1st Bday: Episencial skincare products

I am weary of the skincare industry.

In fact, I tend to shy away from anything that says "anti-aging" or "sonic technology" or has scary-sounding ingredients that I can't pronounce or demystify.

1st Bday: Episencial skincare products 1I prefer to use homemade soap for my body and face. When I need to use sunscreen or lotion, I often opt for the same kind that my baby uses. I don't use anti-wrinkle cream or firming lotion or astringent (Should I be? Do you?).

For my girls, I use body wash/shampoo and conditioner in the bathtub, lotion as needed, and sunscreen sparingly (We prefer to stay out of the sun in peak periods, to cover up with clothing, and to stay in the shade).

I recently discovered Episencial and I am impressed by their mission and their product line. It's a a Los Angeles-based, parent-owned company that sells all-natural and sustainable skincare products for young children (ages 0-5). Their products are:

  • made exclusively with all natural ingredients; the majority of which are organic
  • manufactured under solar power
  • beautifully packaged in recycled and sustainable materials featuring art that inspires

Sounds pretty terrific, don't you think? I can support those philosophies - for both me and my girls.

They currently offer Playful Foaming Wash ($8.99), Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath ($8.99), Soothing Cream ($10.99), Better Body Butter ($9.99), Protective Face Balm ($5.99), Nurturing Balm ($9.99), and Sunny Sunscreen ($14.99).

1st Bday: Episencial skincare products 2

YOUR TURN: What skincare products do you use for yourself and your children? Which brands are your favorite?

1st Bday: Episencial skincare products 3

WIN IT! One winner will receive one of each of the products in Episencial's line. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, March 8th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #38 Jill. Congratulations!

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129 comments on “1st Bday: Episencial skincare products”

  1. What a great company--I'm so impressed with their use of solar power.

    I tend to use Dr. Bronner's organic castile soaps on my son, though I love Trader Joe's brand for myself and husband. These would be a welcome change in our house.

  2. I love to try new 'lotions and potions'. I usually end up going back to my Olay products though.

  3. I use Clearasil and Clinique for myself, and Johnson & Johnson for the little ones in my life! :)
    Amanda Barnes

  4. I am very picky about what my family uses on our bodies/skin. Everything has to be natural, not tested on animals, and from companies that are environmentally/socially responsible. I have not tried this brand yet.

  5. I like the idea of natural products, and try to use them whenever possible, but I do wonder if they are as effective (anti-aging type ones). I do use all natural soaps, etc. I like that this company uses solar power for production! That's one I haven't heard of before, but makes the product even that much better, ecologically speaking.

  6. I've been hearing things about popular lotions and skin care that scare me as well. My son has very dry skin and in fact, has a prescription cream. I would love to find something safe for him to use.

  7. I use olive oil for my skin and as a conditioner for my hair. I do enjoy an Aveeno oatmeal bath occasionally.

  8. I love using handmade soap too...Etsy has such wonderful handmade soaps! I like to get goat milk's soap for my son's sensitive skin. He also has eczema so I try to use organic or natural brands like Little Twig and California Baby. Episencial looks great too..I'll have to check it out!

  9. I use a lot of the Suave products and Johnson & Johnson products for my baby. I would love to try these products.

  10. I have been looking to go all natural with our personal care products but it's overwhelming with all the choices out there. How can you know which is the best for your loved ones?

  11. I use biore for myself, but California Baby shampoo/body wash on the kidlet. I also use mineral based sunscreen on him...trying to cut down on his exposure to chemicals. Guess I should do the same for myself now.

  12. I have never heard of this company but it sounds wonderful! I would love to have a natural bubblebath for my little cuties! The ingredients look great and I bet the products smell heavenly!

  13. As far as skin care products for me, I have found that I really like "Anew" from Avon. As far as my children, I really like the Circle of Friends brand!

  14. This is really a lovely giveaway. The products look beautifully presented, and I'd love to use them. It would make washing fun.


  15. I typically don't use much in the way of skincare, maybe some homemade creams purchased off Etsy and such, but I really am wary of the skincare industry as well. I also use handmade soap most of the time. I use Baby Aveeno lotion on my little girl when her skin gets dry. I'd love to try this line of products!
    onefrugalmama [at] yahoo [dot] com

  16. I actually use a ton of products on myself. Right now I use proactive cleanser, astringent, blemish cream, and oil of olay with spf in it. My baby has eczema so I use organic natural body wash & cream with calendula in it.

  17. I'm all for going more natural in our products (especially for the kids) as long as they work. I'd love to try these ones!

  18. I ALWAYS slather on sunscreen -- I use Olay Complete facial moisturizer with SPF every day, and I encourage everyone to do the same. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to keep wrinkles at bay!

  19. I think Burt's Bee's is the best product we use for both adults & little ones. I adore their products & they smell so amazing & natural.

  20. I always try to buy products that are environmentally friendly and that use sustainable processes and this brand fits the bill.

  21. I always have so many problems finding good skincare products because I have very sensitive skin, but the Episencial products sound great and I'd love to be able to try them out!

