3 Baby Carriers; 3 Photos

"Is she asleep?" I ask my husband, pivoting my body slightly so that he can see our month old daughter's eyes.

"Her eyes are 75% shot...okay, they're shut," he says.

"I'm going to *try* to set her down in the bassinet so that I can go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put away a little laundry, and get something to eat...I'm starving," I say.

I try to place her down gently. She squirms a little; then her body relaxes. I sigh with relief and book it to the bathroom. Then, I brush my teeth and fold laundry and check my e-mail - all at the same time! With two hands free, I can change the world! Or at least get a few things checked off my to-do list...


There's nothin' like having your hands-free when you're a mama.

But babies don't always like to sit in bouncy seats, cribs, and bassinets...and who can blame them when the alternative is to be snuggled up in mama's arms? My 1-month-old will sometimes sleep or sit in "something," but usually she'll sleep longer and/or be more content when she is awake if I'm carrying her - which is why I consider a baby carrier a newborn necessity. Baby carriers allow me to carry her AND have my hands-free - imagine that!

There are a lot of different styles of baby carriers - wraps, pouches, slings, mei tais, front carriers, back carriers, hip carriers, etc. I have a pretty extensive carrier collection (including several homemade slings, the Maya Wrap, the Scootababy, the Munchkin Jelly Bean Reversible Sling, the PortaMEe, etc.), but I recently had an opportunity to try three new ones so I thought I'd share my reviews with you in case you're in the market for one.

sleepy-wrap-2Sleepy Wrap - I understand why this carrier is called Sleepy Wrap. The material is so wonderfully soft and perfectly stretchy that I don't blame babies for wanting to snuggle right up and close their eyes. And the baby isn't the only one who will be comfortable in this wrap! Mamas will appreciate that the baby's weight is evenly distributed across both shoulders and the whole back. Available in 14 different vibrant colors, the carrier is reasonably priced at $38.95 and is easily machine-washable.

Wraps can be a little intimidating at first because of all of the "wrapping" they involve, but - once you get the hang of it - you'll likely love it. The Sleepy Wrap is an ideal carrier for newborns because it keeps them cuddled up close and they won't be "jostled" around as you move about...perfect if you have older children to keep up with throughout the day!

babyhawk-mei-tai-1BabyHawk Mei Tai - BabyHawk Mei Tais are oh-so-stylish. The designs are plentiful and unique and absolutely gorgeous. They are also exceptionally easy to put on and comfortable too! The BabyHawk is suitable for newborns up to babies who weigh under 35 pounds. The baby can be worn on the front, hip, or back so it is truly versatile. I have the Tweet design and it makes me want to chirp with delight. I always get compliments on the peaceful color scheme and modern illustrations. Retailing between $80-95, BabyHawks are on the pricey side, but they also "last" for a long time.

if you decide to purchase a BabyHawk, consider buying through Parenting By Nature, a family-owned Canadian company that seeks to help parents "experience the joys of babywearing, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding." You'll appreciate fine customer service, free shipping, and the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping a mom be able to stay at home with her two little girls.

babybjorn-spirit-1BabyBjorn Spirit - Just in time for spring and summer, BabyBjorn has debuted a new line of their Original carrier in 8 bright, vivacious colors. This front carrier is machine-washable and can be used for 8-25 pound babies. BabyBjorn is a trusted brand for baby gear (have you tried their potty chairs?) and they know what their doing. The Spirit carriers typically retail for approximately $79.99 and can be found at almost every baby specialty store, plus at Target and on Amazon.com.

For a more extensive "comparison" of the various forms of carriers (including the pros and cons of each),check out How to Choose a Baby Carrier {via Parenting By Nature}.

YOUR TURN: What carrier(s) have you tried? Which "style" is your favorite?

WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive a Sleepy Wrap {in the color of his/her choice}. A second winner will receive a BabyHawk Mei Tai {in the design of his/her choice...from available options at Parenting By Nature}. To enter, leave any topic-related comment (and also indicate which carrier you would prefer) prior to Thursday, April 30 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

NOTE: The Sleepy Wrap contest is open to U.S. residents only. The BabyHawk Mei Tai contest is open to both U.S. AND Canadian readers.

