Baby Back Ribs are for Today; Pictures are Forever

weddingMy husband and I just celebrated our 7-year anniversary last week (it's been marvelous...from year 1 to today, but I'll save that for another post).

To commemorate the occasion, we went to Outback Steakhouse and enjoyed baby back ribs and house salads. About halfway through the meal, I realized that I hadn't been to a restaurant in over 7 months. Partly due to morning sickness during my first trimester. Partly because homemade food is just so much better. Partly because eating at home is more inexpensive.

After that, we talked about how we didn't want to spend the majority of our money on "consumables." Food. Dollar bin doo-dads that get thrown away in days. Cheap clothing. Etc.

We much prefer to save up and spend money on quality items that are useful and that make a daily difference in our lives. A camera falls in that category.

casion exilim ex-z300 frontGood photos encapsulate time. They preserve memories. They are passed down from generation to generation. They celebrate special moments...who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming.

casio exilim ex-z300 backThe Casio Exilim EX-Z300 is compact, stylish, easy-to-use, and easy-to-carry with you...whether you're going to a baseball game or an amusement park.  As my husband put it, it's quite "dainty" and perfect for feminine hands. You can toss it in your purse without it taking up your entire purse! Best of all, it has some fantastic features:

  • 10.1 megapixels
  • 4x optical zoom
  • 3.0" LCD monitor
  • Shift image stabilizer

This camera may be small, but it's also "mighty." You can take clear photos - even if you're not a photography buff. There are only a few buttons so no need to worry about being intimidated if you're less than tech-savvy. You can also record (short) videos with just one touch of a button. Easy as pie.

If you're a photography pro, this is not your camera. But if you're an "every day" mom who wants to be able to take clear shots on-the-go or at home, you should definitely check it out.

Available in three different colors, the Casio Exilim EX-Z300 retails for approximately $299 from a variety of retailers including Amazon and B&H.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Casio Exilim EX-Z300 (~$299). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, January 18 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules...all generic comments like "Enter me!," "Love it," and "Cool camera!" will be disqualified. Please try to leave a thoughtful or insightful comment about the camera, your photography skills/philosophy, etc.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #150 Connie Colley. Congratulations!

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781 comments on “Baby Back Ribs are for Today; Pictures are Forever”

  1. I'm a novice when it comes to photography. Hopefully with this great camera I can practice taking pictures and improve the quality of my shots.

  2. i take a camera with me everywhere that i go. i think the photos of the "little" things in daily life are some of the best...taking pictures when nobody is expecting me to. i really treasure my photos and also sharing them with my family and friends.

  3. I don't have much in the way of photography skills because I don't have a camera. This one would ber perfect for me though.

  4. I love taking nature photos. I like to have a camera close at hand to snap pictures of pretty fall leaves, wild birds, my dog, my unsuspecting family, etc. I haven't spent a lot of time learning about setting up or framing a photo, I just like to tke pictures of things that interest me. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  5. I am very bad at taking pictures. In fact I am known for cutting off people's heads. No one would buy me a camera for Christmas so I would really like to win one. I promise that if I win I will read the booklet and really really try to learn. Thanks for the contest.

  6. I would love to win this camera for my mom. She could really use a digital camera especially since she teaches pre schoolers and always seems to be taking pictures of them. This camera would sure come in handy for her. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  7. I used to be a good photographer, but I had a much better 35mm camera. Now, I have a cheap digital camera. I'd love to have a better camera, because I believe it would help me to take good photos again.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  8. .. I so love taking pictures, photography and the whole ball of wax. I find it rewarding and relaxing, thank you. skyxsky27(at)

  9. Nice picture of you two and Happy Anniversary!
    I love taking pictures it has become a hobby
    of mine.It is not only fun but entertaining.
    My camera is just as important as my cell phone
    and goes with me everywhere.This is a very nice
    camera,I love the features and looks easy to
    handle.I have been wanting a new camera and this
    one looks great.As far as my skill at taking
    pictures,everyone thinks I take good ones.Please
    enter me and thanks for the giveaway

  10. Hi! I' not that great at taking pictures, but I love to do it. The camera we have now was crushed or something because it makes this aweful ticking noise and some of the pics come out blurry! I need a new one so bad.

    Thanks for entering me ! Great contest!

    Janna Johnson

  11. Happy Anniversary! I often take terrible photos. They come out blurry and I cut off people's heads but still, I try.

  12. I have a large family and I am having a problem with everyone wanting to use my camera. I took phtotography in high school and I love taking photos.

  13. This would be a great prize to give to my daughter. She is a Junior in high school and does not have a camera. She is unable to capture her special moments--she cheers for football and basketball, prom, homecoming, friends. We all know how these young times are so precious. What a great gift this would be for her to be able to capture these moments. Thanks!

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    I would love to won a fabulous camera like this Casio Exilim! I've never owned a digital camera before & it's a dream of mine to own one.
    So much has changed & is changing in our town since hurricane Ike. I wish I would have has a camera to doucment it. Also, I wish I could take quality pictures of my family & pets.
    I have also dreamed of taking Picture's of Nature & trying my hand at taking photo's for print & backgrounds on my computer.
    The Casio Exilim would open the doors & unlock my dreams of being a photographer!

  15. I would love to take pictures of my sister playing hockey and racing her dirt dike, and all the family activities. The size of the camera is what makes it important, due to all the traveling.

  16. I love the size of this camera and that it gives clear pictures without much talent. I'm not great at taking pictures but love to do it anyway.

  17. Photography becomes a tradition if you make them. In our family, the first day of school picture is our tradition. The boys stand in front of our growth stick (where we measure them) and we take a photo op. They are always dressed up for the first day and eager to meet their new teachers (thus, a smile is easy to get). Plus, why is there no rush on the first day? Good luck creating keepsakes.

  18. The camera is more than 10 MP camera and I love the fact that it is black. I am a very novice photographer and my motto for taking pictures is that they don't replace memories they just varify them.

  19. I'm still looking for the right camera for me. I don't have good skills and I too often miss the shot I need because I'm trying to work the camera.

  20. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    I love taking pictures and need a new camera as we have two new kittens.

    Thanks for the contest.

  21. We soooooo love taking pics of our adventurously spirited 15 month old ds with his mischievous and lovable smile and his big heart!!! It's so magical! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  22. This camera would be great for me to take every where - since we have a fat old fashion camera we tend to not grab as often plus taking the film to get developed is a pain. Would love a digital to share with my kids.

  23. This camera would get tons of use in our home. I have two little girls that I cannot get enough photos of and the size would make it very easy to keep in my purse so as not to miss one moment.

  24. i have very little photography skills, but i would be very greatful to learn to work and handle a camera like this one. it looks easy to carry and really fast to point and shoot.

  25. I am certainly not a pro when it comes to photography, but I have been thinking about documenting my second attempt at successful gardening and landscaping this year. A camera of this size, with it's easy to use design would be perfect for that!

  26. I would love to win this camera - I love taking pictures and I never seem to be without a camera in my pocketbook - this would work out great for me!

  27. We are in the market for a new camera. Our current camera is soooo big, so it's difficult for us to have one of those spur of the moment photos. If we had something a little smaller that we could bring with us everywhere without the huge backpack, we could have more candid pics. This camera fits the bill. :-) Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. This camera would be a great thing to just take on the go so that i can take pictures of the times i pick up and go with my friends and family. it's those pick up and go times that make the best memories, and a camera like this would make sure i get to capture those memories b/c it's so easy to bring along.

  29. I love to take pictures as I travel around the world and your Casio Exilim EX-Z300 looks like it would be perfect to use on these trips. I like a camera that takes great pictures, is easy to use and is small enough to fit in a pocket.


  30. I noticed that you specifically noted that the camera would be great for moms, and I'm definitely not a mom, but... it would really benefit me. I'm about to start going to college in a few months, and I don't have my own camera. That clashes with my love of taking pictures of my friends and events that go on. I want to remember some of my life, because all of my pictures of me as a child were taken but never developed by my parents. I don't want to get into their same old habit - I want to have things to look back on and laugh about.

  31. I'm just an amateur but we love to take pictures of all our vacations and put them into photobooks on line. This camera could be perfect for that!

  32. I love how you say that this camera is for the "everyday mom". All I want to be able to do is take a good clear, sharp photo with good lighting. I don't need anything fancy (nor do I know how to work anything fancy). This camera looks perfect for what I need. Thank you so much for the great contest.

  33. Hey. I know I'm just a kid but nowhere in the rules had an age restriction, so I guess I'm quaified. I'm am not a pro at photography ,but I love to take pictures of everthing from my twin to skyscrapers. The camera I have now does not take good, quality pictures. When I want to take good, quality pictures, I have to borrow my sister's or my dad's camera ,and I don't like to do that often. My camera I have now is a Casio so I know that brand.

  34. I am not a great photographer by any means, but I am the person in my family that takes the pictures of all our events. I would love to have this camera. My current one is only 3 megapixels and while I love it, I would love a newer camera. Casio is a brand name I am familiar with too. Quality products at reasonable prices.

  35. Thanks for the contest! All throughout my years of growing up I was always the one with the camera in my hand. I am not a professional by any means, but I really love photography.

    I own an Olympus Digital. It is about 5 years old. It is very slow, and the pictures are often very blurry. I believe taking my camera to the beach in Michigan is what ruined my camera. I would love to own the Casio Exilim. I have been wanting to get another camera because I am missing out on taking good quality pictures of my kids while they are still little.

  36. Thanks for the giveaway...I am still using an old point & shoot 35 mm camera, sort of waiting for it to quit so I can finally go digital; tired of paying the developing / conversion to disc costs with each roll of film but too cheap and / or feel guilty about discarding a perfectly good camera (while it lasts). I am usually the designated photographer at gatherings of friends & family, and I love sending photos as gifts.

  37. I have not had a good camera in years, though I do have a camcorder. That is nice, but I really want to take beautiful pictures of my grandchildren, and I think a good digital camera is the way to go. My daughter has one, most of my friends have one and they all take very nice pictures. One lady in particular that I know from work takes the most breathtaking photos in her backyard - birds, flowers, insects, etc. All with her digital camera!

  38. Ooh! This camera puts my 4 megapixel one to shame. I'd love to bring it with meo n my mountain bike rides to take some shots of the beautiful scenery.

  39. The camera I have right now does not take very good pictures. It does ok on close up pics but assembly pics are terrible. I've tried to take pics of my oldest getting awards at school and they are black. I've tried taking pics of my youngest at her preschool program and they are black too. I really need a good camera that I can use to get good pics. of my girls. thanks for the great giveaway!!

  40. My current camera is so old that a guard at the National Art Museum ran up to me to look at it saying he collected vintage cameras. I think that pretty much sums it up. Would love a nice camera, just can't afford it.

  41. I would love to win this camera. It looks perfect for my almost 13 year old daughter. We bought her a Fuji Camera last year for her 12th birthday, 6 months later, the lcd screen cracked from no fault of hers (it wasn't dropped she didn't mishandle it), we returned it to Fuji under warranty and they wouldn't honor it because the screen was cracked (though it was just from shoddy manufacturing), and said that they would not cover it. So, next time we will (like you), buy quality. Hopefully Casio's customer service is better than Fujis.

  42. I would love to win this for my daughter. She had a Casio Exilim and it got stolen along with her purse. This camera takes beautiful pictures and you don't have to be a pro to use it. The shift image stabilizer is great because my grandson was running everywhere when she was tring to take pictures. This really is a great camera. Thanks for the chance.

  43. I need all the help I can get when it comes to taking pictures. Maybe this camera could help even me! Thanks for the contest.

  44. I remember getting my first 35mm camera when I was 8. I fell in love with photography then but eventually put it aside for other things. I've never lost my love for a good photo though.

  45. I am not a great photographer but I love to take pics of my family, friends and pets! I really need a new camera! And of course Happy Anniversary!

  46. I would love to replace our older digital camera with one that takes really clear pictures. I love that you can record some video on this one. Thanks for the chance!

  47. I do not have a digital camera. This would be great to have. I am not too good in taking photos. Maybe this would help me take better photos.

  48. My husband has a big digital dslr camera. I would love a small fit in your pocket or purse camera for myself, to take pretty much everywhere I go. This one looks easy to use-just the right size for me.

  49. this looks like a great camera! i love how simple it is to use. i am a very novice photographer...this camera would help me capture cherised memories without a lot of work.

  50. First off Congrats on your Anniversary! I wish you many more years of wedded bliss! As for the camera, I'll say this... I am no pro at picture taking and instead of spending money on a nice camera, I've bought and processed dozens of the throwaway cameras! I always seem to need one at unexpected moments and these are everywhere! Though they work well, a nice digital camera would be a great way to make sure I never miss that crazy shot again!

  51. I'm far from skilled with the camera, in fact I'm not at all skilled with any electronic items, but I do try my best. I have a camera thats getting up there in age and though its pretty simple to use, the quality of the photos are really not that good, the photos end up being very fuzzy. This Casio camera looks amazing w/ the large screen and looks easy enough to use that I may actually be able to figure it out since there are only a few buttons. I really like that you can also record videos--Thats wonderful! And the fact that it has 10.1 megapixels, I can't even comprehend how big a difference that would be from mine!!

  52. I am not a bad photographer, but my grandchildren will me moving near me this spring. I need a camera that is easier to carry than the one I have now. Most of my shots are grab shots, but I occassionally manage to get a really great picture. My grand-daughter was helping cook at Christmas and I got the ingredients pouring as we made a family recipe. Wonderful!

  53. Happy Anniversary.
    My biggest camera challenge is the settings get knocked out of whack somehow so they never have the right exposure or whatever- either the lighting or angle or something is off.
    This would be awesome since there are so few buttons I'd pretty much know what it was supposed to look like when I am ready to take a pic and hopefully much more goof-proof and user friendly.

  54. my sister is the photographer of the family and she is away at college in CO now. we only get good pics of the kids when she is here on break because her camera is the "nicer" camera(ours are always blurry...very old digital cam) this would help us have great pics of the kids all the time:) thanks!

  55. I am technologically-challenged when it comes to electronics. I rely heavily on my 15-year-old son to help me with anything electronic. This would be a great birthday present for him.

  56. i am so ashamed to say i still use the disposable cameras..daughters have beautiful,big with lens cameras and i still use my throw away....i really hope i win is getting so i will not being my camera because people laugh..

    thanks for a great giveaway

  57. I bought my grandchildren cameras for the holidays. I borrow my daughter's camera to take pictures to list on ebay. I need a compact camera to call my own.

