a whole lotta happy

Yesterday. 5:00pm. Tim is grilling lamb burgers in the backyard. He looks at me, smiles, "I love my life." I look back at him, grinning, "Me too."

a whole lotta happy 1The four of us sit down to eat dinner at our dining room table. Our 3-year-old prays. Our 1-year-old stands in her high chair and beams, proud of herself - then she wants to get out. For half the meal, I eat one-handed with her precariously balanced on my lap. "Can't she sit in her seat like other 1-year-olds do?" Tim asks. But we don't really mind.

Later that night, after baths, books, walks, and bedtimes - and LOTS of work - Tim and I lay in bed at 2am.

Our feet touching. My arms behind my head, propped up on a pillow. In the darkness, we talk about how we can be better parents. We talk wistfully about how OLD our 3-year-old is ("3 1/2!" she would say).

a whole lotta happy 2After a little while, we hear our 1-year-old through the monitor, waking.

"Love you," Tim says, as I get up and begin making my way through the hall in the darkness to our baby's room (where I will sleep beside her for the rest of the night).

"Miss you," I say in reply.

[We often say "Miss you" to each other, even when we spend the whole day together. It kind of means, "You're a mystery and a wonder to me - and I want to know you even more intimately than I already do."]

We are happy together. When I close my eyes, I can't think of any place I'd rather be than right here with my family. When I wake up in the morning, I can't help but think I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Things aren't perfect. There are tug-of-wars over toys and sticky floors and times when we all drive each other batty...but most of all? There's a whole lotta happy.

P.S. We're going hiking in the morning! Yay!

What are your plans for the weekend? Also - does your 1-year-old sit in his/her chair for the duration of the meal? And have you ever had lamb burgers (yum!)?

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34 comments on “a whole lotta happy”

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  2. I've can't say that I've had lamb burgers...hehe! And I'm not sure that I would have the courage to try them (I'm a super picky eater). Missed you this past weekend.....Your littles are adorable....Hugs!

  3. Awww...

    We spent the weekend at my Grandparents old house (they just moved to assisted living) participating in the auction off all the things they've accumulated over a lifetime. Very bitter sweet and I have so many pictures and stories to share that I might not end up posting much about it; writer's block from too much to say :)

    Elizabeth usually sits in her chair for the full meal, but we definitely try to make it fun. We taught her to say done (and she puts her hands up in the air) when she is done and we also try to honour that to encourage communication.

    She only goes into her chair when everything is ready. Then we hold hands and sing grace. Then she gets her own plate and bits of food. If she's getting bored, we try different food options, and hand her a spoon. Or a (plastic) fork. When she's done with her main course and otherwise inclined to drop food overboard, we allow her to feed mom or dad the rest. And if we really want her to sit then we might break out the chocolate chips...

  4. I'm not a big fan of lamb. Or maybe I've just never had a good one...but the burgers sound "eh" to me. As for the rest, excellent. :) And yeah, our kids sat in their high chairs the vast majority of the time.

  5. as a 1 year old my daughter sat in her high chair. now at 2 she wants to sit in our laps the whole time (not the high chair or regular chair). it is annoying, especially since she is big and heavy and squirming, so it is not so easy to eat. hoping it passes soon.

    lamb burgers sound yummy.

  6. Our 1yo does sit in her chair for the entire meal but that's mostly because mealtime is her absolute favorite. But when she's finished she'll let you know. Tears off her bib and throws all the leftover food on the floor and vocalizes her desire/need to GET OUT RIGHT NOW!

    Mealtimes are chaotic with kids but it's kind of a beautiful mess. I would much rather have us all sit down together every single day than try to make it work separately. Sometimes I think the dinner table is the most sacred place I visit all day.

  7. I usually feed our 15 month old in her high chair while I am cooking dinner, so by the time we eat, she is so done with the high chair. I let her wander around and sometimes hold her while I eat. I do make a point to sweep up under her before letting her down, she is used to this now. That way the food doesn't get tracked all over the house. Also, she tends to get down and start eating the food of the floor right away.... after she just ate! Like she threw it down on purpose to save it for later.

  8. You guys are so sweet!

    I've never had lamb in any form, but I'd definitely like to try it.