*UPDATE* The winners are #35 SHEVAUN (Sleepy Wrap) and #12 Jenny N. (BabyHawk Mei Tai). Congratulations!

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106 comments on “3 Baby Carriers; 3 Photos”

  1. I had a baby carrier for my firstborn and he was a such a calm little boy, I'd gotten rid of it by the time I had my second son and didn't think to purchase one. . . boy do I regret it! He was the crabbiest little guy in the world, unless I was carrying him while walking around. Having this third one I'm certain I'll be buying one (if I don't win one first)!

    I'd love a BabyHawk Mei Tai with the Groovy print or a Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier in Green.

  2. I'd like BabyHawk Mei Tai, I already was coveting that one for my sister in law and her new baby!
    Black Sophia is my favorite print.
    Thanks for the chance :)

  3. We have an ergo baby. Overall I like it but it can be hard to put on by myself. my husband can use the same carrier, which is nice! It's good for trips to the mall, say, but takes too long if I just need to run out of the car for something. (I'm still using the infant insert) I'm thinking about getting a pouch style carrier for times I want a quicker solution. I would like to try the BabyHawk Mei Tai, see how it compares.

  4. I currently have a Sleepy Wrap but am very intimidated by it. I have not officially used it and am considering trading it in for Mei Tai.

  5. I have a Baby Bjorn which I got after reading rave reiviews about it. My daughter seems to like it. I prefer the BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier, it seems easier to use.

  6. I got a Jeep carrier off of Amazon, I chose something inexpensive...it was around $40 because I wasn't sure if my son would like it. Turns out, he loves it! I think he likes the warmth and security. I might get another carrier since the Jeep one hurts my back after awhile. The BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier seems a lot more comfortable!

  7. I have something similar to the SleepyWrap and I love it! It is amazing, comfortable, and so easy to use! My daughter just loves it and my husband even wears her.

    I would love to win the BabyHawk! I love the Aqua Damask fabric! It is so pretty!!

  8. I have a Snuggli Carrier. I bought it because it was the easiest to assemble in the store. It's still pretty complicated though. Later, I saw some that looked easier on the internet, but we broke down and bought a stroller. I really want one to wear around the house, so my little one can do laundry with me. I would like to try the Mei Tai carrier. It looks simple, and nice on your back for larger little ones (which I have,was never small, even from birth).

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  9. I love the Sleepy Wrap! I do not have a wrap but would love to as I have a 6 week old daughter. I love the times when I hold her close to my heart and snuggle, but that always seems to be the times when the phone rings or someone knocks at the door!

  10. I love the Sleepy wrap! It is stylish as well as cozy for baby. My friend had one with her first and second!!

  11. I would love a BabyHawk Mei Tais! It looks comfortable.

    My husband's friend raved about the BabyBjorn line, so he's stuck on getting one. I've tired on two of their line and found they are not XL momma friendly. The husband is a medium everything, so it's all his!

  12. I like the BabyHawk Mei Tai in Tweet design best, I only own a regular pouch sling but this looks alot more comfy for a baby, I love how it has so many carrying positions and its reversible too!

  13. These baby carriers seem like a great idea and very comfortable for mama and baby.I would love the Baby Hawk Mei Tai carrier.

  14. I've tried the MobyWrap, like the Sleepy and really liked it because I could keep baby so close to me. Especially great when going out because the baby is so well protected. Now that my child is getting bigger I'd love to try the BabyBjorn.

  15. We have been carrying our son since day 1. We started out with a pouch sling, but moved to a ring sling. My husband also uses a front carrier by Jeep - I know manly! I use a Sling Ezee because of the padding on the shoulder. Now that the little man is over 20lbs it really helps. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  16. I'm looking forward to wearing baby #1 in a few weeks! We have a ring sling and a mei tai, and I've been looking for a wrap. It looks so comfy for mom and baby! But, I'm curious about using the wrap style in summer weather. Do you think it would be too warm?

  17. I don't have a carrier but want one. Of course, I would have to carry just one of my twins at a time. I haven't really tried any, yet, so I really appreciate the reviews.