  58. I am far from pro, but I love to take pictures of my family. With 4 kids, two of which are 6 months old, I need a good camera that is compact!

  59. I am obsessed with taking pictures of my kids. My current digital camera that I recieved as a wedding gift has just broke. Our anniversary is coming up (3 years), this would be perfect to recieve another camera. I have three kids, so I always have something to capture around my house. Congrats on your pregnancy, glad the morning sickness is gone!

  60. I'd love to win this pocket sized camera. I try to carry a camera with me everywhere I go because you never know what will pop up. I often manage to get interesting pics when I least expect it. My point and shoot is getting a little long in the tooth so a new one would be terrific.

  61. We seem to have lost our digital camera (can't find it anywhere ... personally, I would blame the two year old). It would be really great to have a new one.

  62. I'm not much of a photographer - I just need to be able to click a button. Our camera is an older digital (2.1?) that has a really cool new feature - all the pictures have a soft "hazy" quality to them. One of my photo geek friends suggested that I not use the same filter (?) on all my photos - she just laughed and told me that I need a new camera when I told her that I didn't know what that meant....

  63. When I purchased my little camera, I didn't have a clue as to the capabilities it had for taking quality pictures. Already I can visualize the full potential of this camera with the 10.1 Megapixel resolution,it's small enough that it would fit right in my purse and always be ready to for anyone to take great pictures especially for those that scrapbook.

  64. Whether I am on vacation, or just at a friendly gathering, I am usually the one who attempts to capture the moment via film. I am not even close to a professional picture taker, that's for sure! I do enjoy trying to keep the memory of a warm sunshiny day, or a surprise snowstorm using my camera. Sometimes, I think that I "bother" people with my picture taking - but, interestingly enough, I get asked at a later date about the pictures I took. Thanks for this chance.

  65. My picture taking skills suck, but I have two kids that seem to be growing and doing something silly every day. I need to have a good easy camera.

  66. I am not the greatest at taking pictures. I shy away from it most times. However, my 6 year old found a photo album of vacations my husband and I had gone to. He spent hours looking at it. I realized then how important it was to take pictures very often.

  67. I would love to have a new camera, my skills would probably be much better with a great camera like that, lol.. Happy Anniversary, hope you have many more to come (marriage sure is great) Thanks for the chance!!!

  68. I love taking photos, but my 2 year-old dropped my camera in the toilet. (actually, she threw it in there like she was shooting a free-throw for a million dollars) We dried it out but it doesn't work anymore. :(

  69. I have taken some photography classes at a local college to sharpen my skills, but my once state-of-the-art camera I got before my daughter was born, is now turning into an antique! The picture clarity isnt what it once was, even with the settings updated. This camera looks fabulous!

  70. i am not a pro at taking pictures but i love doing it...since i became a grandma 14 months ago it seems like i have a camera in my hand 24 hours a day...the Casio Exilim sounds like the perfect camera for me and my grandbaby....thanks for offering such a wonderful prize...congrads on your anniversary

  71. I do not have a camera at this time, but would certainly love to have one. I have retired to "the woods" where the beauty of nature abounds. I would so love to be able to capture it in pictures.

  72. I have a big bulky camera that I love but hate to drag around with me. This would be the perfect camera to slip in my purse for those much needed "dang I wish I had my camera" moments. I love that it 10px and a stabilizer as well.

  73. The Shift image stabilizer feature will help me a lot. I have so many blurry pictures as I can't hold still long enough.

  74. We love taking pictures, even though we are definitely not professionals. However we love looking back through the years at all those special snap shots. I'd love to get a new camera, as ours doesn't do very well, unless it is in a very bright room.

  75. I love taking photos but I don't own a digital camera...actually I don't own any kind of camera. I purchase those diposable cameras whenever I need to take pictures. This camera sounds great and simple to use. If I win, I won't have to worry about the developing costs of horrible photos when everyone has their eyes closed because I can just delete them.

  76. I take a lot of pictures of the same things from different angles and views and then pick the best to keep. Digital cameras are great for this.

  77. My husband and I are not photography pros. We need a camera that is simple to work (not a lot of buttons) and that can easily portable (fit into a purse or a pocket). There have been a lot of times we wanted to capture a special moment but our old 4MP camera doesn't do the moment any justice (grainy/blurry photos, missed shots, dead camera). There isn't enough money in the budget to purchase a new camera, so this would be a great contest to win! Thank you for the opportunity!! :)

  78. While I am not a professional I do love taking pictures and have taken courses in Photography. I drool over big lens and way out of my price cameras. Yet, I find myself needing a small GOOD camera for my everyday out and about pictures that I want to take of the kiddos. The problem is finding one that is small, good, and won't take a huge chunk out of my wallet. Never had a
    Casio before but it looks like it might actually fit the bill.

  79. I would love to win this camera. We bought a few cameras for the kids and when they moved so did the cameras. So we need one. Our daughter is getting married in June so really need one. Thanks for the contest.

  80. Awesome camera. I just got my mom a new camera for Christmas. I'd love for it to be my turn to get a new one. Thanks for doing this!

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  81. I take lots of pictures. Mostly of things around Disneyland and of my siblings. I have a cannon camera that I've had for a few years now and just does not work very well anymore. I can't afford a new one and no one in my family was able to get me one for Christmas either. I love looking at pictures from years ago and I know my siblings (2 of which are still very young...5 year old twins) will enjoy seeing the pictures I take now and in years to come as they grow up.

  82. I would love to win this camera to give to my mother. She was using disposable cameras for years until we bought her a 35mm and her pictures of the kids are better but not great. A simple digital would be perfect for her.

  83. I am an amateur, but I do love to take pictures of my family and on vacation! I like this camera because it appears to be user friendly and it small withhaving the big screen! I have an SLR digital that's big & cumbersome to bring on vacation and my point & shoot digital is on the older side. I bought it when digital P&S first came out. It's bigger in size than the new ones with a smaller screen and a very slow shutter speed! I would really like to win this camera!

  84. I am an amateur photographer at best, but I love to take pictures of my animals and I walk 4 miles everyday during the spring, summer and fall in a very woody area where I run into all kinds of baby animals and beautiful scenery. The Shift image stabilizer is a great feature, sounds like it would help my "shaky" photo taking.

  85. I am not good at picture taking--maybe one is 10 photos is acceptable. At least I do not cut everyones heads off! This camera would be great, as I could delete all the pictures that are not good and start over!!

  86. I have a regular film camera that I love and a digital that is very convenient. Unfortunately there are drawbacks with both. I love seeing the pictures before they are developed so I don't waste my money but my digital only has digital zoom not optical so the photos aren't always as sharp and crisp as I would like.
    I especially love taking pictures on vacation. I love nature and landscape photos as well as those hundreds of family shots.

  87. Thank you so much for offering this sweepstakes and that really cool camera as a prize. Am certain that camera could help me take pictures and remember the moment for a long time to come.

  88. I have been trying to save up to get a camera for my animal rescue. I have yet to do so as Great Danes eat ALOT and have had surgeries for 2 Danes also. My account is depleted! I would LOVE to post their pics on to help find them loving homes! Fingers and paws crossed!

  89. I will be generic enough to say its a very cool camera! But yeah I don't really have any "photography skills", I go to alot of concerts and I love taking pictures of the bands. Its not anything I do professionally but I love live music and love having the memories of the different shows I attended. Just one of my many hobbies =)

  90. My photography skills are close to non existent. I point and click. I am looking to replace an older camera that just does not do it. My pictures sometimes / mostly come out blurry. Maybe it is me, but I am hoping it is the camera so when I do get a newer / better camera it can take great pictures of my daughters. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway - I hope whoever wins takes great pictures of their family and keeps long lasting memories. Thanks again.

  91. Long, long ago... in a galaxy far away.. I was a photographer. Then marriage and kids came, which of course, ended my career. lol.
    I love taking pictures of my children and the pets.
    Two of my kids love to take pictures and I have a Casio Exilim, an older model, and it's wonderful. My son wants a camera of his own. His sick of stealing Mom's! lol So, this would be his
    Thanks for the contest

  92. This would be great to leave in my purse for those moments i always seem to miss! My current camera is just to large to carry around!

    robinmarie72 @ gmail . com

  93. Wow, this looks like a really nice camera. My camera is getting outdated quickly. It's way too large and cumbersome. I would love to have one of these smaller, more advanced cameras. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. I would love to win this---I love to take pictures, my camera is great for landscapes, but no good for trying to catch a candid shot of the kids--or the animals. My mother has a black toy poodle --I've probably taken 200 pictures of it--and not one has been anything more than a blur.

  95. I need a new camera ours is about 4 years old. It is big, slow and I am not fond of the picture qaulity. I rarely take it any place because it is too big to fit in my purse.

  96. I have an older Casio Exilim that I have used for about four years and it's never given me any problems but I've been wanting to get a new one because this one has taken alot of abuse, Hope I win...

  97. I like this camera because its so slim and its easy to carry around on trips to the park and stuff so I don't miss those "moments" Photography is a lot fun for me, I love to experiment in the summer, I take pictures of my flowers in my yard all the time

  98. I love to take pictures but have to travel light and am limited on space. I love to take pictures of the flowers and people I meet on my travels.

  99. Wow- this looks like a dream camera compared to the toy one I currently own :) I'm no Diane Arbus, but I'm still a pretty talented amateur when it comes to capturing people and funny or even sublime moments. Candid portraits of everyday people are my primary interest, and a camera with buttons that don't jam (mine has seen a lot of wear and tear!) and with sharper focus would help me improve the quality of my photos. Thanks for the entry!

  100. I am not a pro when it comes to pics - this could help me out a lot and its also small enough to fit in my purse so it is always handy for the once in a lifetime shots

  101. wow - is this timely - I gave my camera to my son over the holidays and I am going through withdrawal - havent gotten around to getting a new one and want to upgrade - been doing research as I dont want to make an expensive mistake

  102. I have recently started to take a lot more pictures and am trying to make them more interesting. My pet peeve about my current camera is that it doesn't take great pictures and it is VERY slow between pictures. The EX-Z300 looks so much better!





  104. There is nothing like a good camera (and this is a good one) to have handy and capture the milestones and memories in a family.

  105. I was always a terrible photographer. My daughter had me use her digital camera to take pictures of her family. WOW what a difference. I would love to have my own camera now.

  106. I love my pictures, each one takes me back to the day and time, floods of memories in every one. I have advaced to a digital camera, but sure could use a replacement.

  107. I am no expert in photography. I've always loved taking photos and editing on my computer. My current camera is an olympus. It is a 1.3mp which is OK but no where near great. When I got it, it was top of the line. Guess that tells its age. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great camera. I'm with you about saving up and buying quality products. I've had cheap and they break quickly.

  108. I only have a handful of picturs of my childhood and at the age of 36, I often wish I could see myself grow through pictures. Taking pictures of my family is fun but it's so much more than that. It's our life captured in moments which she will have and pass on forever. The pictures speak for themselves. I love to manipulate the pics on photo editing websites too. However, my camera just comitted suicide so now, our life is on hold.

  109. I new digital camera would be so great. I have six kids, they can use the old one and I can keep the new one for myself.

  110. I enjoy taking pictures, the cool thing about a digital camera is you can just keep taking pictures, then look through them on your own ,keeping the good ones and getting rid of the bad ones. The good ones end up on my wall somewhere. I am so ready for a new camera, my current digital camera is about 8 years old.

  111. I'm an absolute photography nut. My parents are probably responsible for that, years ago I asked to see some baby/toddler photos of myself, and they could produce only 1 very poor quality black and white shot of some random neighbor they don't even know anymore holding me.

    I'm determined to document my kids' lives completely and let them document their memories as well. We take over a thousand photos ever year - some by me, some by Dad, and some by the kids themselves. All the photos are saved and I have a journal that lists the date taken, location, whose in it, and a brief note about the photo - this way they never have to wonder.

    We do a lot of scrapbooking for our use, and I make photo collages of the kids every year for Mother's Day for all the women in the family (and for Father's Day for any male relative without a spouse. These have turned out to be the most popular photos ever.

    My theory is... you can never have enough photos!

  112. Enter me. Just kidding!!! I love photography, enjoy taking all kinds of pictures. My favorite pictures though are the ones my younger children (8 and 10) take. I love to let them borrow my camera and play. They take some amazing shots, you'd be surprised. I get to see them when they aren't on their best behavior for mom! I also get to see what a camera hog my daughter is!!

    Great giveaway!

  113. i'm so jealous of my daughter having a camera and i don't. I'm still using my regular film camera, i like being able to actually get my photos within a year of taking them. But i never know i they turned out good or not, so i always end up getting some cut off heads or someone blinking. This would be so great to have.

  114. This is some super camera in a small package! Love the 3" LCD screen and the 10 mega pixels and the fact that it has a built in "air-brush" feature and can also do movies....WOW! My Nikon is kind of big, and I always have to bring my camera case with me everywhere (of course when visiting my granddaughters I am always photographing them!) I would love this camera for just around the house and for the photography I've been doing this winter of the birds in the bushes outside my window..especially the cardinals! I also photograph the deer in my yard. I also photograph my 3 beautiful cats in the house...Hey!'s boring in the house all winter here in the Northeast!
    I've been doing photography since the age of 12 when my Dad gave me an old box camera, and I mostly do landscape and nature photography, but since having my grandchildren...I pretty much document every visit I have with them. Would love though to have this camera to tuck into my purse.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. My husband and I have been looking into getting a new camera, this one looks great! I love taking pictures of my babies, even if I'm not very good at it.

  116. I have minimal photography skills-can barely figure out where to look in or press but my husband is an avid photographer and I would want this for him as our camera is dying. He lives to photograph our children, and everything around us.

  117. Congrats on 7 yrs! Dh and I will hit that milestone in May. Time just flies doesn't it? Here I am almost 7 years later with 2 kids (5 and 3) and I still don't have a digital camera that I can have with me at all times. I have a big bulky one but since I am sans stroller these days I can no longer haul all the gear I used to! This camera sounds perfect for me. I like the small size the megapixels and the image stabilization (they just can't sit still can they?)

  118. I just started taking alot of pictures now that I have a grand-daughter, but to use most of the cameras you need a degree. I want something that takes good pictures, but is easy to use. This camera looks to be simple to use and I love the size of the screen for viewing pictures.

