an inspired day (that may end with butterscotch cookies)

I am sleeping beside my baby (as I always am in the mornings).

an inspired day (that may end with butterscotch cookies) 1At 8:15am, my 3-year-old calls "Daddy?" from the next room over. I groggily pick up my 1-year-old and we both walk over to her room. We all lay down - the 3 of us in her full bed. The girls try to fight to be rightbymyside. I am in the middle of the bed, but they both want to be on my left side (I have no idea why)!

Eventually, we get up and head to the kitchen for breakfast - plain yogurt with granola and sugar sprinkled on top.

Before we sit down, my 3yo rearranges the chairs so they are squeezed in supertight side-by-side. There we sit huddled in the corner of our expansive table, shoulders touching. My 3yo grins. This is exactly how she likes it.

an inspired day (that may end with butterscotch cookies) 2

I do laundry. Load-after-load. Peeling the sheets from all of our beds. In between, my 3yo does school time books and I hold up flashcards, while trying to distract my 1yo who wants to SIT on the workbook her sister is working on. Either that, or she tries to dive into the toy box.

an inspired day (that may end with butterscotch cookies) 3We have leftover Ziti for lunch. And a pear that isn't quite ripe. My 3yo prays, "God, Help us to help other people." "Amen," I say - with my voice and my heart.

Then, we make peanut butter balls - my 3yo likes to roll them in powdered sugar. She makes "baby-sized" ones for her little sister.

Eventually, I rock-sway-sing, sing-sway-rock...and my 1yo nods off.

My 3yo is waiting at the door, CD-ROMs in-hand. They are Kindergarten CDs. We attempt some games and watch a few alphabet movies, but she's a little bored by how easy the exercises are. Ho-hum.

Tim gets home. I shower. He says, "Did you publish a post yet?" [Yes, he does monitor my blog]. I say, "No, I'm feeling uninspired (or maybe just tired)." He asks - with a half-smile, "You have writer's block for the first time in your entire life?" I say, "No, I have a million ideas. I'm just uninspired. It's different."

And then I come in here and write this post (and now I am considering making Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies).

What did you do today?

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16 comments on “an inspired day (that may end with butterscotch cookies)”

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  2. my typical week day is always the same - get up, get ready, get jade ready for school, send her off, cuddle with Ivy until the nanny gets here, go to work (sometimes from home but usually from the office), work, go home, pick up the girls from dance or gymnastics, dinner, play outside as a family, scriptures/family prayer, bedtime, Scott and Me time - watching our shows and working on our laptops :)

    but my weekends are what keep me going. love the time to completely focus and play with my girls and Scott.

  3. Today was a good day cuz I had dinner with my whole family. You have to realize that almost never happens. I had my two lovely daughters, my son about ready to leave for the Army, my son and my new daughter-in-law and my husband. It is usually just my girls and to have all the rest was truly a blessing. It fed my mommy-heart.

  4. There's definitely something to be said for ordinary days. As a side note - I am super jealous that your kids sleep until 8:15. My 17 month old wants to get his day started RIGHT AWAY with the sun!

  5. I love your post. There is something truly magical about recording the simple day's events with a little one (or little ones). And the cookies sound delicious.
    Saturday: We went to Jamba Juice this morning and ordered all-fruit smoothies for breakfast and then headed directly across the street from Jamba to the Touch-a-Truck event going on in the mall parking lot, where my little boy had an absolute blast climbing and sitting on real fire trucks, army vehicles, boats, police jeeps, and a huge old-fashioned truck. We left with a free slice of chocolate cake that we split in the car before heading home for lunch and a nap (actually, all my little boy cared to eat were the chocolate chips off the top). After nap, my little guy wanted a snack of 'mac and cheese pasta' and my husband came home. He had been away since Wednesday night and came home too late Friday and left too early Saturday for my little guy to see him at all, so there was lots of excitement. Shortly after, we headed out to some of our good friends' house about an hour away. We had a super fun dinner together, played in their yard, and watched about half an hour of the movie Cars at the end of the night. We got our little guy ready for bed before we left, and he conked out peacefully in the car on the way home (extremely unusual--I think he just completely wore himself out with joy and excitement). On the way home we dropped off a stack of library books that were due today. It was a fun day.

  6. Well, all weekend I've had two feverish, coughing, runny-nosed children -- and husband out of town for work. We've been watching a lot of movies -- and cuddling.

    I watered my garden, helped organized my son's Legos, and watched a black and white movie, too. Not too bad for a weekend stuck at home!

    (I'd love that recipe for peanut butter balls, by the way!)

  7. That does sound like a great day.

    Saturday I woke up with Goose around 7, Sugar woke up about an hour later and we all snuggled on the couch for a bit. Then I started on laundry and Daddy, who isn't feeling well, got up and we had cereal for breakfast. It was rainy and cold here today so we stayed in - me doing laundry and a few other household chores, the kids playing, Daddy sitting on the couch with his computer - browsing the internet in between playing with the kids. I sat with him at times too - just taking life easy, not getting too excited about anything. Sugar and I made a grocery store run while Hubby and Goose napped. We had pizza for lunch and chicken/tator tots/broccoli for dinner. The kids had baths and then I hauled all of the too big/too little clothes down from the attic so that I could sort through and put together a bag of things for a new young couple who has been visiting the church that have a 2 month old little boy. They moved here to live with her parents because he lost his job and couldn't find work where they were. Fortunately he just started a job two weeks after being here. I like to sell the kids clothes at the consignment sale I participate in twice a year, but whenever I see someone we could pass things down to, I try to do that too.

