A Product for Moms Who Eat One-Handed (That's All of Us, Right?)

A Product for Moms Who Eat One-Handed (That's All of Us, Right?) 1Eating one-handed is a skill that I think most moms master within the first day or two of giving birth or adopting a little one. It's a survival skill, really. When my daughter was an infant, I ate one-handed at just about every meal (either that or I ate REALLY FAST while my husband or someone else held her...partly because, inevitably, she always wanted to nurse as soon as we would sit down to eat and, partly, because I wanted to get back to holding her again). Now that my daughter is a toddler, I still sometimes eat one-handed because she loves to sit on my lap at the end of mealtime. 

To help moms with this common dilemma, there is a new product out called the Knork - "a fork with the functionality of a knife built in." The Knork "enables a user to both cut and spear food using only one utensil - and one hand."

A Product for Moms Who Eat One-Handed (That's All of Us, Right?) 2I recently tried the Knork at two different meals - chicken enchiladas and grilled chicken and broccoli. The first thing I noticed about the Knork is that it is attractive, sturdy, and easy to grasp. These Knorks are actually much nicer than our "regular" forks in terms of design and prettiness. In terms of functionality, they do work better than a regular fork, mostly because of the easier grasp, but the edge actually isn't as sharp as I imagined it would be considering that it is marketing itself as a fork/knife combo. That said, I really like the Knork concept and I appreciate how well-made the flatware is.

Knorks can be purchased online or at a variety of retail locations. 

A Product for Moms Who Eat One-Handed (That's All of Us, Right?) 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a complete Knork 20 piece set, which includes 4 five-piece place settings (valued at $85). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, July 7 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.   

*UPDATE* The winner is #67 Vickie Couturier. Congratulations!

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491 comments on “A Product for Moms Who Eat One-Handed (That's All of Us, Right?)”

  1. These look really interesting! I would have loved to have had these about 5 years ago when my girls were really young. And one less utensil to wash- a definite plus!

  2. First came the plastic spork... I can't say I was too excited to use them. Now we have the knork and I feel like they will have a fantastic future! My first reaction was pretty much like everybody else -- Gee, won't it cut my lips or tongue? Long live the KNORK!! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  3. What a great product idea! I saw this product first on the Rachael Ray website...it is such a mom "stomach saver". There are so many times I can remember sacrificing my own hunger for my kids...what mother wouldn't...but this solves the problem!

    Yeah for the KNORK!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!! :)

  4. Once again you have discovered a fantastic product and made it known to us...thank you!

  5. I love this idea! I had heard of a "spork", but this makes more sense! Thanks for this opportunity!

  6. What a great invention! My daughter's friend just had a baby last week...her first girl, after having 2 sweet boys, and I know that she would truly appreciate this as a gift!

  7. A fork-knife combo without it being too sharp. I HAVE to try this! An extra plus is that they're easy to grasp. My husband's always complaining that our silverware is too clunky. He has a birthday coming up. Alas, a great gift idea for a man that's impossible to buy for!

  8. My mother could not feed herself if it wasn't for knorks. She only has one hand. Too bad they are so costly.

  9. Wow- wish I had these when my kids where born. Would love to give these to my sis-in-law who will have 2 under 2.

  10. This is the greatest invention I have seen in a long,long time.Hope I win,I really need them at my house.
    Thanks for a great contest.

  11. I have never heard of these at all! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing, great blog and great contest.

  12. What a great idea! I would love to try these. Having two small boys, these would be very handy! Thank you for the great contest!

  13. When you relate what its like to have a baby and try to eat - I can totally relate. I'm an older mom, and its been about twenty years since I've handled babies. So having a baby recently was quite a reminder about how difficult ordinary everyday things are. My baby can roar - and he's stubborn - he doesn't stop within a reasonable amount of time - so everything from eating to peeing is done with company! (we're weaning him from the last - thank goodness)

    At first, especially with colic - I wouldn't eat. Now I eat one handed - with his help - he flails around while nurses - and I'm positive he's purposesfully trying to knock about whatever I'm holding!

    I know its important to eat - I have to keep up my energy and a product like this is ideal for helping moms like me.

  14. What a neat idea! I would really love to try it. Since you mentioned about it not being as sharp as you thought I am hoping it will still cut most things!

