Are Home Phones Outdated or All the Rage?

I have a question for you: Do you have a home phone? Why or why not?

We decided to opt out of a home phone service a few years back because it didn’t seem very cost-effective for us. We haven’t ever looked back on our decision. That said, if we ever do decide to get a house phone again, I think we’d go with T-mobile’s new $10/month home service plan. It’s affordable and it includes unlimited nationwide calling…not bad…for a home phone.

Just tell me why you do or don’t have a home phone and you’ll be entered to win daily and weekly prizes from T-Mobile (see the official line-up below). All you have to do is answer the question in the widget (a.k.a. pink box) below, enter your name and e-mail address, and click “submit.”

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Each day - beginning today through July 23 - a winner will be randomly selected to receive one of the following T-mobile branded prizes:

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Weekly Gifts
Once each week, a winner will be randomly selected to receive:

    $100.00 Crate & Barrel Gift Card

All prizes will be awarded to Metropolitan Mama readers. It goes without saying that the sooner you submit your answer, the better…because you’ll have more opportunities to win. One entry person person, please.

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64 comments on “Are Home Phones Outdated or All the Rage?”

  1. While we are dealing with items in the vicinity of Are Home Phones Outdated or All the Rage?, Another application, which will drive you crazy, is its location-finding function using GPS. Using this software, you are able to always figure out your location. The display on your iPhone shows the point where you're on a map.

  2. I still have a home phone because I am at home most of the day and it costs less to use than a cell phone would cost to use during the day. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  3. I still have a land-line phone. Until cable and/or cell phones can be used when the cable goes out, the cell tower is busy or the charge is out, then I still feel safer having access to a land-line phone.

  4. I have a home phone but I am going to be turning it off next week, I just use cell phones now

  5. We have to keep our home phone because we do not get cell phone reception were we live. We tried to get them to put a tower up on our property, but that was a ‘no-go.’

  6. We have a home phone and a cell phone, we both work but we need to be able to call home whenever because we would run out of cell phone minutes other wise

  7. On the boarder cell service is spotty and expensive . I cant afford to have ether so I have a home phone.

  8. Yes we have a home phone, unlisted so when people call that number we know it is someone we want to talk to.

  9. We have a land line now, as my cell is kinda flakey. But we did drop the land line when we were in an appt, before we bought our house. It wasn't worth it to pay to have it set up, etc. when we knew we'd only be there a year.

  10. When I went to college I got my first cell phone and quickly realized the benefits of using it as my primary phone. After college I moved 1800 miles away from my family and friends, so having an affordable calling plan was very important to me. Again, I found that using a cell phone was most economic- that was nine years ago and I've never looked back!

  11. We have a home phone and use to have cell phones but now we don't have the cell phones, which I sure miss. Our home phone doesn't have long distance so we are having to buy phone crds which is a hassle because all our family lives 1200 miles away. Husband is so old fashion.
    Thank you for the chance to win some neat prizes.

  12. We cancelled our home phone a few years ago since both my husband and I have cell phones. If we are going out together we leave one of our cell phones with whoever is babysitting. The $10.00 a month home phone service does sound like a good bargain though. I sometimes feel like we should have a home phone in case there is an emergency and the cell phone isn't charged etc. I go back and forth on this.

  13. We do not have a home phone because we use our cellphones. When we did have a home phone we would get debt collectors for other people and solicitors harrassing us! ugh

  14. We have cell phones, so we see no need for a home phone. If we ever need to cut back on our budget, we will ditch the cell phones and get a home phone. Also, once the kids are older we might get one - but probably not. We will probably get a Go phone to keep in the house for emergencies.

  15. We have a home phone, the area we live in is a rural area, and at my house there is not cell phone reception. we can use it when we go to town but not at our house
    Thanks for the contest

  16. We do have a phone line, but it's free, through an internet company. But we mainly use our cell phones. But $10 sounds great if you can't get the same deal we have!