  18. 5 days away from my due date with my first baby, I am frantically searching for the newest, best, most versatile and chicest baby carriers on the market. The Mei Tai seems great with the hip option and very user friendly design, and it would certainly be really nice to save some money on at least ONE pricier baby item. Also like that its reversible to solid color for my husband, and those long ties for maximum adjustment for his much larger stature. and of course the new babyhawk newborn headrest - I think it will be an essential from day one. another thing is the lesser amount of fabric than sleepywrap, especially since we are entering the heat of summer.... so the Babyhawk it is.

  19. I am a carrier addict :-) I like different carriers for different ages and stages. Ring slings for nursing, pouches and wraps for tiny newborns and I can't live without my Ergo for toddlers! You look GREAT!! I really want to win the babyhawk. I've always wanted to try one!

  20. I like the idea of the sleepy wrap. It definitely seems comfortable for both mom & baby. But I think the Mei Tai would be better suited for me in the long run.
    Great post!

  21. i must say despite all the more advanced carriers there are available, i've been very satisfied with my Snugli. It has great easy to adjust straps. I can carry my child in three different comfortable positions. It has lower back support.
    I've tried some slings but wasn't comfortable. That Mei Tai and Bjorn look similar and super comfy.

  22. I have a wrap type carrier, similar to the Sleepy Wrap. I also have a ring sling, but just couldn't get the hang of it. I would love to have a BabyHawk Mei Tai. I'd like it for my toddler when I don't want to get out the framed backpack carrier.

  23. My baby is newborn and I haven't purchased one yet. I like the BabyBjorn carrier. I've heard great things about it.

  24. The sleepytime wrap looks really comfy -- so which one would you want if you could only have one??

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  25. I came here by way of Jo-Lynne (my high school best friend), and I am so glad I read you today! After years of infertility, I sit here with my precious miracle of a daughter in my lap. We both prefer for her to be in my arms, which has led me on a search for a good carrier. I have tried a ring sling with no luck, and a peanut shell with a little luck. I would LOVE to try the sleepy wrap! I think she would be more comfy in the sleepy wrap's upright position than in cradle hold. Thanks for the opportunity. I wish there were more babywearing mamas near me!

  26. I have never had a carrier before and would really like to get one with my new little due any day now! I would like the Mei Tai Baby Carrier, color Deep Water, mainly because it's more versatile. but if not, I'd love the Sleepy Wrap in brown :)

  27. I'd love the baby hawk. We love our lent-to-us moby, but I'd like to try something else (and get to keep it!). My six month old loves being worn and I love our closeness.

  28. hmmm...I would rather get the Sleepy Wrap it looks more comfy than the other two and I have a baby carrier with straps, can't recall the brand but they are not comfy, I'll take wraps over straps and buckles any day! It looks more natural and thin and the fabric looks soft, the other ones are usually thicker and the material does not look like it would be as nice on mama's or baby's skin.

  29. I have an Infantino carrier, which I like for the hands-free aspect, but it is not comfortable or convenient. (Picture me lifting him over my shoulder...backwards...while trying to dislodge his legs from the leg holes.)
    I do not trend toward baby-wearing, but we like using a carrier in the park or for groceries or at family getherings.
    I would love to try something new.

  30. Since I don't have a BabyHawk Mei Tai yet, I'd love to win that one.

    And gosh, I've tried, used, had/have so many it's hard to remember. I really like the ease of the becco baby, but the comfort of wraps, too.

    And the style of the metro mama wrap.


    You and little one look adorable in all of them!

  31. Wow, it would be great to win one of those carriers! I used a pouch sling with Fly. I made a ring sling for him first and he hated it -- but I think it's because I later learned he just didn't like to be held in the cradle position and preferred being upright. I didn't know what I was doing! I hope to make better use of carriers with my next baby, and right away.

  32. I'd love to have the babyhawk. They are such beautiful carriers.

    I've never tried wraps. I think I'd like to with a newborn but with the girls both being over 30lbs a stretchy wrap wouldn't work. I've used ring slings, pouch slings and mei tais and find that I like them all for different occasions. My favorites are the ring sling and mei tai.

  33. I really like the BabyHawk Mei Tei carrier! I also love the design you chose. There is something lovely about birds. I am expecting my first this October, and would love to try a carrier like that one.