  22. I am totally addicted to Origins products and so is my husband! For the kids California Baby body wash/shampoo... super gentle.

  23. I don't use too many things on my skin, since it is so sensitive, as well as my children's. I am always on the lookout for great products that aren't harsh!

  24. I try to limit the number of products I use for sanities sake. I also like to use baby sunscreen. I always figured it was gentler than the adult versions.

  25. I like to use Loccitane products for myself, but tend to buy the "fun" products for the kids, like Johnson and Johnson.

  26. Finding bath & body products made from all-natural ingredients is very important to me. I am always on the lookout for new brands...and I would absolutely love to try Episencial’s line! Thanks so much!

  27. I had no idea sun block had so many chemicals that are hazardous to baby's skin - I thought I was being responsible! I would feel totally comfortable using Episencial sunblock.

  28. I haven't used any skin care products, but now that I am approaching 30 I am thinking maybe I should use something at least around my tired eyes.

  29. I use Origins products on my skin because they don't test on animals and use all natural things in their products as well as they make my skin look and feel fabulous. I do like to try new products especially if they are good for the earth and my babies' skin.

  30. I actually recently received a sample of episencial playful foaming wash, and we are just nuts about it here. It smells like oranges...so heavenly! I have already looked to see if I can buy it locally, and the nearest store is a good 30 miles from my home, which is a real bummer. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might win it here!

  31. For myself I use a lot of Kiehls products. For my five-year-old we use a lot of Johnson and Johnson but he's been having some problems with dry skin lately. I have a new baby on the way so I'm keeping my eye out for other products for him and my son.

  32. My favorite skincare product for my kids is plain old Aquaphor. They get really dry skin and definitely helps. I put on my feet really thick before I put socks on and it helps keep my feet nice and soft. We all use it for chapped lips, I haven't found anything that works better.

  33. We follow a similar routine with sunscreen. Of course we live in the North so we only have to worry about it April thru Oct but even then I use it only when my kids are out in full sun for long periods of sun. I'm a bit skeptical about it all.

    What a great line of products. I hadn't heard of this company before. The bottles look like something I want to eat! :)

  34. With my sensitive skin and my boys’ sensitive skin I’m always looking for good, made with natural ingredient products

  35. I use Cetephail, which I love
    I bought Clinique set, but that stuff made my face dry and made me breakout. So recovering from that :(

  36. I have very sensitive skin and break out easy if I use any type of wrinkle cream. I make a natural cream for my face made with avocado, honey, cucumber juice and oatmeal.

  37. we try to use as much natural stuff as possible. we use california baby for sunscreen and bath wash. we use northern essence for diaper rash stuff. we also use some burt's bees stuff.

  38. All my life, I have been using skin care products that keep the skin in good condition and keep it from aging. I most certainly do and have been for many years been using anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams. At 47, no one can believe it when I tell them my age.

  39. I use Avon products and for my precious kidlets I use Johnson & Johnson. My favorite is Avon's Skin So Soft Lotion!

  40. I love all natural products and would love to give these a try.

    I use mostly lush for my whole family. It is one of my favorite brands.

  41. I usually use Dove face wash for myself and my daughter and I like Dove bar soap because it has a nice, light scent and it's mild on our skin.

  42. I have to be really careful with products and so do my daughters. I use Philosophy gentle cleanser and my granddaughter uses Cetaphil? I believe.

  43. The Johnson & Johnson Baby products are gentle and safe- use them for my grandchildren and for myself.

  44. We've primarily used a couple different brands of organic/all natural soaps and shampoos we were given for the kids along with the good old Johnson and Johnson stuff. I honestly haven't ever bought soap or shampoo for the little ones - we were given an abundance of the stuff when Sugar was born and haven't used it all up yet (but we're getting close...)

    I just use soap and water for myself - and I try to stick to a glycerin based soap.

    I love the packaging on this stuff... :)


  45. I use California Baby products for my little guy. I don't worry so much about it for me (probably should, I know!) so we use Lever 2000 bar soap and various different lotions. For my face I use Dermalogica products (cleanser and moisturizer). I'd love to try a new line of natural products for my son. Despite my love for the California Baby products, I'm not a fan of the price tag!

  46. This is one of the reasons that I read your site!
    You track down the most wonderful products. It makes so much sense that what we put on our bodies, goes inside of it! Thanks, Cindi

  47. Sunscreen is the hardest. If it does have scary stuff in it, is it hurting more than helping? And if it doesn't have scary stuff in it, will it protect you enough?

  48. I've been using Neutrogena for years on my skin and love it. I don't use make up remover and just use face lotion to take it off.

    For the kids we use either Burts Bees, Aveeno, or California baby.

  49. I use handmade soaps in the bath and shower for me. I also just started using Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty. It's only been a couple of weeks, but i like it so far. For my kids, I used Burt Bees shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, lotion, and apricot oil. I love their line!

  50. I don't use anti wrinkle cream and I don't think you need to either! I would recommend using an ice cube under your eyes if they get puffy - I think it helps (it may just be all in my head!) Baby products are always better for you because they don't put all the extra stuff that we don't need in them, they just keep it simple!