  119. I love that the Casio Exilim has a Shift Image Stabilizer. Whenever I try and take pictures of my very active toddler they always come out blurry. This would really help me capture some great photos of my little one!

  120. Looks like a great camera. I could really use a new one :)
    I love taking pictures of my kids...they grow so fast!

  121. Regarding the camera, I'm immediately impressed with the 10.1 megapixels feature. And though I cannot claim to be any more than a novice photographer, I do have a sense of a "good shot" - unfortunately it is usually of pictures taken by someone else :)

  122. The Canon camera is small enough for me to carry around in my purse. I will definitely have a camera on my every time that I say "boy, I wish I had a camera."
    My photography skills include: making people look like they are possessed (red eyes), adding the sense of motion to stills (shake while trying to compose photo), and decapitating friends and family (or just scalping them).

  123. One of the nice features about this camera is that not only does it take good distance pictures, but with 10.1 pixels, good close ups. I take as many close up shots as I do other kinds. My photography skills need work, and the camera has features that would help. Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Anniversary!

  124. What I love about this smaller camera is its portability and that it is lightweight. I would carry it in my purse along with everything else and sometimes all that weight adds up and isn't good for your body. Besides my kids and pets and friends and events, it is also useful to have a plain point and shoot digital camera for emergencies (car accidents, stranger following you, etc.) If my house were on fire, it would be my photos I'd be grabbing in a hurry! This is a terrific giveaway and oh yes "Happy 7th."

  125. I'm still working in 2.1 MegaPixels, can't imagine what 10.1 could do for christmases, vacations and birthdays.

  126. I love taking pictures, but have not yet went to the digital cameras. There's just something more peaceful about using old fashioned still.

  127. I love taking pictures, looks like this camera would be great for me, a busy mom on the go with a need to be creative!!!

  128. My first digital camera had 3 megapixels and I thought I was in hog heaven. I would love to try 10.1 megapixels.

  129. I would love to have this camera. It is amazing and I bet it takes 1,000 times better pictures than my current camera. I am definitely not a skilled photographer but I am constantly taking pictures of my family and driving everyone crazy! I could really use this! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  130. Love the wedding photo, so beautiful!
    This camera looks really nice. I like Canon, they make great camera's.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  131. I have enjoyed photography for years but I never progressed to learning the ins and outs of photography (like f-stops, etc.). The camera I have now is bulky and I would love to have a small camera like this to take everywhere I go.

  132. I have always had difficulty taking pictures with video cameras. I often feel foolish not knowing how to set all of the controls before taking the picture. Sometimes I am very surprised about the results. Guess I will always be an amateur. It sure would be nice to use a camera like the Casio Exilim EX-Z300 which would simplify how to take pictures and improve my results.

  133. We have over 4000 digital photos and are always looking to take more. This would be a great new camera to use to add to the collection of pictures

  134. I have never had a digital camera. I'd love one, but my husband thinks it is not necessary. He likes the old fashioned 35 mm. I am not so great a taking pictures, but I'd like to try!

  135. I love taking pictures, but I am definitely not a pro. I think my pictures would be a lot better if had a better camera.

  136. Not a pro but I do have a canon rebel - I love it absolutely the best photo can be taken with this camera. But, it is so big and bulky...

  137. I love taking photos, and a small digital camera would be a great way for me to be able to take pictures anywhere and any time!

  138. This would be so amazing to win! I can't lie...we have a nice digi camera...well, it was nice two years ago! Now I am wishing for a new one and this casio camera looks awesome! They are always coming out with new and better cameras, its hard not to want a new one!

  139. the camera is beautiful with a nice big viewfinder screen cuz i can barely hold still long enough to keep it at my eye!

  140. My photography skills are pretty basic at best. I love taking pics and posting them online to share with friends and family in other parts of the country. I think this camera would give me a chance to increase my photog skills.

  141. This Casio Digital Camera looks to be quite technically forward, and durable as well. With a wonderful family of six, I love to take photos, and pics of our lives, but I find that using the camera I currently own, the pictures don't always turn out as clear and visually stunning as I would hope. I would love the fact that this camera is compact, and I love the fact that the megapixels are 10.1. This would be an extraordinary camera to own. Thank you.

  142. My photography skills are negligible. (The better the camera, the better I look!) However, my husband is very good with a camera, and is now studying photo shop. Our camera is about 10 years old, and quite out of date. We would just love this!

  143. Heck, a camera like this would certainly bring me one step closer to becoming a pro! Great camera, awesome picture quality. Very nice! Thanks for making this contest possible!!!

  144. I have been looking at cameras for a few months now, trying to find one that will be the best fit. I looked at a different model of the Casio Exilm and really liked it. Actually was going to purchase it, but Sears only had the display and not all the accessories. This camera would be great for documenting special times with my daughter. I am an amateur, but this would my photos look like a pro took them.

  145. I am definitely not a camera pro...when I take pictures I waste film. The digital camera will help me save money while taking pictures of my grandson and new grandchild on the way!

  146. We just got married eight months ago. I realized as I was reading this that we only have two photographs of us taken since our wedding night. I love pictures of every day life - pictures of my mom and dad doing dishes and folding laundry together when they were newly married are some of my favorite pictures they have ever shown me. I would like a camera to be able to capture some of those moments my husband and I are sharing now!

  147. I'd love to have a camera with a quicker response time and quality optics. Some of the best pictures I've taken were the ones that were completely spontaneous.

  148. I have been needing a new camera, my little one decided that my old camera belonged in the toilet. Needless to say, I need a camera bad, so I can get great shoots of my two cuties. Great giveaway.

  149. happy anniversary!! i'm getting a little better at photography, i've just about stopped cutting the heads off:)
    but i'm still using the old fashioned cameras
    a digital would be great

  150. I am new to digital photography. I am hoping to learn to take great pictures by the end of the year, as I am going to China to get my adopted baby girl. I plan on taking a ton of pictures when I am there for my daughter!

  151. To me a photo isn't just a photo, it's a memory .
    I'm a stay at home mommy with a sweet 7 year old daughter who loves to have her picture taken, which is a good thing because I love to take photos and make photo books ! I make photo books of the Holidays and scrapbooks. We love to take our books down and look through all the wonderful memories together. I hope someday when she is grown with a family of her own, she remembers all the fun we've had taking the photos and making the photo books and she does the same with her sweet children.
    That camera looks totally amazing and would be perfect for making memories !

  152. I'm a new-comer to digital photography. I just recently got my first digital camera. Actually I'm not much of a photographer, yet. It's been years since I've actually owned any camera.

  153. My wife is the photo taker in the family, but because of that she isn't in any of the pictures. When I win this camera I will give it to her and then I will use the old one to take pictures so that she can be in more of our family pictures.

  154. I love taking pictures, its my favorite thing to do. However Im currently without a camera, I just moved to another state and somehow in the move my beloved digital camera was lost. And I am lost without it. :[

  155. Congratulations on 7 years of happiness! Your wedding picture is just beautiful! I have been married for 8 years now with 3 young children and our marriage has been marvelous and gets better each year! The Casio Exilim EX-Z300 digital camera has all the features that I need in a camera. The one I am currently using is pretty much outdated, we have had it for over 4 years now and it is only a 3 Megapixel camera and the batteries constantly need to be recharged. I have missed so many of those once in a lifetime moments because the camera has malfunctioned on my at the worst possible moment! I like the fact that the Casio Exilim EX-Z300 is small and compact because with a 6 month old daughter I am always carrying around a lot of gear with me so to add a camera into the bag it needs to be small, but also pack a punch in terms of capabilities and reliability. This camera sounds perfect for my needs! As far as my level of photography, in college I minored in Fine Art Photography! I actually studied at the Santa Fe Workshops as well. Initially I thought I wanted to get into documentary photography but when I realized there was really no money in it unless you instantly got famous, I focused on Graphic Design instead. I still have all my nikon gear, camera bodies, lenses, etc. and I still am passionate about photography, but the professional gear takes thought, time, and effort when I use it so it is not practical for everyday use. But with 3 young children we just don't have the extra $$$$ around to spend on updating our everyday camera so having this Casio Exilim EX-Z300 camera would truly be a blessing for us right now and something I would be so thankful to be able to use to document the lives of our 3 children! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  156. I have only studied photography in high school, but I do have a passion for it. Just recently, my digital camera broke and I am due to have my first child in a month and a half. Money is tight. This is such a nice camera, it would be so nice to have it to capture my first special moments with my son. Thank you for the contest.

  157. I'm not a camera pro (like my 13 yr. old daughter) and what I say is the less buttons, the better. I think I could work this camera! I know one thing, I'm tired of using disposable, throw away cameras. I have 4 kids and I feel like I'm missing so much, so I'm thankful for the chance at a "real" camera!

  158. I am dying for a new camera! My current camera is a 4 MP, I really want one with higher megapixels, but can't really justify buying a new one because my 4 MP "dinosaur" still works fine. (not as bad as PP with 2 MP!) I'm no pro photographer, but I loveto take pictures of my 4 year old son, doesn't matter what he is doing, the camrea is always there! Thanks for the giveaway, and Happy Anniversary :)

  159. I love taking photos and I do take tons of them. I'm so glad I'm living in th age of digital cameras. I remember spending a lot of money on film and developing before everything went digital. This camera looks like a ood one. My current camera takes forever to turn on so I find myself missing moments that are more spontaneous.

  160. Nothing made me want a digital camera more than seeing the photos the young boy took a few moments after that plane went into the Hudson River yesterday. The immediacy of the photographic capture of detail just gets to me. The fact that you can take so many and delete what doesn't look right is amazing. The diminutive size makes it easy to tuck away in a pocket. Excellent. Taking anniversary candids might be good for a giggle or two also...(May you prosper and have many more.)

  161. I need a great camera that is simple enough for- well, for ME to use.
    This looks like it just fits the bill!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  162. Congratulations on your anniversary.I am not great at taking pictures but somehow end up taking all of the pictures anyway. This camera would be great to have for our family get togethers or just everyday moments I don't want to forget.

  163. I believe I am very highly skilled at breaking digital cameras. We can't seem to keep one working for more than a year before it gives up the ghost. The last one was crushed to death in my pocket. I'm always on the lookout for a new digital camera -- one with some robustness.

  164. Outback is my favorite place to go for dinner as well -- I'm crazy about the ribs! We've postponed our anniversary dinner though, til after our baby arrives, (and then it will have to be takeout, I guess!)

    As for a camera, the one I have is about 5 years old and has a tiny monitor -- plus it's developed an annoying delay in the shutter so we tend to miss the shot we're going for. I would love this Casio so we can capture all the special moments of our new arrival!

  165. Congratulations to your and your hubby. Picture taking abilities--I am a pray, point, & shoot type of girl. My current digital camera has a "hang time" before it actually shoots the picture, so most end up deleted.

    Thanks for the giveaway of this sleek, awesome looking camera.

  166. I've been wanting a new digital camera for quite awhile now and this sounds exactly what I need. I need one that takes great pictures and is easy to use.
    My father loved photography and I grew up with our only bathroom that was also used as a dark room (not much fun when 3 kids need to use the bathroom while he was developing his film). He taught me so much about photography but I must admit that I enjoy using a digital camera so much more.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  167. I got a digital camera a long time ago as a christmas present - it is like 2 megapixels - i don't take it out because it is way too big and embarassing - in fact - i find it less embarassing to use disposable cameras!!! the only problem with that is that i never develop them!!! i have a bag of them in my room with at least 10 cameras in it - lol!!! the best part about that is randomly i will get some cameras developed and have high school pictures on it - i graduated 11 years ago!!! it's always a surprise what i will get - ex-boyfriends, that vacation where i was red as a lobster, my five year old niece's first christmas, etc. i guess my philosophy is that no matter how long it takes - it is always good to take a look back - pictures are the only tangible way to do it - and at 10 megapixels and small and dainty - maybe the theresa's of the world will fast forward to the year 2009!! hahaha!!! anyways - good luck everyone!!

  168. This looks like a perfect camera for catching the fast on-the-go shots of my kids. It has a good zoom, the stabilizer will help with my unsteady hands, and best of all it will fit in my jacket pocket! This will take a much better quality photo than my cell phone. I also love that it comes in different colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  169. congrats! I love the internal stabilizer because our puppies are super quick and it's hard to get a clear pix of them. :D

  170. I had a digital camera and I loved it but my daughter discovered how to take pictures of herself lol and she dropped it and broke it. I could use this so much to capture all the special moments like family vacations and all the kids events.

    [email protected]

  171. I love the fact that it has the image stabilizer because my son is a quick little rascal and I have to hurry and snap photos before he takes off. I am not a real good photo taker so this one would be great for the things it says it does

  172. I need a new camera because my hesitates before it snaps the picture and you know with kids, you have to take it quick before they move!

  173. I have been taking more photos lately and getting into scrapbooks for the grandkids. This camera looks very easy to use, which is what I need.

  174. I like the way that you think! I also like to spend my money on more meaningful or lasting things than on "consumables" or cheap items. I would love to have the new camera becuase I actually just took a camera class to try and improve my photo taking abilities. My camera is a very old digital and this one looks so much nicer. I love that the camera has a 4x optical zoom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  175. When I was in high school I always said that I was going to go to New York and become a photographer. Well, I am still here in Kansas and a teacher and mother. I still feel like I am talented in photography and have a great eye for light and angles, but I am by far a pro! My main focus is on my kids, class and at home and like to photograph them often. My class and I make an end of the year scrapbook with all of the pictures that I have taken of them throughout the year and I have them write about our fun times. The parents LOVE the pictures and the scrapbooks! Not sure if it is my talented photography or if it is just because their kids are so darn adorable!?!

  176. Wow 10.1 megs. Well i have a old 3 meg and it still does the trick. Its a nikon anyway. I love to take photos of cats and nature and people too. I like to edit them also and morph ones for laughs, I love to laugh and feel good and nothing makes me smile more then a goofy piture i snapped and stretched. I cannot do close ups with my camera but i bet you can with the Casio Exilim EX-Z300. Oh how i could really benifit from this. I love the big monitor it has too.

  177. I don`t even own a camera.I would love to win one.We have a new baby in the family.My youngest daughter`s first daughter and hopefuly last child!She already has 4 boys!

  178. We purchased our first digital camera back in 2001. It's a good camera, but, well, rather old and bulky compared to newer ones. I am what my husband terms a "scraparrazi" because I will photograph everything to use when scrapbooking, and a new smaller camera would be wonderful.

