2 Books on My Nightstand

When I was a little girl, I would beg my mom to take us to the library at least once a week.

Every time we went, I would walk out of the library with a stack of books higher than my head.

And I would read ALL of them.

Decades later, I'm still a voracious reader.

At any given moment, I usually have 2 or 3 books on my nightstand.

Given a choice to watch a movie or read a book, I almost always choose the latter.

Right now, for example, you'll find me reading...

how to be like walt book coverHow to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life by Pat Williams and Jim Denney (HCI Books, 2004)

I have always been fascinated by Walt Disney and the legacy he left through the Disney enterprise. There have been many biographies published about his life, but this book is much more than a simple biography. It's a journey through history, a motivational masterpiece, and - most of all - a practical guidebook about leadership. Packed with inspiring stories and memorable quotes, Williams' tribute to Walt is anything but boring. This book should be required reading for university students and business people...and anyone who aspires to leave an unforgettable legacy.

newmooncoverNew Moon {the 2nd book in the Twilight series} by Stephenie Meyers (Little, Brown Young Readers, 2008)

I know it's the latest craze and I know it's about vampires, but I have to admit that I have been completely sucked in to the series. Stephenie Meyers' writing style is entertaining and intelligent. She is a talented storyteller and I'm impressed by her creativity. The story is haunting, the characters are memorable, and the dialogue is captivating. I can't wait to get my hands on the 3rd book - Eclipse. I'm also anxiously awaiting the second movie, which will debut on November 20th (not that I'm paying attention to that kind of thing...).

YOUR TURN: What have you been reading lately?

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36 comments on “2 Books on My Nightstand”

  1. I love reading, just don't have much time these days. I mostly read magazines. The last book I read was "The Red Tent".

  2. i LOVE reading!!! i do have to say, though, that i read less than i used to... you know, before my kiddos were born. it seems that there are always other things to do when i have free moments.
    as for the twilight series... i couldn't put those books down! they captured my attention and i read them every spare second i had. i love when i find a book that sweeps me away...
    right now, i am re-reading and going through old stacks of magazines... tearing out ideas, recipes, and articles so i can file them, recycle the magazines, and clear out some space.

  3. I just finished Twilight, but New Moon is out at my local library. I've placed a hold, but don't want to wait 27 days for it! I might just go to Amazon.

  4. You have to check out The Black Parade! It's like Twilight Meets Phantom of the Opera.
    The author Pattie Garner is a kindergarten teacher who is donating 50% of the book sale to St. Judes. She published the book herself and it costs $15. I have the link to her blog on my site. I will be doing a full review on my blog shortly.

  5. You know, I'm typically not a big fan of nonfiction, but you have to know that I'm going to get my hands on that Walt Disney book. He's my hero. (insert dreamy sigh here...)

    And the Twilight books. Ohmygoodness I devoured them. DEVOURED. Never thought that would be my thing either seeing as how vampires aren't typically my cup of tea. But oh how my heart flutters for Edward. I even took to calling Jeff "my own personal Edward" as I was reading them. That Stephanie certainly has a talent for telling a love story.

  6. Recently finished all the Twilight books. Really enjoyed them! I also just recently finished reading the Little House on the Prairie Series (absolute, all-time favorites, read them every year!)! Haven't picked my new book to read yet!

  7. I've been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss lately -- the good news is that my 4 month old daughter seems to be a fan of books already. As for myself I have about half a dozen library books on getting your child to sleep- most of which I've barely cracked open! And sitting on my shelf is Paul of Dune, which hubby got me while I was pregnant. I was saving it as a special treat, now I realize I should have read it while I had the chance!

  8. I finally finished my 10 pg research paper so I gave myself a day to read today! I went to the library and then came home and sat and read Hold Tight by Harlan Corben. It was fantastic! I didn't want to put it down to go eat dinner it was so good!

  9. we went out today to buy the "New Moon" book but we were too late the store was closed (we ran over to the bookstore after our movie night out). so that will be on the nightstand soon.

  10. Despite the intense lack of time involved in mothering, I manage to find time nearly every day to read. I love it!
    Currently I'm reading In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto by Michael Pollan and The Country Of Marriage, a book of poems by Wendell Berry. I'm thoroughly enjoying both of them.
    Your picks look like good reads. I'm probably the last woman in the U.S. not to have read the Twilight series. I might just have to borrow the books from my sister.