  15. The knife/fork combo! What a great idea. I get so frustrated trying to eat one handed trying to use a regular knife to cut my food!

  16. This is the most ingenious thing EVER!! After suffering through cold meals for almost 4 years and about to embark on my 3rd infant/1 handed meal eating experience.. I NEEEEEEED THIS!! :)

  17. I would love to win this I have problems grasping utensils now so this would be a god send to me.

  18. This sure is an interesting concept! I would be interested to try these out and see how they work, I think it could cut down on stuff you need to wash and who doesn't need help with the dishes! LOL

  19. Wow! I've never had a full set that matches. I've just kind of had hand me downs. It would be great to have an actual set. Thanks!

  20. I am always on the go with 3 children and a 1 year old niece I frequently babysit. These look like a fantastic idea and I think they would really make my mealtime easier!

  21. What a great idea. With 4 kids I am pretty good at the one handed eating except when both of the younger ones need me then I usually am the last to eat. Someday they will invent something to help I am sure for now I would be happy to just do one hand. Thanks.

  22. I went online to read about the product because this is something my husband would LOVE... particularly because of the way it is designed (he is really into esthetics). Anyway, one of the things that struck me was that it is a pretty high quality stainless steel. We have really made an effort to change all of our kitchenware to stainless steel (it's a process of course...a lengthy, pricey process). Anyway...very cool product. Glad it's available at Tar-jay! Hehe!

  23. First it was sporks and now knorks. What will these clever people think up next... spoknorks?

  24. Wow, all these years I could have been still eating while holding my little ones. What a terrific utensil.

  25. Knorks -- what an awesome idea.
    Moms with young kids nowadays have a lot more mom-friendly items than they did forty-some years ago when my stepkids were babies.
    A set of knorks would make an awesome gift for a Mom-to-be, or for a new Mom.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  26. What a great idea, we have more little kids than laps here so anyway to eat with one hand is great, I'm typing this with one hand as youngest has just climbed up on me again

  27. I would question using these with younger kids but do like the concept because I can never find a knife when I need one

  28. HOLY MOLY!! What a great idea!! Now if they could just find a little bucket for under my chin, I'd be all set!

  29. this is such a great idea! usually i just use the side of the fork, and it usually doesn't work as well, so this would be great!

  30. Cute Idea... I've got something like this that's plastic and geared towards camping gear, but it's awesome that this version is "real" silverware. Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to all!

  31. What a cool idea. I could have used this years ago when my daughter was young. Getting to eat my own food was always a challenge then.

  32. wow- like a spork! i'd love to try these now that our new daughter will be coming in a few months

  33. Now that's a handy thing to have! I also have a toddler who likes to sit on my lap at the end of a meal. It makes eating tricky sometimes. I think I need a Knork!

  34. My daughter would love these she was born with a silver spork in her mouth, why not give her a knork now that she's older?

  35. Very creative silverware! Would truly love to try these. I'm sure one day we as parents will look back and fondly remember the days of eating single handed, but for now, The Knork might be a terrific solution. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  36. My husband (after 10 years as a stay at home daddy) has still not mastered the one handed dining trick. But it's a piece of cake to us moms.

  37. What a great idea. I remember sporks and this would be a lot better than plastic. I love trying new products

  38. I think it would be handy. I don't think you would want the knife part TOO sharp or you would slit your mouth open (YIKES!)But a regular fork only works for , say, cake. MMMM cake....

  39. Wow, how crazy you have a post about these! I just recently heard of them myself and meant to tell my husband about them but forgot. He's Canadian and was brought up to eat "properly" -- using his dominant hand for his knife and his weaker hand for his fork, rather than doing the swap thing that I always do. I just can't get used to doing it 'his' way, though it seems so much more convenient, and if nothing else I think this would make a great training tool, hehe.

  40. I saw these on Rachael Ray a few weeks ago and I want them. They are so cool and this is cool not just the fork but 20 pieces - thanks

  41. Nice idea. I would love to try them. Great giveaway - a whole set! Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. These look very useful and a great product! I would love to win!
    Thanks for the chance to win and hosting a great contest!

  43. my my what will they think of nextthis product has a lot of uses by not only hungry moms but anyone who has to eat one handed what a great idea

  44. Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Matilda/et all) wrote about how his father broke his arm as a child and loss total use of it. He ended up creating his own version of this, taking a fork and sharpening one edge enough to cut. When juggling to try and cut pork chops 1-handed I've often thought of that passage!

