5 More Weeks...and we'll be witnessing a miracle

35 weeks pregnantOur baby is due in 5 weeks. Soon - very soon - she will be here in my arms. I'll be able to look into her eyes and smell that sweet baby scent on the top of her head and soak in the magic of the miracle of life.

I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for the birth. The recovery. That state of oblivion and wonder and exhaustion.

In the beginning, I know we might not be sleeping much. Babies, after all, eat throughout the night...and wake up to explore the world. And I'm not one to "schedule" my baby or to "sleep train" or anything like that. In fact, I think it's sometimes extremely healthy for babies to wake up in the night. It may not be easiest for the parents, but - as is true in so many situations - what is easy is not always best.

miracle blanket camo pinkThat said, we'll definitely try swaddling our baby in the early weeks and months because swaddling has been proven to help babies sleep longer and to decrease the risk of SIDS. Our firstborn certainly seemed to enjoy the snugness of being wrapped tight in receiving blankets. My husband was our "resident swaddler" because he just had a knack for it. I tried, but somehow my swaddles never seemed as perfect as his.

This time, I'm excited to try the Miracle Blanket, "a revolutionary swaddle blanket" that is designed to:

  • Help ease fussiness
  • Help prevent facial scratches
  • Help babies sleep better on their backs
  • Help stop twitches that wake your baby
  • Make breastfeeding easier

miracle blanket adPlus, the Miracle Blanket uses no buttons, straps, snaps, zippers, or confusing adjustments. It looks about as simple as simple can be. "The Miracle Blanket makes it easy to get the perfect swaddle every time, even in the dark." That easy part appeals to me.

As does the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love it, you can send it back and get a refund...no questions asked.

Available in 12 different colors/patterns, the blankets retail for $29.95.

YOUR TURN: Did you/do you swaddle your baby? Have you tried the Miracle Blanket?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Miracle Blanket in the color/design of his/her choice. To enter, leave a topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, February 17 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #13 Christine Jensen. Congratulations!

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107 comments on “5 More Weeks...and we'll be witnessing a miracle”

  1. My son did not like being swaddled so what I did was buy some of those Halo Sleep sacks. As he got a little older, we used the Muslin swaddle wraps because they were large enough for him not to undo them.

  2. I have heard of these and they seem to be pretty benificial. Im due in about 9 weeks and getting nervous but also excited. congradulations to you

  3. We swaddled our babies when they were very young. I wished they would have let us do it longer, but it seemed wasy too soon that they were ready for their independance. Thank you

  4. I would swaddle my babies with a blanket that used to be my husbands as a baby. I have never tried the miracle blanket.

  5. I believe in swaddling a baby,allowing them to feel secure and safe.I would love to use the miracle blanket.This looks wonderful!

  6. This would be wonderful for my daughter who is expecting in May. It looks like if you used this, you would have a very calm baby.

  7. I was horrible at swaddaling with my daughter, by the time I had my son, I got it down okay but he didn't like it. This would hopfully help with our next little one!

  8. I haven't tried this blanket but I definitely recommend swaddling if you have a fussy baby! It truly seems to help.

  9. i would love to try this with my ds...he flails his arms in his sleep and wakes himself up a lot. when i wrap him in a regular blanket he always manages to wriggle out:) thanks!

  10. Luv the Blanket. I was the swaddler in my house- a special time to bond. I'd be glad to have this blanket my sweet lil girl would luv it I'm sure and thanks.skyxsky27(at)gmail.com

  11. I like the yellow with aqua trim. Haven't tried this blanket but just wrap the baby like a papoose to feel warm and secure

  12. I swaddled my little girl in receiving blankets because I could not afford to get one of these. I have heard these are the best though so I would like one for my next child.

  13. Congratulations!

    My husband used to love to swaddle our little ones. Now they are older and love to swaddle their new little cousin. I think the miracle blanket looks so comfy!

