Baby Events, Expos, and Fairs

Baby Events, Expos, and Fairs 1There are a variety of local and national baby fairs and events that are geared to new and expecting parents. Essentially, they have the same features as any career fair, home & garden show, or bridal expo...tons of people trying to sell you products, crowded aisles, occasional freebies, and lots of little boxes where you can write down your address and phone number for a chance to win really cool prizes (and lots of junk mail in your mailbox).

The largest event in this genre is the American Baby Faire, sponsored by Babies-R-Us. This fall the event will be making its way to New York, Illinois, and Chicago. If you bring your little one along or the older sibs, there's sure to be something to do...the faire features live stage entertainment, a bounce house, a 24ft. "Old Woman in the Shoe" slide, a super spiral bouncer, and an Action Center filled with toys. And for the wee ones - there are Diaper Depots and nursing lounges for your convenience.

If you live in Southern Arizona, check out the 94.9 MIXFM Baby Fair - it's set for 8-4-2007. If you live in California, then the KidsFaire will be coming your way this autumn. Or in Utah, there's the Baby Day Expo every spring. Or in Hawaii, say aloha to the New Baby Expo.

I'm planning to go to the MIXFM Fair in AZ and I'll write up my review here. If you have been to that fair or another fair, post your thoughts here. Are fairs and expos worth attending? Why or why not?

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One comment on “Baby Events, Expos, and Fairs”

  1. Just wandering if you had any ideas for a baby fair. This will be our first one at the hospital I work at. I love you webpage!! Thanks

    Lezley Moots

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