at least a hundred a week

I take at least a hundred photos every week.

Some of them are so bad that I delete them right away.

Some are mediocre, but they capture a great moment.

8-months-old-november 3-years-old-pink-balloon

Some are good, but not outstanding.

And then there are a few that are magnificent.

8-months-old-black-and-white 3-years-old-pink-balloon-pink-shirt

I back-up my photos on Seagate hard drives. I take this precaution because I would cry for days if I ever lost my pictures. Make that: weeks. You can take away my clothes, my furniture, my TV, my anyTHING...but not my pictures. They are memories, moments, magic - the past, present, and future captured for a moment behind a lens.

freeagent desk for mac 2tb seagateI currently use the 2TB FreAgent Desk for Mac ($289.99), a sleek, stylish, and super-capacity product that protects my most precious memories in digital form. The Desk also backs up music, movies, and important documents. Plus, it transfers data at the speed of light (okay, not really the speed of light...but it is SUPER fast with USB 2.0 and FW 800).

freeagent theater+ seagateThen, when we want to see our photos or home videos on the big screen, we use our FreeAgent Theater+ ($269.99). The Theater+ is a home entertainment system that moves your movies, pictures, and music from your computer to your TV. Experience High Definition Playback and Dolby Digital Surround Sound as you watch your 3-year-old sing the ABCs or hear your baby's gurgling laughter. Note to self: TAKE MORE VIDEOS! I'm so good about taking photos, but so forgetful when it comes to the video camera.

If you aren't currently backing up your photos, make haste. Perhaps you could ask for a back-up drive for Christmas? It might not be the most glamorous gift, but it is one that could potentially save you a whole lot of heartache.

YOUR TURN: How many photos/videos do you take per week?

seagate logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a 2TB Desk for Mac ($289.99) OR a FreeAgent Go 1TB (~$200.00). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, November 17th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

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* I received product samples from Seagate for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #79 VickieB. Congratulations!

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111 comments on “at least a hundred a week”

  1. i too take tons of pictures i am not currently backing them up and need to really bad. I would hate to loose them. thanks

  2. Yep, I understand the importance of saving photos and other important documents, this is on my Christmas wish list already! I take about 50 photos a week.

  3. I don't take as many photos as I use to, but I have only about 500mb of photos. Sad thing is, as a college student, most of my college life is not in picture form. In some ways, I regret not taking more photos as school. Hopefully I can pick that up, but I'd need a bigger hard drive lol

  4. Right now I probably have only 1/2 of out photos backed up. I know I need to back them up just in case, but I can't figure out an easy way to do it that both me and my wife can use. I have looked online and that is way to complicated. So something like this I think would simplify it for the both of us. Thank you!

  5. I need to backup my photos...some of them are over a year old in a camera that I need to get batteries for...just been so busy!!

  6. I am not very good about backing up my photos...and, I, too, would cry forEVER if I lost them!!! An external hard drive WOULD be a good thing to ask for for Christmas!

    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Ohh...I take so many photos of my baby boy!! He's just growing up so fast. I love looking back at his older photos and see how he has changed. I don't know what I'd do if I lost these precious photos!

  8. Wow.. either one would be amazing to win. I don't know if I'd ever fully recover if I lost my electronic data. I KNOW I need to back this stuff up, but I'm too busy taking pictures..

  9. i take a ton of photos and videos too, and i've never backed up anything! i don't know what i would do if i lost it all! thanks for the giveaway

  10. I take about 50 photos a week between both of my children (with school, sports & family outings). I sadly rarley get my photos backed up on even a CD. I am over a year behind!!! I am so fearful every time I turn my computer on that it will crash and I will loose all my pictures.

  11. I take a lot of photos too -- mostly of my ridiculous boyfriend and puppy :P -- but since I switched to Mac, my external hard drive is useless. I'd love to get one that works with my Mac so I don't lose all the new memories!