  45. I never realized how much I ate one handed when the boys were younger. Now we would still use this because we tend to multi task at meal time

  46. This really simplifies life! My husband and I have been designated the relatives that teach how to set the table and properly use utensils. We like having candlelight dinners and fancy dishes even if the dinner is simple. The kids love it! From the time they are very young they carefully put the silverware down and ask if it goes on the right or the left. This would really make things fun! I think it is a super idea! It also saves on washing up after the meal!

  47. Not only would it be great to win this because it is such a neat concept, but I would actually have a matching set of silverware finally!
    Awesome giveaway!


  48. I'm wondering if this wouldn't work pretty well
    for someone like me with arthritis...holding the knife and fork to make a cut can be very difficult. Thanks for letting us know about the product.

  49. Oh my gosh, I NEED THIS!! I have four kids and I feel like I am always nursing and rocking someone at meal times and I STRUGGLE to eat one handed. What a great idea!!

  50. Anagrams, acronyms, word games in general are a favorite in our house, especially around the dinner table. The knork would not only incite certain ongoing games, it would also give my son the excuse he has been looking for to not use his knife.

  51. What a great concept! I've been needing this! I cherish date night with my husband...not only because we get a little alone time but because I can eat with two hands, taste my food and actually enjoy a meal for once. :)


  52. I'm a naturally clumsy person (eating utensils are the worst!!)- so the Knork is a wonderful idea!!

  53. This is a very good idea and sounds like it would be a good utensil to keep in the silverware drawer!

  54. What an interesting item! I love the Knork because it is a new interpretation of an ordinary household item.....a flash of genius!

  55. This looks interesting. It might also be useful for 5 year-olds learning how to cut their own food. Thanks for sharing it.

  56. When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child....eventually.

  57. I wonder if I could use these to help teach my son how to cut his own food... I'm ready to try anything at this point! The big question is, does it really cut steak like the picture shows???

    I'd love to find out! Thanks!

  58. These look great..they could only be better if they warmed the food as well...haven't had a hot dinner in years!

  59. Very inventive, unique and stylish. They would look nice next to my platinum rimmed plate set. The Knork would made a great gift too!

  60. I am cracking up as I read this and try to type one handed- I am in need of a knork! My son just needs to be held all the time, thanks!

  61. I saw these on TV a while back it I liked the concept, but I've never seen them in any store for sale. I probably wouldn't be able to afford them anyway, but it'd be great to try these!!

  62. These would be great to try out with my kids, maybe keep them a little safer in trying out utensils other than spoons (just kidding there), but I sure would like to teach them proper utensil management now.

  63. What a great idea. I would be concerned that the knife side would be sharp and might not be safe for your mouth. Thanks for letting us know it's not really sharp at all.

  64. Oh my goodness...I need this. It's impossible to feed/care for my twins and eat, but this might help.

  65. Greetings! I have read about this item and the inventor. How fun! Please enter me in your drawing.
    Thank you, Cindi

  66. Oh hello! Where was this when my youngest was a baby - 2.5 yrs? Seriously this is genius!! My son nursed a LOT, more than my other two. :)

  67. I was intrigued when I saw these featured on an HGTV show a while back. The guy who invented these got the idea after battling pizza for years with a fork. (I still do that by the way. Too neat-freak to eat with my hands, too lazy to get up and get a knife...we all have our shortcomings.) Anyway, I hear you about the challenge of eating with a toddler on your lap and I'd love to give these a try. Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. Now that my littlest one is 2 1/2, I do manage to get to eat most days, but I would still love to give these a try! They look fantastic! Thanks!

  69. A friend was telling me about these the other day because she'd heard about them through some magazine. I hadn't seen them yet until now and wow, what a wonderful idea and definitely something I'd like to try.

  70. This is something I thought of many years ago and wish I would have pursued it. I would love to win so thanks for the chance.

  71. I cannot believe this wasnt invented a long time ago! What a wonderful idea. This is something I could really use!

  72. How is it that our young ones just pick the moment we sit down to eat, as the time they need to be fed, held, changed, etc...

    This product sounds really interesting, I would love to try it.