  17. I have a home phone for communication with family, friends, emergency situations. I also don't own a cell phone.

  18. Well, this question comes at an interesting time. We used to not have one, then when we moved into our new home, I decided not to get a cell phone and get a house phone. But the Gods of Home Phones had other plans...the service goes out..oh, i dont know, 2 weeks a MONTH. The lines are terrible in the area. So after nearly 5 months of putting up with it, I went TODAY and got a cell phone and cancelled my home phone.

    [email protected]

  19. We have a home phone, because we couldn't have the internet without it and cell phone service is very poor in our area. Great giveaway!

  20. We have a home phone, but it is Vonage. It is alot cheaper than a regular landline. There are some drawbacks, like the service going out when the cable it out or when the power goes out. In that case, the calls are forwared to your cell. I do like that you can check your messages from a computer when you aren't home.

  21. we have a home phone at the present,but it will be turned off at the end of the month,we will be moving due to the finances,so this may be a good option for us also,worth looking into for sure,thanks

  22. I still have a landline. That is how people who do not have my cell phone number can get ahold of me..I would feel disconnected from the world if I didnt have my landline, plus I need it for my DSL!

  23. the only reason we still have a house phone is for the internet
    we live in a small town and can not get high speed internet (unless we went with the expensive satellite internet)
    so we have to keep the old land line going for now
    most of the time friends and family call us on our cell phones

  24. I only have a home phone - no cell phone. I'm just basically behind the times. Also cell phones make my head feel like it's on fire.

  25. I live in Iowa where we endured major floodings and some power outages this summer. We have cell phones but will keep a landline - with one corded phone for such emergency purposes. Cell service may go in times of major storms and cordless phones won't work when the electricity goes off. . .

  26. We still have a land line. We learned an important lesson on 9/11. Since we live in the DC area, land lines were the only way to communicate when the plane hit the pentagon since cell phone service was out throughout the entire area. So we'll always have a landline for emergencies because of where we live.

  27. We don't have a home phone. There are two adults in our household, and we both have cell phones. If someone needs to get in touch with us, that's how they do it.

    Having a home phone would just be an additional expense. And for something that just isn't needed, it doesn't make a lot of sense.

  28. I gave up my home phone about four years ago... for one, every calls my cell anyway if they want to get ahold of me (I'm never home), two the only people that called the home phone was telemarketers, and three we didn't need the home line for internet anymore because was have DSL... I will probably never get another home phone line again...

  29. I do have a home phone. It may be a bit old fashioned. The house is 1930's and we have one of the original phones in the house, black, rotary and the handle ways a ton and it's own cubby in the wall! It certainly makes phone calls breif when you talk on this phone! I like to have the back up to the cell, and we do not have the best cell service in our area!

  30. We got rid of our land line about 4 years ago. We did have to make a deal with the devil (aka big phone company) to get the most basic line available hooked up for DSL because the cable internet here was horrible. But there is no phone hooked to it - just DSL. I've realized since getting rid of the land line how rarely we actually talk on the phone - most of the calls we received must have been solicitations.

  31. Ya know, we DO have a home phone but the thought has never occurred to me as WHY we do; there really is no need!

  32. We have a home phone for convenience but also for safety reasons. If I have to call 911 for one of my kids or anyone else, I don't want to worry that my cell phone is not charged, that I can't find it because one of my kids moved it, that I am getting bad reception, or that the call might be dropped. My husband is a Firefighter/EMT, so as long as landline phones exist, we will have one.

  33. we do not have cell phones. we have a house phone. we use vonage through the internet. 30 a month for unlimited local and long distance. but if the power goes out we have no phone

  34. Hi

    I totally wasn't sure where to place my answer. We have a home phone with very limited service. It's primarily for emergencies. We use our cell phones as our primary phone lines. My husband and I have a plan where we can talk to each other and other sprint customers for free so it works out pretty well.

