5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas: For Him

I think guys are the hardest to "stuff" for.

Guys tend to want BIG gifts.

Girls like large items too, don't get me wrong. But stocking stuffers are easier to think up because women like a lot of "little things" - earrings, lotions, perfumes, etc.

So, I'm here to help with five ideas for your consideration -

rogue 2 flashlightRogue 2 LED Flashlight by ICON(~$48)

Sturdy, stylish, and surprisingly bright (brighter than its competitors), the Rogue 2 is a gift that is guaranteed to get used by any guy. It doesn't matter what his hobbies are - skiing, hiking, drawing, making music, reading, or tinkering around in the garage - he'll like this "show-off" light with a sleek exterior and impressive output.

dremel 300 series rotary toolDremel 300 Series Rotary Tool by Home Depot ($64.97)

Any do-it-yourselfer type is bound to appreciate the complete usability of a rotary tool. He'll be able to carve, engrave, grind, sharpen, clean and polish a variety of projects. Ideal for use at home, in the garage, or on the job.

If you'd rather let him decide what to buy (or if that dremel is too big for his stocking), you can always slip a Home Depot gift card into the toe of his stocking.

windshield vent mount for iphoneWindshield Vent Car Mount with Sound Amplified Cradle for iPhone by Kensington ($39.99)

For the geeky guy on your list. You know. Him. The one who bought the iPhone right after it came out and now derives a hefty dose of enjoyment from downloading new apps from iTunes. He will love this hands-free way to enjoy his high-tech gadget on the road.

This mount is easy-to-assemble (actually, it's only one piece!), easy-to-install, and easy-to-use. It's especially ideal for those with GPS units on their phones because it keeps the phone eye (and ear) level, while allowing the driver to keep his hands on the wheel.

country bob's all-purpose sauceCountry Bob's Sauces

If he likes firing up the grill, he may want to try marinating his steak, chicken, pork, or fish in Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce. Tim and I have marinated our steaks with it on several occasions - and it is a good "all-around" sauce (similar to A1, actually).

Country Bob's also offers a Spicy version of their original sauce, a secret recipe Barbecue sauce, and a seasoning salt.

pivot and flex shaverPivot & Flex Foil Shaver by Remington ($44.99)

Tim says this is a "Solid Razor" in its price category. It's easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. The shave is close...for an electric razor (He's searched high and low for an electric shaver that works like a blade...to no avail).

Overall, it's super handy for him to be able to shave "wet or dry" with this cordless, rechargeable device. *BONUS* It's affordable enough for the average Joe.

WIN IT! One winner will receive:

  • a Country Bob's gift pack ($19.95), which includes: 1 Bottle of Original All Purpose Sauce, 1 Bottle of Spicy All Purpose Sauce, 1 Bottle of Barbecue Sauce, and 1 Container of Seasoning Salt.
  • a Pivot & Flex Foil Shaver ($44.99) by Remington


To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, December 25th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

* I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #3 Ashly. Congratulations!

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64 comments on “5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas: For Him”

  1. Thanks for these great stocking stuffer ideas..my husband is so difficult to shop for but I think he'd like these products, especially the Dremel 300 Series Rotary Tool!

  2. i really like the review...buying things for my husband is always what seems like a chore, its so hard! things for my husbands stocking always get to be very exppensive too :(
    thanks for the great giveaway

  3. My husband is always so thoughtful and gives great gifts. I have a time deciding what to get him especially his stocking thinks for guys can be quite pricey thanks

  4. Difficult to buy for a husband; a real good one spends all his time trying to make things good for his wife and family, and nothing for him. Never wants anything.

  5. Now my DH gets small stuff in his stocking like toothbrushes, mints, small packs of gourmet candy and food. The problem is some of those small packages can cost quite a bit!! I try to look for practical items or new and unusual things. I downsized both of our Christmas stocking a couple of years ago so that does make it a little easier.

  6. Guys do like the more pricer gifts. My daughter would love small make up my teen son it is hard to think what to put in his stocking. The flashlight is a great idea but i think it is to late for that lol
    silverhartgirl at gmail.com

  7. I was just saying today that I always forget to get stuff for my husbands stocking. I keep hearing how good Bob's sauce is. I think we might have to try and find some.

  8. Got hubby an LED flashlight for his stocking this year! Those little lights are great! I'd love to win the shaver for him!

    Thanks for the chance!

  9. This would be awesome for my husbands upcoming birthday. He loves Bob's sauce. It is soooo good! And he needs a new shaver desperately.

  10. That BBQ sauce it the most interesting to me! Any reason to grill outside.
    And the flashlight...how come we have 3 flashlights and I can't fine one that actually WORKS!!

  11. unfortunatly, my husband always gets socks and boxer shorts in his stocking. Oh, and gum. What's up with the gum?

