Diapers - Chlorine-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and Latex-free

Diapers - Chlorine-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and Latex-free 1You've probably seen Seventh Generation diapers and wipes at Target or your nearest grocery store - or heard the "buzz" around the blogosphere and amongst your friends. Seventh Generation offers a new way to pamper baby's bottom. They offer diapers that are "non-toxic, non-irritating, and fragrance-free" and wipes that are "moistened with aloe vera, vitamin E, and water." 

Diapers - Chlorine-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and Latex-free 2If you've ever used Seventh Generation diapers, you probably know they take a little getting used to because they're brown - yes, they are a very "dirty brown" color. Not the stark brilliant white we're used to. It's actually a little disconcerting at first, but I'd like to think that I wouldn't be so superficial that I would toss out something that is better for my baby based on looks alone. 

Diapers - Chlorine-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and Latex-free 3The wipes don't smell quite as "fresh" as other commercial brands, but - again - that could be because the fresh smell is caused by chemicals. Eek!

From what I know of Seventh Generation, I really like their brand and their mission. They're committed to "using only non-toxic ingredients to protect our world and its littlest wonders." 

I'd like to hear more research on this topic to help me make the right decision for my family, wouldn't you? Perhaps Seventh Generation will publish some studies or articles in the future to arm parents with even more information on the topic.

As for me, I'm actually still trying to decide what exactly to do about the diapers and environment dilemma. My daughter is 19-months-old and we're slowly starting to move in the direction of "potty awareness." Until then, I've considered transitioning to cloth diapers (my amazingly awesome friend Sandy uses bumGenius and I think I'd like to give those a try) or even little panties for daytime use. 

I'm interested: What diapers do you use and why? Are you concerned about the chemicals in diapers or about how diapers impact the environment - and does your concern impact your buying decisions?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pack of Seventh Generation diapers and a tub of Seventh Generation baby wipes. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, April 28 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, April 29. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #24 Janet Lindsey. Congratulations!

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158 comments on “Diapers - Chlorine-Free, Hypo-allergenic, and Latex-free”

  1. I use gdiapers and love them. They are worth it if you buy them earlier on and use them a lot. As far as Seventh Generation, their diapers frustrate me. All diapers are chlorine free now. And they are still plastic, just like the other brands of disposables. The only difference is that they die theirs brown. I also have a problem with the fact that they come up anytime you search with the word "biodegradable" but they are not - it'll still take 500+ years. A great actual biodegradable disposable diaper is Nature Babycare. They're not quite as soft from the outside, but they are very absorbent and work great.

  2. We are expecting in August for the first time. Very overwhelmed with all the diaper choices out there. Friends recommend 7th Generation products so I want to give them a try. I want the safest and least toxic ones out there. nice to read all the advice and comments. any help is great.

  3. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    Yes, they are a “dirty brown” color. Not the stark brilliant white we’re used to. It’s a little disconcerting at first, but I’d like to think I wouldn’t be so superficial that I would toss out something that is better for my baby based on looks alone.

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

  4. Seventh Generation offers a new way to pamper baby’s bottom. They offer diapers that are “non-toxic, non-irritating, and fragrance-free” and wipes that are “moistened with aloe vera, vitamin E, and water.”

  5. My sister in law uses cloth diapers for her children, which I would love to do, but at the moment am living with no washing machine, and the thought of carrying around dirty diapers to get them washed is a little much. I know that this is a silly reason for not using cloth diapers. I am having a little boy and am due the end of August. I am thinking about using the gdiapers for him, but I am not sure of the cost. Do they differ extremely from regular disposable diapers?

  6. I started using cloth diapers on my son when he was about 15 months old and my friend introduced me to pocket diapers. Only thing is that my son and now my nine month old daughter, leak at night when they are in cloth diapers. So we use disposable at night. I am worried that the generation diaper might have the same problem. I am just going to have to try them to find out though.

  7. I was going to be the "perfect mommy" and use cloth diapers for my daughter, but found out very quickly that she was terribly sensitive. I changed detergents several times, even changed ointmeents, wipes, and powders, and changing more often, but nothing helped except using disposable diapers. It is great to know that there diapers that are non-toxic, non-irritating, and fragrance-free! The wipes also sound fantastic! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  8. I have a new one on the way in July. Oh, please please please please please please please please pick me!!!

