And her princess gown was washed again and again and still looked beautiful...The End

wrapped presents sugarplum dreamsOnce Upon A Time...there was a children's boutique in San Antonio that made a little girl very happy.

  • The boutique? Sugarplum Dreams.
  • The little girl? My 2-year-old daughter.
  • The scene? Two exquisitely wrapped gifts with a princess costume, a matching cloak, and a box of shortbread cookies inside.

Sugarplum Dreams is a family company (owned and operated by a mom of four) that aspires to provide a magical and first-rate experience to their customers - both online and in-store. And they succeed at that ambition.

Their selection of baby/children's products is notable (everything from toys and clothes to furniture and books), but what is even more remarkable is the fact that you'll feel like a prized and elite customer every time you shop at SD. You can expect excellent service if you call the 888-line. Your questions will be answered with grace and warmth.

There are many items at Sugarplum Dreams that are appropriate for birthday gifts, but today I'm happy to be spotlighting their dress-up collection, which features beautiful AND machine-washable princess costumes for 2-9-year-olds. Little girls are sure to ooh and aah at these elegantly detailed gowns (that can also double as costumes for Oct. 31). Snow White? Cinderella? A Medieval Princess? Take your pick - and watch her little face light up.

cinderella costume sugarplum dreams snow white costume sugarplum dreams medieval princess costume sugarplum dreams

WIN IT! One winner will receive a dress-up costume in his/her size and style of choice from Sugarplum Dreams. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, March 16 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #109 Kristen C. Congratulations!

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152 comments on “And her princess gown was washed again and again and still looked beautiful...The End”

  1. Awwww. Those are so darned cute! Since I only have boys, I would have to give this to my friends daughter, if I win.

  2. My 5-year-old daughter plays dress up EVERY day! She would love all of the choices! My favorite is the Cinderella costume! I also love the white cape that can be purchased separately. I can't believe they are machine washable! Thank you! [email protected]

  3. Alexa is a little princess who would love this. Especially since she is not so clean at the table. Easy to wash

  4. I'll never forget the time my cousin and I played dress up. My mom and dad and I were there to attend a wedding. I was so upset because my cousin Tracey's hair was long and my hair was short. We found some old wigs and fancy dresses and shoes and we played dress up. My mom still has the pictures. Do you know, I cried because I could not wear the wig to the wedding???!!!! I thought I would share my story about the time I played dress up as a child.

    All the dresses are beautiful, but the Little Adventures Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Dress Up Costume is my favorite. Thanks for the chance! My friends little girl would love it, her name is Grace.

  5. My nieces play dressup in Disney princess characters when I babysit them. They make their costumes from their own clothes. They would love this!!

  6. My kids have always loved to dress up! My oldest daughter is in theater, and every time my younger daughter sees her big sis in a new costume, she wants one just like it! We'd love to give her a new pretty dress for her birthday!

  7. My little one is just getting into the pretend stage and dressing up. It is so cute to see her imagination growing.

  8. I have 2 little girls and the best thing in the world to them is dress up. I think I have a two page layout in one of their scrapbooks with 10 different dress up outfits in one day!!

  9. My daughters love to play dress and especially love to pretend they are princesses. They would just love this! And my oldest daughter turns five in April, so it would be a perfect gift!

  10. What a great giveaway! my daughter would love the Little Adventures Deluxe Medieval Princess Dress Up Costume in size large. We have such a hard time finding her dress up stuff because of her size.

  11. I would let my little one walk around all day and night in one of these. The quality is great. If I win the sugarplums giveaway, I would love the Little adventures deluxe medieval princess dress up costume. WHOA! That is a mouth full.


  12. My little girl is 2 and her most favorite thing to do right now is dress up and pretend. One day she'll be a princess, the next a butterfly. Today she was "super girl"! =)

  13. My son would love the superhero outfit....he actually just asked me for a cape today after seeing one on tv! Thanks for the chance!

  14. Oh, I loved dressing up when I was little! I never had such cute gowns, though, just old clothes from my family. The Snow White is adorable!

  15. I love the Medieval dress, its so pretty, and I love the superhero capes too. Chubby-huggy is only 3, but I would need a bigger size because she is a little, how shall I say, bigger and wider than most 3 yr. olds, but she is still a pretty princess!

  16. I have a 3.5-year-old cousin who's going through a Cinderalla phase right now (it is just a phase, right? Right?)...

    She would make sounds of glee audible only to dogs if she was presented with a princess costume like one of these. They're so lovely.

    Even if I don't win, I'll have this shop bookmarked for future holiday gifts.

