1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino

1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino 1Favorite Foods: noodles, berries, cucumbers, pancakes, anything sweet.

Favorite Drinks: breastmilk (she usually only nurses once during the day...but is still an avid nurser at night).

-Or- water...in a sippy cup.

Cute Mealtime Mannerism: Saying num-num-num-num as she eats.

Not-So-Cute Mealtime Mannerism: Tipping her sippy cup upside down or throwing it on the ground.


Here are a few mealtime-related products that may be of interest to YOUR new eater...

1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino 2Learner's Bibs by Baggino

See that bib on my beauty up above? Whoever created it is pretty brilliant. It features long sleeves and extra-long front coverage...AND it's super cute. I particularly like that it's free of branded cartoon characters and that it is made with bright terry cloth. It's durable and can double as a smock for crafts and cooking!

1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino 3

8 oz. Sippy Cup with Flo-Control by Zak!

The cup is easy to hold and the lid screws on nice and tight. The spout is soft and squishy - great for teething babies. And the color/design is appealing.

1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino 4Also by Zak, be sure to take a peek at this adorable broccoli and carrot flatware set. Ideal for small hands, the spoon and fork are fun and encourage healthful eating. My 11-month-old uses her hands to eat tiny bits of food off of her tray so we don't have much use for flatware yet.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Sippy Cup ($4.99) + 2pc Flatware Set ($4.99) by Zak!. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 9th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #3 Marcela. Congratulations!

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61 comments on “1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino”

  1. Connor just turned 6 months and the doctor told me this morning that i need to introduce a sippy cup to him and i think this would be a great one for him to learn.

  2. I have a 12 month old and I am totally in love with the idea of a bib with sleeves! Mine always has food smeared all up and down her long-sleeved shirts after a meal!

  3. I still havent found a sippy cup my son likes...never heard of Zak before but their broccoli and carrot flatware set is adorable!

  4. I love the spoon and fork, my daughter loves her special forks and spoons, it is the only way she will eat.

  5. I love the broccoli and carrot flatware, its really fun and a perfect way to encourage toddlers to feed themselves!

  6. The broccoli and carrot flatware are just the cutest things! Shoot, If I had smaller hands, I'd use them myself!

  7. My lil man loves Veggie Tales.... The utensil set sure looks like those cute lil Veggie Tales creatures..... great idea for kids to use face friendly stuff..

  8. Am I the only one that grinds up toddler utensils in the garbage disposal? All his spoons have a very gnawed look to them these days (and so we could use some fresh ones)

  9. My daughter is 6 months old, and I just began feeding her solid foods. This giveaway would be GREAT for us!


  10. The the bib, cup and utensil set would be a great gift for any one-year old. My friend's baby just turned one and I sent her plates, spoons, cups and snack cups. That bib looks like something my darling daughter could really use right now.

  11. Love the broccoli and carrot flatware - what a great way to make veggies seem "friendly", lol! I want to transition my 21 month old daughter to a non-sippy-cup soon, but until we do...this one looks very nice! :)
    onefrugalmama [at] yahoo [dot] com

  12. Having products designed specifically for little ones just learning to eat and feed themselves it really helps them to be successful. These sound like it could be helpful (and fun too)!

  13. At 13 mo, we have yet to make the transition to sippy cup. Ack! I had wanted to do it at 9 mo, yet here we are. Will be trying again soon though, just have to build myself up. :)

  14. I think that bib is a great idea. I also like character free items, I don't like my kids advertising other people products with every single thing in their life.

  15. Ooooh...these are super cute!!! I'm always trying to find feeding items that work well and that my daughter likes to use. I haven't found a sippy cup she likes yet, so maybe this one will work.

  16. My niece has a bib just like that that her grandmother made for her mother (my sister-in-law) when she was a baby, and we kept saying that she should make more and sell them online. I guess someone beat her to the punch! Anyway, it is a fabulous design for a bib!

  17. Seriously, I've just about given up on bibs, the food usually goes everywhere but on the bib (and sometimes in the mouth)! The smock bib is a great idea! My kids have all been early straw users, which is really nice and easy (especially when we're out and about).

  18. My little one is still somehow refusing to drink from a cup, so we could definitely use a cute one like this. And those veggie utensils are just really fun!

  19. I think our daughters are at similar stages. Lucy nurses in the morning and before bed and every once in a while at night. Although I have to say that my milk supply on those add-on sessions is slim to none and my Lucy gets MAD about that. Have you had any troubles with milk supply?

  20. this looks very cute, not yet at stage for the sippy cups but would be very handy in the months to come!

  21. I will have to get my daughter one of those bibs! She is a little over for months and just starting on solids, which seem to end up all over her sleeves...I'm sure she would like the spoon and fork as she seems more interested in the utensils than the food on them at this point!

  22. I still haven't found a bib that I like, so I don't use one. BUT REALLY WANT ONE. I am washing so many clothes. I like that this has sleeves. Hmmm...
    And a good sippy cup is a great sippy cup! Is your little one starting to feed herself with spoon and fork? It's so cute... and so messy. But fun, nonetheless.

  23. The fork and sppon look very durable- my daughter loves to bend back the plastic spoons we have now- not much good for eating anymore!

  24. Meal times can be both hilarious and frustrating. I try to keep my cool and don't sweat the small stuff. Having the right equipment makes a ton of difference in clean up and success of self feeding.

  25. Oh, my. I think it's so cute that they've incorporated really cute vegetables into the silverware. I love the idea of a baby being able to say carrot before they learn to say no!!

  26. I'm just starting to introduce sippy cups to my 6 month old. He's not quite getting the hang of it yet, but we'll see. As for the Bib, can anyone ever have enough? I feel like we go through them like crazy around here! Maybe my Lil Guy is just a super messy eater:)

  27. We've switched to all Gerber sippy cups - they are the only ones I've found that don't leak... but I'm always game to try a new brand!

    Now that bib - that is awesome! Sugar was a neat eater - still is, but Goose... oh my. Stain remover and I have become great friends!


  28. You can never have too many sippy cups, unless they're no good, of course. This one by Zak looks great!

  29. The fork and spoon are way too cute! I need to get one of these bibs for Audrey. She usually get's food all over her sleeves, even after I roll them up.

  30. That Learners Bib is such a neat idea! I don't think I've seen a bib that actually covers everything :-)

    These would make great gifts for a good friend who is expecting her first!

  31. I bought my son the pineapple nibble tray from the Zak/Dr. Sears line for Christmas. It is so cute! I'd love to try the sippy and the flatware too :)

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