A Blanket that Keeps Bottoms Dry

How many times have you been out-and-about and...

  • decided to make a quick trip to the park or the beach?
  • picked up some food for a picnic and headed to an outdoor location?
  • met up with a friend to do a quick walk or run around the track at a community center?

In all of those situations, a nice blanket comes in handy to spread out on the grass.

This is precisely why we keep our OutMat in our trunk.

A Blanket that Keeps Bottoms Dry 1Created by Go Baby, "The OutMat is a water-resistant outdoor play mat designed to make afternoons on the grass or at the beach easy and fun. It combines innovative, pliable, water-resistant materials and is easy-to-use, making it a lighter, more compact and more attractive alternative to the competition."

A Blanket that Keeps Bottoms Dry 2I love the water-resistant part because it seems like the grass at parks is always slightly damp and thus a bit uncomfortable to sit in.  I also love that the OutMat comes in its own little bag (actually the blanket is the bag...) for easy storage. It really takes up very little room, which any parent can appreciate. My only suggestion to the company is for them to make the blanket a wee bit bigger, but that's only a minor critique. Overall, the blanket is well-designed and compact...perfect for families who love being outdoors, but don't particularly like damp bottoms. 

A Blanket that Keeps Bottoms Dry 3Want one of your own for the summer months ahead? Be sure to use discount code MOMDEALS for 25% off your order. 

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4 comments on “A Blanket that Keeps Bottoms Dry”

  1. These are cute and I have another use for them, my doxie dogs love to roll up in towels, how much cuter would these be? I have great-grandkids coming right around the corner, great thing to have ready and waiting.

  2. This sounds great, but as you say, it looks small. I think we'll stick with our big towels and blankets for now...

  3. I like the designs, we have a blanket with the same concept but it is nothing more than functional. It is perfect for mom & baby at the park, but it would be great if it came in another size, maybe even 2 more sizes.

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