5 Baby Products for Summer

Our youngest turned one in April and she's got the travel bug just like the rest of the family. We have to barely mention going somewhere and she scoops up her shoes to bring them to us. She's adventurous. She's fearless (a tad too fearless). And she's prone to get a little too much sun if we're not careful.

Here are some of our top product picks for keeping summer babies cool and comfortable.

Reusable Swim Diaper by My Pool Pal

For little ones that aren't yet potty-trained, a swim diaper of some kind is typically a necessity for water play. Disposable diapers are convenient, but the price can add up if you swim frequently and/or are participating in daily lessons at a pool. We've been using a Reusable Swim Diaper by My Pool Pal with success. After use, just stick in the washing machine and hang to dry. Easy. One quick tip: you may want to "size up" if your little one is between sizes. We found them to be on the snug side. Available in pink, royal blue, and white for $8.95.


Blanket by JJ Cole Collections

For last minute outdoor adventures and backyard picnics, consider this 5x5 foot blanket by JJ Cole Collections. The material is water-resistant and super sturdy. It won't pick up stickers and leaves like traditional blankets and it's also a cinch to wipe clean if (ahem - when) spills occur. Want to bring it with you on vacation or to the beach? No worries. Fold it up, throw it over your shoulder, and you're all set. Choose from four different designs.


baby & family sunscreen by True Natural

I’m generally not a fan of sunscreen. Too many chemicals. On most days, we just avoid the part of the day with the most intense sunshine and/or wear sun protective clothing. For days when we will spend longer than 45 minutes at peak hours, however, we do slather on the sunscreen. Most recently, we’ve been using true natural baby & family sunscreen – not too oily, plus free of parabens, phthalates, and fragrances (though it does leave your skin slightly tinted with a “ghostly” white).

baby-sunscreenSunwear by UV Skinz

I've been a fan of UV Skinz for many years now. Founded by Rhonda Sparks after the loss of her 32-year-old husband to skin cancer, the company aims to make "the most fun, fashionable, and affordable sun protection apparel and accessories on the market." I think she's succeeding in her mission. Take a look at these pieces - super stylish and stretchable with superior sun protection compared to traditional swimsuits. You can use coupon code SUMSAV13 to get 15% off your order for the whole month of June.


Mother's Pack by GeigerRig

GeigerRig is best known for their hydration packs for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts - hikers, fishermen (and women!), bikers, skiers, etc. The company recently unveiled a pack just for moms. Designed with numerous zippered pouches and pockets, plus an included changing pad, the Mother's Pack also has a built-in hydration system so that you can give your kids water on-the-go. Super nice for family hikes. Bonus: the design is stylish too! ;) This pack is available in limited quantities from the company because it is currently in a product trial phase. Contact GiegerRig via their website or on Twitter - @GEIGERRIG.


What baby products do you use most frequently in the summer?

Thanks to My Pool Pal, JJ Cole Collections, true natural, UV Skinz, and GeigerRig for providing product samples.

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3 comments on “5 Baby Products for Summer”

  1. We have recently discovered Elemental Herbs sunscreen, of which we own both a lotion and a sun stick. Great ingredients and no white residue!!

  2. Love swim diapers - in my experience (with other brands however) they have actually run LARGE not small though....
    The girls look lovely in their UVSkinz! :)

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