  12. This is awesome! You never see any giveaways for men. My husband would be trilled! He feels so left out - this would make him so happy! Thanks for the chance!

  13. My husband has been asking me for one of these for a long time, but keeps changing his mind... it would be really nice to surprise him with such a nice razor! Guys are terrible to buy for! Thanks for such good ideas!

  14. I used Country Bob's Original Sauce in some baked beans yesterday and it was great! Remington razors are always so well make. They would make a great gift for a hard-to-buy-for guy!

  15. The dremel kit is a great gift for guys. My husband was thrilled when he bought his own. The problem with my husband- if he wants something, he buys it for himself. I had to get creative this year and I got him a Rowanta Steam Iron- my boss (a guy) went from being a wrinkled mess to spiffy pressed over Father's Day.

    I'd love to win the razor- I've been threatening to get him an electric razor since we got married- NINE years ago and I just haven't done it.

  16. I feel like these would all be great stocking stuffers for me! I have been thinking of switching to a wet/dry electric razor for a while, and it seems like often the men's versions are better quality than the women's.

  17. My hubby would LOVE the hot sauce! He's the guy who puts hot sauce on almost anything: pizza - check. My already spicy jambalaya - check. Soup - check. Eggs - check. He likes to rotate through different varieties, too. His current fav is Texas Pete's hot sauce (particularly yummy, he says, on pizza!). Thanks for the great ideas.

  18. my husband would love both of these gifts! he can never have too many sauces and i think a new electric shaver would save him some time in the mornings!

  19. I have a hard time buy presents for my hubby he loves country bobs and needs a new shaver so this would be perfect

  20. this is too funny ...your top stuffer is a flashlight..today my husband comes in from Wallyworld and had one of those little flashlights like the one you pictured and I said ..what's that.he said I always wanted a red flashlight like this (wistfully even)..I wish I'd read your post before then maybe I could of had him a good stocking stuffer huh!

  21. It's usually pretty easy to stuff Noel's stocking, I just get some of his favorite candies and then maybe socks or something, and since he has very large feet, it's already full!

    I think he'd be excited about grill seasoning though, because he's been into grilling lately.

  22. The best stocking stuffer, according to my hubby, was the new razor he got last year. They are so difficult to buy for! I usually get mine a magazine subscription and tuck a copy of the first issue inside.

  23. My husband would be thrilled to receive any of these items in his stocking. The flashlight looks cool, he has been dropping hints for a dremel set for quite sometime now and the rest would be a bonus!

  24. We actually don't do stockings for the grownups around here. I think b/c it's not something that's done in Mexico so my husband doesn't really "get" the joy of a stocking. It would also be kind ineffective since I can't imagine him stuffing one for me. (Of course I guess then I could stuff my own with exactly what I would enjoy.) So, that said, I don't have the problem of thinking of what to stuff, just what to put under the tree. I don't think he'd mind a razor under the tree!

  25. Sometimes, all of my husband's gifts from me go into his stocking! Tools, travel mugs, shavers and
    hot teas! Thanks, Cindi

  26. Grilling stuff is a great idea for stocking stuffing :) Hubby likes to try out new sauces and rubs so those do make great gifts to stick in a stocking. He'd love everything else on this list too though :)

  27. I've found some of the same problems when shopping for my husband - while I want things like a new blow dryer, etc -- he wants things like a Wii or flat screen tv =) Not easily fitting into our budget or a stocking!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  28. These are some fantastic lists you're coming up with here! I never would use an electric shaver, but the dremel tool is something I've wanted for a long time. I could also go for the sauce!

  29. I got my husband a photo mug with pictures of our daughter this year. He can use it on his desk at work as a pen holder and think of her every day.

  30. My stocking stuffers always tend to be practical for my husband. Last year he was always complaining about our whisk, so I bought him a nice new one! and lame socks!

  31. It would be fun to give those to my husband! This year we decided no gifts for eachother. It just wasn't in the budget! He loves to grill and always can use a new razor!

  32. My hubby is such a great gift giver, so I always struggle when it comes to the holiday's because I know I can never top what he thinks of for me. I love these posts becuase they get my wheels turning in the right direction. Due to just having moved into a new home, we've decided to do stocking stuffers only, so now my stocking gifts have to be really great -- thanks for the ideas!

  33. I was excited to see Tim's "review" of the shaver on this list. This has been something on my gift list for my husband every Christmas and birthday for about 3 years how. But I have no idea how you know if an electric shaver is any good before you buy it. And it seems like something that my husband would have a strong opinion about. It's a lot of money to spend if doesn't end up getting used.

  34. Hmmm, your post points out the problem I have with stuffing a stocking for Chris: it's too expensive! It's easy to get girls several inexpensive things, but I find it really difficult to get affordable (and not cheapy) stuff for his stocking. Almost all of the things on this list are so expensive they would have to be his main gift, not a mere stocking stuffer.

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