    My little one most definitely did NOT sit in his chair for the duration of meals when he was 1. He's never been that interested in food to begin with, and had way too much energy to just sit there. He still has trouble sitting through a meal, and he's almost 3 now.

    Our plans for the weekend: lots of time at the park (going to see the 12!! baby ducklings), hope to finally finish painting our master bedroom, grocery store, and relax in our fun new kiddie-pool in the backyard!

  9. This is such a sweet post. My daughter always stayed in her high chair, but once she got too big for it, she decided she needs to eat in my lap for every meal! But the thing is, I don't really mind either. It's nice to be close.

  10. My youngest daughter rarely sits in her chair. She never sat in a high chair so we stopped trying when she was about 14 months old (about a year ago). Now, she'll sit in her booster seat for about the first 10 minutes of the meal. She'd rather sit on our laps and eat off of our plates. I guess she thinks the grown ups have better food!

  11. My husband & I do that too -- say "I miss you" too each other, even if we've spent a good portion of the day together!

    At around a year of age, my son ate most of his meals on my lap, too. And even at that point, he wasn't really eating a huge meal, just picking off my plate and his, and sharing the mealtime with us.

    Enjoy tomorrow's hike!

  12. What a lovely post. I love to read about the way your family cares for one another. Ours is very similar, and I find it hard to find people in our 'real-contact-lives' who are like this.
    In terms of high chairs, our first was happy to sit still for a long long time. Our second was out of her high chair (due to her dangerous climbing, hanging, standing feats) very early on. She enjoys climbing a stool and sitting on her knees to eat like the rest of us. She used to also sit in a little booster seat on top her chair sometimes. We decided if that's what she preferred, that's what we'd do. Easier to go with the flow and empower and support rather than try to keep her sitting. Impossible.
    Have a great hike!
    Our weekend is next week, so this is our "wednesday"...looking forward to a nice relaxing week with plenty of exercise though next week.

  13. To have a husband that truly loves you for you IS a huge blessing!! Don't ever take that for granted.

    None of my 1 year olds sat in their high chairs for the whole meal.

    And, no, I've never had lamb burgers although I do love lamb!!

  14. This post makes me so happy! This weekend we are having ridiculously beautiful weather. Crystal clear blue skies, 70+ degree weather. We just got back from a morning birthday party at a park/beach and now the kids are down for a rest. This evening we will eat beef/broccoli stir fry and take a evening walk down to the beach. Good times! Our youngest decided at 18 months that his high chair was overrated. He is seeing life through the eyes of his 3 year old sister, so he is in a big chair now and in a big bed too!

    So...you tried the lamb burgers? How did they turn out? Did you like them? Were they juicy and delicious? We LOVE them...especially with the yogurt sauce on them. Can't wait to hear how they came out for you! Hope your hike was fabulous today!!

    1. The lamb burgers were AMAZING, Nini! In fact, Tim couldn't stop talking about them. He actually told me he would eat them once a week! I don't think we'll eat them with quite that frequency, but...that recipe is DEFINITELY going in my "Favorites" folder. :)

  15. We are going to babysit for some friends so that they can have a date night together. We trade off every month, and it is such a blessing!

    Never tried lamb burgers, but I really love gyros made with lamb, so I bet I'd like them!

  16. We have never tried lamb burgers. We're more traditional and just eat plain ol' hamburgers.
    My 18 month old still doesn't not sit in her high chair for the duration of a meal. Most meals she ends up sitting on my lap, while sometimes Mommy just won't do and she'd rather sit on Daddy's lap.
    I love how in love you and Tim are. After Hubby and I started reading your blog, we have been trying to at least talk about us, the kids and the whole family every night before bed.

  17. I have never had lamb burgers, but i will have to try that out- sounds awesome!
    When my kids were 1, they sat in their high chairs, but it seems, not for long. I usually was the one with the child in lap, trying to eat as well!
    Restaurants are tough too, by the time food arrives, toddlers are bored out of their minds!

  18. This weekend? We're thinking about the zoo... I'll do some running... maybe a family bbq on Sunday...

    High Chair? NOPE! My little one (1&1/2) will sit for a few minutes, but then squirm and wiggle and do anything to get up. It is frustrating, but I figure it has to be hard to sit still for that little ball of energy. The 3yo is getting pretty good at sitting at dinner table for a relatively long time.

