5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Guaranteed to Please)

What kind of blog posts are your favorite?

  • The personal, poetic reflections?
  • The useful product reviews?
  • The dream-inspiring giveaways?
  • The how-to columns that teach you how to cook chicken enchiladas or how to leave blog comments that will get you noticed?

I like them ALL.

BUT - My very favorite blog posts are ones where the writer gives a little "snapshot" of her life or her day (preferably with photos). It's somehow comforting to know that all moms have struggles, that no mom is perfect, that it's normal to have toys strewn across the living room and no idea what to make for dinner at 5 o'clock.

I appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one with a grumpy toddler who wants me to make "noodles!" for every meal. I'm not the only mom who has had to change my clothes three times today because my baby spit up on me, my 2-year-old sprayed me with the hose, and I spilled lunch on myself while trying to eat one-handed. I'm not the only mom who doesn't get perfect family pictures. Right?

dsc01137 dsc01138 dsc01158 dsc01144

Motherhood is a tough job. Period. It's the hardest one I've ever had, to be sure.

So, for Mother's Day...I don't really want products as much as I want a break (anyone with me?). I just want a moment - a day - a week to not do something that I normally have to do.

These are 5 gift ideas that are guaranteed to please. Raise your virtual hand if you're a mom and you wouldn't want one of these five. Anyone? I didn't think so.

  1. Maid Service : A one-time deep cleaning or a monthly service. I'll take either.
  2. Photo Shoot : I love taking photos myself, don't get me wrong. But it's kind of nice to get professional portraits done every once in awhile.
  3. Meal Service : This gift could come in many forms. Homemade meals delivered to my doorstep. A gift card to Dream Dinners or a similar meal assembly store. Even a gift card to the nearest pizza delivery place.
  4. Sleeping In : Lately, I can't complain about sleep around here. My girls have both been sleeping until 9 a.m. BUT I've had plenty of seasons/stages in the past where a morning to sleep in would have been positively heavenly.
  5. Kid-Free Hour/Day : I LOVE my kids to bits and pieces. I love them so much it hurts. I love them so much that I want to be home again as soon I leave them to go out for a kid-free jaunt. But I really do enjoy those kid-free moments. Even just a few minutes of solitude to sip a cup of tea or type without a baby in my arms. Hey, even just a few minutes to take a shower and do laundry...I'll take that too.

What's that, you say? You want to know what "material" objects I want too? Well, if you insist...

I think I'd have to say...

A charm for my newest daughter from Julian & Co to add to the necklace I already own.

julian & co necklace

A piece of canvas art from PhotoFiddle.

photofiddle.com logo

YOUR TURN: What do YOU want for Mother's Day? What material and immaterial gifts would top your "wish list"?

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13 comments on “5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Guaranteed to Please)”

  1. I am more of a immaterial girl. I so want a photo shoot. I take pictures all the time but they are far from professional.
    I wouldn't turn a maid away though.

    I would love a necklace with my girl's name on it too. I guess I'm a little material. :)

  2. I'd love to have a gift certificate for a massage for mother's day! Or, a gift card to my favorite fabric store. But the present I'm most looking forward to receiving is from my son. He's made something in kindergarten for me, but won't give me any hints! :D

  3. oh, your top 5 are pretty awesome. i think i was dreaming about the maid service/someone to cook meals during the last stages of pregnancy as well as the first post-partum trimester. whew! honestly, i'd love a picnic in a vineyard with my family for mother's day. that's at the top of my list.

    material: my own closet (not a small wardrobe that i must share with my husband and son while most of my clothes are stacked away in tubs). but a closet that's at least 3 feet wide, with a door, would suit JUST fine!

  4. Those are sweet photo's!

    My Mother and oldest son made something for me and it involves one of my pictures I've taken ... I look forward to that.

    She is also going to do something with my middle son, too.

    I love anything from my kids.

    And, I'd sure love an awesome lens for my new camera ;)


  5. I sometimes feel bad wanting anything, how could I ask for more when I have been blessed with so much?!? That being said, I do want...so, so many things. I am only human after all! My list is short but sweet, and definitely mommy focused. We need a new carrier and a new lens for my camera to get the close up shots. Happy Mothers Day to all!

  6. Last year I for Mother's Day I was in the same spot you are - newborn and a 2 1/2 year old (my kids were just a few months older than yours), and Lily the newborn was a HANDFUL and a half. What I wanted last year could also apply to this year. A few hours in the morning to go for a mountain bike ride or a long trail run, then a shower and off to a massage, nails, and a facial. Finally I would come home to a super clean house, and most important a happy and nonstressed out husband and two happy kids.

  7. Yes to all 5 of those! I am a bit spoiled on #1. We drive junky cars...but we have weekly cleaning service which is wonderful! #2 a photo shoot with the whole family would be a dream. And #3 I would love as well. #4 and #5 I do get on occasion thanks to a very wonderful and understanding husband. To top the list, a date out alone with my hubby would be what I'm wishing for most.

  8. Maybe I'm the odd ball here, but I love to cook and don't mind cleaning. My child loves her sleep, so we go to be early and we sleep in til 9 on the weekends, so I don't really feel sleep deprived. A photo shoot would be nice, but my ultimate mother's day gift would just be a nice day out (zoo, park, whatever) with my hubby and my daughter! My husband and I work opposite schedules, and consequently only have 3 days off together a year (unless we use vacation time)which are holidays and of course packed full trying to see all the grandparents and other family who never gets to see us. So really, I'd just love to have a day with no agenda for all of us to spend quality family time together.

  9. I couldn't agree more with 1 through 5 in your list. I would add one more: a little pampering. I'm not the type to spend a lot on beauty products or services. I only get my hair cut every few months and I've never had my nails done professionally. But these days I feel that I spend so much time bathing my kids, doing my daughter's hair, making sure they're dressed in cute (not to mention clean) clothes, etc. But I'm lucky if I get to shower two days in a row. and I only wear make-up these days if I hit enough red lights between home and the grocery store. What I wouldn't give for an hour-long massage, a facial, or to get my hair done by someone that will massage my scalp before the shampoo. Anything to make me feel extra-girly for a little while.

  10. I've always wanted a really long, professional massage in a relaxing atmosphere. That would be a great gift for me!

  11. Immaterial things? - put me down for the maid service, photo shoot, meal service and kid free time - I'm a morning person so the sleeping in part isn't necessary - although I would like Sugar to get back to sleeping in so that I have a couple of kid-free hours first thing in the morning again! Also I want a date night with hubby - fancy restaurant, dress up clothes and watching live theatre. I'm not holding my breath but that would be the most awesome non-material thing I could have right now - no kids, and a real "grown-up" date with hubby.

    Material things - usually I get my annuals for my flower buckets for Mother's Day and that is a great present. This year I'm planting some ground cover too and doing a little other landscaping so I'll be happy with that for a present although I have to say that I love the canvas art idea from PhotoFiddle and I could really use a new set of pots and pans!

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