  9. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Seventh Generation offers a new way to pamper baby’s bottom. They offer diapers that are “non-toxic, non-irritating, and fragrance-free” and wipes that are “moistened with aloe vera, vitamin E, and water.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  10. I really would like to win this one.I have a new little baby boy2 weeks old and this would be relly great.Julie NC

  11. Seventh generation is the obly answer for diaper choice for my new baby and I would really love to win this contest.My baby is 2 weeks old and I sware by seventh generation.Julie

  12. We need to do everything we can to reduce the impact of all those disposable diapers on the environment. These will be great for my upcoming daughter. Thanks.

  13. My new grandaughter deserves the very best so please count me in to this giveaway. Hope this goes through because I couldn't enter the GREEN giveaway.

  14. Since I don't have a baby, if I win, I will donate the prize package to the Community Survival Center, so that a family that is in need can benefit from this wonderful gift.

    Thank you for this giveaway which can benefit the family who gets the prize whether you use it yourself or it is donated to a family in need.



  15. We are looking to do G diapers as well, but want to start off with 7th gen during the lots of diapers time frame. Thanks!

  16. I use a combination of gdiapers and cloth diapers (Bumgenius). It's nice to have gdiapers on hand for the disposable option, and I compost the used liners when I'm at home. Occasionally there are times when pure disposables would be convenient (such as these Seventh Generation), but generally, I'd like to make as little of an impact as possible when it comes to my trash!

  17. What a great product. Our family is really making an effort to go as green as possible and these would really help.

  18. What a great giveaway - thank you for the opportunity. We would love to give these a try and compare them to the gDiapers.

  19. We'd love to try these. We're experimenting to find the best eco-friendly diapers out there but (thankfully) there are many different ones to choose from. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I'd love to win these for my grandbaby, who is celebrating his first birthday today with mommy and daddy. I am so into the saving the planet and have been for over 20 years. My work as a professional journalist focused on water and environmental issues, and I helped write bills to protect the public from dioxin and PCB contamination. I support "green" products like Seventh Generation.

  21. I always feel somewhat guilty using the normal old disposable diapers, I would love to try Seventh Generation's diapers and wipes. I have used their cleaning products in the past and have been happy with them.

  22. My daughter is expecting her first and is just now doing all the research about the different types of diapers. She's leaning toward cloth diapers, even thinking of making her own. Thanks to all those who posted such long informative comments - I've copied the names and links and will pass it along to her. I do know that among the names she already knows is Seventh Generation. Even if she chooses cloth for most of the diapering needs, there are times when disposable are necessary. Seventh Generation would fit that bill.

  23. Baby isn't quite here yet but I'm exploring all my options because he will be here soon. The brown color would definitely take some getting use to!

  24. I am almost embarrassed to say this; I use disposables. I have four kids. I have been an environmentally aware person for two decades and when my oldest was born I bought cloth diapers.... and HATED them!

  25. i've never heard of them. i'm thinking os using cloth diapers for the new baby on the way, but would like to try these for my 15 motnh old.

  26. I would love to give these a try. We are currently using Pampers Baby Dry because we have had leakage issues with other brands- but I am disturbed by how swiftly our garbage fills with the little diaper bundles that I know will just sit in a landfill. This is especially concerning since my husband and I are "excessive diaper changers" as well :).

  27. I actually don't have any use for diapers anymore because my children have outgrown that stage. My cousin is having her first baby at the age of 40 and is very environmentally involved. She would love these for her child, especially if it doesn't have harsh chemicals in it to irritate her newborn's behind. The fact that they are environmentally friendly is just icing on the cake.Buying something green is very important in my purchasing habits as it should be with everybody.

  28. My daughter uses both cloth and disposable diapers, I don't think she has ever tried this brand before, but I am sure she could use them, thanks for the giveaway!

  29. We used these and cloth together but are beyond the diaper stage (though I have a cousin with boy/girl twins who are 14 mos I'd give these to, she's very "green" as well) but we still use wipes and these are very good, we've tried them!!

  30. WE use target brand as they are the best and cheapest we've tried. I actually use cut up old t's at home for wipes and they work great! However, I would like to try 7th generation as I have begin to worry about the amount of trash we produce

  31. I also use BumGenius cloth diapers. We transitioned over to cloth when my son was 6 months old. I always wanted to use cloth, but hubby said no. It wasn't until I saw the pocket cloth diapers that I actually invested in cloth. I do all the washing and stuffing, so hubby doesn't complain. They are easy to use, no pins, just velcro then on like a paper diaper. I still use Luvs, Huggies, or Pampers at night and sometimes when we are out and about. I would love to try Seventh Generation!