  34. I borrowed a Mei Tai carrier from my friend with my first baby and absolutely LOVED it! I prefered it over the ring sling that I had. Therefore, I would choose the Babyhawk Mei Tai in Tweet! Thanks for the chance!! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  35. I have an Ergo, a sling and a Bjorn. I love them all for different reasons, but would love the opportunity to try another option. I know that I wouldn't be able to get ANYTHING done without wearing my new baby and I just don't believe in putting her in something else for an extended amount of time. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  36. I'd love the BabyHawk Mei Tai. I love that you can wear it multiple ways and even Dad can carry once in a while. The designs are fantastic too. I've never tried a carrier at all but I'd definitely want one as versatile at this one.

  37. I had a sling for my daughter when she was first born, and we loved it. It didn't last long since she was 10 lbs. at birth and she didn't like anymore. I would love to get a Mei Tai for her now but we just can't afford it.

  38. My mom made us a pouch style sling when my daughter was born, but it was just too big for me to wear and her not to wake up, though daddy wore it lots. We ended up with a Infantino carrier that she liked (it was open between my chest and her). But I have stared at all the different models out there and drooled a little. I think I would want the mei tai since we don't have another infant yet, though it does look neat as well.

  39. I have a Baby K'Tan modified wrap carrier that I like. Unfortunately my son is getting a little big so I'm hoping to find something with more structure. The Babyhawk would be perfect for me!

  40. I have tried a Baby Bjorn but didn't really like it...plus my son was a big baby so it was hard to get him into it comfortably. For my baby#2 coming this June, I would love to try the Sleepy Wrap, preferably in the Gray or Green color =)

  41. My favorite baby carrier is a woven wrap. I made one with my first, and it seems to be the most comfortable and supportive. Lately, though, I've been using my (also homemade) mei-tai the most. It's the only one that I can get my baby on my back by myself with (sorry, awkward sentence). I loved the Sleepy Wrap for the first couple of months, since it's so soft and poppable, and I find it's nice for when you're doing errands and getting in and out of the car a lot. It's a bit warm when the weather's nice, though. I've loaned mine to my sister-in-law, who has a newborn. I will stop now, because I could go on and on about babywearing--it's one of my favorite subjects! A baby carrier is definitely in my top three Must-Haves for Baby. If I won, I'd prefer the BabyHawk Mei Tai.

  42. With my first 3 babies I had a Snugli which I used a lot. Then I moved on to a BabyBjorn. With my 4th baby I have mostly used my Hotsling, which I have loved for the most part. The only thing I have not loved about it is that my shoulders eventually get really sore when I use it. I have been wanting to get a BabyHawk Mei Tai, since my baby is up to 18 pounds now, so that would be my first pick! :)

  43. I have a Pikkolo that I love. I also keep a Hotsling tucked in the diaper bag for emergencies. I wrapped my baby when he was younger but as he approaches his 2nd birthday, I wrap him less. I'd pick the the Baby Hawk since my little one is getting bigger.

  44. I love babywearing. Some of my favorite pictures and fondest moments are of wearing Levi. I would love to win a Mei Tai carrier. I'd probably pass it along to a friend of mine who's new to babywearing. Although I'd have to try it out a few times first!!

  45. my sis in law made me a type of mei tai...but i heart the padded babyhawk with the fold-down option on the neck support. they have so many rad fabrics, great for boys, girls, or both! i love the tweet fabric you're wearing in your post photo. of course, i'd love to hook up my sister with a sleepywrap...she just had her 2nd...baby girl Annabelle!

  46. Those all looks awesome. The only thing we have ever tried is the Snugli. My little man loves to be in that and he sleeps wonderful in it. I have been wondering about other carriers though so thanks for the review on them.

  47. I so badly want to be a baby wearing Mommy, but so far my girl would rather be in my arms. I've tried 4 different styles of carriers and she will put up with some better then others.
    I'm hopeful that as she get a little older she will like one at least. I keep trying her in them so maybe if nothing else she'll realize I'm more stubborn then she is. :)
    Great posts and giveaways this week Steph.

  48. We had the Snuggli baby carrier, and it was so-so. Also had a used Evenflo carrier with our first, but it was a piece! Despite that, my kids LOVED being worn, and I loved wearing them! It would have been nice to have something more comfortable though. Hopefully we'll have a better carrier with the next!

  49. I like the sleepy wrap in Orange. I've never tried a carrier like this but my Best Friend (since we were 4) has a daughter who is having a little girl in May and I know she would love it, since she has 2 little guys already and needs her hands free for taking care of them as well as the baby.

