A Peek into the Life of a Stay-At-Home-DAD

A Peek into the Life of a Stay-At-Home-DAD 1Mike is a 21-year-old stay-at-home-dad that blogs at Stay at Home Dad, Geek Style. Here's what he says about his blog's purpose, "This is my personal blog about my efforts to do my part in raising a beautiful little girl, despite being a little bit too young, far too geeky, and way too selfish."

There aren't many stay-at-home-dads that publicly and proudly discuss their decision to stay home so it's refreshing to read about a dad who does both. That quality alone sets this blog apart. Mike definitely has found a niche market.

That said, I'm excited to see the "big changes" that are coming to DevDad because the current design/layout is not as exciting or as a attractive as it could be. I'd also like to see more "newsy" items (product reviews, website spotlights, links to news reports, etc.)...

Oh, and contests are always fun. Psst...did you hear that Mike is giving away a Canon PowerShot SD 750 digital camera? Shhh...I don't want too many people to find out. :)

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