A Curtsy to Kirtsy

A Curtsy to Kirtsy 1Curtsy: A gesture of respect or reverence made chiefly by women by bending the knees with one foot forward and lowering the body.





A Curtsy to Kirtsy 2Kirtsy: A place to find things. News. Ideas. Information. Products. Coolness.




Remember how I gave you all a crash course about Sk*rt last month? Well, Sk*rt is now Kirsty. New Name, Same Great Place.

Here's what people say about Kirtsy...

"Kirtsy is modeled on a site called Digg and is a place where anyone can share any cool link they find online. It's been up and running for less than a year but is already a pretty darn popular site. I love it. I find cool things on it everyday. And I hope you do too." - Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom

"Kirtsy has some neat features (the mix of editing and voting, for one), a nice design, and has a lot to offer women looking for information on a whole host of subjects, including family, design, travel, mind and body, and more." - Chris Brogan, chrisbrogan.com

In honor of the name and domain change (bookmark: www.kirtsy.com), Kirtsy is giving you an opportunity to win over $1,000 worth of prizes including 14 books, a $100 gift certificate to Lands' End, a Sony DVDirect, an Affirmagy blanket, 3 techie items, adhesive gift wrap from Hallmark, 10 cases of Primo water, and...drum roll, please...a registration to BlogHer this July! Click on over to the Kirtsy blog for more details. 

(Photo of little girl curtsying taken by: stillthedudeabides)

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