Baby Portraits - Where Do You Go?

Baby Portraits - Where Do You Go? 1This past weekend, we took our daughter to the Picture People for "1st Birthday" shots. My husband doesn't like photo studios because he insists that I take much better pictures with my trusty little digital camera - and, of course, he always points out the very true fact that the photos are WAY over-priced.

But I can't resist the oh-so-cute backdrops and props. This time, I got a postcard in the mail with a little girl standing in a box with a big "1" on it - and I knew I wanted that same shot. So we went and the pictures turned out very cute.

But, I have to ask you...
1. Where do you go to get baby portraits taken? the Picture People? JCPenney? Sears? Target? A professional photographer? You and your digital camera?
2. If you take your pics at home, what do you do to ensure that your pictures turn out just right? Photography tips, please!

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3 comments on “Baby Portraits - Where Do You Go?”

  1. mom of a munchkin - That's great that you use an independent photographer. I think that would be my preference as well, but it's also a pretty pricey option, isn't it?

    sewspun - Thanks for your insights. Please leave your blog link so I can stop in sometime...

  2. We never went anywhere until our first daughter was two and we've still only gone like 3 times.
    I was really impressed with the Picture People. I love their pictures. The solid color backdrops. Every picture always looks great. Too bad they are very expensive.
    We did try Sears once and even though it was cheap it was a bad experience and bad pictures.
    We just stick with our digital and take as many as we can all of the time.

  3. We take my daughter to the same photographer who has been doing my family for years. ( She always does a wonderful job but sometimes I wish she had MORE fun backdrops. Like for my daughters first birthday pics...there wasn't really any props or anything to signify it was first birthday shots. Yours sounds very cool.

    Thanks for your comment on "Ten Toes Tuesday". I agree with the two points you added. Both awesome!

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