  179. I love that this camera is simple to use. I mostly take pictures of my kids and vacations, I go for the simple. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  180. Great giveaway! I'm getting better at taking pictures but my camera is pretty old. I would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    misfitmookie at

  181. With 10 kids and 13 grandchildren , I could really use this camera. Love snapshots of all of them. Please enter me, thank you

  182. Cameras and photographs have always been part of my life. Some of my earliest memories revolve around taking photos and later marvelling at the captured memories when the film was developed. Of course, the digital era has changed that - thankfully - to instantaneous results. I have shelves full of albums that are priceless to me. I even started my own business years ago creating digital images and restoring film prints when this was new to everyone. The business no longer exists but the love still does. Sadly, I no longer have a digital camera in working condition and would be thrilled to own this Casio Exilim EX-Z300. A photograph can make any moment timeless and evoke emotion and wonder for generations.

  183. I love to take wildlife pictures. I have an 8 year old Fuji digital camera. It is sorely lacking. This Casio looks perfect for my hobby.It is compact enough to take on my wildlife scouts, and with 10 megapixels I could get some hot resolution on my photos. I would so love to own and use this camera.

  184. Casio Exilim EX-Z300 digital camera is awesome!!

    I took a interest in photography about two years ago and just love it. Some say I'm obsessed :) I document everything with a picture. I can photograph daily for months then all of a sudden one picture will make me say wow! That's what keeps my interest alive.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  185. I've never been a good photographer - until digital cameras came along. I LOVE digital cameras. You can take 75 pictures and keep on taking them....until you get it right. I also love giving photos as gifts - and people love receiving them.

    Unfortunately, the camera I currently have is an big old clunky thing, with low resolution. This Casio Exilim looks awesome - easy to use, small (to fit in my purse) and I'm sure it will take much better pictures than I'm taking now!

  186. I love taking pictures, not a professional though. I love this camera, it just seems so easy and convenient to use!

  187. My skills are between beginner and intermediate. I still have trouble not making a fuzzy picture so in this camera I would really like the shift image stabilizer. Happy Anniversary!

  188. This camera would provide me with an oppotunity to increase my skill and reputation in our family. I was recently downgraded from a camera phone when the 32 pictures I inadvertently took were of the ceiling and steering wheel of my car.

  189. My skills with a camera are strictly point and hope. We use our cheap little camera all the time ~ the kids are constantly showing me the new pictures they took. Our little camera serves it's purpose, but, it is a sort of "disposable" camera. I'd love to have a better camera, one that we could all learn on. This contest gives us a chance! Thanks so much for having a great contest!
    (very nice Wedding Pic ~ and we love Outback too!)

  190. Casio Elixim EX-Z300 is one great little camera! The Shift image stabilizer looks like a great feature! I always end up with blurry images!

  191. I personally enjoy the Exilim's ability to also take video. A nice point and shoot camera that is easy to carry is vital to being able to capture the still or moving sights of one's life.

  192. Right now I have only a film camera and want to buy a digital one. When I was in college, I took a dark room course and loved the creative process involved in developing B&W photos. Photoshop skills elude me though. I've learned that digital is like many things in modern life--instant gratification, unlike film. I use a digi camera at work and have slowly come around. I'm now to the point where my film camera, an Olympus, gathers dust since I don't use it anymore. I am in the process of researching digi cameras, which is how i came across your web site. Good luck with your pix!

  193. A friend has this camera, and it's very good for the money. The tiny yet manageable size is the top draw for me; fits right in your pants pocket, tiny purse, etc.

  194. I am rather poor at picture taking. I really need to increase my skills. I only use a disposable camera and would love to use a real one.

  195. I can definitely say that I am no pro at taking pictures, but with having a baby coming in a couple of months, I am going to have to learn soon! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  196. I need an updated camera. I like that the casio is 10mega pixels with 4x zoom to get those good clear closeups. I'm not a pro by far but I'm always taking pictures of the kids and grandson. This camera would be great to catch all the wonderful memories.

  197. I would love a digital camera! I went to school out of state and miss my friends from school. Having a digital camera would provide me with an economical way to keep in touch and share new memories with folks across the country. With the state of the economy, I have not found a good job that will allow me to purchase my own just yet, but I know casio is a tried and true brand, so its on the top of my list

  198. I really don't muchch about cameras but it looks great to me especially the 3.0 monitor since I don't see as well as I used to its nice and big for me to catch my grandkids doing all kinds of things thanks .

  199. I love cameras. Everykind ever made and I don't have a great camera! Just an old 35 mm with zoom.

    I'd love to win.

  200. I enjoy taking pictures although i am no expert. I just try to capture a mood, a look, or the feeling I get when I look at something. My favorite subject is my kids.

  201. The optical zoom and the megapixels on this camera are awesome for a camera of its size. I would love to have this to use to take photos of family events, of my puppies and kitty or of my house being remodeled.

  202. A friend of mine has this camera and loves it!

    I have two kiddos myself (ages 3 and almost 6 months) and I love taking their pictures. This camera would be great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  203. That wedding picture is so beautiful! I love to take pictures...I think it is the only way to capture a moment in time. Thanks for the chance!!!

  204. I have had a love for photography since junior high (think early 80's!). Started with a Minolta 35mm. My love started because of my older sister, she was really into photography and later became a portrait photographer. I followed in her footsteps throughout school years, was very involved in sports and the class year annual. Looking back through my annuals I still have the memories of each picture I had published in them, when and where I was when I took them. I have thousands of pictures and have since retired my 35mm for the digital age. I still wonder though if it is a good thing as I have went through my fair share of digital cameras. My favorite was a Sony but it only lasted a year. I would love to find another model that is not only easy enough for my children to start (and hopefully pass my love onto) but that takes the crisp/clear pictures I desire whether that be a close up of my kiddos or a horizon that I just cannot pass up on clicking at. Thank you for the chance to win this nice prize, I have already done a little research on this model before entering and if it holds up to the reviews I would be a thrilled winner of your contest if chosen. Have a great day Metropolitan Mama.

  205. I'm no pro, that's for sure. But I think I like it that way. I know people with fancy cameras, but by the time they get everything set up, no one is smiling in the picture! I need something lightweight for lugging around that's easy to focus. Anything else is gravy. The great thing about digital is that you can cure a multitude of sins - but you can't save it if it's out of focus.

  206. My photography skills are pitiful. If you want a shaky pic hand me the camera. But... with that awesome camera who know maybe even I could take a decent picture!

  207. I love taking pics, it's one of my biggest hobbies...My camera is broken tho so I could really really use a new one :D Love this camera!

  208. I realize that as my kids get older and they are starting to leave the nest to build their own I just cannot seem to capture enough memories. I am forever taking pics with my old 35mm click and wind camera. A new digital camera would be great, not having to deal with film, processing them, and certainly paying for them to be developed... this is a very great camera.

  209. This is very cool. I think that we often forget about how really cool digital cameras are. 20 years ago did anyone think they would be carrying digital cameras that show the image immediately and can even take film footage? It is really amazing to me. I remember my mom having a box of film and occasionally taking randoms ones to be developed. We never knew what we were going to get.

  210. I am currently using a 6 year old Sony Cyber-shot it is holding up great, but it is bulky to carry around. I think it would be nice to have something sleek and light weight. Thank for the chance to win one.

  211. This really looks like a nifty camera that would meet all my amateur needs. I still remember learning to use an original Brownie in junior high photography class :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  212. I've been wanting a camera that is easy to use and that I could keep in my purse. I have a granddaughter, and never had a camera around when I would have loved to captured a picture of her. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  213. This is definitely a nice camera. I have basic camera skills to get me by. My philospy is you get what you pay for, so shop for quality.

  214. just thought the camera looked nice, and i need a camera not more than any average person though but yea hope i get it..

  215. I took every photography class WVU offered. I have had multiple digital cameras over the years, the two I use now are an old one that instead of a memory card uses floppy disks and another about as old. This would be great to win. I can remember in one of my photography classes we had a FIELD TRIP to SEE a digital camera because they were so new that NO one had them yet.

  216. This would make a nice camera to photograph the kids at gymnastics and also to video their piano recitles. It would also be handy for summer camping trips its small size would make it easy to toss in a backpack to capture that moment when my son lands the big fish.

  217. My husband is the family photographer. If it were not for him, I most likely would have very few photos of our children, grandchild, special events, vacations, holidays, etc. His digital camera has recently broken and I am wanting to get him a new one. I cannot afford one at this time and am entering this contest in the hope of winning this great camera to surprise him. Thanks for the chance.

  218. I am a good enough photographer that when I helped take pictures at my best friends wedding, they decided to use my photos for their wedding album instead of the professionals' they had hired.

  219. I have never had a digital camera and this seems like more then I will need, but what do I know. 10 megs, 4x zoom, 3 inch LCD I have to figure out how to take good pictures.

  220. I use a pro model for work but these little Casios are great to stick in your pocket or purse. For a small camera they take great pictures!

  221. I actually do not to win this for myself but for a friend hers broke and she doesnt have the funds to replace her camera!! thank you so much for this chance to win it for her

  222. I am a pretty good photographer. I have always wanted my own camera. I live in the country and there are some beautiful scenes that I would love to photograph! Thanks!

  223. I've had my camera for 4 years and the battery needs replaced, I called to order one and the battery is almost half of what I paid for the camera initially, I was shocked! Needless to say I decided to forget about the battery and just get a new camera, this one would be perfect!

  224. I love this camera! It is small, sleek, fast and takes a dynamic picture!
    This would be great to take pictures of my baby due in march!

  225. I would love to win this great camera for my daughter. She just had her first baby (my grandson) on Dec. 18th. Her camera died on her so she's been taking pictures of him with her cellphone.
    I love how this Casio has a big screen on the back. Most digital cameras have a smaller screen.

  226. I love this! My current camera is slowly showing signs of dying -- and I shouldn't complain, since it's lasted 3-1/2 years of heavy use -- but I would so love to try a new one before it totally fades out!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  227. Dainty..that's what I'd like about it. Hubby's monster Canons DSLR's are just too big and complicated for me to really enjoy using them. It would be so much easier and fun to grab some casual snaps with this compact.

  228. I have a Canon Rebel Xti digital camera and I LOVE IT. It was my mother's day gift last year and I use it every single day. Im still learning but Im getting there. My daughter loves photography too, I'd love to win this for her. Its the perfect starter camera!

  229. I have an older 3.2mp cam that I need to practice more with, but there's too many pictograms for features to remember what they all do - i hope a more modern/current one uses some that are more obvious...

  230. My husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in November. So happy 7th to you! My philosophy, which I inherited from my mother, is you can never have too many pictures!

  231. I love how small and simple it seems to use. Our current one is great but big and bulky and hard to transport when you also have two little ones, a diaper bag, etc. I miss a lot of things when we are on the go. My phone doesn't even have a camera. This would be fantastic. Thanks!

  232. With one baby, one on the way and out of town grandparents, photagraphy is a MUST!! I have a decent camera, but it is kinda big! I can't just carry it in my purse to catch those wonderful moments! Thanks for the chance!

  233. My disabled wife of more than 39 years just lOVES to take pictures - but our camera is broke - so she can not keep her memories. Thank you for this great contest and prize!

  234. Oh, I so desperately need a new camera. Mine was great in the beginning but after many years of use, the lens is all scratched up and it's very hard to see through!

    This Casio camera looks wonderful, and easy to use (which I really need)

  235. I am horrible at taking pictures! I am absolutely awful. I admit it. I always seem to click the button when someone blinks or makes a weird face. That's why when it is a special moment a kind family member will 'offer' to take the photo for me. ;)

  236. I love photography. I wanted to be a photographer when I was in high school...even took some classes. I also had a Casio digital which I really liked but it broke after 18 months and I was leary of spending the price to get a new one. I would love to win this though!

  237. I haven't purchased a digital camera yet, but I do like the idea of being able to share family photos over the internet.

  238. This is such a nice camera... I've been looking to upgrade mine for awhile now since mine probably has about 1/2 the megapixels of this one! And, what a bonus that this has a video mode, too.

  239. I am 84 years old and do not own a camera. Since my kids, grandkids and even GREAT grandkids do, I would really love to learn to do it also. We love to share photos with each other, and I would be tickled to throw my shots into the pile

  240. Happy Anniversary!

    I have a good quality camera - BUT, it is big and bulky. I think, if I had the option to test drive cameras for a week, I probably would have run screaming from a big camera. I'm just not a professional... hardly even an amateur. All I want is a camera that can take high quality pictures, has a great point-and-shoot function, and has a few extras that I can play with. And oh yeah - with three kids, easy portability is definitely a must! I can't very well rationalize buying a new one yet, with how recent a purchase my current camera is, but I sure would love to with this one, and enjoy something much more compact!

  241. Happy Anniversary. This looks like a great camera. I like the 4x optical zoom and large LCD screen. My camera is old and big so I really like that this one is small enough to carry with me all the time. So many times I wish I had a camera with me. I wouldn't miss any more great shots with this one.

  242. I just had a baby 22 days ago and I have been taking pictures like mad with my Hubby's 5.1 mp camera and almost all the pictures of my sweet baby girl come out a little weird. That could also be due to my lacking photo skills, but I think a camera with higher pixel could would really help.
    BTW Happy Anniversary and I agree I would rather eat at home then in most restaurants. Much better food and much less expensive.

  243. I like how you say the camera is easy to use. My photography skills are lacking. Fortunately my husband enjoys taking pictures. Still, it would be nice to have a camera that we both enjoy using.

  244. I am far from a professional when it comes to photography, but if ever there were a reason to quickly garner some skills (and a camera) it would be now. My husband is taking me on a Mediterranean cruise for our 30th wedding anniversary (and a not-to-be-detailed birthday). I would love to be able to take good pictures of the sights and my hubby. Usually he takes the pictures and we have many pictures of our kids, the sights, me, the sights, more sights and few of him. I think a guy this great deserves some pics!

  245. I like that this camera is small with a good megapixel number. I have been without a camera for so long, that I would love to use this to catch up family pictures. I have to say my skills are amateur level, but I bet this camera will make my pictures look a lot better.

  246. Happy Anniversary !!!
    Our Camera is like Cavemen Age :) The optical & digital zoom and pixel on this Camera are great!


  247. Stephanie, you and hubby picked a great camera to give away.. While I dont have a digital camera I have been looking around (of course I cant buy one so researching the quality is important.. you picked a great one. Its small, it has image stabilization and you can actually see the picture. I would get so much use from this I cant even tell you! Thanks for picking the best. Happy Anniversary!