    Thanks for this opportunity. :)

  12. It totally depends with us. If it's a special occasion or holiday we take a ton. Or even at a milestone, like walking, etc. a ton of video. I'd say at least 3 videos a week on average and 50+ pics. We're addicted to pictures. :)

  13. i need to back up my photos as well!! i take between 50 and a hundred pics of my daughter right now but with twins on the way, i think i'll be taking a lot more!

  14. I was so sad to read this post. I am a mother of 2 and I hardly take any pictures. In fact my current camera is broken. So after reading this, I bought a used camera on EBay and hope to start making up for all the pictures I didn't take. Having this drive would be great. My mom lost all the pictures to my wedding and my brother's wedding when her harddrive crashed.

  15. I am a mother of a 2 and am very into photography! So I take a TON of pictures. I don't know what I would do if I lost all of them! This would be a very useful product for me!

  16. Photo backups will likely be the death of me (as in I don't have any and if the drive holding them dies I will, too). It would be great to have an external drive to hold a separate copy of the photos and could quite literally save me. I didn't even realize that there were 2 TB drives available from Seagate. I'd seen others, but not this one.

  17. I have a few dozen photos a week to keep out of a hundred or so that I take. I just bought a new Sony Vaio laptop and have been looking at Seagate products for backup. Fortunately, I was able to pull my photos from my dying Dell before it had it's final blue screen of death. I don't want to come that close again to losing my precious photos!

  18. I have an external hard drive to back up as well. That reminds me its about time to back up my photos...thanks for the reminder!

  19. I am so good about TAKING the photos but oh so bad at backing them up! I so need this, if I don't win, I am going to have to buy something to do it. Because this is VERY IMPORTANT, thanks for the reminder!

  20. I take hundreds of pictures a month and I back them up on a hard drive along with tons of other stuff--music, movies, homeschool stuff, digital scrapbook stuff; so I would really like one to just have my pictures on.

    Tonyababyrn at aol dot com

  21. I have had my DSLR for 8 months and just hit the 10000 photo mark! I need to be SO much better about backing them up, it is nearly impossible fo rme to delete any of them (good, bad or otherwise)!!

  22. I use a backup hard drive but boy is it slow. Also, we are getting our first mac in a few weeks, so the mac version would be great to have! I didn't even think that our current hard drives might not connect to the new mac.

  23. Oh wow! I've been telling my hubby that I need to back up my computer. Not just for my pictures, and believe me I have thousands, but for my school work, if I lose it (knock on wood!!) I'll have to start from scratch and I will not be a happy camper.

  24. At one time I had the idea that I was going to take a picture of my little one everyday, so I could see her growing over time. Needless to say that doesn't happen, but I'm not that far off. She has pictures taken of her almost every week. Unfortunately I download them on the computer and that is it. If anything ever happened to the memory or computer itself I would loose everything. Having an external storing device to keep safe all my photos that would be awesome. My organization of the photos might be better too!

  25. I just started developing pictures of my twins who are almost two since I'm due with my next soon. My husband keeps telling me to start backing up my pictures especially if I don't print them as I would be devastated to loose them. This would help.

  26. I take at least a hundred a week...on special occasion weeks I make it to the three or four hundred range...easy.
    I just bought a wd passport to back up my files. Being as protective as I am, I'd love to buy (or win) another to back up my back up. Is that crazy? Probably.

  27. I don't take nearly as many photos as I should. I need to just carry my camera with me wherever I go so I can capture those special moments!! I actually have been thinking lately about what would happen if our hard drive crashed and I lost all my pictures. I would be absolutely devastated. All of our pictures are stored on the computer, it would be horrible! So thanks for this giveaway!

  28. I do not take nearly enough pictures. If there is some sort of event like a family get together, halloween, or a trip to the zoo etc. I'll easily take 100+ pictures. However, I am really bad when it comes to taking day to day pictures. Part of it is I don't usually lug my DSLR around when it's just me and the babe.