  73. Boy,nice prize.Sure would love to have!My knives(hate to say)have rust on them.Thank you for the giveaway!

  74. How wonderful! I would love to replace my old silverware with a new stylish set. What a great giveaway!

  75. With three kids under three I know all about one handed eating. Thanks for sharing this product with us.

  76. Even though my kids are older and I do get to eat my food while it's still hot and use two hands, I still think this is a great idea and would love to try this!

  77. I saw an episode of "Unwrapped" on the Food Network (one of my favorite shows, by the way, but not to watch if you're dieting!) that featured the knork. It would be fun to try! My son loves to eat at KFC, because of the sporks they hand out, and he'd really get a kick out of the knork!!

  78. I only eat one-handed if I even have time to eat. Life sure changes with having a baby in more ways than you ever imagine. Nobody tells you: forget eating in a leisurely, relaxed fashion with two hands once you have a baby. The knork looks like it could come in handy for this dilemma AND it looks classy too. As others have pointed out, KNORK is also fun to say... Sign me up please!


  79. Are you staring in my window at dinner time? lol I could be on the founding board of the One Handed Eaters Club. Very cool product! Would love to try these out.

  80. This is such a great invention. I saw something on the person who invented it and it was like a 15 year old kid or something. I hope he's livin large! Thanks for the great contest!

  81. Wow- this would be so wonderful in my home! As a left handed mom trying to teach a right handed child how to cut while I'm balancing a toddler, any short cuts (pardon the pun) would be a blessing!!!! Plus it would be nice to replace the silverware that I "borrowed" from college all those years ago ;)

  82. I think that the Knork is actually local to me but I haven't seen their lovely flatware... it would be nice to have flatware that didn't spot and all matched for a change!

  83. Knorks... an ingeniously useful and stylish flatware set. Looks,functionality,18/10 stainless;
    what a fantabulous offering!!!
    I want to start packing up my mismatched hand-me-downs, now!

  84. Oh my goodness. This is just too clever! Um... I don't eat one handed. I can dissect a logic board, solder like brain surgery but have never been adept at knife and fork at the same time. You can dress me up but you can't take me anywhere! I'd carry it in my purse when we went out to eat. I kid you not!

  85. What a super handy idea. I've sure been through the days of one-handed eating - or attempting to eat one handed.

  86. being a long time fan of the spork i love the knork sometimes you have one hand and although it knows what the other one is doing it can't actively participate in the show.

  87. I have never seen these before, these would help when you have little ones and try to eat. Great idea and Great giveaway!

  88. Why oh why didn't they have this when my children were young? Well, now my grandchildren can use them while feeding my great-grandchildren!

  89. I learned to do everything one-handed when my daughter was a baby. I even got to where I could make bottles one-handed in the dark. She's 27 now, but my hubby has a chronic illness and has lost much of the use of his hands, so Sporks would be great for us!

  90. I'm wondering how you hold that steak in place while you're cutting it, but I certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity to win it and find out!

  91. What a neat silverware set! I have heard about these before and love the concept. I would love to get a chance to try these out.

  92. Considering, we don't have any matching silverware this would be GREAT! Also, I'm really curious to try those!

  93. I'd love to try these ... I often forget to grab a knife with my dinner ;) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  94. These look great! And they look like they are smaller so you can take smaller bites (which I like a lot). Thanks for the chance.

  95. These would be a great addition to my kitchen. It would be helpful to be able to use one utensil in one hand when having my son sit on my lap. It would also be helpful with young kids who are eating on their own yet are not "ready" to handle sharp knives. Clever idea and thanks for the giveaway!

  96. The name is soooooooooo funny to me. Or maybe I am just being silly today. Anyway love the concept. Glad they aren't sharp like you thought and they are very pretty to look at too.

  97. knorks sound like a wonderful idea, my MIL had a stroke and this table wear would make it much easier for her to use one hand. very good idea, i hope I win Thanks for the chance

  98. You come up with the cleverest/useful giveaways of new products and then give the greatest reviews--even when I don't win I usually put the item on my wish list or go purchase it! Thanks for keeping me up to date on the latest! Love the idea of the Knork!

  99. Ok, this is a great idea. With out fail one of us ends up holding our toddler for a meal. Usually the babe is content to sit and watch but not always. I'm thinking this would also make trying to cut my big broccoli up smaller for Allison much easier too as she has a tendency to find food on my plate much more interesting! And the name is wonderful.

