5 1/2

Can it be that you're really 5 1/2?

You make yourself toast and clean your room, state your opinions and take showers, spell out words and select your own outfits, leave voicemails and sleep through the night.

5 1/2 1You dream up imaginative art projects - kites and pop-up cards and animals out of branches. You take your creations and wrap them in wrapping paper, with scissors and tape...always thinking of who needs a gift most.

You ask questions. Questions that force me to think and explain: Is hail or snow cleaner? What is the government? Can I have an allowance? Have you ever met a bad guy?

You love to cook, leaning over the counter and stovetop, perched on a wooden dining chair.

When you play dress-up with your sister, you're usually "the queen." Or you're a hotel owner or a boat owner.

You like frozen yogurt and baby back ribs, noodles and fancy cheeses, fresh-from-the-garden berries and cupcakes. You like to spend time with your family, do anything with friends, jump in rain puddles, and listen to chapter books.

You want to be a nurse and a doctor and a midwife and an owner of a library. And a storyteller. Notice the AND, not OR.

5 1/2 2Oh, and you are just like your daddy. That go-anywhere, do-anything, stick-your-toe-right-on-the-edge risk-taker. When we go on family hikes, you lead the way and scramble up to the very top of boulders (my heart, skipping a beat). When you are scolded or there is an injustice, you don't back down - blue eyes blazing, forming an argument. Forever a firstborn.

Tim was talking about adoption and you shouted out, "Let's adopt a whole orphanage. 100 kids!"

Later that night, you were whispering to him about how you don't want him to get a job like other daddies. Also - you sometimes call him "Tim" (and occasionally you call me "Steph")...which may be alarming to some, but we don't mind.

You're not yet 6, but I can plainly see: You are inquisitive, imaginative, a dreamer, a doer, someone who sees things in your mind before anyone else can even feel the pulse of the vision. Don't ever question this: we are forever and eternally proud of you.

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13 comments on “5 1/2”

  1. She's lovely. Like her mom. And I think she and Analise would get along quite well. Maybe one day they will dream together, color together and read memorized books to one another :-)

  2. I have found some good books online with scholastic book club for our 5-year old. We have sight words each week for her to learn, and there are a couple of books I purchased with some of these sight words where she was actually able to read the book by herself. Not only that, I also ordered some about science, animals (dolphins, ponies). There are some insteresting facts about each topic and I learned a lot too! Library may be free, but these are pretty inexpensive.

  3. such a lovely young lady, your daughter. I not only wish the world was FULL of children like this (it may already be!) but I wish the world was FULL of parents who SAW their children like this!! :)

  4. She brought a smile to my face when she was so confident to talk to me on Sunday :-) and it delighted me when she asked me where my "other daughters" were and then ran to find them. Please let me know when you all are ready to come visit our "little farm".

  5. This is a perfect letter for your sweet firstborn. I got choked up. I see so many similarities in your big girl & my big girl. I love it!
    You did ask me about reading & our 5 1/2 year old. She is not reading yet. Still in the pre-phase. What don't really have a brilliant system in place. :)
    Gillian loves to cook & create & do dishes & chores & all, also. Isn't it amazing?

    1. Kayla's in the pre-phrase too. She knows her letters and most of her sounds. More importantly, she LOVES "reading." She memorizes books and reads them to herself. She is quite content to listen to books for long periods of time - picture books and chapter books. And she gets just as excited about new books in the mail as I do! I think we're on the right track... :)

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