  51. Like you, I am wary of any big claims from skincare companies. However, I do slather on the sunscreen. I am fairskinned, and too many people in my family have suffered from skin cancer for me to take any chances.

  52. We just use the good ole' Johnson and Johnson baby wash, mainly because it doesn't burn the eyes. Then we use the Suave shampoos and conditioners. They smell super yummy and keep hair nice and soft. I've looked at lots of other skin care products, but like you, prefer the stuff made for kids. It has less "junk" inside!

  53. that artwork is from Eric Carle's books! does he do his own artwork (i'll have to find one of the kids books to see who illustrates it). either way, great choice of packaging.
    interesting that they only use solar energy to manufacture their products. i wonder if this will be a trend that will become more popular in the "green" products industry.

  54. I'm actually really horrible with using skincare products. . . Bad, I know. Lately I've been using some facewash that my mom let me try. Don't even remember what it's called - some natural stuff she got from the coop. All that to say, I don't really have any favorites that I always use.

  55. I am a CA Baby user...love the organic, and since my baby has my VERY fair coloring we have to use sunscreen every single day. Might have to look into this line, I had never heard of it before!

  56. I just saw these at Target the other day! It's good to hear more about them. We've pretty much just used Burt's Bees for the girls baths and lotion. I've used homemade soap and more recently olive/castor oil for my face and baking soda and cider vinegar for my hair. I can't say I love it but I haven't gone back.

  57. My son has such sensitive skin, so I won't be surprised if my next baby does too - we need gentle & natural products for their skin.

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  58. I usually buy Johnson and Johnson's for my kids and for myself, it varies from whatever is on sale to whatever smells good. LOL

  59. Usually I buy what's on sale. However I love homemade products. For a while I was using Blue Mountain Soaps products. I love the shampoo bars!! I use their detangler for my daughter still. I try to buy homemade or all natural products when I can but with our budget that's not always possible. I'd love to try these products though...they sound great!

  60. philosophy for me and Aveeno for my sensitive skinned daughter - try to stay away from scents and perfumes

  61. We've used Burt's Bees for our one year old. I LOVE their products. I haven't tried their adult line as much (except their chapstick... best ever).
    I am starting to think a little more about facial creams and whatnot... and even anti-aging stuff. I looked in the mirror the other day and just looked a little more tired, ragged and older than I think I am!

  62. After just being in FL for our first family vacation... and to visit family, I would love to find baby safe and environmentally friendly skin care products. Although we didn't need to use it much... the sun block my in-laws got for our son just wasn't great. It smelled and felt like glue and would have burned his poor little eyes had he rubbed them.

  63. I don't use a whole lot of products on myself, my one thing is face moisturizer because I'm so dry! I usually use clinique's daily moisturizer. For my kids I use either Johnson and Johnson no tears shampoo or one of the many suave tears free shampoos.

  64. I am totally into natural products, like lush, but am always looking for alternatives. So far I have switched all my haircare over to natural products without scary preservatives or chemicals. Skin care products are next on my list!

  65. With my sensitive skin and my boys' sensitive skin I'm always looking for good, made with natural ingredient products. Thanks for sharing these!

  66. I've always tried to use healthy skin products with our toddler. Recently, my skin has started changing drastically thanks to the wonder of pregnancy. I've been trying to find products that are gentle on MY skin too.

  67. We stick to the old Johnson & Johnson pretty regularly. I will say that one thing they don't go without is sunscreen if they're going to be outside for any length of time.

  68. I am always looking for safe healthy skin care products for my daughter. Poor thing has such sensitive eczema ridden skin. Currently we use California baby for her and I use mostly dove skin care products for me. She has to have unscented and chemical free products.

  69. Whatever you are doing...keep it up. You glow with beauty!! I, like you, don't use much skin care product at all. I have been doing the same thing for years and years. I use eye makeup remover (when I wear eye makeup) and wash with hot water and a washcloth every night. I only use Oil of Olay with SPF. No foundation or anything. I use St. Ives Body Lotion after the shower and that's it. My kiddos use Burt's Bees bath soap and I use my body lotion on them when needed too.

  70. just from looking at your pictures, i would say that you have beautiful skin... no anti-aging products needed. do you make your own homemade soap?
    we usually use method kid shampoo/body wash, california baby, or kiss my face brands for our boys. we also use eucerin lotion after baths since their skin tends to be on the dry/sensitive/rashy side.
    i have been looking for some more natural sun lotions for both myself and the boys. and also for more natural skin care products/make-up for myself.

  71. I've been really trying to go all botanical for any skin care products for my family. For my son I use Burt's Bees baby wash and California Baby fragrance free sunscreen. That's about all I put on him.
    I recently found a really nice lotion at a health food store that's the same price as the ones I used to get from Bath and Body Works and smells just as good, but is almost all natural! It's Dr. Watson's. Mango smell, yum!

  72. I don't really use a lot of product. Last time I bought my foundation there was a sample deal at Clinique so I have been using the face lotion. For my son I usually use Cetaphil lotion but not after every bath, only when his skin is dry. I honestly can't remember what brand of sunscreen we used last summer.

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