5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment

We all want to look fashionable during pregnancy, but it's hard to justify purchasing a whole new wardrobe for a mere nine months.

People always say that, right? The truth is, however, that there are some maternity pieces that will carry you through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Too good to be true? Not with these five products.

BLANQI Belly Support Tank - It's been almost seven months since I had my baby and I still love this stretchy tank for layering. Designed with built-in back and belly support, it's a godsend for the second and third trimesters. This tank is a triple threat as it holds your pants up, helps lift your chest, and smoothes out your figure. After baby makes her debut, it seamlessly transitions to a nursing tank. I bet I've washed mine at least one hundred times and it retains its shape remarkably well.

5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 1

Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand - It happens to the best of us. The day will eventually arrive when you won't be able to button your pants anymore. Enter the BellaBand. Slip one over your burgeoning belly and you can leave your zipper down without being exposed. BellaBands are also useful postpartum when you want to lift your shirt to nurse the baby...without putting your tummy on display.

5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 2

Bella Materna Anytime Gown - Nothing feels quite as good as slipping into your pjs after a long day on your feet when you have a little bun in the oven. With Bella Materna's Anytime Gown, you'll be even more anxious for evening than ever before. The gown is luxuriously silky, perfectly stretchy, and offers great support for your chest (so that you can go bra-less and still be comfortable). After baby, you'll love this gown even more as it provides easy access for your newborn and will drape over your figure with flattering flowiness.

5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 3

Designer Denim - Every woman needs one pair of jeans that makes her feel fabulous - especially during pregnancy. This is a splurge that provides high ROI for me every time. A good pair of denim is easy to dress up and dress down...and will last through multiple pregnancies. If this is your last pregnancy, you'll be able to pass them on to a good friend (and she will love you for it). Expect to pay $150-$200/pair - unless you can snag a good deal on eBay (which is what I usually do).

5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 4 5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 5 5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 6

Yoga/Sweat Pants - A good pair of comfy pants is a boon for the first, second, third, and fourth trimester. What? You've never heard of the 4th? There really is one. I never succeeded in finding the perfect pant, but perhaps you, my lovely readers, would be so good as to weigh in. Maybe something like this?

5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment 7

What is/was your favorite maternity clothing item?


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2 comments on “5 maternity pieces that are worth your investment”

    1. Wait a minute. Does this mean what I think it means?!? ;)

      I always liked my Chip & Pepper maternity jeans, but they're hard to find b/c C&P no longer has a maternity line.

      My sister had a pair of 7 For All Mankinds during her last pregnancy that were cute too: http://bit.ly/T46uvf.

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