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  17. My sisters and I were dress-up addicts when we were young! I have such fond memories of prancing around the house in my grandmothers silk nightgowns pretending they were ballgowns. Every year we would count down the days till the Miss America pageant ~ our baby blankets were our winning capes and Tupperware bowls for our crowns.

  18. My daughter absolutely loves to dress up! Her favorite two dress up outfits right now are a witch and a snow white dress. SHe pretends the snow white dress is Cinderella's dress because she doesn't have one yet and she is so into Cinderella right now.


  19. My youngest granddaughter loves to dress up. As soon as she gets to my house she opens the toy box and pulls out the dress up clothes. The gowns at Sugarplum Dreams are so pretty. I especially like the pink princess gown. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  20. I love the medieval princess dress, but the Cinderella dress is lovely too. My daughter is almost 2 and is just starting to recognize the Disney princesses. So much fun!

  21. We were lucky enough to inherit an array of princess dress up costumes from a friend. These little pieces of heaven have given me and my daughter so much joy. What little girl can't have one more costume? I also love stores that take the time to wrap elegantly. It makes it that much more enjoyable to open. We've recently started shopping at Von Maur stores just because of the fact that they provide beautiful wrapping for free! Where as Macy's and Nordstroms (stores similar to Von Maur) charge you $5 a pop.

  22. Its so hard to find dress up gowns that will fit the older set. When I do they are not washable and become ruined in no time. What a great store this is. Thanks.

  23. My little princess would love "the PINK one"! In fact, her big brother might even want to try it on... I'll have to tell my aunt in San Antonio to check out this store!

  24. My niece would love this!!! We call her Papa's (that is her granddad) Princess. She will tell you that she is a princess in a heartbeat. Thanks for the chance to bring a smile to her face!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  25. I know a little girl that would loves to dress up and the Deluxe Sleeping Beauty dress up costume would be perfect for her.

  26. While my daughter loves to dress up I must say that my son would love the Little Adventures Boys Superhero Costume Cape!

  27. I like the Little Adventures Deluxe Medieval Princess Dress Up Costume my daughter would love it and want to wear it everywhere.

  28. I love the giraffe chenille blanket. I think it's nice they also have dress up stuff for boys since so many of the only have things for girls. The Little Adventures Boys Superhero Costume Cape is very cute!!

  29. My four year old granddaughter loves all the princess costumes. She's outgrown them and passing them on to her baby sister. It's time for her a new one and these are beautiful.

  30. How fun! My mom saved all of our prom dresses through the years and my nieces love dressing up in them. My daughter is only 2 so having a dress in her size would be fun!

  31. I would love to win this for my granddaughter. I also know better than to pick it out by myself. My daughter would want a say in it, that's for sure.

    That would be fun for us girls!

  32. My little sleeping beauty granddaughter would be wide awake in a flash with the Little Adventures Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Dress Up Costume. She just loves playing dress up and this would make her look just like a princess. Thank you!

  33. My daughter is all about dressing up in old Halloween costume dresses. I had to ask my wife if our 5 year old actually owns any "real" clothes, because every day I come home from work, she has one on. Ever since Taylor Swift had her love story video, and had on a ball gown, my daughter thinks this is the way all women should dress.

  34. My daughter is 5 and is all about dressing up. She would love a dress up outfit. Her favorite as of now is her Belle outfit.

  35. The Snow White dress up costume is super cute! But really they should offer some more boys dress up stuff. The truth is, even if you have all girls, sometimes a boy comes over to play and they like dress up too.

  36. [email protected]

    My oldest Granddaughter already has dress-up sets. I have begun to notice the baby looking on very longingly at her when she is dressing up. I think it is time that the little one had a outfit to put on too.

  37. Sorry! My last post didn't include my email and my blogger profile doesn't seem to show up. Please delete the previous comment!

    My daughter loves dressup. She'd love a princess costume.

    coriwestphal at netzero dot com

  38. Any of the dress up dresses would thrill my niece.
    She is 2 and would have so much fun starting to dress up and pretend.

  39. All the little girl dress up outfits are wonderful, but how great that they have the Little Adventures Boys Superhero Costume Cape too!

  40. A washable Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty would be the biggest hit with my girls. They have a few princess costumes but they like to wear them ALL DAY and they get so gross. The one we have look terrible after being washed a few times but when they are having tea parties while wearing them, they need to be cleaned. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I love the Little Adventures Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Dress Up Costume. My granddaughter already thinks she is a princess, so this would be very fitting for her. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  42. My little niece will be turning five at the end of this month and she loves cinderella. These dress up outfits are adorable and it's so important for them to be machine washable. Thanks.

  43. My girls are getting too big for dress up :O( When they were little they love it! My niece is two and I think she would totally love the cinderella dress up. Thanks for the great contest!

