baby #1 I received a video monitor as a shower gift and returned it to buy more necessary items at the time. We have been limping along for 2.5 years with a hand me down audio monitor that is on its last leg. I will be purchasing a new one soon when #2 is in her own room but had not considered a video even though is sure would be fun to see those crib antics...We used to be able to peek but the big sister is too observant for that these days. A couple of months ago during naptime she sang out loudly "Mommy is peeking in!" I laughed out loud.

  103. I've been looking for a quality video monitor that I can count on. This one looks really nice, thanks for the review!
    decadent87 at gmail dot com

  104. We are on baby #2 and a video monitor would be an awesome addition. We received a monitor with our first son and it just wasn't any good- we wound up donating it... Thanks for this review as I've been looking at video monitors lately.
    inalak at msn dot com

  105. It's nice to see a recommendation for stuff like this. There are so many baby monitors out there, especially video ones, that you never know which is best.

  106. Our first monitor died about a year ago, and we haven't replaced it yet, but would like something else before the next baby comes along.

  107. We really wanted a video monitor with Audrey but just never could really agree it was worth the price. My best friend is due in May and I would love love to give her this!!

  108. I have never had a video monitor, and often took unnecessary trips to the kids' rooms because I thought I heard something. We are expecting our 4th and I would love to have this for when baby is not sleeping with me!

  109. Video monitors are so wonderful. Ours unfortunately went out a couple of months ago after 7 years. I would love another one but I don't want to fork out the cash for it. LOL!

  110. When i get home sometimes a nap is in order and getting up and gutting up to just to make sure things are ok are is tiredsome so this looks like a nice product

  111. We did the audio monitors (still use it in little one's room), but sadly, it had the same frequency of our neighbor's, so sometimes we heard their little ones cry too and vice versa. Uggg - not fun! We thought about the video after our younger one was born, but just never did it as most reviews talked about very poor video quality. If they have improved since then, it sure would come in handy though, even in our 5 year old's room, so we could determine if we really NEEDED to jump at her whimper!

  112. We used to have a different Summer Infant video monitor until I dropped it a few too many times. I loved that monitor!! It is really useful when you have an infant, are they awake or just fussing? Baby #2 will be arriving soon, so I hope I win.

  113. This seems to have everything I have ever looked for in a baby monitor. I have one of the Summer monitors but a much earlier version...can compleetly relate to the whole...having to sneek in to your babys room to readjust the monitor to be able to see him/her. My baby sleeps all over his crib...and I mean ALL OVER...so i am constantly readjusting and fixing the camera during his naps to be able to keep an eye on him while I get work done. Larger screen and no static also sounds like a major improvement for what I have. Defenetly have to get one of these for our second baby. Thanks for a great review!!! Very informative!

  114. What an amazing giveaway! This would be perfect for my sister-in-law who just had her first child and is constantly going into his room to make sure he's ok.

  115. I'm sure a video monitor would come in handy as my son gets older. He's still in the crib where he cant reek havoc but I'm sure once he has free range of his room a monitor would be handy.

  116. we had a monitor for my first children but I ended up waking them up when I ran in nervously for any bump or noise (just like you did) Finally, my DH got rid of it saying that he needed the sleep and I can't be so nervous, they'll cry loud enough if they need you. Then my son had a paralyzed vocal chord so he didn't cry and I was up all night running to check on him. Now we have a new baby, I would love to have a video monitor to check on him without waking up the other kids.

  117. We are also co-sleeping, but don't have any kind of monitor, so one of us pretty much always has to be within sight/hearing of Baby. A video monitor would give us a ton more freedom to get stuff done while Baby is sleeping! And how awesome about the remote control of the camera angle.

  118. I have an 8 yr old, 5 yr old & am due with baby 3 in 7 wks. This would be a life saver!
    I used to laugh at people who taled about getting the video ones but I know we"ll be outside a lot this summer & it would be nice to be able to check on the baby without leaving the older kids unsupervised!

  119. well that is quite the positive review. video monitors were just released shortly after we had our first in 2005. so we only have an audio one that my son has since decided they make excellent pretend guns when turned the "right" way.
    i really like that this camera has a remote to move it and can zoom! that was something i always wondered if manufacturers had thought about.

  120. A video monitor is definitely one of those things that seemed pretty extravagant when we were buying gear for a newborn. "She's a baby, what's she going to do in there besides sleep?" By the time my daughter was a year, that question was laughing in my face. Then it became, "Is she sleeping in there, nearly asleep, or quietly running laps around her crib?"

