A Shoe for Him, A Shoe for Her

perforated-lace-up-oxford-dress-shoes-aetrexMy husband just sat down on our leather chair today after work, took off his shoes, and said, "These shoes are awesome. They're just as comfortable as my tennis shoes."

I agreed that they are indeed "awesome." Not only are they comfortable, they are super stylish and modern - equally fashionable paired with jeans or dress slacks.

What are these wonder shoes? They are the Black Perforated Oxord dress shoe by Aetrex. The shoes offer "pressure relief for added comfort" and a "sculpted heel" that offers a tailored fit. They even come with 2 removable inserts for fitting flexibility.

All in all, these are the best shoes my husband has had in a LONG time - they're durable, they're professional, and...they're as comfy as tennies.

Available at foot.com, these oxfords retail for $149.95


mbt-changa-cork-shoesAs for me, I recently had the opportunity to try out the Changa Cork mary janes by MBT.

These fitness shoes are a little hard to get used to at first because it feels like you have an orange underneath your arch.

After awhile, however, I realized that they're actually quite comfy.

AND they're designed to:

  • solve knee and back problems
  • relieve tension in the neck
  • ease joint pains
  • tone and shape the buttocks and thighs
  • improve posture

There's no real way for me to tell you if those claims are true (i.e. my butt isn't instantly slim and shapely), but I can say that MBT’s functionality and many benefits are proven by academic research and endorsed by medical and sports professionals around the world.

And they're cute too, don't you think?

Available at Amazon.com, the shoes retail for $169.

***Stay tuned for an opportunity to win some shoes of your own!

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10 comments on “A Shoe for Him, A Shoe for Her”

  1. they are cute.i am more partial to the womans however.
    my husband was looking at some cork shoes to help with his bad back. he ended up settling on some Merrell hiking shoes.

  2. Stephanie,
    I just bought some MBT's for my Hubby! I am a part time pharma rep and all the doctors I talk to where these! My husband was having back problems and I wanted to do what ever I could to help and these seem to be working. They come in so many styles and colors and I totally agree with your review!

  3. Before I got married my primary criteria for shoes was "are they cute?" but my hubby has severe back problems - T-Boned by a drunk driver when he was 23 or so and suffered severe whiplash to his neck and upper back, then 15 months later he broke his lower back in two places when a porch roof fell on him - anyway... he cares a lot about shoes - primarily making sure we are wearing good shoes. So I appreciate these types of reviews - it helps to know what to look for. Oh and after 10 years of wearing "good" shoes, I can't wear shoes just because they are "cute" anymore - I can tell a difference too!

  4. Those Mary Janes are cute. I've borrowed MBT shoes before and couldn't wear them all day, though I liked them.

    Did you need a little rest from them or could you wear them all day?

  5. I love those shoes, the Mary Janes. I wear my Birkenstocks just about everyday and they are loosing their style (haha) and comfortable-ness quickly.

  6. I think these are completely adorable. Of course, I LUV the benefits they list, especially easing joint pain and neck stress. I don't know of another shoe that makes those claims. I would love to have the chance to win a pair, so I will definitely stay tuned!

  7. The mary janes sound great! I have foot problems and need the "orange" under my foot. If you are ever looking for great sandals, flip-flops, and other shoes that have similar arch support, try Chacos! They are my favorite!

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