  44. My grandson thinks he is a super hero, he would love the Little Adventures Boys Superhero Costume Cape

  45. My 2 year old granddaughter would look so cute in the Deluxe Snow White Dress Up Costume. Snow White is one of her favorite stories. It would be great for Halloween too!

  46. Our daughter loves to play dress up. She especially loves dressing up as a princess. We've only had princess Halloween costumes so far, but we did get her a real "Strawberry Shortcake" outfit with pantaloons and the works. She just twirls and twirls around and looks at herself in the mirror.

  47. My niece would love the Little Adventures Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Dress up costume because sleeping beauty is her favorite princess.

  48. What little girl doesn't love to dress up? I have two here that think it's just the best and so do I. They have a big box of outfits and I love to see what fashionable outfit they create and come model for me. They would love this.

  49. I also like the Superhero capes. My son once entered a room full of adults wearing his sister's princess dress...It's good to see dress-up options for boys!

  50. At first I wasn't going to enter this contest because I thought it was mostly for girls and I have a son. But then I saw the cute Superhero costume! How adorable!!!

  51. my 2 yr old is a real girly girl and loves dressing up! It would be hard to decide on a costume!

  52. My 7 yr old granddaughter LOVES to dress up and it's hard finding good and machine washable dress up clothes for her. She would love the Sleeping Beauty dress because pink is her absolute favorite color. Though to tell the truth she would love getting any or all of these. I think they are great and we would have a lot of fun with them.

  53. my son loves to dress up too! i wish they had a larger selection of boys dress ups =(

    autumn398 (at)

  54. Ohhh the choices. I think that my Emma would love to have Snow White, but my Riley would love the super heroes cape too!

  55. My daughter loves dressing up and is into the accessories too! She would really enjoy a princess outfit!! :) I think the snow white would be perfect!

  56. Love that they have bigger sizes! My daughter, now 8, still loves dress up. SO far the only place we have found dresses her size is at Disney World. My fave for her was the Medieval Princess dress and we do not have Snow White yet. Glad I found you.

  57. My daughter would flip over the Cinderella costume. EVERYthing is Cinderella these days! We haven't taken the plunge with a costume yet, simply because we wonder if she'll ever take it off! :)
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. I love the "Little Adventures Deluxe Medieval Princess Dress Up Costume"!! I love that it is machine washable the most!

  59. All little girl's love make -believe...And some big girl's too.
    So sad these are in little girl sizes only.

  60. I'm a little disappointed that--like every other children's retailer out there--there are more selections for little girls than there are for little boys. There have got to be more dress-up ideas for little boys than "Superman". C'mon.

    What I would LOVE to see is a boutique designed specifically for boys' clothing, with clothes that were affordable, classic, and not covered with baseballs.

  61. Oh my gosh I would love to get the Little Adventures Deluxe Medieval Princess Dress Up Costume for my granddaughter for when we go to renaissance faires - too cute!

  62. My little princess would love to dress up in the Little Adventures Deluxe Cinderella Dress Up Costume. I love how the dress shimmers and sparkles and that the costume has a bit of stretch to it so that it will last for a long time as my sweetheart grows! Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. My daughter has been pining for a sleeping beauty gown for ages, and the sugar plum dreams one looks lovely!

  64. wow thay are all so cute and well i would be happy with any one of them my fave is snow white my girl was just here with me she well did see the web page with all the dress on thhem and she got realy happy so well from that i know she does like them add me in on this thanks

  65. my Daughter name is Aurora, didn't remember at that time about sleeping beauty. She almost didn't make it due to having a tumor in her liver. (still has). She has always been my princess and always will be. She would love to have these,.

  66. All the dresses are beautiful, my almost 2 year old has become fascinated with dress up since her older sister was fitted for dance recital costumes in January and know she would love one of her own

  67. My four year old granddaughter is all about dress up lately. I think the Snow White is especially cute. Thanks!

  68. These dresses are so beautiful. I really love the Little Adventures Deluxe Sleeping Beauty Dress Up Costume. My daughter loves to play dress up and one of these dresses would be so much fun for her.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  69. We have a children's boutique in my tiny little town too. People come from all over to go there. It just happens to be owned by a mom of 4 also! There stuff is great! Didn't think I'd ever spend $35 on a pair of shoes for a 1 yr old but they're worth it! LOVE IT!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  70. I love the Snow White costume. I have always loved Snow White. I know my daughter is not yet old enough to dress up, but I have already stocked her closet with my old show-choir dresses! I can't wait.

  71. Oh my goodness... the Snow White costume is too cute! I can just see my little princess running around the house in that one!