  11. I just finished reading Fairest which is set in the same land as Ella Enchanted and is by the same author. It is the third novel for young adults that I read this week. I'm enjoying taking my sons to the library where I can pick out some good books, too, and keep up with what the younger crowd is reading these days. As a former reading specialist, I just can't help myself!

  12. I enjoyed the Twilight series. They're not brilliantly written, but they're quite enjoyable! And how can you not love Alice? One of my cousins loves the books and her brother just despises them. I had no idea what they were talking about until a friend of mine recommended this series of books that had a movie coming out. Suddenly it all clicked and I knew I had to read them, if only to see if my cousin who hates the books was being too hard on them. I'm sorry, but I have to chalk his derision up to his being a guy!

  13. All you Mom's getting into this book series has seriously got me interested now. I don't know if I'm brave enough to handle my husbands laughter, though, if I buy them. lol


  14. I don't get to read near as much as I'd like too but I am one of those people who read a stack of books every week - everything from Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys to Dickens to whatever fantasy writer I was into at the time to biographies and anything else that caught my eye... while I was growing up.

    Right now I'm reading a collection of short stories compiled by Mary Wallace called "God Still Answers Prayers" and I've started on Tracie Peterson's first book in her Heirs of Montana series - "Land of my Heart" Historical fiction with a small bit of romance thrown in - always my favorite kind of mindless reading :)

  15. I love to read! And I have to be careful not to let it consume my time or the house goes down-hill fast!
    Right now I'm reading In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. It's a good boost for all us stay-at-home moms.
    And I'm also reading 1 Corinthians.
    I always love seeing what other people are reading/recommending.

  16. I read as often as I can. I just finished the last Harry Potter book recently. I got the latest Anita Blake book in, and am almost done with it.

    I loved the first 3 books in the Twilight series -- but didn't care much for book #4

  17. Oh I love to read in my spare time. Although I enjoy watching a good movie with my husband, I also would pick reading over that kind of entertainment.

    I just finished reading the Twilight series a few days ago. They were not the kind of books I am usually into, and was surprised by how much I really enjoyed them (almost obsessively so). :) I am excited to see how they turn the rest of the books into movies.

    I am starting "The Shack" today. Other books on my nightstand are "Hind's Feet on High Places", "The Giver", and "Sense and Sensibility". I am also working my way through, "The complete Green Letters (principles for spiritual growth).

  18. I just read "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult. I've enjoyed everything I've read by her.

    I'm also reading "How to Get Your Child to Love Reading" by Esme Raji Codell. It's full of joyful inspiration for sharing books with the kids you love. I think I'll be reviewing it on my site soon!

  19. I'm reading History Begins at Sumer by Samuel Noah Kramer.

    Haven't you finished the whole Twilight series yet? :O

  20. I love reading more than any other hobby and I hope to pass that enjoyment on to my son. We read a story every night. I just finished The Omnivore's Dilemma - a non-fiction book about the history of four meals. Next on my list is The Handmaid's Tale.

  21. Isn't it funny how quickly you can get sucked into a book? I've read the Twilight series twice and am anxiously awaiting the New Moon movie also.

    Right now I'm reading about four different books. Well, I'm actually LISTENING to two of them: The Lightning Thief (listening to that one with my 7 year old) and City of Bones. I'm READING "Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitude" and "Home Improvement: 8 Tools for Effective Parenting." Can you tell which department I'm struggling in? [giggles]

  22. Right now, hubby and I are almost finished with A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. It's a little slow moving but I've long been a Dickens fan. He has some very powerful writing. We're thinking about starting The Chronicles of Narnia series next.

  23. I don't read nearly as much as I used to (or want to!), but I still usually have a few going at all times. Right now it is "Deep Survival" a fascinating non-fiction about who survives and why. I'm working through "Shepherding a Child's Heart" again, too, which is a great one on child-rearing. I recently enjoyed "Founding Mothers" by Cokie Roberts, and The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series are new favorites. It's fun browsing the comments for new ideas!

  24. I remember reading the summers away...would hurry and get chores done so I could grab a book and fly out to the back yard... Read tons of biographies.. Lincoln, Marie Curie, Ben Franklin and more...
    Just finished The Road and just started World Without End by Ken Follett. It's over 1000 pages so it should last a week or so...

  25. I am slowly reading the new Mary Higgins Clark book. She is one of my fav. I want to read the Twilght series. I heard they are fabulous!