  29. I'm so awful, some weeks I don't take any pictures. I'm even worse when it comes to video. What I'm really bad at is getting my picttures printed. They just stay on my computer or camera.

  30. I usually take 100-200 pics a week too. I haven't printed any out since March of 07 either. (Yikes!) So I do constantly worry about losing them.

  31. We recently had twin girls and I have been quite lazy in getting around to backing up our photo's. This would be quite helpful so we can remember our girls at this age.

  32. I, like you. take tons of pictures each week. I just love catching a glimmer of the sparkle that my children exude. They are so fun to watch and I want to capture and remember every moment of their lives as it just goes too quickly. The only problem is that I don't have a place to store all these pictures and I am terrified of losing them all. I do put them on facebook both to share them with family across the country and to store some of them in case of a catastrophe. i would love the hard drive to give me some security in keeping these memories forever.

  33. We would love a new 2Tb hard drive! We back up our photos and music and we are out of room! This would be a great Christmas present for hubby too!!!

  34. I have no idea how many pictures I take a week but a fair number.

    One of the perks of running my own company is that we have amazing backup facilities for our files.

    We have two backup sites (our home and our office), each which take a local snapshop of all our files. The local snapshots are then automatically duplicated and synchronized at each location across the internet. We keep the night before in an uncompressed instant access form, stuff that's changed in a compressed format for the last week, compressed snapshots once a month for everything for up to a year, and a yearly backup for certain types of files.

    The best part is that we don't ever have to remember to back it up, which is good because I find it challenging enough to remember to water plants and stuff like that. So I recommend over-the-wire backups if you have a good Internet connection and aren't taking feature length movies of your kids. (I totally know what you mean about not taking enough videos. I keep meaning to do more of that!)

    If our city got nuked we'd lose everything, but I'm thinking that we'd have bigger problems then anyway.

  35. I'm never as good at taking photos as I mean to be. I wish i took more! And I definitely need to back up the ones that I do have -- how devastating to think about losing them (along with all the other important things I keep on my computer). Yikes! Now I know what to tell my sister when she asks me what I want for Christmas.....

  36. I have lived through losing all my photos..It was very sad and I don't want that to happen ever again.

    I now try and back up my photos, but am not very disciplined...

  37. Wow! I had never counted before... but, looks like at least 100 per week. They are saved under each month on 2 different computers.... and then backed up (not often enough) by hubs. I really need to print and frame more of them!

  38. I probably only take about 50-60 in a noraml week now. If we have a fun outing that week like a trip to the zoo or something else fun I will take 100 or more from that trip. When my son was first born I was taking at least 50 a day. We have all of our pictures on cd one copy at our house and one at my mom's house. As well as all of them on a flash drive. But this way sounds so much better!

  39. I take about 50 per week unless there's a birthday or family event -- which easily totals 50+ by itself!

    I have bad dreams about losing all of my pictures/videos -- it's one of my worst fears -- such precious memories!

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. Depending on the day or week, I can take anywhere from 100-300! Crazy! Granted, not all of those come out that great! Sometimes it takes 25 of the same 'type' of picture to get one gem out of it! We have been backing up to CD's but we have repeatedly talked of getting a hard drive for this very reason! Some of our closest friends lost their house in a fire last year and got NOTHING out...not even one of their pictures...ugh! Thanks for the reminder...I'd better get backing up!

  41. We currently use the Free Agent one and it's a lifesaver. We've had multiple computer problems that have left our heads spinning. Thank God we had everything backed up.

  42. It has taken me awhile, but I am finally more conscious about taking pictures and videos of our two children! We keep the videos in our fire box.
    The need for safer storage of our digital pictures is something we definitely need to take care of.
    Thanks, Cindi

  43. When my camera wasn't broken, I took pictures at least once a day. A perfect day with kids in the leaves, or cooking dinner with me, or even sleeping with a toe sticking out of the crib slats.

    But it broke, and I've been eyeing a Nikon for months now... weekly...