    For the moms that don't have a store that carries Seventh Generation, I saw that Amazon is having a special for Earth Day. Also, Diapers.com is a favorite source for my friends that use this brand.

    Lastly, diaperpin.com has some great reviews of different cloth diaper, cloth wipes, and diaper pail liners.

  32. I've used 7th Gen wipes exclusively since Calvin was born. The only exception is I use washcloths at home. I won't use anything with bleach, added fragrances, and other gunk that just absorbs into the skin and causes skin allergies and other negative things. I LOVE 7th Gen. Haven't yet tried their diapers since I primarily use cloth, however, I've had to use disposables when traveling with my son...7th Gen diapers are hard to find around here...I'd have to drive at least an hour to get to a Babies R US...I wish they were available at Sam's, Wal-Mart, or the local grocery stores. I'd love to win a pack to use with my son when we're on road trips.

  33. Oh my, I'm going to have to go back and read some of the comments, they look very interesting.
    We just started using bumGenius! You'd love them. I too am hoping that my oldest will soon be out of diapers but we have a ways to go with our newborn. I just blogged about our switch here http://thereshegrows.blogspot.com/2008/04/going-green.html
    I have a friend who is presently contemplating bumGenius an we'll be going down to their store sometime hopefully this week. I'm so excited, who ever knew that diapers would put me in such a tizzy!

    We still don't have enough diapers to be full time cloth but we're getting there. I'm also still working through our stash of "other brand" disposables but when those are out I plan on getting Seventh Generation for outings or trips.

  34. I would give these to my daughter for use with my granddaughter. Maybe I would be the one to show her the "greener" way.

  35. We've been cloth diapering our kiddies since our first was 6 months and used a whole slew of different brands of cloth diapers. :) But for long trips and for the church nursery, we use generic brand disposables and it'd be great to use more "green" disposables when we need the convenience! Thanks for entering me!

  36. We've been using 7th Gen wipes for six months and I’ve found they don't sting our little guy like the Huggies extra sensitive/non-fragrance wipes did. He doesn't wince or clench like he did before when you wipe in that one particular area that usually needs extra cleaning after a really messy diaper. So I'm in love with the wipes. As for their diapers, I tried them a while back, but found that my son got a rash after the first use and he was only in the diaper for 2 hours. (I'm anal about changing every 2-3 hours to avoid diaper rash.) So I tried them a few more times after the rash cleared up, but he’d get the rash again. So I gave the rest of the package away. Fast forward six months, I’ve been reading a lot of research about disposable diapers lately and I've been thinking I need to give 7th Gen another try. I've tried Tushies because they aren't gel-based and a lot of research talks about how gel-based diapers are evil because of the chemicals (7th Gen is gel-based but they say the ingredients are inert and non-toxic). But while I feel better about using Tushies because they’re just cotton, I'm having to change my son so frequently beyond my obsessive compulsive desire to keep his bottom clean that it's getting really expensive! That said, I'm still in the market for a safer alternative and want to give 7th Gen a second chance just to be sure it wasn't the batch of diapers last time. Crossing my fingers!

  37. Concern about chemicals in diapers was one factor that influenced our diapering decisions. Here's what we use or have used for an infant and a daytime potty-trained toddler:

    1. Conventional disposables. I buy these mainly to keep in my purse---cloth diapers can take up a huge amount of space, and I like carrying a small bag. We also used them on our one vacation, and during a particularly heavy wetting period with our toddler.

    2. Seventh Generation diapers. We were given a package---the color didn't bother me, but it did give my mom a surprise when she went to change a diaper that looked like it hadn't been changed for days.

    3. Unbleached chinese prefolds with Pro-Rap Classic and Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Pros: inexpensive and durable. Cons: wicking means you have to change diapers pretty often.

    4. Re-Uz'm AIOs. Pros: As convenient as diposables to use. Cons: We've had a couple of them rip either at a snap or on the inside where the liner meets the absorbing flap. Also, they dry kind of crunchy in our Arizona heat.

    5. Fuzzi-Bunz with Cotton Babies microfiber inserts. Pros: Very absorbent, not bulky. Cons: Their PUL exteriors haven't stood up to line-drying in Arizona. This was a major drawback for us as we had hoped to offset the cost of them by using them for more than one child.

    Our bumGenius diapers didn't work very well for us, but I can't comment on them because the ones we bought were seconds and were first generation. And it's super-easy to use cloth wipes at home, but I keep disposables in my purse.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and for the work you put into metropolitanmama.net!