  50. So far I've been a ring sling girl (my mom and I make them), as the baby bjorn just seemed to bulky for my petite frame. But my hubby loves it for the masculine look and the extra back support. Every time I see a mai tai I totally want to snag it and give it a try!
    If I had extra cash in the budget I'd be the kind of girl that has one of every style and uses whatever one I feel like! For now I dream and window-shop online.... Thanks for sharing your input!

  51. I would love the BabyHawk Mei Tai. The designs are lovely. My friends have a Mei Tai and swear by it.

  52. I like the Mei tai in groovy. I wish I had gotten this from the start. We chose a cheaper version of the bjorn and my daughter out grew it in the first three months. Now it is too uncomfortable to carry her in it because of the way it distributes the weight.

  53. As I believe you know I am a HUGE babywearing fan. I have a Sleepy Wrap, in the color you have in the picture. Isn't it amazing? It's so easy to nurse in. I can't wait to use it with the next baby. I love Mei Tai's and have been wanting to try a Baby Hawk for along time. =)

    I would love to win the Baby Hawk Mei Tai and I love the print. Thanks for fab review.

    mommainflipflops AT gmail.com

  54. i would love the baby hawk mei tai in the print groovy....but to be honest i would take either one, as i have not tried these carriers and hear they are both wonderful! I did not have any carriers with my other daughters, this would be extra helpful when my 3rd comes in December!! I always appreciate your reviews!

  55. I can't wait to wear my baby! I just hope he likes it :). I actually already have a moby and a baby hawk that I recieved as gifts, but I'd love to be entered to win a Sleepy Wrap for my sister-in-law! Thanks so much!

  56. I think that I will be "slinging" much more with the second baby so that we don't have to buy a double stroller right away, so either of these would be such a treat to win!

  57. i used the Bjorn for my first, but he was huge and it hurt my back. (plus, he didn't last long in there)

    For my second I got an Ergo and LOVED it. It was so easy to use and very comfortable. I never got around to figuring out how to use it on my back, which I now regret.

    (I tried the moby wrap too, but there was just too much to wrap and it stressed me out!)

  58. I have an Original swanke Hip Hammock and like it. It was very helpful on our Dsiney Cruise when baby was just 6 months old. Between these two carriers, I'm interested in the Mei Tai. I like the Rust Echino pattern the best.

  59. I find that I wore these for 1 months at most with each of my sons...Not a very good price when you factor the frequence of use in :)

  60. I would love to win the Mei Tei. It looks so practical and stylish at the same time. I'm expecting in June and love to work outside in the garden so to have two hands free and my baby feeling snug and secure sound great.

  61. We love our beco and the ergo so far. They are my favorite as my daughter is very squirmy in the shopping cart and in my arms so they help her stay out of trouble=). Id love to try the Mei Tai as they can be customized according to the individual wearer!

  62. Not a mama yet, so I haven’t had a chance to try a carrier out. But I can definitely see the benefit of having one. I love the Baby Hawk Mei Tai Carrier. Not just because of how cute it is (there are so many cute patterns), but because of its versatility. One can wear the Mei Tai on the front, hip, or back. The headrest can be flipped up or down. And since it’s reversible to a solid color it’s dad friendly. Dads don’t have to put up with an embarrassing print, but moms can still feel stylish.

  63. I love baby carriers since it allows me to stay busy and productive and be close to my little one. I am a big time ergo carrier fan but have heard so many good things about the babyhawk. I would love to win one and give it a try. I'm loving all the fabric choices too with the babyhawks. Thanks for sharing.

  64. We'd love to try a baby hawk! I did try the baby bjorn but didn't find it comfy for me at all. MY husband thought it was fine!

  65. i would love me a BabyHawk Mei Tai. i have a baby bjorn and it seems comfy enuff to use..but i would love to try the other one coz it feels like the baby is totally covered well, plus it can be used for more wt. that the baby bjorn.

    p.s you are funny with the two hands free-chaning world dialogue :) i never realized little things like brushing and wanting to go to the bathroom can change so much after a baby is born!