  26. I really enjoyed the Twilight series! I keep seeing that Disney book around, I'm going to have to read it sooner or later. I also loved the Harry Potter series and The Other Boyelyn Girl, The Boyelyn Inheritance, and The Virgin's Lover by Phillpa Gregory - I have the Queen's Fool but haven't started reading it yet. You should also read the gurnsey literary and potato peel pie society - I really enjoyed that too. Right now I'm about to start The Secret Life of Bees...so that I can then watch the movie, which I haven't seen yet!

    My daughter already loves to go to the library - right now we go at least once a week too. Sometimes for storytime, mostly to just check out books. She's starting to like the Fancy Nancy books and is a huge Curious George fan. We also hit up Bookman's at least once a month to trade in and find new stuff. I love that place.

    Thanks for the comments! No, we didn't eat the shark - my husband gave it away to a couple that was fishing near the group that he was with, but I guess that they wanted it to eat. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to sea food on my plate!

    I know...this second pregnancy has been a lot easier than my first. I'll be delivering at St. Joseph's Hospital - that is where I had my daughter too. Everyone was so nice there, we were really happy with her delivery and our stay.

  27. Oh gosh, I have a few books and magazines going right now. The books I'm reading are Walk Good: Travels to Negril, Jamaica, the G-Free Diet (for book review) and a business book. Plus In Touch, Health and some other magazines.

  28. I too am a mega reader. Although since my second one was born my eyes keep falling asleep when I start reading but moving on...

    I have to disagree with you on the Twilight books. My sister loaned me Twilight and I read it. I agree the book sucks you. I got about 2/3 of the way through it when I suddenly asked myself, "What am I doing?!" I think it's a bit of a shame that our country has been so consumed by such a mindless read. Whatever happened to those well-written, thought-provoking, dicussion-inducing novels from years past?

  29. I just finished all 4 of the Twilight books 2 days ago. I was so into them that I read them in a week! I have to say though I was disappointed with the final book... Right now I don't have anything on my nightstand. I am still trying to recoup from Twilight. :)

  30. I'm nearly finished with "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Husseini which tells the story of life in Afghanistan under the Taliban from a woman's perspective. Difficult to read, but very good. Next I am venturing into, "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations" which some of my friends are reading and say is very good, challenging as well.

  31. Oye yoi yoi! I totally got sucked into the Twilight series. I fought it for a long time, I am not into 'teeny bopper' type stuff, so not into vampires, etc., but alas...I caved and read all four within two weeks. It is surprisingly hard to put down! I am now reading a book called: The girls who went away (a book based on the women who gave up babies for adoption in the 60's)...my mom had a baby in the late 60's that she was 'coerced' into giving up...this book is a glimpse into what those women went through. I love a good novel...I am not much for 'informational books'.

    LOVED all the Harry Potter books...have read Lord of the Rings multiple times...and Pride and Prejudice is one I can always fall back on. Have recently read Shadow in the Wind (SO good), Pillars of the Earth (SO good), The Other Boyelyn Girl (spelled that wrong)...I like to read!

    Enjoy Twilight...when I was waiting to get book #3 it took me about 3 days and when I started reading it, it seriously felt like coming back to an old friend! Sounds strange...but true!

  32. I'm making my way through the Harry Potter books...finally. Now that I'm reading them I'm glad I waited until the series was complete. I would have had a hard time waiting for the next one, they are so captivating.

  33. I would love to read that Walt Disney book! My husband is a Disney fanatic and I'm becoming more and more interested as well. I read the whole Twilight series, but found the third and fourth books to be a somewhat tedious. The series as a whole is entertaining, but I don't think I could read it again. I enjoyed reading The Mysterious Benedict Society recently. Like everyone though, it's hard to find free time to read so lately I've just been thumbing through San Diego guidebooks. It's a weird obsession that I have, to find all the touristy and as well as secret spots in my own city. I have a habit of collecting brochures as well and reading those for fun.

  34. This past year I've barely gotten to read anything but middle school teaching texbooks, teacher certification textbooks, and children's bedtime stories. I love to read and was once a lover of all things printed (shoot, I'd even read the back of the shampoo bottles and things in the shower!). Now that the school year is over, I'm finding myself with time to read, and I love it! My favorite author of late is Jeffrey Archer. He weaves great stories with suspenseful plots, thoughtful twists, a little bit of romance, and masterful subtleties that act as little presents to the observant reader. I'm on my third of his books, and I love it!

  35. Agh, if only there was time! I have had "Livin' the Moment: Getting to ecstacy through wine, chocolate & your ipod playlist" for over a month now. Love the part I have gotten through, but my 8 month old is not a fan of me reading apparently!

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