  35. We still maintain our landline. I prefer using it to my cell phone inside the house - better connection in my opinion. Plus, I'm still old-fashioned - I like having a house phone. This is a great giveaway! Thanks for offering it!
    the4moyers at msn dot com

  36. we have a home phone after running up expensive cell phone bills during the day while looking for a job- ouch!

  37. We thought about going without a home phone but cell servise here is spotty. It will work great for a while and then not so great. If there was an emergency we wanted a phone to work.

  38. Adding to my answer - I don't want to give up our home phone, because it's where everyone knows how to reach us, plus neither Ron or I are very good about making sure that our cell phones are always charged.

  39. Weird, just this morning I was wondering if people around my age still had home phones. We have been married 8 years & have NEVER had a home phone ... just cell's. We also have been T-Mobile customer's. Who needs a home phone when our cell phones are always near by.

  40. We still have our land line. Dh didn't have a cell phone, just me. And now that our son is here, I feel safer having a land line , and cell phone. I wish we had T mobile in our area! $10 plan sounds great!

  41. We have been considering getting rid of our home phone for a long time. The reason we haven't yet is because we have not been guaranteed that our home alarm system would work with non-landline phones.

  42. We have one for 2 reasons - my husband and daughter can't stay off of their cell phones and i cannot stand using mine (have it just for emergencies). I get unlimited long distance with the home phone.

    Also, we have a security system. Have to have a home phone to have a monitored security system....

  43. We still have a home phone, although it seems like a waste of money. We primarily use our cell phones. I do have my internet DSL bundled with my home phone service, though, and save some money that way.

    The prizes sound really cool - what a fun promotion for T-Mobile!

  44. We haven't had a home phone in a couple years, we simply have been unable to justify the expense. Our cell phones have been on a family plan for a while now, so we are used to just having a cell phone as communication.

  45. While we were apartment dwellers we had only a cell phone. It was nice but I missed a land line. I didn't like having to wait till evening to make long calls. Now we have a land line. We just have basic service and we use a rechargeable phone card for long distance (including to Mexico). We have a cell for emergencies that we pay as we go. I've actually been eying Vonage b/c it would be cheaper for long distance and international calls but it won't work for us b/c we have to keep a land line for our home alarm. In the end it would be more than we pay now. I do want to look into this T Mobile $10 thing though. (sorry, this became a book not a comment)

  46. Cool contest. I wish we didn't have to have a separate cell/home service but I feel safer with a land line these days. Roo called me from grandma's the other day. Apparently she already knows our number!

  47. I also answered. We have a home phone, we recently got it connected after having only cell phones for years. I am a SAHM and rarely used my cell. Our home plan is less expensive than my cell plan was.

  48. We gave up our home phone three years ago. The monthly fee was higher than our phone usage/charges. Now my husband and I use our cell phones. It has worked for us but as my kids get older I wonder about the wisdom of adding a home phone for emergency situations. They are too young to have their own cell phones. Also we always have to make sure our babysitter has her own phone or we have to remember to leave a phone at the house.

  49. When we moved into our house my husband and I decided to get rid of our cell phones (since we seemed to only call each other on them) and go with a home phone. We haven't regretted that decision. We've got unlimited long distance and high speed internet for a good price, and when the connection is bad with the person I'm talking to, I never have to wonder if it's my phone.

  50. I haven't had a home phone in over 4 years, and I like it that way! I've never been much of a phone talker, so my family plan (T-Mobile, actually!) of 700 minutes, along with free evening and weekend minutes, is more than enough to cover our needs. I'm always surprised to see home phone offers that rival the cost of my cell phone plan. Seems to make more monetary sense to just have one phone for all your needs, as long as you have decent service in your area.

  51. we do have a home phone, primarily because it is included with our internet package. I also sometimes prefer talking on a land line--the connection always seems better to me.

  52. Wow...What a fun giveaway! That $10 a month plan sounds great...Too bad we don't have a T-Mobile in our area! (We live in a one caution light town way down south!) haha

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