  66. We have a Bjorn and an Ergo. He likes the option of facing outward in the Bjorn, but the Ergo is AWESOME and doesn't give me pain at all. The bjorn can cause a little strain on my shoulders. I also made a maya ring sling. He enjoys that, too. How is that sleepywrap in the heat?
    I'd certainly love to try both, but I like the closeness of the sleepywrap for a newborn. Anything I put him in at that stage was too jostly (is that a word?).

  67. I'm also a huge fan of baby carriers - I find them an absolute necessity with two other little ones to keep up with. It's great to have my hands free while grocery shopping, making dinner, etc. But I also love the extra snuggly time with my wee one - I can cuddle him AND accomplish some of the other things a busy mama has to keep on top of. It makes me sad to see babies that seem to spend 95% of their little lives in car seat carriers...

    My current fave carrier is a ring sling I made - I love the versatility of positions it allows for, the adjustability, and the stylish fabric. I would ***love*** to try a BabyHawk Mei Tai - especially in the "Groovy" pattern (but they are all gorgeous!)

  68. I have a pouch style carrier from Kangaroo Korner. I have really liked it so far, my baby is only 2 months. I'm not sure how it will work as she gets bigger and wants to be able to see, right now she just falls asleep as soon as I put her in it. Which is a problem if i don't want her to fall asleep yet. I didn't have any type of carrier for my first baby and I'm interested in trying them more with this one.

  69. Yay, a chance to win a new baby carrier?!?!? Who can pass that up?? :) (And holy moly, mama- you look great!!)

    My first baby carrier was a Snugli. It was uncomfortable for me, and turned my baby's leg blue. I swore off that style of carrier after that. Following that style, I tried an Infantino, which was far too stretchy, had way too deep of a pocket, and ought to be taken off the market for its dangers. Thank heavens I found an online community with detailed reviews of many different carriers after those two experiences.

    I tried a Maya wrap ring sling - I loved it for a good year. A little tricky to get the hang of, but once I did, I used it everywhere. Until my son was too heavy and my one shoulder got tired of bearing all the weight. After that, I tried an Ergo. It's great! I used it well past my son's 2nd birthday, without ever feeling like he was growing out of it, or that it was too uncomfortable for me. But sometimes the straps would rub me as I swung my arms, so I started looking into new options for my 3rd baby.

    With my 3rd, I made my own homemade pouch carrier, and I *adored* it until my big guy grew out of it. But I milked it for all it was worth. I absolutely loved the ease of use and how small it folded down to be put away in my bag. It wasn't stretchy at all, and sometimes I think I might have preferred a slightly stretchy pouch, but honestly it would be hard to improve on a well-fitting pouch carrier. After that, I tried a homemade wrap. It also wasn't stretchy, and I didn't find that I particularly cared for it, aside from the versatility. I didn't like the time it took to wrap it all around me, when I have to keep the baby safe and also keep my eyes on two other children who aren't particularly great and being patient, all at the same time. I definitely prefer something nice and fast.

    That's when my sister's friend made a Mei Tai for me. I love it! Very stylish, easy to use, and comfy for us both. Still, sometimes, it's a pain to fold it up and put it away. Those long straps annoy me during the put-away process. But it's very comfortable to wear and easy to use. I prefer the Mei Tai for long outings.

    But when I'm jumping out of the car and going inside to do some grocery shopping or other sort of in-and-out types of errands, I still prefer my Ergo. Just a couple quick snaps, and I'm ready to go. It actually lives in my car nowdays, so I don't have to worry about space in my bag. It's something I use exclusively when I'm out and about.

  70. I haven't tried any carriers yet as our little one is yet to come. However I do think baby wearing will be a huge part of our lives! It's hard to choose a favourite style without trying them out. I do think a carrier seems like it would be more comfortable than a sling.
    I'm only eligible for the BabyHawk Mei Tai - I'd love to win that! I love the Tweet pattern.

  71. I would love to win the Mei Tei. I own a baby bjorn and really like it, but the Mei Tei is really cute! I also just made a sling, but I think Cora is still too small to go in. It makes me nervous! Perhaps when she hits the 7 or 8 pound mark I will feel better about putting her in it!

  72. omg steph you look great! you still have that new mamma glow!!!! I have a a baby khtan and i love it! I do want to try the baby hawk though.

  73. I have a wrap similar to the SleepyWrap, so I'd love to win the Mei Tai. I love the flexibility that both of these products offer, like being able to carry my son on my back when he's a little bigger.