  100. I saw this on TV. I can't remember what show it was, but it talked about how Steve came up with the idea. It's another idea that I said "why didn't I think of that."


  102. I'd love to try these. The design is great. Very cute. I have a toddler, so I know what it's like to eat with one hand. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  103. Wow, I'd love to win this. Our silverware is starting to show little rust spots on it. I don't know if it's something in the water here, or just the humidity. But since we're moving at the end of the year, I've just decided to wait to replace it after we move. I'd love to win this set and hold onto it until then!

  104. I laughed at the title. Yes, we do all eat with one hand. My daughter absolutely will not eat in her high chair unless it's pasta (Strange I know) so I hold her the netire time, making it pretty much near impossible to actually eat. I'd love to win this. Thanks.

  105. wow,what a nice prize,yes people that dont have kids have never lived until they live one handed,eat,dress,cook,go to the bathroom,an dress,an with one arm,lol,please count me in too,thanks

  106. The Knork! The name is even funnier than the product! I'd love to win this for my friend with a one month old. She's having such a hard time adjusting to mommy-hood and anything that could make life easier would be appreciated!

  107. What will will they think of next. :0)

    I really like the idea and hope it catches on and becomes the next 'got to have' craze!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  108. My two-year-old daughter crawls up on my lap after almost every meal, too! I would love to try this- must have been invented by a Mommy:-). Thanks!

  109. Love this idea. Who has a free hand for a knife much less want a knife around toddler's quick hands!?

  110. What an unusual silver ware set!
    The best and brightest one I've seen yet!

    I enjoyed reading about how Steve came up with the idea while trying to eat pizza with a fork and how uncomfortable it was. I have one fork in the house that is "mine" because its the only one that doesnt cut into an arthritic knuckle!!

  111. That is a very inovative fork! I am continualy impressed with the ingenuity of inventors! A wonderful, useful invention that has momma's in mind...How can you not love that!!!

  112. I love the name of these...makes me see a cute little muppet-like critter in my head with big duck like feet and a long nose, oh and big ol' puffy feathers on it's head. What can I say, I'm a big kid inside. The flatware looks cool and sounds super functional!

  113. My husband tried something similar, it was plactic though, and in the camping section at walmart. It broke after a few uses. This knork will definately be better!

  114. I would love to try this! I always try and try to cut things only using my fork and most of the time, I just give up because I have worked so hard trying to cut something, that I don't want it anymore!

  115. Sounds like a good idea, and I'm always attempting to cut my food w/ my forks to no avail. I'm willing to give these a try.

  116. I saw this on TV a couple weeks ago, and you're right - it would be perfect for one-handed eating! And with my baby being 3 months old, I would *really* love having a set! You described my dinners perfectly - I'm always rushing to eat as fast as possible, taking turns to eat with my husband, because somehow the baby always starts crying right at mealtime. It's uncanny. I have a tendency to cut (or try to cut) a lot of my food with my fork anyway... why not use a product specifically designed for it?? :)

  117. I saw this on the news one morning. I thought it was such an ingenious idea. I wanted to get it, but it was kind of pricey for my budget. I would love to try this fun new product.

  118. What an incredibly unique idea! It had to come from the mind of a mom! I was just trying to eat meat one-handed yesterday, and it just didn't work too well. This would be really fun to try!

  119. Haha! I have to admit, it sounds like it's a joke! But in al actuality, it would probably be *really* nice. It's so hard eating meals while doing anything with a little one! When I try to eat while feeding my son I end up just feeding him and then eating my own meal (cold) when he finishes.

  120. How funny! My husband was just saying yesterday that he should invent something like that!!! I mentioned the risk of cutting your mouth while eating, but he said it should be only about the same sharpness as a butter knife. Anyway, we would love to try these out. I also have the pleasure of feeding or holding our son while I eat.

  121. What a weird, but great idea. I suppose if the edge actually was sharp you would cut the side of your lip while eating! Yikes! But they would be fun to try!

  122. This would be great my daughter goes into an apartment this year for college and needs EVERYTHING

  123. Wow, this is also a good gift to a new mom, because you summed it up, we all end up mastering the one-handed eating!

  124. I have to say the name is great, knork is just fun to say. I am flad you said that is was not sharp as I has vision of a cut tongue. Great idea

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