  44. Always adding to the digital library with more and more every week. Always having more than one option to recover very sentimental artifacts such as video and pics is my practice, relying on any option is never easy. Seagate is the way to go.

  45. I know I'm in the hundreds range too. I can't help but take tons of photos of every little thing my son does! I've actually lost my photos, twice, and I did cry for weeks! I even backed them up but my back up had failed with out me knowing it, ugh! So now we're trying to recover our lost files, it costs lots of money but the pictures of the first 5 months of my sons life are absolutely worth it to me.

  46. My mom and I were just talking about this the other day and that I don't have anything backing up these memories. I was looking into what to have and I guess we must have been on the same wave length cause look at you here posting this. I will be asking Santa for this for sure. Glamorous no but WORTH IT YES! I usually take about 100 pictures a month if not more with events and what not. I love capturing everything, my daughter not so thrilled when she sees mom getting the camera out! Oh well all the pictures can't be full of smiles right lol!

  47. I would absolutely be devastated if I lost all my photos. I do have a hard drive but it is almost full of the last 6 years of pictures. The FreeAgent Theater looks awesome!

  48. It's hard to say how many I take per week. Some weeks it's tons, others I hardly take any. However, I have TONS of pictures through the years that really need to be backed up. I would be heartbroken if I lost them!

  49. I have 9 years' and three kids' worth of pictures, as well as digital art files, and client files. I've had several scares where I thought I had lost everything. I've been wishing for an external hard drive so I could breathe easier!

  50. I don't take nearly that many pictures each week. But I need to start. And on the subject of photos...we drove into Vail proper (ha!) last weekend in search of a gorgeous spot for our family Christmas shot. Found one! Now we just need someone to hold the camera...hmmm. Maybe we could scratch each other's backs?

  51. As a grandma I only take about 10 pictures a week, but did take over 500 while on vacation with the family last month. I keep telling myself that I am going to set up Time Machine to back it all up on a regular basis, but rarely find the time. My mac laptop is almost 2 years old and when I got it I transferred 30 years worth of photos from the old one (yes, I was on the scanner for too many hours). I do worry that I could drop the laptop and lose it all.

  52. We usually don't take a lot of photos unless we are on vacation. Then hubs takes hundreds OK make that thousands. AND he never deletes any of them. Yikes!

    But I do have tons of pictures on all of my computers that I need to sort through. So not ready for that task.

  53. I just filled up my desktop external hard drive and need to get a bigger one so that I can use that little one for my new laptop. You know, the one with all of my pictures since the summer? The ones that are not backed up yet? AHHHH!!!

  54. When Jade, my oldest, was 6 months old our hard drive crashed. I had the first 6 months of pictures on that hard drive, pregnant pictures, our first 2 years of marriage pictures and our whole courtship of pictures. I cried and cried- luckily we were able to spend several hundred dollars and got all but maybe 50 pictures recovered. None of them have the date stamp or the photo properties on them- but at least we have the pictures. After that, we set up a backup drive and installed a program that backs up all pictures every Sunday night. I don't delete anything off of my memory cards until after the Sunday back up. I will never again make the mistake of not having a back up again. A great program to use is Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery- it's not very expensive and free if you have a Lenovo machine. It will work with your Seagate (not for Mac) hard drive and you get to set up the time it does an auto backup.

  55. My camera lives in my bag- I am SOO w/ you on the pic taking & forgetting to use the video! Baby 2.0 arrives in 2 weeks if all goes as planned- I think it's time for a new camera too...
    I think it's great to have an external hard drive- We've lost precious photos twice due to laptop failure! BOO!
    inalak at msn dot com

  56. I don't take nearly enough pictures. I take some, but I'd love to take more. I want a better camera, and I want to learn how to use it well. Either way, though, I should take the camera out more often and get those shots because the girls are growing up so fast!