  248. My brother-in-law has that same camera and he loves it, the picture quality is absolutely amazing. The photos looked like professional quality when he printed them out. I would love to have this camera too, mine is a 6megapixel and the quality is nowhere near this camera. Hope I win it!

  249. That is an impressive looking camera. Puts ours to shame! With a little granddaughter running around the house I would love a new camera to take her picture!

  250. With having children and grandchildren a camera is a must. Now I have to confess I like pictures but hate taking them because I can never get a good picture, I either can't get it focused or my hands are shaky. The most impotant problem is our camera is a cheap floppy with our pc crashing can no longer use this camera. so use cheap one time use cameras.
    Thank you.....

  251. I love that camera. I am not the best photog so the image stabilization feature is a must for me. It's a lot thinner than the camera that I have now. It would be perfect to keep in my purse or pocket everyday. Thanks~

  252. I would love to win it because while I have a great camera already, my dad would love one and can't afford a decent one right now. He had a non-digital SLR camera when he was younger but since he had a stroke, he can't hold heavy cameras - he tried my dSLR at Christmas and couldn't take any good shots because of it. I would love to be able to win and give this nice little top-quality camera to my dad so he can take pictures again.

  253. I would like to replace our digital camera that our son took on a mission trip to Haiti. He survived, the camera didn't. It is nice to have one to take everyday photos.

  254. Both of my daughters are getting married this year. This camera sounds like just the thing I need. I could take some nice candid pictures with this camera.

  255. Happy Anniversary! I take lots of dog pictures and I just started the blog for Texas Russell Rescue. We are part of the national Russell Rescue organization and we rescue Jack Russell dogs. The blog promotes awareness about the plight of the little JR's and 100% of the money earned will go to Russell Rescue. If I win this camera it would be put to good use taking better photos (and videos) to put on the blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

  256. What a lovely little camera! I must say that I could use one like that, as I am not a pro photographer, and all I want to do really, is to take casual pictures or scrapbooking! A camera that would fit in my purse would be so wonderful!


  257. I do not take pictures, that is my husband's job-I know he would love this. I do like the dainty size perfect for my purse

  258. I'm not a good photographer but I love snapping pictures anyway. I would love a handy smaller camera than the one I use now. I drive my family nuts carrying it around all the time.

  259. As always, I take all the pictures in the family. There are plenty of pictures of my 3 sons and husband, but hardly any of me.

  260. I love to take pictures, but I'm ready to take it to the next level. I have a very simple, and older Kodak digital and I would love to be able to replace it with a newer model. I love that the Casio is still simple enough for someone like me but has more of the bells and whistles than what I have.

  261. My photography skills are not great, but they have improved. I would love to win the camera to take pictures of the outdoors, blow them up, and hang them in my house.

  262. I'm no pro by any means, though I've long appreciated the art of photography. We have an older digital camera, but with a new baby on the way have been looking around at newer models. This one looks like a good mix of size, simplicity and resolution and will definitely work to snap those everyday shots we'll long cherish.

  263. Happy anniversary to the both of you. You are an adorable couple. And my hubby is a manager at Outback LOL We get the food often.

    As far as the camera goes I would be so beyond thrilled to win this for my Mother. She's been needing a new camera and with this new baby here I know she'd make good use of it.

    She's done so much for me over the last year and I'd love to give her this great gift.


  264. what a wonderful camera! I am not a professional, but I hope to further my photo taking skills this year!
    I love that it has a 3in screen and so many pixels! most times you have to give up the pixels for the screen!
    Wonderful giveaway!
    Miss Amanda

  265. I am not a professional, and like the point and shoot style of this camera. It is the perfect size to take to family outings, and I like that you can instantly review the photos.

  266. I like taking pictures and my philosophy about taking pictures is try to take natural pictures where they are not posed all the time so people come across the pictures looking natural. I get some of the best shots that way.

  267. My first digital camera was a Casio--when they first came out--resolution was like 240x360 pixels--but at that time, it was the most bang for your buck digital you could own. The 3mp camara I have now is becoming obsolete, as I have no red eye correction, or face detection, or magic button that makes all my pictures come out great...

  268. Well, I know nothing about taking pix with the newer cameras, and I always let "someone else" take the snaps, then share them with me. I would love to have a good camera of my own and learn how to use it well, so I can record MY chosen moments, maybe even grabbing a few candids that will surprise some of my peeps! Photos link us to one another and to our pasts. I'm always amazed at how much we forget over time, and how reviewing events in photos helps us reconnect with our earlier selves.

    I think this camera would be ideal for a rank beginner like myself because it is from a well-known, high-quality manufacturer and undoubtedly has excellent customer support and (I hope) some idiot-proof features. I also like its 10 pixels, which I think would help to ensure picture clarity even with my unsteady hand.

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize. If you pick me, I will be very happy!

  269. Did you ever sit and look at pictures of yourself and your family from years ago and just smile at the memories? Cameras are the greatest thing ever and I would love this one!!

  270. I really need to start taking pictures - I have a minimum of the family - this would be a good start to nudge me

  271. "Point and click" is about the extent of my photographic prowess but with these new highly sophisticated and user friendly models, I am now shooting photos like a pro. Thanks technology.

  272. I would love to have a new camera. I thought I would be cool and finally get a digital camera so I went to buy one. Turns out that I got one was one of the last models before they started making the thin models. So while everybody has cool little portable cameras I have to carry this massive block of camera. I would really like something more portable. I think I would take more pictures.

  273. Ohhhh...beautiful camera!! I bought one last year...not the Casio brand...and it has been the biggest mistake. I've had so much go wrong with it! I know I need to break down and get a new one, much to my husband's delight. Er, uhmmm, no. I love that the Casio is smaller and can be taken with you easily. Always handy for a mom who's got her hands full!

    [email protected]

  274. First, I have to say that wedding picture is beautiful! You are definitely glowing! We are going on 6 years in March... Time flies!
    I fit into the " “every day” mom who wants to be able to take clear shots on-the-go or at home" category. This camera would be nice for capturing the growing and memorable moments of my 3 kids!

  275. I do not have very good photography skills, but I do love taking pictures. I mainly love taking school and vacation pictures, but also everyday life little events. This camera looks like it would certainly fill my needs and be fun and stylish at the same time!

  276. As a result of accidentally dropping my camera in the commode, I am camera-less. I would love to be the recipient of this giveaway. It would save me from going in the hole for another camera -- since I already have a foot in the hole.


  277. I have been taking pictures all my life and I think I see good photo opps since I have a good eye for that sort of thing. I really love to take pictures of the family when we have our yearly get-together at my house and also at our birthday and holiday celebrations. You cannot replace those memories or years-you either capture them or won't remember those times. That is really priceless since people aren't around forever.

  278. I have been dabbling in photography for a little while now, mostly food photography. My digital camera is ancient and does not take good quality pics. I am going to be starting a catering business next year and would love to take good pics of the food I create. Thanks for the giveaway!

  279. Digital cameras have gotten much more advanced since I bought mine several years ago. I would love a new one, especially one that seems much less bulky than my current camera. Thanks for the giveaway!

  280. I'm definitely no professional photographer, but I love to take a lot of pictures of my 6 year old and my 3 month old because they grow so fast and I love to capture every moment before it's gone. This looks like a great camera, thanks so much for such a wonderful opportunity!


  281. i so need a new camera.... the last two , i let my friend mark use, and somehow he shorted them out. new, too. he does this to watches but i did'nt think he could do it to cameras.
    needless to say, if i win, or when i get another, i wo'nt be lending it to him.

  282. This camera is awesome! I love that the monitor is 3"! Thanks for the chance to win!
    teresa690 at gmail dot com

  283. This camera looks nice, I like that its fairly small and that there isn't a whole lot of buttons. I'm on the search for a new camera since mine died. Thanks for entering me.

  284. I have no camera skills at all. I like the fact this camera has CCD-Shift Image Stabilizer. Also it is a small & mighty camera that mother and I can both use.

  285. I would love a small but mighty camera for family occasions because these are the best of times that I like to remember.

  286. My digital camera is only 3 mega pixels and it is oneof the first ones Kodak made so I could really use a better more up to date one!

  287. We could really use a new camera - Jason, my fiance, took ours hunting with him. He brought a broken one home. He managed to sit on it while in his tree stand - wonderful. With our wedding and our honeymoon coming up in a few months, I would love to have a great camera like this one to take with us and capture the memories! Thanks for the chance to win.

  288. I like to take pictures because they show us the subtleties of life. For example, nobody ever seems to notice when they age, gain weight, or can't remember their child growing up (it seems like they were babies and now they are grown ups). Pictures show us those times that we let fly by or fail to see. Of course, a good camera lets you do this better.

  289. I am certainly not a professional photographer at all, but absolutely love taking pictures....especially of my kids!!! I photograph them almost daily and it's so much fun going through the pictures and reliving them.
    This camera looks excellent, and with 10 megapixels must take great photos. I would love to win it and use it all the time. Please count me in!!
    PS, congrats on your anniversary!!!

  290. Easy Mode helps set your camera to take sharp photos every time without checking presets or fumbling with adjustments. With "easy menus" in 3 settings (image size, flash and self-timer), Easy Mode assures that crisp, first-rate photos result each time you click the shutter.
    [email protected]

  291. The image stabilizer feature is probably the neatest feature of this camera. I'm intrigued by the "Auto Shutter" mode too. How does it know when to take the pic?

  292. We really need a new camera, one that would help me be a half way decent photgrapher. My skills are very limited, but love to take pictures of our family and of course our little dog. Please enter me

  293. Great Giveaway! My wife loves taking pictures, but she droped and broke her Nikon... (she cried!)She brings her camera everywhere and has been known to take 500+ pics during a 3 day vacation! I would love to win this one for her since her camera is dead!

  294. wow that is a small camera i could carry it in my purse all the time a catch every little photo of my kids, in their world

  295. I would love to win this camera becuase it is so small and portable I can always have it in my bag and never be upset that i forgot to carry my carry and missed a picture opportunity with my kids.

  296. This would be so great to win. My husband bought a used one for me that was almost 4 years old. I didn't mind it but you can tell it's older because my pics sometimes have glares and others are ok. Thanks for the chance.

  297. I love taking pictures. I like pictures of kids NOT posing for the camera. Like watching a bird, or playing with a dog.

  298. I have a little sister who has a knack for taking great photos so she has been trying to teach me but I am clueless. A new camera would definitely get me up and learning!

  299. I am by no means a professional photographer, but every once in a great while I will capture a moment that shows up well in pictures. I would love to have a smaller camera that I can tote around in my purse with me when on the go. Goodness knows my purse is heavy enough by itself.

  300. I would love to win this camera, I don't consider myself a professional, but I know that the camera we have now ain't cutting it!

    We just rented our first home and put a bird feeder out and we have the most beautiful cardinals and birds I've never seen before coming up to it, problem is the zoom sucks on my camera so I can never get close enough for a good picture. This camera looks like it'd do the trick!

  301. I've never had a digital camera. I always buy the single-use cameras because they're less expensive. If I win I would use it to take pictures of my adorable great-niece, who is 15-months old. By the way, this giveaway ends on my birthday. This would be a great present! Thank you for the chance to win.

  302. Taking pictures are so important for remembering all those happy times and to share them with later generations of family members.

  303. Happy Anniversary (beautiful wedding photo, by the way!). I absolutely love photography. Love, love, love it! I love that this camera has 10.1 megapixels...very nice. And the 3" screen is also wonderful! I'm a big fan of these smaller point and shoot cameras because, as you say, they are easy to throw in the handbag and are then accessible anytime...anywhere!

  304. The camera looks beautiful and easy to carry.
    For years I had a Minolta manual camera, and then years after a 2.0 megapixel which recently broke.
    I hunt around for antiques at garage sales that I can post on Ebay, but now that is on hold.
    This camera would be heaven sent.

  305. I am just learning to appreciate photography and my camera is a real cheap once so im hoping to get a new camera so i can get better at taking photos.

  306. I would love to have this camera to take pictures of my son. Every other camera I've had either broke or didn't take good pictures.

  307. I love taking pictures. It is just something that I have loved since I was little. I enjoy taking them and I can look through them all day. I could even look through other peoples pictures. Photography is the best thing ever. Winning this would help me get some better pics.

  308. Congratulations on your anniversary. I also been married 7 years. I love taking pictures of my boys. They grow up so quick.

  309. I would love to win this!I love to take pictures, and do so almost daily.One of the problems I have had with my camera is that the picture sometimes blurrs , as thou the person,ect was moving, or that I am moving while taking the picture.

  310. I have never been exactly the sentimental type, but since receiving a hand me down digital camera that is on its last leg, I have really started to cherish the photos we've shot of family, holidays, our garden, friends, and pets. It is not in my budget right now, but I would really love to upgrade to a camera that worked every time I turned it on!

  311. I don't have a camera of my own. My style of photography is very candid. My husband's style is to make everyone pose, pose, and pose again. He does get nice pictures, but I still prefer my style At least with a digital camera, I could delete my "candid shots gone bad".

  312. Photographs are essential for solidifying memories that our brains are insufficient to recall with detailed accuracy. For this reason, I love taking photographs of my family. Kids are only kids once, and the time certainly flies. It feels like yesterday that my little ones were born, yet they are both teens now. I am so thankful for the pictures I have that help me to recall how tiny they were and how precious they have always been.

  313. This would be a great camera for seeing that I have broken my other camera. I love taking pictures of my family. Photos last a lifetime.

  314. I don't have professional photography skills, but I love taking pictures, even more now that I have a little one at home, and she loves having her picture taken. Thanks for the contest.

  315. I used to be into photography, but my interest waned after awhile. I still like being the designated amateur camera person at birthdays, parties, etc. I think this camera would be perfect for me and my girlfriend, small, lightweight, high megapixels, and an sd slot.

  316. I'm not a photography pro, but I like to take pictures and I like to scrapbook them. I am from a family of picture takers. We like to take lots of them. I could benefit from winning a digital camera.

  317. my photography skills are poor, which makes owning a digital camera that much more important for people who want to cherish memories by recording images as we live our lives.
    you have a lucky family to have adopted the pusuit of value and usefulness. the casio Exilim EX Z300 is certainly would certainly be a wonderfull addition to the pusuit of that goal. my wife and i longed for that camera during the holidays.

  318. Winning this would be a dream come true. I want to be the custodian of the family memories. This would be a great start.

