Baby-Friendly Places: Claim Jumper (Tempe, AZ)

Baby-Friendly Places: Claim Jumper (Tempe, AZ) 1This weekend we ate at Claim Jumper in Tempe, AZ. And we were pleasantly surprised by the baby amenities that were offered. We were greeted and seated quickly. Before we even sat down, a high chair was waiting at the end of the table with a disposable "stick-on" place mat and a bag of oyster crackers. The waiter immediately stopped by to ask if we wanted a complimentary baby plate. We smiled, "yes", we did. The plate arrived within minutes...applesauce, mandarin orange sections, turkey slices, and cheeses slices. Our food also arrived in a short amount of time - and it was absolutely delicious.

Other pluses for families:
* The restaurant is large and rather noisy so a baby's delighted babbles or a toddler's plea for more mashed potatoes will be drowned out amidst conversation and laughter from surrounding tables.
* The restrooms were clean.
* The food and the environment make it a great place for adults too.

I'm not sure if all of these great features are standard across the chain. I do know that there are currently 40 CJ's located throughout Arizona, Colorado, California, Illinois, Nevada, and Washington.

If you've visited a different location, post your review here.

(Picture by: Tom Lemos)

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