  14. This looks great! We swaddled grandbaby with receiving blankets and it was difficult sometimes. I never swaddled my babies like they do now-they never told us to do that as much as they do now. My daughter is pregnant again and this would be great to have-especially when I take care of the new baby. The person who does the best swaddling is bew baby to be's father. he is a pro!

  15. My first 2 kids refused to be swaddled, they wanted to be free. But, I'm hoping #3, due in a couple months, will give it a try.

  16. My husband and I are expecting our third child May 15. We are very excited. My husband has always been our "resident swaddler" too. He is just better at it than I am. I love to swaddle them, I think it makes them feel cozy and safe. I would make great use of this product...it sounds like it would be super helful!!!

  17. My brother and his wife are expecting their first son in May. I'm sure that they would embrace the whole idea of swaddling if they had the supplies. I love both blue camouflage and basic blue!

  18. i have always wanted to try one of these with my little ones, but never have. Now that I am expecting my third child in 6 weeks, I would love the opportunity. Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  19. OMG I'm 35 weeks too and freaking out! I swear this lil one is comin early! I have practiced/taught the hubby the swaddling move on our dogs but this blanket would make things a lot easier! Love it!

  20. I used to swaddle my daughter, it seemed to keep her calm for long time. Never tried this but would like to win it.

  21. I am a terrible swaddler - and I gave up way too early with my son because of it. My toddler wore one of the velcro swaddlers, and it really helped her sleep, but my newest wiggles out of it right away. This looks like a great find!

  22. I love that there are specific blankets for swaddling that do not rely on fasteners, it makes it so much easier to just burrito them up and go.

  23. I have never heard of this blanket but have swaddled all of my children thus far. I would love to try this blanket.

  24. I love the yellow with Aqua trim! Very cute!!I like the idea that this doesn't have any velcro. It makes it easier to use.

  25. I swaddled before we even knew to call it that. LOL

    Love to give this to my son and his girlfriend who are expecting their first.

  26. I would totally love to gift this to my sister-in-law. Our son isn't that into swaddling... and is super mellow, but rumor has it that babies calm down just at the sight of it! And my doula HIGHLY recommended it.

  27. We have used swaddling blankets that are similar to the Miracle blanket. It worked great to calm her down and help her nurse - she was pretty frantic about it at first. I'd love to try this one as I've heard such great things about it.

  28. I used to swaddle my children, but at age 27 and 18 I think they'd slug me one if I tried now. No I never tried the Miracle Blanket but with my niece having a baby this August, we'd love to try it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  29. Oh yes, I thought no one was teaching the young mothers these days about swaddling. This is wonderful. I would LOVE to have a miracle blanket like this, another one of my sons is expecting their first.

  30. I have tried swaddling my baby, but I'm not very good at it. I've never tried the Miracle Blanket, but I would love to. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. I love the concept of this blanket. It appears to be very snug and soft - much easier than swaddling with receiving blanket. Congratulations!

  32. I'm not entering this as my baby doesn't like to be swaddled. But I wanted to squeal at ya that you only have 5 weeks left! I'm so excited for you and to meet your new baby. And hear all about your birth story!


  33. I would love to win this for my great-granddaughter who is to be born anytime now. Wish they had this when my kids were babies.

  34. wow i have so much to learn before our first baby comes in a couple months, i will have to try this swaddling method, it sounds great!

  35. I haven't tried this, but man would it have been nice with my son! I had a colicky baby for about 6 weeks and it was miserable. He would always get his arms free and while it was cute to see him sleeping with them over his head I'm sure it didn't help at all. :(

  36. I can't believe you only have five weeks left! Be prepared, your daughter is going to look like a giant. I am always taken aback by how "big" the new big sibling looks. As for miracle blankets, I LOVE them. They are the only swaddling blanket I have had success with. The cheap ones with velcro are garbage. I love the natural beige. Right now we have blue and I hated swaddling our daughter in blue but I was too cheap to buy another one!

  37. I love the idea of this blanket. With my first two kids they loved to be swaddled. Now with baby three coming soon this would be great to have.