  319. I would love a camera like this. It's not too complicated or too big. I would like to carry a camera in my purse all the time and this one is just the right size. Also, I like the large screen so you don't have to guess if the picture is good. It would be great for my travels this spring.

  320. I would love to have a digital camera, I've been limping allong with my old 35mm, begging my dad to email me his pics of the kids so I can pass them along to friends or put them on my blog. Oh this camera would be put to good use in my family!

  321. Minutes fly, moments evaporate. We'll all wish we had every moment of our child's life recorded in some way. This camera would be a blessing.

  322. With my four kids I am always looking for a better way to take photos...I would rather do it than pay high dollars for a photographer to do it...I just now need a better camera to achieve this.

  323. I was just commenting to my husband today (we celebrated 13 years of marriage last month...congrats on your anniversary!) that the one thing I wish we had done differently at our "frugal" wedding was hire a real photographer. Pictures are so meaningful after the mind begins to forget. I love looking back at photos of my brings the memories of that moment flooding back. And time passes WAY too quickly to not have those memories preserved somehow!

  324. I had a baby a few years ago and although I've taken pictures on my phone of my snoogins - lots - which of course blur at the slightest movement so I've been meaning to get a camera to take better pictures that I can send to the family!

  325. first congrats on your anniversary. second let me say i understand about not eating out much. It can be very expensive. Third, I could surely use a camera that actually makes me look at least one step above my parent's black and white photos from their brownie box camera. I think this would be an easy to use camera that can help me take pictures i want to share.

  326. My wife and I take most of our pictures when traveling, and this camera would make it much easier to take along a camera, and it has more advanced features than we have. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  327. I have a good digital camera, but it is big and bulky. My husband bought me a cheaper small digital that would fit in my pocketbook but the photos that I take with it aren't very good. I need something that I can bring with me to my son's soccer and basketball games and also both of my sons' concerts so that I can take good quality photos without having a huge camera. This camera would be perfect for that.

  328. I love taking pictures of our vacations, but I just am not pleased with the digital camera I have now. I would love to try this one -- I think it would fit my needs so much better. I could then give my current camera to my local Humane Society for use in posting photos of adoptable pets on the internet. A win-win situation!!

  329. I am definately an amatuer, so I could really use a camera that is great like this to make up for my skill, or lack thereof. Somehow, I can never take a picture of what my eye sees. Maybe a better camera would help!

  330. I'm not a pro, but I like to "paint a picture with light", which is what a photograph really is. It's how you use the light which can make a photo good or great. The second part of a good picture is the subject which is why I would like a small camera to carry around a most of the time. How many times have you wished that you had a camera when something unexpected but special happened.

  331. This camera seems small and easy to use. I need a husband proof one. LOL On our honeymoon last year we had a new camera that we had received as a gift so we decided to bring it and use it. Well I gave it to my husband while we were standing on the beach our first night and I asked him to take a picture well he started to get upset that he did not know how to operate it and handed it to me to figure out and he dropped it right in the ocean. I started laughing. We had to go to the store in Mexico to buy all disposable cameras for the week.

  332. I love this camera! I would love to get a new one since I have a new granddaughter that loves to smile and I want to capture those happy moments :)

  333. I just take pictures, nothing fancy, I just want to remember the vacation, the school play, the day in the park, the face. I don't do anything fancy, but I sure like it when I get some good pictures.

  334. I'm a recent photography graduate teaching photo to high school students. My philosophy is money should never prohibit my students from doing what they love - photo! I try to teach them inexpensive alternatives to high priced cameras (namely, pinhole & holga).

  335. My daughter is taking a photography class next semester (high school) and this would be great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  336. I recently dropped my digital camera and it went kaput, so I'm in the market for a camera. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  337. I was actually just looking at this camera not to long ago. What I liked about it was its fast rebound time between taking pictures. Some cameras take so long to save the pictrue and prep for the next one

  338. I have yet to learn how to print up my own photos. My photography skills usually come down to me chasing the children around to get at least one good picture out of the 40 bad ones.

  339. I love taking pictures, I use a Nikon D40 but we could really use a small camera that I could carry with me easily!

  340. Let me just say that I'm a bonafide Tech Wreck. Just about the time I finally figured out how to use the VCR, everybody went to DVDs. Windows 98? Everybody went to XP or Vista. But I'm not giving up! Having a camera to preserve memories (uh, kinda important as you age) would be a blessing. Heck, I just might learn to use it before everybody else moves on.

    So, Happy Anniversary, Stephanie, and thanks for your drawings.

  341. I am not very good at taking pictures. That is one reason I would love to have this camera. It is supposed to be easy to use.

  342. I like the size and ease of use of the camera. I am not a professional photographer by any means so any camera that will make up for that is good for me!

  343. Oh my! I want to win this one SOOOO badly!! The odds don't look so great, but it's worth a shot, right?? I have a DSLR (Nikon D40) that I love, but its size means that I often don't take it and consequently don't have a camera for some candid shots that I'd really love to capture. This would be perfect for carrying in a diaper bag or purse to always have handy. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  344. I am a photo nut. I have countless film point and shoots, SLRS, and multi lens gadgets. We invested in a new Nikon D40 DSLR last year and I absolutely love it. It takes gorgeous pics of our little man and I love the versatility the digital brings. This Casio looks nice and compact which a DSLR is by no means, so that would be nice for throwing in the purse! Thanks!

  345. Our current camera (I won't divulge the brand) is pretty bad. It takes great pictures if it is during the day and it is sunny. If I have to take pictures at night or with backlighting, they don't come out. It is easy to use, but that doesn't make up for the poor quality pictures. Thanks for the giveaway.

  346. Iwould love to win the camera. I don't have much skill as a phorographer. I could use all the help that I can get.

  347. I'm a total point-and-shoot gal. I need a camera that can account for my inability to hold it steady, my need to take the picture fast and not have lag-time, and to be carried around in my bag all the time 'cause you never know when you need to take a pic!

  348. Sounds like a great camera that would be easy to use and give you great results.I love taking a camera with me wherever I go because sometimes you come acros the most amazing scenes,then tweak them using computer software.Then you have that memory always.

  349. I love taken pictures of my family. I know they will appreciate them when they get older. I have an old camera and would love to win this one. I like the idea of the 4x zoom. That makes it easier to capture those photo's while the kids are on the playing field.

  350. I don't own a digital camera and would love to win this one. My photography skills aren't that great, so it would be nice to delete the not so good shots.
    Thanks again for the chance to win!

  351. I took a photography course in college but sadly you wouldn't know it from my pictures I take. I do have trouble with zooming in, hopefully, this camera will make it easier for me.

  352. i dropped my wife's camera and broke it. I would love to win this for her since she is so snap-happy with our kids. thank you!

  353. Happy Ann!

    I would love a new camera! I am very unhappy with the one I have and the picture quality. I have no skills, that is why I need one that does the work for me!!

  354. Photographing my kids is such a love/hate relationship. ;) I love to get good pictures, but often they don't turn out how I expect them to...especially when I'm trying to have them all cooperative at the same moment as when I have my camera out. Oddly, some of my favorites of the baby are those I took when she was screeching her little lungs out. (I know, I'm a mean mommy.) ;)

  355. I like to think I have intermediate photography skills, but my Sony camera is definitely made for beginners . I have thousands of photos of my children. My favorite shots to take are black and white. I also love to use photo editing software to get creative with my pics. If only I had a camera to match my skills....

  356. This would be so wonderful, my daughter used mine for a school project and it's dead now, Great giveaway at the perfect time!

  357. I dont have that great camera skills but I absolutely love taking pictures of my 3 beautiful children and my handsome husband. I have many many photos just waiting to be printed. I would love to win this and take pictures of my beautiful family. Thank you
    [email protected]

  358. My camera skills are pretty poor. My fiance, on the other hand is a pretty amazing photographer. She has a BFA in Fine Arts Photo. So if I win this, maybe she could show me a thing or two...

  359. Love this digital. I actually have had a Casio Exilim and it was excellent, however, it broke and was not under warranty. It's actually very easy to use and takes great pics. It's very easy to download to your computer. However, it's not a very "sturdy" camera, so be careful to not let your kids play with it! :( I consider myself a pretty good photographer and don't have many pics of myself because I take most of them. I'd love to have this camera because I love it so much! I promise to be careful with this one if I win. :)

  360. This camera look awesome!! I'd love to give it to my mom who really needs a digital camera to take pics of her grand-daughter! Casio is great!!

  361. I've never owned a digital camera but I do like the pictures I've taken. I've been trying very hard to win one (in this economy it's the only way I'll get one) There are at least 3 or 4 things a day that I wish I had a camera to capture, my pets are hysterical, my children are older but still I'd love to take more pictures of the times we are together, if I win I'll show everyone my photos Thanks for the chance

  362. What an awesome camera! I've gone thru several Kodak EasyShares. I need durability with my 5 boys, & something easy to use.

  363. We are currently using my husbands work camera a lot at home because it has a lot of the features this casio one takes great photos. I keep thinking we should get one for home, but we haven't yet. Also, we just celebrated 7 years too. ANd how did we celebrate?? We went to Outback....but we didn't have the ribs. I guess the similarities end there :)

  364. I'm a real klutz when it comes to photography. This sure sounds like the "rough and tumble" mini camera that will help. I need to have photos to share with family members and friends that are always kind enough to send me their e-photo updates!

  365. Sure would be nice to tote around an updated camera, mine is 10 years old now and cumbersome...I love taking vacation shots and would come in handy while buiding a new house.

  366. I have a bird feeder set up in my backyard that I love to watch while I'm on my treadmill. I would love to have a nice camera to get some great shots of all the different kinds of birds! Of course, I will have to stop the treadmill to take a pic, or I'll likely kill myself... Thanks!

  367. I have 2 young boys so I am taking pictures all the time, they may not be the best but they are preserving memories to last a lifetime. The camera that I currently have is big and bulky that it's hard to take along when we go and do fun things. A new smaller camera would be perfect to tote along.

  368. I need a new camera and this one would be perfect. My skills are a little dusty because my camera is somewhat broken but plan on getting back into the game once I get a new one. Hint, Hint.
    Thanx for the contest.

  369. Congrats on your anniversary! I wish you many more happy years together. Taking pictures is so much fun, and it's great to be able to look back at them. Thanks for this great contest!

  370. I am not a good photograper because I have slight tremors and well, we all know how a picture looks if you shake the camera. Digital Cameras will take a clear shot and are anti-shake proof.Yay!!
    I hope to win:)

  371. These smaller high resolution cameras are a dream come true. My current camera only has 5 megapixels so this one makes me drool thinking about the enhanced possibilities available with this tool.

    I am a skilled digital image technician with a passion for photography. While preferring standard subject matter over the avant garde, I try to give old chestnuts a personal twist by making unconventional cropping decisions and by revving up the color in the photo editing process.

  372. I like to play w/ photography and must admit, I do some pretty good work from time to time.
    Point and shoot is perfect for me:)

  373. The camera would be wonderful to have. I enjoy taking pictures although I am by all means not a professional. Love taking pictures of my family and making yearly albums.

  374. I have an older digital camera that does the job, but I want to replace it with a better one so I can get better photos of my guys while they're still little.

  375. I am just starting to get into photography. I recently got a nice SLR camera but am now in the market for a good point and shoot/compact camera.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  376. I take at least 20 pictures a week of my kids but my camera is getting a bit outdated. I would love something smaller and sharper. Thanks for the chance

  377. Wow! Apparently many would like to win a camera! Well, here's my take. Since our nice new camera was stolen we have yet to replace it. We still have our older camera but it just doesn't seem the same taking pictures with it since I've tasted something better. Ironically the camera we had bought (a Nikon) has been replaced with a better model (also 10.1mp) so we would have been behind the times anyway!

    And congratulations! 7 years woo hoo! We'll celebrate 7 in August. I couldn't even tell you the last time I've been to a real resturant.

  378. I'm not an expert photographer, but I love documenting our life. The photos I have from the past are the most precious possesion I have.

  379. Okay seriously , how do you keep scoring such great stuff to give away =) But onto the subject, that's a fabulous camera, I go through a new camera about every 2 years, probably because I take numerous pictures everyday. I just got my 3 year old his own rough & tumble one for x-mas though, so hopefully mine will last a little longer =)

    congrats on the anniversary!! 7 years is a great number!

    autumn398 (at)

  380. I suck at picture taking and I've had bad luck with cameras. Two cameras now have just stopped working. I found that they all have a lag time and if anything is moving, my pictures are a blur. The fact that this camera offers CCD-Shift Image Stabilizer helping eliminate fuzzy images I am very interested in trying it. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  381. I love to take photos and have lots of pictures of my carpet because my current digi cam isn't fast enough to "catch" my very fast little girl and I guess I'm a little behind the megapixel times as my cam is only a 5.2 but such is life

  382. This camera has exacly what I need for my upcoming trip to Alaska. The hubby and I are going to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary. I know, we're a year late but...

  383. I have always called myself a professional amateur. Mostly because my photography obsession has been around for years. I manage to take some decent pictures but would love to know what makes a good or bad photo.

    Mostly I love taking pictures of the people I love.

  384. This one is definately better than my 20 dollar digital lol. I like the big display which my camera has none at all. And it can capture movies with one click!

  385. I don't have much photography skills, but I do enjoy taking alot of pictures.
    This camera would be fantastic for me- it has so many easy to use features.

  386. I have been trying to take pictures for 30 years. I still find some of my best pictures are mistakes. This really makes me feel like I will never figure it all out. However I still love it, Photography that is.

  387. I love photography though I am no expert. I especially love to take photos of our girls. Since we live far away from any relatives it's a way to share with them our daughters as they grow up. I wish to one day own a very fancy digital camera for even better pictures. But a smaller, more compact camera is easier to take along to more places.

  388. Happy Anniversary!
    I currently have a 5 yr old Kodak Easy Share camera, it's ok for me, it doesn't take the world's greatest pictures, but it gets the job done.
    I'd love to get into photography when my kids are older. There are lots of little hands in this house that like to get into everything!
    If I had a better camera, I know I'd take more pictures!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  389. This would be great for me! My husband is the photo king in our family, with his Canon XTi. But that thing is so big, I don't even want to mess with it! It would be nice to have a high quality camera that's little and not so heavy. Thanks for the contest!

  390. the mega pixelage on this camera is great. My husband and I love to travel and I love to take pictures of all the sights and us at the sights. I don't think I'm the best at taking pictures. they always seem to come out a little dark, but I still love the have the memories of all the beautiful places we've been. thanks!