  38. We use Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers. We switched from disposables to cloth when my 2 year-old daughter was 15 months old. We love them!

  39. I adore these diapers and wipes. My son is 2 and we are transitioning into training pants. The training pants are fabulous as well!

  40. We use seventh generation diapers and LOVE them. Bottom line - your baby is in diapers all the time. Non-toxic and biodegradable is the way to go!

  41. My sister in law and my best friend are expecting and want better solutions than Pampers and the like. This would be great!

  42. Comment -- I have three children, including a new baby. We have always used the Premium Pampers diapers and wipes (I think the name has changed from Premium, but that is how I remember it as that is what it used to be called -- it is not the baby dry, but the ones that are a bit more expensive) I used these because when I tried other diapers, they felt somewhat "plasticy" to me, while these felt more cloth-like. And,for whatever the reason, I just didn't see myself using cloth diapers.
    I am concerned about both the chemicals and the environment -- as the impact of diapers is huge. I have thought about it a lot lately. We've switched to all not chemical and "green" house cleaning products and personal cleaning products (shampoo and soap, lotions and toothpaste, etc.) The idea of how much the chemicals would impact my children has begun to change my thoughts. You realize how compared to even a generation ago, puberty now begins several years earlier -- and it is largely believed to be due to the chemicals they are exposed to. In addition, we have yet to realize the impact on how certain diseases (certain cancers, etc as you become older) may have been, even in small part, because of the chemicals and impure things we encounter daily in our lives over years and years. I have heard a lot about Seventh Generation, and have been impressed with them (have bought some of their cleaning products recently) As I said, the chemicals and their impact have influenced many of our purchsing decisions, althought not yet our diaper products (although we have changed the soap, lotion, etc. we use on our baby). I believe that I will try the Seventh Generation brand diapers in the near future. It would be fabulous to win them! Thanks for furthering my thoughts on this issue!

  43. I've never use these, but would love to have the opportunity to use these diapers & wipes! I have tried other products by Seventh Generation and have been very impressed.

  44. I have used baby wipes for many years but I never thought about going the eco-friendly route. I recently learned about "Earth Day" and I must admit, eco friendly baby wipes and diapers never entered my mind. I have used disposable diapers in the past and so do the parents of babies I watch. Even though my children are out of diapers, I babysit babies a lot of the time and would love to introduce other "moms" to a different type of diaper.I am one of those moms that use baby wipes for so many other things in addition to using them after diaper changes.Mainly for washing dirty little faces and hands :)

  45. I used these with my first and I want to use them with my second. These diapers don't leak. Ever.

  46. I have used these before and they were great and I loved that they were eco-friendly...makes you feel just a little better with all the waste that diapers create. I haven't used the wipes before though, so that would be a great addition to eco-friendliness in our house. *elizabeth

  47. I didn't really consider my diaper options before we adopted our daughter home. We've used Huggies on her since she was born. But with our next one I'm thinking of doing the cloth thing. Financial and quality considerations are our priority, but environmental effects are definitely second.

  48. I absolutely LOVE Seventh Generation wipes! They are the only wipes that don't give my sweet baby a rash. They are a bit more expensive than some other wipes, but in my opinion, darn well worth every penny.

  49. We used cloth diapers for our first 2 children. Saved us a ton of money and I found them easy to use. The only time we used disposables was when we went on vacation which wasn't that often unfortunately.

  50. I use both Pampers Wipes and diapers. I am concerned about how these effect the enviroment and I like that these Seventh Generation diapers and wipes are more natural.

  51. THEY ARE?!

    brown I mean.

    I had no clue.

    Im hoping NOT to need diapers much longer (well not ME but my toddler :)) but seeing as how we're progressing in the potty training dept I mightcould investigate the G diapers too.


  52. I've heard about G diapers, too, and think they sound pretty cool, but I think I read that they're even more expensive than disposables. Then again, I've read that cloth diapers, though better land-fill wise for the environment, aren't too much better overall because of the water and soap used to do so much more laundry, etc. I don't know what to think. We use Pampers (unfortunately like the most expensive diapers EVER) because they're the only thing that works on our kids without blowouts or leaks so far. Argh.

  53. I have used both cloth and disposable diapers. I never found cloth diapers do be a big deal. I liked them. We went away from them try try trying to get Violet to sleep a little longer with a more absorbent diaper on. I'm very interested in G diapers now. They have a washable cloth outer, and the inner is flushable and biodegradable. That seems to solve that whole issue of human waste going to the landfill that disposables present, not to mention the volume of garbage we produce with disposables.

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