  57. It's insane how many pictures I take! I just realized in the year since we bought our Canon Rebel that I have taken over 7,000 pictures. Granted a lot of them (like you said) get deleted but I love to snap away! And I would be in tears if I lost my pictures.

  58. After our daughter was born, we took a few thousand pictures and videos of her. We didn't think about backing up anything and one day our computer got a virus and erased all of them. For some reason we were able to recover a few hundred of them, but I cried and cried about the ones we lost! Now, we have a Canon xsi and we take about 400-1,000 pictures a month. We would love a to back up every picture we take, since we hardly ever print them:)

  59. We need a much better system for our pictures. We have them on our main computer and at one time I put them on a flash drive but I need to do that much more often. We love to sit down and show the pictures on the TV - especially when grandma and grandpa are in town.

    By the way the black and white picture of your youngest looks A LOT like you husband!

  60. Oops forgot to add, I just figured out that I take about 600 photos a month! Sometimes alot more! And I def don't make enough videos!! :)

  61. We *just* got our first mac! This would be amazing because I love to take pictures and have tons of them!! Fingers crossed!! :)

  62. We take around 50 photos per week and lately have been taking video with our digital camera because we don't seem to have the video camera around or as handy.

    I LOVE making videos of the photo's (photo slide shows) and I have made one for each of my kiddo's first years of life. They are a wonderful gift and really fun to make as well as watch over and over.

    I think I would be just heartsick if I ever lost my photo's. I once backed up all of it to another type of external hard drive only to have it break and be useless 3 months later. I was really bummed but thankfully had also backed up to DVDs.

  63. We take 20-50 photos and 1-2 videos per week. We capture a lot of fun moments with our cell phones and then wish we had grabbed the camera instead.

  64. I'm not sure how many I take per week or how many we have taken including the deleted ones, but in the first year each month had a folder for photos just from that month and we averaged 150 keepers -- yes I have over 2000 photos from my daughers first year! What am I going to do with them? I don't know, but I already enjoy looking at them and reminiscing. I really feel like I captured a vast majority of cherishable moments and love that she will be able to relive them too even though she's too young to remember now.

  65. We try to take pictures a lot, but since we work full time, and once we get home bed time isn't far away, a lot of our picture taking gets done on the weekends. Although we do give the sitter our camera every day to capture the moments we miss. I back-up our pictures on CD every time I download them off the camera... we end up with about 200 pictures a month. We also try to take videos, but that is harder to remember!

  66. We also lost many pics when our computer crashed a few years ago. I still don't like to talk about it!
    I am sporadic at best about putting our pics and videos on CD/DVD, so I would love to have something to back them up that is faster and easier to use.

  67. This is what I'm wanting for Christmas this year! I'm so afraid our computer could crash at any moment and all my pictures and songs on Itunes will be gone forever! Plus we have 2 laptops and a desktop so it would be nice to have everything in one place.

  68. We take pictures every week but I'm not sure how many, probably on average about 10-20. We have thousands of pictures stored on our computer. I just got my first laptop ever and it is a Mac. I would love to have a back up! Thank you for the chance.

  69. Lately only about a dozen or so - until we delivered our daughter last week. This post did remind me to back up all of our family photos on our back up hard drive. Thanks for that reminder...I hadn't done it for a few months!

  70. i feel the same way about my pictures - if i were to lose them i would be devastated. the trouble with digital photos is that they could be gone is seconds without notice. sometimes i wish film were more cost effective, and that i had my own dark room for processing it. but that is another story.

  71. I am exactly like you however my backup recently crashed on me (2 weeks ago). Honestly I have a hard time with trusting any technology after that. So, I have moved everything back to my laptop until I can buy at LEAST TWO portable harddrives. Yes I am OCD but to lose those pictures is absolutely devastating.


  72. I don't know exactly how many we take however it really does add up to be a lot. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way how devastating it is to loose such precious memories. I appreciate the review as we have been searching for a reliable backup.