  8. That sounds like a delightful day at home! Today I hosted a baby shower for two friends who are due in June. Then came home and took a nap (I was exhausted from the party, and the fact that my son kept waking up during the night.) We did some shopping at Trader Joe's and relaxed the rest the evening. By the way, where did you get that toy box? We need one and I like the look of yours :)

  9. We woke up at 6:15 and nursed, and then my hero took the baby downstairs and I went back to sleep till 8:45. For lunch we went and got Eegees and sat at the park and ate our sandwiches and enjoyed the breeze. We returned duplicate gifts to Target [which she totally slept through! yay!] and then we came home and visited with friends from Phx, and after they left we watched a movie, ate dinner, and then went for a 45 minute walk while she gazed at the sky. Some reading in the evening, and now some internet time while she stares goggle-eyed at a stuffed whale. Bedtime very soon. :)

  10. Woke up at 6am to our 3-year old climbing in bed with us, after getting kicked and poked for 40 minutes my husband got up and let me sleep/rest until 7 at which time I felt lazy for still being in bed. Ate breakfast, showered, played with kids in back yard while husband worked on the fence. Put 1-year old down for a nap and then ran to the store for diapers and french bread. Took 3-year old to a sitter and drove to a wedding up in the mountains with the 1-year old. Came home with kids, tried to eat leftovers but they were moldy, so ate something quick out of the freezer. Chopped up a salad for lunch tomorrow, we are having friends over for lunch after church for pizza, french bread and salad. Now I am playing a Civ IV with my husband on our desktops and surfing the net with my laptop because he takes really long turns.

  11. THAT'S the word I've been looking for. Uninspired. I don't really get writer's block either. I always have ideas. It's just getting the words on the page in a pleasing way that takes inspiration.

    I love this kinds of posts, Stephanie. Like taking a glimpse in someone else's window for a bit.

    We had whole grain waffles and mulitgrain Cherrios for breakfast. Played outside A LOT. Walked down to the river (Mississippi) and had a picnic. Took naps. Had spaghetti and turkey meatballs for dinner. Listen to books on CD. Watched Aladdin on a screen in our neighbor's backyard with all our neighbor friends. Fell into to bed hard and fast! :)

  12. Sounds like me... I've got tons of things piling up to write about, but I'm lacking the inspiration to do it.

    We were up around 7:30 and had our typical Saturday morning home made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then we loaded up and headed over to a local farm to pick up our veggies/fruits for the week. Once home I packed a quick picnic and we went down the hill to my grandparents' for lunch. Then we relaxed at home for just a little while before going to swim with cousins for the rest of the afternoon. I got in a treadmill run at my parent's place while the girls played with their Mimi. Then it was home, dinner, and bedtime. A typical Saturday for us while my husband is out of town. If he were home we would most likely have gone out hiking after meandering around the farm this morning.

  13. I love this day-in-the-life post, such an honest glimpse into your day!

    What did I do today? Actually arrived at the grocery store to shop as soon as the doors opened. Hung laundry on the line. Made sand castle after sand castle. Enjoyed a mixed-up leftover smorgasbord of a lunch. Rocked rocked rocked until my son drifted off for a nap. Snuck some computer time. Watched the last episode of The Tudors on the DVR. Back outside for some bubble blowing and more sand castles. Dinner w/ my in-laws. An ordinary, busy, wonderful day.

  14. Sounds like a lovely day and tasty too!

    We all woke up around 7:30am, got ready and headed to the Farmers Market. We bought blueberries, spring mix, cherries, heirloom zucchini, a slice of banana bread (the kids have been wanting some every week we go, I finally caved!) and a bunch of cilantro. This was the first time we took our sweet doggie Dakota and she did really well! After the market we went over to the local coffee/tea shop and the kids got some hot cocoa and hubbie and I shared an iced coffee. We came home, the kids split the banana bread slice, a banana and the container of blueberries and then we went to my son's baseball game....he had so much fun! Afterwards we had leftover pizza from last night (Fri night is always pizza night here). The kids rode their bikes and scooters for awhile and I did laundry. We are headed to Costco in a bit and then home for leftover spagetti (lots of Italian this week!) and the spring mix we bought earlier and then we will have family movie night complete with popcorn with melted butter and sea salt...yum!! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. I love the beauty in the ordinary. Sounds pretty inspired to me. :) And, oatmeal butterscotch cookies....yum! I might have to do some baking soon.

  16. That sounds like a lovely day!
    Have you posted the recipe for your peanut butter balls? I feel like maybe you have, or maybe I've asked you before, but they sound delicious!
    I would also be interested in knowing what workbooks and Kindergarden DVD's you use. My 3yo is in preschool during the day, but I would love to have some more age-appropriate educational stuff for her to have at home...

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