50 Stocking Stuffers for KIDS


Oh the joy of opening stockings on Christmas morning! Our three young daughters often love the miniature treasures that they discover inside even more than larger wrapped gifts. The trick is to find items to pack that won't land in the trash the day after. You want gifts that have instant kid-appeal, but plenty of staying power.

Take a look at 50 stocking stuffers for kids that are bound to be well-used and well-loved by children of all ages.

hohner-kids-harmonica hohner-kids-maracas colored-pencils rock-crayons twistable-colored-pencls-by-crayolaoil-pastels-by-crayola

1. harmonica 2. maracas 3. colored pencils 4. crayon rocks 5. twistable pencils 6. oil pastels

paint-cups crayola-paint-brushespocket-journal ergo-doll-carrier applesauce-pouches cherry-fruit-strips

7. paint cups 8. paint brushes 9. pocket journal 10. doll carrier 11. fruit pouches 12. fruit strips

clif-kid-bar strawberry-licorice girls-headbands ballerina-necklace diary-with-key blonde-bobby-pins

13. clif bar 14. licorice 15. headbands 16. ballerina necklace 17. diary w/ key 18. blonde bobby pins

heavyweight-hairpins LED-flashlight kinderglo-nightlight calico-critters magnifying-glass superhero-mask

19. hairpins 20. flashlight 21. nightlight 22. calico critters 23. magnifying glass 24. superhero mask

superhero-cape printed-duck-tape civil-engineer-tape space-food jumprope jacks

25. cape 26. patterned duck tape 27. civil engineer tape 28. space food 29. jumprope 30. jacks

pencil-sharpeners cookie-cutter silicone-baking-cups art-smock  mini-dippers stethoscope

31. pencil sharpener 32. cookie cutter 33. baking cups 34. art smock 35. dippers 36. stethoscope

egg-shakers go-fish old-maid pickup-sticks pipe-cleaners scissors

37. egg shakers 38. go fish 39. old maid 40. pick-up sticks 41. pipe cleaners 42. scissors

playsilk compass washi-tape mary-poppins ballet-slippers thank-you-cards

43. playsilk 44. compass 45. washi tape 46. mary poppins 47. ballet slippers 48. thank you cards

the-magician's-nephew travel-bingo

49. chapter book 50. travel bingo

Want even more ideas? We recommend homemade granola bars, clementine oranges, silver dollars, tickets to the zoo or museum, basic t-shirts, leggings or tights, socks, underwear, and flip flops!

What are YOUR favorite stocking stuffers for kids?

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