A Few Business-y Type Things

A Few Business-y Type Things 11. I have a new page called "Link to me" at the top of this blog. There are three buttons up there with corresponding code so that you can insert a badge on your own blog (if you want). Thanks in advance for your support!

A Few Business-y Type Things 22. There's a little green button over on the left sidebar that says "Fave This Blog Technorati." I really don't understand Technorati, but I do know that it's a good thing if people fave your blog. So, if you feel inclined, click on it...

A Few Business-y Type Things 33. I'm a Graco Monthly Nod Winner! Apparently, one of the Graco staff nominated little old me. I'm so humbled and honored. Thanks, Graco!

A Few Business-y Type Things 44. Are you going to BlogHer? I'm 80% sure that I'm going so you should e-mail me if you're going so we can talk.  

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4 comments on “A Few Business-y Type Things”

  1. wow, great buttons!! Did you design them? I'm looking for a new design...

    Your button is up on my sidebar.

  2. You are welcome! Love your blog!! (I read the post about cooking the morning after I made a horrible roast... I made up for it last night with chicken and pasta alfredo :-)

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