  392. The most honest thing I can say about my photography skills is that if the picture is good, it's because of the camera. If it's bad, it's because of the photographer (me). Thanks for the chance to have more good pictures.

  393. DH has only one fave thing and that is his camera, which of course is very big appartus. I almost got tired that every time I want to take pics of kids, I would have to beg him and also he is not always there with kids' activities. That annoyed me so much, that very recently I bought a nikon coolpix-handy camera. Now, my younger one is begging me to give her I am again in need of a newer one.!!.thanks
    [email protected]

  394. I am not an expert by far but I love taking pictures. I was one of the first people I know to own a digital camera when they first came out. In fact friends mocked the purchase as
    I think it is amazing being able to capture a moment in time forever to treasure.

  395. I am learner with the digital camera, think it would be grand to win this great camera. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!!

  396. I am an "everyday" photographer. I love to take photos, but I am still learning. I love digital cameras because I can throw out the bad pictures.I would love to win this cool camera for my mother who is still using an old polaroid.

  397. I like the fact that it is "small but mighty". I have a big camera that I love but because of the size, I do not take it everywhere with me which means I miss lots of great photo opportunities. This one I could carry with me in my purse so I would be sure to have it with me at all times.

  398. I don't use a camera much because hubbys is a fancy one with lots of buttons and extra lenses and I must say it scares me It just looks to complicated This one I woud be able to use--- simple and easy is best for me

  399. I guess I am intermediate in my camera skills definitely not a pro. I just like to take quick easy pictures of scenery and people.

  400. I would love to win this camera! I've always taken such lousy pics myself and always blamed the camera... (it's too big for me, I can't hold it still long enough...) Maybe if I win this, my husband will finally believe me! lol

  401. Happy Anniversary! I love the simplicity and size of this camera. While I love taking pictures I'm not a pro. I also like the feature that you can download videos to Itunes.

  402. I would love this camera. I havn't entered the digital camera phase, but I really want to. I am the average mom taking pictures of my kids, and this camera would make it so much more fun.

  403. I'm not a pro, but I would like to explore more options with photography. This looks like an excellant camera to get me started!

  404. My family would vouch that I am not even close to a pro. I need all the help I can get from a camera. I would love to win this camera and show them you are never too old to learn! (They are teenagers, need I say more, but they are great kids too)

  405. This last Christmas i took pictures of my youngest grandchildren opening their presents and not one picture came out right, either blurry or washed out, perhaps this camera will change that from happening.

  406. I still have a 35mm-no digital camera, yet *gasp*, BUT I would really really love to own one! I don't take nearly as many photos as I would like using film, because I want to make each shot count. Using a digital camera, especially one that is easy to use like this Casio, would allow me to practice my photography skills a lot more often & get all the shots I want to get~ instead of being so choosy. I would love to win this, so I really could take oodles & oodles of photos of my kids & become less of an amateur photographer! Thanks

  407. I love taking pictures of my family and on vacations! This camera would be great especially for those vacations...its small in size but big in features! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  408. My 16 year old borrowed her brother's camera when she went to camp, it came home dented and occasionally functioning, It would be great for my son to have a working camera again as it will take an eternity for my daughter to earn the money for a replacement!

  409. One of the great things about this camera is you don't have to be a pro to get professional results. This would make a great camera for a beginner like myself or anyone else for that matter.

  410. My camera is a Sony Cybershot, my first one broke and I bought another because its easy to use. My skills are beginner level.

  411. I've been wanting to learn digital photography but I haven't got a camera. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to get started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  412. I had a digital camera and my son lost the usb cord lost the battery so I don't know what kind it takes (it appears it's an unsual battery) So I really could use a camera. My grandchildren are growing so fast and I'd like to capture some of those special moments....before they don't like going to Grandma's anymore. I usually have my husband take the photo's as I never really learned to use a camera well.

  413. I been using a 5mp Canon ELPH that has a lens problem. Then it was trampled at an AC/DC concert last month. It's a tough little camera, it still works, albeit a little noisier then before, lol. But I'd love to win something like this.

    Thank you for the giveaway :D

  414. I take photos of everything. However, my photography skills are slightly below par and my photos typically don't turn out very well. Maybe a nice new camera would help!

  415. I think this is a really neat camera with lots of great features. I'm not the greatest at taking pictures, but I sure try. I love to take pictures of my family, friends, and pets. With a new baby, I would love to capture her first moments with this camera.

  416. I love photography! My camera was stolen, it was a really nice one too. so I have been using my bf's and well, I just don't get it, and it doesn't get me. So I haven't been taking pictures for the last year! I miss the uploading and sending of pics to friends and family! and now I have a new blog, and it would be fun to share new pics too!

    I have always had fun with photos. and this is a great camera! Over and under exposure, and face detection, casio has a great reputation!

  417. I've been taking pictures since 1978 when I was in photography class in Jr. High. It's a nice hobby with memories you see!

  418. This camera is very cool. I like that it is small and best of all user friendly. I don't want to overthink taking pictures. I am just an amateur that loves to take pictures.

  419. My photography skills are limited because I'm often without a camera. I keep picking ones that break easily or run through batteries way to fast!

  420. I like photography, but I'm nowhere near being a pro. I really need to get my own camera so that I can return the one I "borrowed." :D


  421. I need a camara with better zoom and this one looks like it has it. The anti-blur would help too when trying to take pics of three active boys.

  422. My old Kodak DC280 doesn't do video. So I salivate at the Casio. Is it too abstract to want a shot of a sudden whirlwind of autumn leaves?

    I love framing a shot. For someone who can't draw, catching the moment when all the elements are in exactly the right place is...treasure. My favorite photograph is a blurry blizzard of confetti as my blissful, new-married cousins walk through it.

  423. Photography skills? What are those? Seriously, I need a camera that is smarter than I am so I can actually take some decent pics! Thanks for the great contest!

  424. well first my camera is not worling properly. ovwer the years I have been told. That I have some talent in this area. But now that I am on Oxygen 24/7. I NEED A SIMPLE CAMERA. LIKE THIS ONE

  425. I love your wedding photo! Isn't it crazy how time flies? I could really use a new camera, but I also need to make prints or photo DVD's or photobooks. Because photos really do preserve such important memories.

  426. My husband is in the military and neither of us live near home, we rely on photograph to stay connected to our family. Right now my husband is deployed and the one thing that keeps him going is photos of our son doing everyday things. Photo's are our lifeline to home.

  427. Aww you and your hubby make a gorgeous couple! Congrats on 7 amazing years :) I wish you many more.

    My digital camera skills are pretty decent. I also love editing the photos that I take with my digital camera by using Photoshop. I would love love love a new digi cam! This one looks awesome. Thanks so much!

  428. Happy anniversary!

    I am slowly trying to learn more about photography and how to take a good photo. This camera would be a big help.

  429. My best pictures have always been architectural shots, scenic shots, etc, I excel where no people are in the frame! LOL My friends say it's because I'm an anti social NYer! But yet everytime we are all in the caribbean, it's my shots they end up wanting copies of when we get back! Everyone I know and some people I don't know personally use my pictures as their computer wallpaper. Several of my friends co-workers who I don't know have all asked for my pictures to make computer wallpaper too. It's flattering! I recently made the switch to digital and while I didn't have this problem with 35mm, I have problems with the steadiness of my hand now that I've gone digital. But then again my camera is really old and doesn't have the cool Shift image stabilizer that the Casio Exilim EX-Z300 does. This camera and a dream SLR are on my wish list at both Amazon and Best Buy.

  430. I'm still using my old polaroid, though they discontinued making the film and I'm getting close to the end of the stack. My friend showed me polardroid, though, so I can recreate the effects with my point and shoot photos on my computer. Pretty cool.

  431. This would be a great camera for me to take pictures of my grandchildren.

    I like that with the Casio Exilim EX-Z300
    you get get crystal clear photos and Drag and Drop Videos into iTune. It sounds as if it is easy to learn.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  432. I like the CCD - Shift Image Stabilizer feature. I am an everyday grandma/mom who takes a lot of pictures of kids & grandkids many times in motion. It would be great to have a camera that catches the moment clearly instead of a blur
    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

  433. I haven't tried a Casio camera but I have some of their other products and they're awesome, like my G-force watch. Great giveaway, I'm still trying to learn how to take great pictures but with a camera like this it should be a snap.

  434. We have an old 4 megapixel camera that's been dropped about 1/2 dozen times. There's been so many advancements in cameras and I'd love to own one that has more megapixels and has a zoom feature (my current camera doesn't have that option). I really want to make scrapbooks for each of my kids and have been holding off until I get a decent camera.

  435. Digital camera's really making taking pictures fun. I can just keep snapping and know that I will get some good ones. It is so easy to just delete the bad ones, and only develop the ones you want. I would love a new camera.

  436. the camera is freaking awesome as for my photography skills/philosophy i point the camera and click a if the picture is good i keep it if not i get rid of it ..

  437. Happy Anniversary 7 yrs that's awesome!! This camera is fabulous and I soooo wish I have the chance to own a Digital Camera as I never have! That would be wonderful! I love that it's small! :)

  438. My best picture taking tip is to keep your subject far away from the background and use an aperture around 2.8. You get a great clear, crisp head shot with a blurry out of focus background.

  439. This camera has buttons on the same side that you look through. That's good for someone like me that struggles a bit to keep up with technology! And they look like they are big buttons and easy to read which is good for someone like me who is starting to have a little trouble seeing small things!

  440. My wife and I have a great collection of pictures although they all are badly organized. A few days ago I saw a great presentation of new iPhoto program (a part of iLife package). Now we think we need to buy a Macintosh computer to bring them into order.

  441. I am a point and shoot kind of gal. I've always wanted to learn to take professional photographs, but there aren't any resources available where I live. I love the Casio's is a point and shoot camera and it will do all of the work for me. notto mention that you can take pictures in Black and White and Sepia to give them the professional look without the skill.

  442. My life and my son's are recorded in photos. I have a tin photo album from the 1900's. When I look at the photos their lifes live on even though they haven't. My skill is limited, but I try.

  443. Photos are irreplaceable! My ooldest child is 27 years old and I have never regretted ONE picture..even the not so perfect ones. Click away! Don't worry that the kids are dirty or the house is a mess!

  444. Our son is a musician. When we go to see his band perform, we need a small, convenient camera for photos he can use for his promos and for our bragbook. Oh yes, and we have 3 little grandchildren with their own "star" in progress.

  445. This camera sounds like it is right up my alley because I don't own a camera right now, and when and if I can afford to buy one, I would get one that is light, you can carry it in your purse, and it's not to technical with lots of buttons and focusing needed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  446. Happy Anniversary! Wow we seem to have a few things in common. Not only are we having babies pretty close together but my husband and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary too this month! Ours is the 19th!

  447. I love taking pictures but dont' usually use any of the extra features on a camera because they always seem too complicated to do or understand and if I change the settings I will forget to put them back. As long as the pictures capture the moment and I can remember from looking back at them, that's all I'm concerned with!

  448. Happy Anniversary !!!

    Great prize... just a novice photographer but the is nothing like a picture of a smiling baby !!

  449. I have always wanted a new fancy camera but have never had the available money for one. I have two small children ages 5 and 2. They are growing so quickly and I wish I could capture those memories with this awesome camera. Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  450. This camera looks great. I'm currently a bad photographer with a bad camera. My daughter was just installed in the National Honor Society and I basically just aimed the camera in her direction and hoped for the best.

  451. My photography skills are somewhat limited. I do love the freedom that digital cameras give us. I like that I can take lots of different shots in hopes of getting one that I like. I also like that I don't have to travel with lots of film.

  452. I am no pro but sometimes I am amazed at the shots I can take. I think I was supposed be a photographer or something this camera will help me get more practice since ours recently broke:0(

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  453. I really need a new camera to replace the last one I purchased. My daughter thought she needed it more than I because she took it to live with her. Whenever I want pictures taken now I have to call her to bring the camera to the event. Sharing really can be a drag.

  454. I love to take pictures and have a "fancy" camera which I can't use. I can't figure it out! I'd love to give the more expensive camera to one of my adult kids and win this smaller, easier to use camera! I like taking pictures in my garden and of the mountains and just about anything.

  455. I took some photography classes in high school but I graduated 6 years ago! I need a new digital camera too.

  456. I don't have any professional photography experience, but I don't have a camera either. I always feel like the bad mom when people are taking pictures of their kids at the playground and I don't have any to show off.

  457. I love pictures, taking them anyway, not being in them. But I am the ultimate klutz, always managing to get my finger in the shot. Easy to use is good for me when it comes to a camera. Thanks for the chance to win.

  458. I have no skills at photography. I need a camera that works for the basic picture taker. this camera might help me become more proficient.

  459. I am so not a pro, I am just a grandma that snaps too many pictures with a cheap little camera that sometimes turns out and sometimes doesnt. I would love to own this camera. With this I wouldnt have to worry so much about trying to get the right light or the correct angle..oh now that would be just heaven!

  460. I'm not a pro, but photography is my most favorite hobby. My first love is taking pictures of my son. I can look at those pictures forever! I also love just going outside and taking pictures of the flowers, bugs, and just about anything that looks interesting.

  461. I'm embarassed to admit that I have two beautiful grandchildren and don't own a camera! It seems that there is never enough money to go around, but I woul sure love to have one!

  462. I love the ease of the point and shoot cameras. I remember using ones that had to be focused and checking the settings boy am I glad those days are over (well at least for the non professional). This camera looks very easy and easy to see if the picture came out. Great giveaway.

  463. I love that this little camera has the image stabilization. I have a very, very old digital that produces blurred images. It's not because I it? Hope I win and thanks for chance. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  464. I leave the photography to my wife. She is amazing at it. I can only image what she could do with a camera like this. I tend to chop heads off.

  465. Looks like a great camera. I need more than the point and shoot one I have. I need one with more bells and whistles, like this one.

  466. Congrats on your anniversary! My husband and I just had the same conversation. Our digital camera is not good and we have missed so many good shots of our little boy. We looked at the sales during the holidays but couldn't justify fewer gift for the kids for a camera for us. We did not even give gifts to each other so this would be a wonderful gift for us.

  467. Wow! Happy Anniversary! My wife has been wanting a new camera for awhile. I think she would really like one like this.