  72. My little girl adores dress-up, so she would be happy with any princess dress, but she does LOVE Cinderella.

  73. Ohhh~ I'd love to win the Medieval dress for my God-daughter~!! She and I can (kinda) match on Halloween since I already have a Medieval/Renaissance dress.

  74. These are beautiful dresses, my daughter wants to grow up and be a pink princess when she is older. I also like the fact the company sells super hero capes can't let her twin brother miss out

  75. machine washable is a god send, my daughter asked for a princess dress, a "real one" she said, so these are perfect!! Her birthday is march 30, so i will be scooting over to check them out!! thanks!!!

  76. My daughter would love any of these, she loves to dress up and loves the princesses! Thanks for the chance!

  77. How beautiful! We gave my 2 year old her first set of dress up clothes for her birthday last month and she has worn them every day. Little girls are so much fun!

  78. What wonderful dresses! My 2 year old is just starting to play "imagination" type games and I am sure she would love one.

  79. I love the snow white costume. My little girl loves to wear her tutu around the house. She's 21 months and starting early with the dress up stuff!


  80. Two little granddaughters - 3 and 4 3/4. They love to dress up and their "other" grandma bought them a little stage on which to perform in the basement. A costume would be a perfect addition.

  81. oooh-la-la! i know i have a princess on my hands in my one year old daughter! she would look fancy-ball-ready in one of these! thanks!

  82. Very cute. One suggestion: On the website, put "Dress Up" as one of the choices on the menu on the left. I had a tough time finding it.

  83. Blondie would absolutely go over the roof if we got her one of these dress up dresses. I love them, too, partially because they're adorable but mostly because they're machine washable! Her Belle dress from Disneyland is most definitely not washable, so hopefully it doesn't get too funky.

  84. I think if we had that Snow White dress around it would be all my daughter would ever wear. We just watched that movie the other night and she fell in love-except she "DON'T LIKE!!" the bad queen!

  85. My daughter is starting to get into dress up now. She loves going to through laundry basket and trying to put on our clothes. Winning one of these dresses would be a lot better than her wearing our underwear on her head! Although probably just as cute! Thanks!

  86. I do home daycare and my little kiddos would absolutely love to have a new dress-up dress. That sounded funny didn't it? Anyway, my kids love to play dress-up and they have about worn all the one I have out. The Sleeping Beauty dress is beautiful. Oh, I keep forgetting about the boys they like to play dres-up too so the superhero one would be good too but my favorite is the Sleeping Beauty one.

    Great giveaway!!

  87. This year I took my son to Disneyland several times (we live close) and could not help but notice all the cute little girls in princess dresses. I am due to have a little girl this Saturday and have already been dreaming about dressing her up in a pretty gown so she can walk around Disney like a princess.

  88. My 4 year old granddaughter would love to be the Cinderella princess....she is such a big fan of all the princesses but especially Cinderella

  89. My grandaughter was born a princess. She would love the Cincerella dress-up. Please count me in. Thanks!!

  90. My sweet little girl is about to be a big sister, and already has a big brother- so bookend brothers means barely any girl toys here. So starting her out with some beautiful princess clothes would be a lot of fun to see!

  91. My daughter is three and is very much into dress-up right now. Whenever we go over to her cousins' house, she gets decked to the nines in a Snow White costume (very badly homemade by me), Snow White shoes, sunglasses, tiara, purse, baby doll, beaded necklaces...she's quite glamorous! It's really funny. I know she'd be pleased with the Snow White costume from Sugarplum Dreams!

  92. Oh, dear. We had a slight misunderstanding in which I became the bad aunt (no kids at the wedding, including my niece!). It sort of started our familial relationships off on the wrong foot. If I were able to get her the medieval princess dress up costume, I might earn myself some auntie cred!!

  93. How precious are these dresses?! Sooo much better than Target-quality dress up items, where you're lucky if the dress comes mid-calf, and the sleeves will definitely be see-through, even if the character they mimic never wore a dress with see-through sleeves. These look fantastic, though. And look at the size choices!

    My daughter is almost 5 and a half, and she's just now starting to really enjoy dressing up. And now I have a hard time finding readily available costumes for her. Poor girl. If we were to win, I'd get her the medieval dress... unless she convinced me otherwise. And I suppose that would be a possibility!

  94. Oh, I have several little girls who would love these dresses. I have a niece who is turning 2 who we call The Princess she loves Cinderealla, also a niece who is 7 who would love to be any princess. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. It is truly awesome.
    I am going to send your link to my SIL's blog she will love this site as much as I do.
    Thanks, glad I found you, wonderful site.

  95. I LOVE that they have these for girls up to age 9!! My 9 year old daughter still loves to dress up and it is really hard to find dress ups for her size! I love the Medieval Princess costume (and so does my daughter who is sitting next to me!)

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