    Sometimes I get so tired of eating one handed, but I *try* to remember to enjoy this time, because it goes by fast.

    I've said it before, but your love for Tim is beautiful and inspiring. Really. Really. Really.

  19. Oh, I love the picture you gave us here... so sweet, and so reminds me of my own marriage, and my own sweet children.

    I love that you are free to be happy, ya know? So many people spend days talking/blogging about how hard life is, and complaining instead of just enjoying the moment, and making the moment longer then a moment.

    We are going to go to the farmers market this morning and Wade and I are trying to figure out if we want to take the kids to the zoo or the spend the money on the Children's museum in Phoenix...
    AND I think we might get a date night... maybe...possibly.. :)

    Enjoy your hike!

  20. I LOVE this post...i feel so blessed to have found this kind of love also. I feel like so many people use the internet to complain about their relationships...it's SO refreshing to hear the "good stuff."

    And I'm going scuba diving in Vietnam this weekend! :)

    1. Ruthy Ann, you live such a charmed and adventurous life...and I love reading all of your travel stories on Discovery Street!

  21. This weekend, we are going to the Stone Mountain park close to our house. You inspired me...don't worry, i just might share pictures, who knows.

    Mu one year old does not like to be in her high chair at all. The only thing that keeps her in there is if she is eating fruits. As I type, she is done with the fruit and trying so hard to wiggle out...gotta go before she falls!

  22. I love that you are so happy! I'm sorta jealous! My parents were the same way when I was younger and have always wanted the that! Have a great weekend :O)

  23. Working this morning while Jeff takes the girls out shopping for trees. Later, we're celebrating my Dad's birthday and tomorrow... I have no idea. That's probably what I'm looking forward to the most! :)

    Emma sat in her highchair better than Kendall, but most of the time they were pretty good about it...if they were hungry that is!

    Never had lamb burgers, but I'd love a change from our turkey burgers. We'll have to try them!

  24. Bob took Roo on her first daddy-daughter Girl Scout camping trip at a state park about four hours away. Jasper and I are flying solo and probably just hanging out. A trip to the pet food store is our big planned activity for today.

  25. Awww this is a very beautiful post! You all are so sweet!

    Our 18 months old still sit in her chair, but she LOVE eating and knows that if she stands up we take her food away!!! Our way to get to her is trough her stomach LOL

    We have no fix plan for this weekend, but it's a sunny gorgeous day, so as soon as our little newborn (12 days old today) wakes up from her nap we will go outside to enjoy a sunny morning maybe I fill the little pool with water and let it warm up for later today (out little girls might like to cool off this way!)Too bad my husband have to work all day today :-(

    Enjoy your hike!!!!

  26. Tim, if most one year olds sit in their chairs, we don't have one of "most." Instead we have a (currently shrieking... seriously! This kid has lungs) rambunctious, clingy, cute and sometimes annoying kid who loves to eat dinner on dad's lap. I guess those times will soon be gone, tho, right? We try to enjoy them while they are here. I love that you do, too. You guys inspire me.

  27. A hike! How fun!

    I will be working all weekend ) :

    My husband and son have a movie date planned for the two of them, baby girl will be at grandmas, and I will be in bed all day tomorrow.

    I will wake up, have dinner, together as a family and then it's off to work I go again ( :

    Audrey will sit in her high chair for a meal, she eats pretty fast, so we serve her meal as soon as everyone else is served.

    Love the closeness in your family! Special!

  28. Jade would sit in her high chair for the whole meal, Ivy wouldn't. In fact, Jade would often fall asleep in her high chair because it was the ONLY time she was actually sitting still.

    We're hiding from the thunder storms tomorrow. Taking our puppy to live with my sister because Scott's allergies are just not going to go away - pray as I (and the girls) might it just isn't happening. And Jade wants to go to the "mean lamb" restaurant (a Greek place). We call it "mean lamb" because it is just too sad to eat a cute little lamb. But, if it is mean to all of the other lambs it just seems okay.

    You do have a wonderful life and you are a very lucky/blessed girl. Have a wonderful time hiking and you can think of us hiding under an umbrella.

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