  468. I could really use a new camera because my Kodak Easyshare has been broken for awhile now. That camera looks more sophisticated and sleek, thanks so much for having this giveaway

  469. I always take pictures thinking how I want to remember them 10, maybe 20 years from now... looking at them and tell my kids where those pictures are taken and tell stories. So I pay close attention on the backgrounds, dresses people wear, moods, lighting... very simple things. Then I feel like I got the histories in my pictures!

  470. The Casio Exilim EX-Z300 with 10.1 Megapixel Resolution and 4x optical zoom makes this camera my dream camera. I am a Hobby camera enthusiast. I love to take pictures to capture special moments and emotions. I would love to be able to take pictures of nature. Like flower closeups. I have never had a camera that would do this well... but I know the Casio Exilim EX-Z300 would take great closeups pictures.

  471. I need a better camera and this one looks great for my needs. I always have a camera with me for those unexpected shots.

  472. I'm not a pro when it comes to taking pictures but I do enjoy taking pictures of my family, especially in different places

  473. I need something that is easy to use. I'm not a great photographer but I do LOVE taking pictures and trying. I'm gettinmg better though!
    Thanks for teh chance to win such a great camera.

  474. My photography skills leave a lot be be desired...way too many blurry pics! I would love to be able to try out a smaller, easier to handle camera and this Casio looks like it could be the answer.

  475. Happy Anniversary -- I need something small I can carry with me and not too complicated and don't have to share with my husband -- THANKS !!!!!!

  476. Just this Christmas I was planning to take plenty of pictures of my son's 1st christmas and that morning I got everything ready- presents under the tree, the babies stockings hung, etc. The previous night I had charge our family's camera a Sony Cyber Shot h5? Anywho, all the stores were closed so when our camera didn't work I was very heart broken that I couldn't take any meaningful pics of my second borns very first Christmas and on top of that our handy cam(also a sony product) happen to fritz out erasing the data on its disk. Because of these unreliable products precious memories were lost. I would hope that if I win product that it will be the most reliable I'll ever need. Thankyou, Connie Colley.

  477. This is a big camera in a small package, or I should say it is the ideal camera. I love photography, though i am not a professional i appreciate the quality of this camera compared to professional cameras. It is small and compact yet it delivers a great shot!

  478. I am not what you would call a photographer, more like the guy that can always take the picture when the eyes just closed. I can even manage to catch you just when your mouth is open so the picture makes you look "your best". The camera has lots of nice features and seems like it wouldn't be to complicated to operate. If I won I was thinking it would be a great Valentine's Day present to my wife. We have a 2 year old little girl and as you know you can never take enough pictures of them to keep them that little or even slow them down from growing up so fast. But the picture will help us remember. Thanks and enjoyed your site! Hope the contest goes well and have a blessed day.

  479. Happy Anniversary to you both! I am no pro when it comes to photography, so simple and easy to use are words that mean a lot to me. I've heard great things about this camera and would love to give it a try. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  480. Casio is such a great company with wonderful products....and especially the Exilim EX-Z300 digital camera, it has all the features I have always wanted in a digital camera. Thank you for this opportunity. :-)

  481. My camera has been giving me quite a bit of problems with light - everything is always dark - I would love to be able to have a camera that works. :)

  482. I could use a new digital camera, since our old one has limited resolution, does not take good pictures in low light, and is old and large. I love the compact size of this camera as well as its features.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  483. ooh, so fun! With our first baby due in May, it would be so wonderful to have a great new camera. My husband and I both love taking pictures and I can't even imagine how many pic of our new little boy will be taken! :) Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  484. I'm a beginner but a huge photography fanatic, there is just so many angles and possibilities i love it. That's a beautiful camera I could definitely maximize the features for, and learn more with. Thank you :) and have a great 09 metro mama

  485. Your wedding picture is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Casio makes a highly regarded dependable camera. Anyone would be proud to own the one you offer and I wish all entrants good luck.

    Thank you for the contest. Best wishes for a happy & prosperous 2009!

  486. My fiance is photo-taking fanatic and recently had her digital camera stolen. We are both unable to afford a new one and I would LOVE to be able to surprise her with this special gift. Her love for catching meaningful memories through a lens is unmatched! Thank you for your extreme generosity and Happy Anniversary!

  487. A friend of mine has a Casio (not this model, but a similar one) and he loves it. I have seen the pictures and think the quality and clarity of the photos is great.

  488. I've been looking for a camera, my twins graduate next year, and I want to take wonderful pics of them, with their cap and gown, they are the last of my 4 sons to graduate, and I want lots of pics and remember that special day!

  489. We've been daydreaming about getting a new "good" digital camera now that ours is getting more and more blurry with each shot it seems. Darn technology just doesn't seem to last as long these days. So, with the lovely economy, we're thinking next winter would be a good time to take the splurge. It was nice to read the beginning of your post though, as my husband and I have had very similar conversations and always come to the same conclusions...less is more, and better quality is best. Cheers!

  490. I know I have mentioned before about my husband putting our point and shoot camera into a lake via a ceiling fan- well this WAS the camera he did it too, just with less MP's. My fingers are so unbelievably crossed for this one! (I loved that camera, especially for its video options and HUGE screen-the size was perfect!) If we won this one at least we would have the spare parts covered!

  491. I was really hoping to get a camera for christmas, did I? Nooo.
    I have been wanting one for a long time, I don't even own one. But I enjoy taking photos, even with my phone

  492. I'm always on the go. There are days I would LOVE to capture my daily adventures without the hassle of a camera that makes noises when I turn it on or makes every picture look crappy. I really need an upgrade. Crossing my fingers to win :)

  493. Yay! When I saw your theme for the weekend I was hoping you'd be giving away a camera. Thanks! I want my own since hubby owns the one we share. It's not a need, so I'll never buy one, but it's definitely a want and I'll take it if you give it to me. :)

  494. first of all - congratulations on your anniversary! My hubby and I are working on #10 this year :)

    I love having a camera. Our digital camera in November of 2007 when we were visiting my husbands ailing grandmother. She passed away a couple of months later and I was thankful for the few pictures of her and Sugar I was able to get before the camera completely gave up the ghost. For Christmas that year, Sugar's 1st Christmas, I had to resort to my old film camera and it didn't do a very good job... then I remembered that I had a warranty on the broken camera and was able to replace it with a nice Canon Powershot that I absolutely love except that it is so big I can't just keep it in my purse all the time and I miss a lot of shots I wish I could get. It would be a luxury - but I'd love to win this camera so that I could have a good to carry around with me camera in addition to my really nice camera! The bonus is that it sounds like this little camera would take excellent pictures too!

  495. I'm a horrible photographer. I would love to have a camera that would be easy to use, but still take good pictures. The cheapo camera that we have (freebie) is small, but doesn't produce good pictures, so I never use it. My extended family would love if I would finally get a camera that I can email good pictures from.

  496. I love that the camera is so small, it makes it a lot easier to take everywhere and lets you get those shots that you would otherwise miss. Like the kids being especially cute, or the random goat in the middle of the city.

  497. I love photography. I am no pro, but I enjoy taking pictures of my husband & I. When he comes home from the sandbox (Iraq) I am going to be taking a million pictures. I like to travel & having a slim camera like this will be easy to put in my pocket so I can whip it out when the time is right, lol.

  498. I love taking pictures, and that will come in handy when I go into Graphic Design. I find myself taking more and more "artsy" photos. This camera, if I were to win, however, would go to my friend, who's also very artistic and has two beautiful kids she could use up several memory cards on.

  499. I'm not an expert photographer by any means, but I love to shoot photos of my family and our vacations and birthdays, etc. Please count me in. Thanks!!

  500. My father always had a camera around his neck growing up and now my husband makes fun of me for pulling my camera out every second. He calls me the "archivist". I like to take pics of "non-moments". Not just the birthdays and school plays, but when my kids are silently sitting and playing together. I'll creep like a lion and lay on the floor to get on their level. When my toddler waddles by shrieking happily in pursuit of his older brother, I pull it out lightning quick. When my husband is looking at the kids with love in his eyes. Those are the times I want to remember. I try to capture it all.

  501. I like the fact that the camera easy to use, while still providing quality photos, and that it's often you wish that you had a camera available to capture a special moment.....the small size would make it much more readily available for those times.

  502. Well, I do have a camera. It is a sony, but it is only 3 megapixels, which is nothing for today. Needless to say, it is kind of old. It has done its job, but I want one with more megapixels and of course, eventually I have fantasies that my teenage daughter will pass on her SLR digital camera to me. LOL!

    I think pictures are so important. And sharing them with others is also very important for more than one reason. It is good to keep family and friends connected, but also...if you ever experience a natural disaster/fire, then you have a way to recover some of your photos through family and friends.

  503. I'm a candid photographer in Southern California. The "mighty" camera packs a punch- perfect to toss in the beach bag for seaside picks or the soccer bag for those perfect action photos.

  504. My wife is a very good photographer and two of our children now have the 'bug' as she calls it.
    But they share her camera. Our daughter is very good and only 11. This would become her camera!

  505. I have had another brand of digital camera for years now but the pictures aren't always the greatest. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while now, hopefully this will be it

  506. I don't have a camera right now. I love taking pictures though. I took all the photos for my son's school for 2 years and really loved it! The constant use finally wore out my camera....but it was worth it! I'd love to win this. Thanks!

  507. I am not an everyday mom anymore, but I am an everyday grandma, and would love to have an easy to use, takes good pictures camera.

  508. This looks like the perfect camera. I love that it is compact and most of all, easy to use.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  509. I use my photography skills to take pictures of our foster dogs. I volunteer with a local rescue group here and I help out with fundraising too. My digital camera outdated, its one of those big heavy ones so this lightweigh small camera would be perfect. Thank you

  510. I have an early version of the Cannon digital. Only 4 mps but still works. Its in the settings and editing that the pictures come out.

  511. I'm absolutely an "everyday Mom" that always tries to keep her camera at hand! Something dainty, lightweight, and simple to use is just what I need!

  512. A few years ago, my sister taught me all she knew about photography. To this day, I can never take pictures like she can- but I am getting better!! With so many things going on, I don't want to miss a single moment!


  513. I used to take lots of pictures. When we lost our home to a fire, I was devastated that we lost so many (picture) memories. Since then I rarely take a single photo. I don't know if was part of grieving or coping. However, now, 5 years removed, I feel the need to capture more moments on film. I need to accept we've lost the photos of our past, but need to start collecting photos of our future lives together.

  514. My photography subjects are always my 6 grandchildren. My photography skills are average and my philosophy about photography is that if I take enough pictures a few good ones are bound to happen every now and then! So a point and shoot camera would be a great thing for me to have to catch all those spur of the moment memories! Thanks for the chance to win this great camera!

  515. I certainly am not a pro at taking pictures, but this camera does look exciting. I would use it to take lasting memories of my grandchildren.

  516. We would love as a family to have a better digital camera than our 3.1MP. With the Shift image stabilizer it makes it much easier to take pictures driving down the highway, or giving the camera to one of the kids to take pictures without them being blurry. This would be a great way to start 2009!!!!

  517. I actually own an older version of this... the Exilim EX-Z60 which I've had for about 4 years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Mine was so easy to use and took amazing pictures. Unfortunately, I dropped it at Christmas and now it needs to be replaced. What a timely contest! Thanks for the chance to win!

  518. Congratulations on 7 years of marriage! That is many years of photo opportunities! :) I would love to get this camera so we can take more photos of our kids, and our marriage adventures! I hope you are feeling better now, and really enjoying your pregnancy! How was it going out to eat and enjoying a meal you didn't have to prepare? :)

    Have a great week! Thanks for the chance to win!

  519. I have been looking for a small camera to replace my Dimage 10 mp 12x optical. When my daughter and I go to the zoo or the park it is to big to carry around comfortably. She is 11 and is just getting into taking her own pictures so this camera would ne a wonderful additon to our family. PS Arizona's sunsets have to be some of the most beautiful anywhere.

  520. I've been learning small techniques to make my pictures look a bit different such as having the subject off-center and not perfectly posed. It makes the pictures more personal and catches the subject's personality.

  521. Happy Anniversary! We are just days away from our 7th aniversary ourselves! I've always loved snapping pictures, but after the birth of my daughter I crossed over into obsessive and I'd love a camera that doesn't hog my purse! Big plus that you can record short movies too, I've always thought that would be nice:)

  522. I always have my camera handy. But the sad part is, i am still using a camera that is film style.I would love to win a digital camera.

  523. During my pregnancy, I took a photography class so that I could improve my skills. I have a Nikon D60 Digital SLR. It's a great camera, but I don't think I use it to its fullest potential. The class definitely helped me to learn more skills, however. I love taking pictures of the baby and have gotten some really great shots!

  524. I'm not terribly artistic but tried taking panoramic photos for some time before deciding that I'm not cut out for it. I'm more of a point and click photographer.

    I do have a friend who has a semi-pro camera and that is an absolute joy to use, even if I don't know what half the buttons mean. If I ever come across enough money to retire, I'll get back to taking photos.

  525. We love taking lots of pictures of our grandchildren. We are not great, but we love documenting these kids as they grow. Thank you so much!

  526. I am not a professional photographer, that's for sure. I love to take pictures of my 8 grandkids and the camera that I have seems to take too long to flash. I always get the wrong expressions on the kid's faces! This camera sounds like it would take care of that problem. It really seems like the camera that was made for me!

  527. I like to take lots of pictures when I travel. It makes the trips memorable and its great to share with friends and family.

  528. What a nice camera. Mine is older, so heavier and bigger. My skills are okay, nothing to write home about. I would love to win this. Thank you

  529. I have always taken pictures, from the time I was old enough to pick up a camera. I came from the film era and am so glad to be a part of the digital era. Where you once you have the camera, it takes only the cost of the memory card to take an infinite amount of pictures. My camera is one thing I wouldn't want to go without. It is my creative outlet, my way to express myself. And I want to share that with my daughter. I want to give her an inspiration so she can confidently explore her creativity. Sometimes your camera can show people how you feel, it can be your voice. I just want to give my daughter her voice. Thank you for the opertunity to win this awesome camera.

  530. The digital cameras provide a convenient method for taking pictures by average individuals that can provide superior results. Winning this camera would be wonderful

  531. This looks awesome. Casio makes some of the best point and shoot's on the market. I love taking photos of my family, and also on our hikes/trips in the summer.

  532. now i'm no pro when it comes to takeing photos but well for once may be if i had a camra that well worked realy grate then just may be i become good at takeimg photo's and yes i love to win a nice camra thanks