  73. Ahhh...let me tell you, you will cry for more then weeks if you loose your pictures. My dad has my laptop right now fighting through the crashing system to pull off all of the pictures that I have ever taken of my kids. I used one of those websites where you can upload your pictures but when my computer went the website actually didnt have all of my pics, so sad. I need to buy a back up right now.

  74. I probably take 10-15 very short videos with my point and shoot camera and well over 100 stills. I have my pictures saved on two different hard drives in my computer and upload a lot of them to Flickr.

    I would be devastated if my pictures got lost.

  75. I can't believe the awesome products you get to review and giveaway! I really need to back my pictures. I'm not taking as many but I think when our first baby arrives that will change. I might need to find something to back them up to right now.

  76. I don't take nearly 100 photos a week, but I probably should to capture all those precious moments. I need to find a better way to organize my photos on the computer. I can never find the ones I'm looking for.

  77. I take about 25 a week depending on what we are up to. I really need to keep our good camera out and ready so I can just grab it when the moment strikes. We back up our photos on DVD but they are hard to keep organized and a pain to access when you need them.

  78. I have switched computers twice in the last year and was terrified of losing all of the pictures of my 3 kids both times. I also have a fear of a house fire and losing them all. I have pictures backed up on CDs, but I only do that a few times a year. I've been wanting something like this for a while. Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Such a good reminder to have good back up systems! We take anywhere from 20-200 photos a week, depending on what's going on. I love having digital cameras, but it is heartbreaking to lose photos if something goes wrong!

  80. I have been taking belly pictures lately. I'm going to have professional belly pics taken next week so I'm super excited. Before the bun... my photos were all of my yorkie lucky & snowboarding. I just keep all my photos on my computer... it would be nice to have a backup system. My laptop is on the way to dying... battery is not recognizable & dvd drive not working... need something to backup photos of my baby-to-be!

  81. I store photos by month. I take about 200-400+ pictures a month, so I'm close to you.
    I wish I had a perfect routine for regular back ups but I do not. Even after a few scares!

  82. I take about a hundred a week, give or take. I've actually been wanting to get a new HD because my last one died and took my poor old iMac's HD with it. I have several thousand pictures in my iPhoto library (dating to before Jasper was born!) and I really need to free up some space...

  83. I try to take some pictures every day - some weeks I end up with a couple of hundred and other weeks only thirty or forty. But I do get pictures and I love having the memories to look back on.

    I also back up to my external drive and I save my SD cards in a fireproof safe - buying a new one every time I fill one up instead of re-using the same card over and over again.

    Oh... and I try to print some of those pictures every month too - I send them to great-grandma who prefers prints and real letters to emails and digitally sent photos.

  84. Some weeks I probably take 50 pictures or so and other weeks hardly any at all. It all depends on what or schedule looks like for that week. What a great giveaway! I have an extra hard drive that I back up onto PLUS I put all my photos onto DVD's for storage just in case...

  85. I lost all my photos when my PC crashed once. It was devastating. Then I switched to a Mac, which are statistically proven (or something) to crash less often, and have more compatible backing up options. I also need to take way more video!! Good reminders! I would say, I take anywhere from 50-150 photos a week depending on what we're doing.

  86. These are great. I lost all my college photos when my laptop crashed. Luckily, my roommates will never let me forget our memories :)

  87. I almost lost photos last month!!! but was somehow able to retrieve them all. Oh my goodness... talk about panic. I try to print the best... the curse of digital is that photos are never printed. I want to preserve them in albums, too.

  88. I take about 200/ month. But I don't really back them up. It's complicated and I can never remember how to do it. I just burn my pictures on a disk for now. But I know the disk are stacking up.

  89. We take lots of video and photos, but I need to get better at remembering to take even more pictures. We do back ours up, but not as often as I should. I need to remind DH to do that again.

  90. I really need to backup my pictures as I to would bawl for a month straight if I lost them all. I probably take a between 200 to 300 pictures in an average week.

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