  74. I love baby carriers and I have tried many. I have a Baby Hawk and a Baby Bjorn. I liked them and used them both. I liked the Baby Hawk more as my baby got a bit bigger. I even carried her on my back with the Baby Hawk, which was fun. I have never owned or tried a Sleepy Wrap style of carrier but I always thought they looked soooo comfy. Maybe I'll have another baby just to try it out, if I win it. Ha ha! More likely I'd pass it on to one of my pregnant or new mommy friends.

  75. I don't have a baby of my own, but I've carted a baby or two around the State Fair wearing a Baby Bjorn. I've always thought there had to be an easier way, but what do I know?!

    I would love to win one of these. My SIL is pregnant with TWINS and I know she and her husband are going to need to take advantage of some slings!!

  76. I loved my Bjorn that I used for both of my kiddos. I couldn't bare the thought of putting them down, so I carried them everywhere. My husband traded off and on with me too.

    When I saw you a few weekends back, I couldn't take my eyes off of the Mei Tei you were wearing! My sister-in-law is expecting her first, and I would LOVE to win this for her!
    **BTW, you look so beautiful, with your *mommy of two* glow! Your smile lights up a room!

  77. I have two carriers. With my first baby I only used the Bjorn. I liked it but felt that it wasn't great for a newborn because they couldn't tuck their legs and arms inside and thus got a little chilly. But the Bjorn is great past 6 months especially when you turn the baby facing out so they can see the world.

    The second carrier I own is the Peanut Shell. I just purchased it recently and haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet (come baby, come!) but I like that it's more of a nest for my newborn to cuddle into. It will be great to be somewhat hands-free as I chase around a toddler all summer long.

  78. I have a Bjorn which is great once they can hold their head up and you can face them out. It is not so great for a 6 pound newborn. Now that my girl is a month old and her neck is stronger the Bjorn is working out better.

    I was given a handmade, nonadjustable sling. So far she screams when I put her in it. I don't think she likes how it closes over her head. She just does not look comfortable in it either. Slings don't distribute the weight across your back either.

    I would love to try the sleepy wrap. It looks like it would be great for wearing an infant while caring for older children and cleaning.

  79. I'm in the market for a carrier of some sort. We purchased a baby bjorn at a garage sale, but I'd also like to have a sling/wrap type product. I am loving this blog as an expecting parent; I'm learning valuable information from you daily!

  80. Love, love, love my Sleepy Wrap. I always call it a Moby because it seems more people know what I'm talking about, but I actually went with Sleepy Wrap because it claimed to be more breathable and it was cheaper. It was a life saver when my daughter was an infant, but now at 17 pounds, I still use it weekly and it's still fabulously comfortable.

    Money's tight so I haven't splurged for another type of carrier (since the one I have is great!) but I'd love to win one! Thanks for the reviews!

  81. Ooooh, I'd love a Deep Water BabyHawk! I have an Ergo, which I love, but a Mei Tei would be more flexible, I think.

  82. The Mei Tai would be wonderful to win. Our daughter is pregnant. I love the whole concept of baby wearing and carrying. It promotes a sense of safety and security for baby...and mom. I did it with my babies..... Nice giveaway!

  83. I have a home made mei tai that i bought off of ebay. It's okay, but it's nowhere near as comfortable as the babyhawk.

    When my DS was tiny, before he learned to sit up, I liked the MobyWrap the best (which is like a SleepyWrap). Now I couldn't live without my Maya Wrap Ring Sling or my Mei Tai (though I wish it was more comfortable).

  84. Mei Tei woud also be my choice, I have a normal sling already. With a new baby on a way, I just need to be hands-free (since I'm still not sure whether I will buy a double stroller)

  85. Ooh Ooh Ooh I would really love that Mei Tai. I have a Moby wrap and a Hot Sling and am planning on getting a Maya and mei tai with the next one. So first I should probably get another baby.

  86. We have a sleepywrap. It came in handy when Jayden was smaller. Now I'm looking for a mei tai since the sleepywrap is a little to hot for the season and slings aren't my thing, Jay is just too heavy! I'm debating about bringing him to BlogHer, if only I could find the perfect carrier. I'd love the Baby Hawk.

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