  121. Nothing is sweeter than watching baby sleep. And nothing is more soothing than knowing baby is sleeping safely. Love this!!

  122. I still have a monitor in Roo's room and she is six today! I like to keep it on when she has a cough, etc. I can't imagine what a video monitor would be like. Cool!

  123. Do you really not get any static? We will need a second monitor for Baby Boy #2 and are starting to look around. I DESPISE our first because of the static, I cannot use the volume at all! I do love the video capabilities though! Might have to look into this one!

  124. Our monitors still work (with the exception of one receiver missing the cord that I sucked up in the vaccuum.) so I've just been planning on using those again. I have, however, thought it'd be great to have a video monitor. It would answer so many questions without having to peek. I'm not sure though if I would want it more for the newborn or the 2 year old to see just exactly what it is she's doing that could make so much noise!

  125. It is so important to be able to keep a good view on your baby with all the things that can wrong as you run around the house during the day.

  126. I have always wanted one of these. I am expecting my fourth this fall. With all 4 likely to share a bedroom for some time, this would be great to have!

  127. This is a great product. I cannot believe how far our technology has come in baby monitors since just a few years ago. I think that being able to see your baby makes parents less jumpy that normal ones that just transfer the noise!

  128. We've been thinking about monitors as with my 1st, we lived in a one bedroom apt, so I could see my son whenever he was sleeping wherever he was - we have a bigger house now though & will need a monitor. Thanks for the review!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  129. I have wanted a baby monitor just like this one for so long. It would be so nice to be able to actually SEE the baby.

  130. I JUST FOUND OUT I'M PREGNANT!!! I'm ecstatic and have been getting so excited about all the new gadgets that have come out for babies. This would definitely help me sleep better at night if I could actually SEE my baby. I hope I win!!

  131. I never had a video monitor but I wish I did! It would have been really nice. My kids are too old now (4 and 6) but my sister has a new baby and this would be perfect for her!

  132. There are many times I go in when I hear a bump and whimper... and wake him up! My sister in law has a video monitor and loves it. This is great!

  133. I agree, this monitor is the best! We have one that we use for our almost-1-yr-old son and it is amazing... it would be really great to have a second one for baby #2 when that time comes.

  134. I love your review on this video monitor. We currently use only a voice monitor and I would really love to own a video monitor. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  135. Thanks for this article. My wife is pregnant for the first time and we're trying to figure out many things, one of which is the baby monitor. Regardless of the outcome of this giveaway, we'll probably end up with one of these guys.

  136. I didn't even know that they made video monitors! I'm due in July and this would be amazing to own!

  137. When we had our first baby back in 2004 I couldn't fathom a need for a product like this. Now that we're expecting #3 in May, and nice weather is coming, I know my 2 older kids will want to be outside a lot, so this would come in very handy for naptimes for the baby!

  138. We do have a video monitor on our girls already but with the addition of a third at any time, this would be well used!! If we don't use it, I'll pass it along to my sister who is expecting her first in July.

  139. I would love to have this. I've always wanted one for my son but just haven't been able to afford it. It would be nice to do my plants outside this summer and be able to see him during his naps!

  140. I still use our cheap-o, basic monitor with our almost 3 year old. With baby #2 due in 2 months, I would love to have this video monitor. It would save me the countless times of going in to check on the baby...just to make sure s/he is breathing! Oh...the joys of being a paranoid parent...lol!

  141. My son is 3 months old and our current monitor is SO sensitive. He sounds like he's crying, but when I go to check on him, he really is just whimpering and about to go to sleep. This would be perfect for us (and our ZZZs!)

  142. My 6 month old daughter still sleeps in our room, but once we move here to her own room, we'd love to have a monitor set like this one.

  143. A new monitor is top on our list of needed items right now, and I would feel a lot better with the video as well. I've been researching all weekend, and this monitor seems to top a lot of lists. Great giveaway!

  144. We've only had the monitors with sound however after hearing about video monitors they sound awesome! You don't know how many times we've tried to sneak-a-peak only to be caught!

  145. We've debated spending the money on a video camera monitor when our house is so small... but in so many ways it would be nice to SEE what is going on instead of just hearing!

  146. Wow...fancy! My husband and I were *just* saying that we wish he had a camera in our kiddos room. The laughs and giggles are fun to listen to, but when it is almost 2 hours past bedtime...not so much :-) Your little ONE year old is just precious!

  147. This is the one baby item I always used to joke about having and now I seriously could think of 10 reasons I NEED one! We are expecting #2 and this would be invaluable to us!

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