  38. Both of my sons liked it for about 2 weeks and then they were done with it. My first would actually scream when swaddled (after the first 2 weeks that is).

  39. 5 more weeks!! I bet your daughter is so excited to become a big sister!! =)

    And I was never really good at swaddling, I tried it with just regular blankets but my son always wiggled his way out - so I'd love to see if an actual "swaddling" blanket makes a difference!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  40. My husband is the best at swaddling too! Must be something about those male genes...

    We used the Swaddle Designs blanket to swaddle my son when he was an infant. I loved it because it such a large blanket that it still worked as he got older. It also worked great for covering up when I was nursing in public.

    So far I haven't been swayed by blankets that claim to make the perfect swaddle but I'd be willing to try!

  41. I don't have a baby to swaddle *quite* yet, but swaddling makes so much sense. He's all squished in there right now, so why wouldn't he feel happier all wrapped up when he's in the outside world, too? This blanket sounds great - I've heard some other great reviews online, too!

  42. Just like you - my husband was the pro at swaddling - me not at all and I was the one nursing so I was the one trying to swaddle Mikayla in the middle of the night. When Lily came along I heard about swaddle blankets and I bought her own and LOVED it. We used it for many, many months.

  43. I can't believe you're due in 5 weeks! I'm so excited and happy for you. I never tried swaddling the Kiddo, but I've heard such wonderful things about it, I'm planning to give it a go with Kiddo #2. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog :)

  44. Swaddling is amazing. Our little one sleeps well when we've swaddled her but she's a little houdini and can get her arms out of the kind we have (Kiddopotamus). I'd love to try the Miracle Blanket. I've read good reviews on it.

  45. My baby is not born, but I would loooove to try swaddling with him. It looks so complicated- a bit daunting, to say the least (especially considering my total lack of coordination- knitting was a joke, shoetying is still iffy)... So anything that should make it easier is MOST WELCOME!

  46. I think we are due around the same time. I would like to try one of these blankets with the new little one. I have never used a blanket just for swaddling before.

  47. I did not swaddle. My baby is 2 months today. Is it too late? I hope I win this for a baby shower gift anyway.

  48. I like this product. It has come a far way since the receiving blankets I used. My daughter is expecting and I would love for her to try this on her newborn.

  49. I swear by swaddling. If I swaddle our newborn before he's relaxed he will fuss and cry and try to fight his way out of it. So I rub his back for a couple of minutes to settle him down. Then I swaddle him as tightly as I possibly can. He'll be asleep within minutes, and most times he sleeps undisturbed for hours. I would choose beige with green trim if I won.

  50. There's nothing better than holding a swaddled baby. This blanket looks like it would stay snug so much better than other blankets. I love the simple "natural beige" blanket.

  51. Congrats on only 5 more weeks. Our last weeks seem to be flying by. I'll have 5 more weeks at the end of this month.

    I love to swaddle my kiddos. Like you I am not so great at it but my husband rules. I have no idea how he gets it so snug around the baby. He has done it with our other two kids. If I ever did it then by morning the baby would be all out of it.

  52. Both of my babies were swaddled. My daughter, I can say did not enjoy it as much as my son. She always wanted to be free and would fuss about being swaddled. I really like these blankets. They look great.

  53. Both of my babies liked to be swaddled. It does really help in the beginning. I would love to win this for my dear friend who is due tomorrow.

    You're almost there! I am looking forward to hearing all about it. I am finding two kids both easier and harder than I expected. Okay, so that doesn't make any sense... you'll see. :)

  54. Y'all must be getting very excited!! Can't wait to see new baby pics.
    Levi loved to be swaddled until he was a few weeks old. Then he decided he was to big for that. Swaddling was wonderful while it lasted.

  55. i swaddle reece when i need her to take a really nice, long nap! she always manages to sleep sounder and deeper when i do...the problem now is that she manages, no matter how well i wrap her, to twist and turn and squeeze one arm out and then she simply unvelcroes the blanket and out pops the other arm--then it's play time (to her at least!). so during naps i often have to remind her that it is naptime by reswaddling her! i have not tried the miracle blanket, but it sounds great!

