:: 9 months ::

Oh. My little Baby Boo.

9-month-old-baby 9-months

In just a few short days, you will be 9 months old. Closer to age 1 than age 0.

It seems like just yesterday I was carrying you inside of me. Now, I am carrying you on my hip and in my ERGO baby carrier. Soon, you will be walking and then I will be carrying you more in my heart than in my arms.

For now...

  • you are crawling (quickly, everywhere)
  • you are babbling and laughing and gurgling and shrieking (much to your daddy's chagrin)
  • you are standing (with assistance)
  • you are eating most anything that we eat (in teeny tiny pieces)
  • you try to put every.little.thing in your mouth  (which means we have to watch you ever so carefully)
  • you often suck your ring finger and your middle finger on your right hand (we like to say that you are saying "I love you" in sign language...such a smart baby!)
  • you hate being alone (if we all walk out of the room, you go into quite a panic)
  • you love the water and I mean LOVE it (you like drinking it and being in it and you kick your legs with excitement when we put you in the bath - and you don't mind a bit when the water gets in your eyes)
  • you hate being in your car seat (seat belts and buckles are distressing to free spirits...your sister is the exact same way)
  • you love being held (which, I am convinced is quite healthy and normal and wonderful)

You make everyone smile. All of the time.

Because - you are peaceful and pretty and sweet and smiley. You always have been, actually. From birth.

You are a light in this house, a sunbeam of hope and joy and pure loveliness.

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19 comments on “:: 9 months ::”

  1. She's beautiful! Its hard to believe your baby girl is already 9 months; it seems like just yesterday you were taking a break from the blogospere as you struggled with the fun part of pregnancy:)

  2. Enjoy this growing up time with my little grand-daughter!! This time goes by so quickly. I'm so glad that you are able to stop and see how precious it is!

  3. So sweet, Stephanie. I remember when my son turned 9 months old (as will Lucy in 6 weeks!) I was in awe that he was outside of me as long as he had been inside of me. Pregnancy just feels so much longer than the life of a 9-month-old. But it's also that double standard of not knowing where the time went but at the same time feeling like you've know this child for your entire life. It's the mystery of God's blessings.

  4. Great post. I love your sign language reference! When he does this show him the I Love You sign back...in a few months he will do it back to you!

    Every parent should sign with their baby! Remember to sign the word as you say it and to use keys American Sign Language signs to narrate your child’s world! Keep on sharing! Sara Bingham, author of The Baby Signing Book

  5. That's sweet. And you take such good pictures. She's a good eater. My oldest boy only wanted sweet potatoes for some reason. Hmmmm, those days...

  6. This stage always goes far too quickly. Mine will be 1 in a few short weeks. How did that happen?


  7. Happy 9 months! I can't believe how much time has passed. She is truly beautiful, and her photos certainly make me smile. I'm sure that in "real" life people must just grin big silly grins around her all the time.

  8. Such sweet sentiments Stephanie (whoa, I win the who can use the most "s" words contest!!)

    She is a cutie pie....my little guy hated his car seat too...he was a mover and a shaker and loved to observe. Seated backwards in a car, totally cramped his style! ;)

  9. So happy for you -- and for her.

    I think the Rookie Moms suggest having an inside/outside party (nine months in, nine months out). :)

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