  56. We swaddled both our boys. They seemed to love it and I think it helped them sleep. Like your's, my husband, is the master-swaddler. We use a large waffle-weave blanket primarily, but for Christmas Andrew got a Kiddopotamus, much like the one pictured. I like to use it because I love the stretchy fabric, but I don't know if I could say it's better than a blanket.

    Our only newborn feeding/sleeping "rule" was to try to keep baby awake long enough when he was hungry so that he would get full (ie not just a 3 minute snack). With that, both of our boys self-regulated into a semi-predictable routine...which, of course, included night-time feedings but also, thankfully, included night-time sleeping in-between!

    I can't wait to meet your little girl.

  57. I didn't have this exact swaddle blanket, but I had a similar one. I LOVED mine because I never could get a regular swaddle blanket to hold! We are firm believers that swaddling makes a baby happy ... at least in our case. :)

  58. I had the hardest time getting swaddling to work with my first 3 kids. With my 4th I carefully watched the nurses in the hospital and used the Burrito wrap meathod that they use in the hospital and it was wonderful in those first couple months! I never tried a blanket made specifically for swaddling. SOunds interesting and like a great baby gift!

  59. My baby girl is 7 weeks old today. I swaddle her at night with a receiving blanket. She loves sleeping swaddled.
    I have really wanted to try the miracle blanket but wasn't sure it was worth the cost.

  60. My little guy is 4 months and still loves to be swaddled. He won't take a binky so we use the swaddle instead. Do miracle blankets come in big sizes? I've tried the kiddopatomus brand and they have a larger size, but this little guy breaks out of it too easily. It looks like the miracle blanket would help in those regards. I just couldn't tell from their website if they're just for newborns.

  61. Oh I remember the swaddling! My husband was also much better at it. My twins were born a little early and they loved to be snug. Great giveaway!

  62. With Allison the Miracle Blanket was a true miracle. She was not a good sleeper and this honestly helped her sleep for longer periods of time. I never could get the hang of swaddling with a real blanket so this was a life saver. So much so that I fashioned my own version for her once she out grew the real one.

    Alexa also slept well being swaddled and also loved the MB. I have a friend also just weeks from birth and while I'll be loaning her mine I'd love to be able to give her a new one. So should I be so lucky that's where it'll go.

    (can't believe you've only got 5 weeks left!)

  63. Our little ones have definitely loved being swaddled, and I've had the best success by making my own extra-large sized recieving blankets (the ones you buy are so tiny, they only work for the first few weeks!) I haven't been impressed with the simple velcro-closure swaddle-thingy someone gave us, but have heard rave reviews about the Miracle Blanket, and would love to give it a try with Baby #3, due to make his appearance any day now!

  64. Our little one loved to be swaddled her first few weeks of life. Then she just wanted to be free of blankets - I have to cover her up again anytime I get up in the night because she kicks her blankets off and will wake up cold! We'll definitely be swaddling baby #2 in June!

  65. I was terrible at swaddling. Good thing since my son didn't seem to like it all that much. I would love to have one for when the next baby happens to come along. I think I like the green with beige trim, you never know if you'll get a boy or a girl.

  66. We tried a swaddler blanket, but it never got tight enough (it had velcro). So we just used receiving blankets. We swaddled on and off until he was well over a year old. As he got bigger, we just got a strip of material from the fabric store and wrapped it around the top of his body so that just his arms were swaddled.

    They really need to make a purple one, but the best color offered is the Camouflage Pink. I would love to have one for my little girl who is due in 5 weeks too!

  67. I was the swaddler in our house. I only found a few blankets that would let me get a nice tight wrap. This nifty blanket is pretty sweet though. If I don't end up winning, I'll be looking for one of these for our next little one.

  68. I love the idea of this blanket. We tried out the kind that use velcros with my daughter and it did work pretty well but I would love to try one out without velcro!

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